IWBL: Chapter 49

The empty carriage.

Wu Tianyi’s hand was still holding the girl. At this time, her special shield item had lost its effectiveness. She was afraid that the ghost bride would catch up so she didn’t dare to out to find Tian Ji and the others. She just found an empty carriage to hide in.

The girl in the couple saw that her boyfriend had tripped due to the water stain on the ground and was targeted by the female ghost. Although the other person had scolded her in the death and life crisis, she couldn’t help crying, “W-Why is it us? Ah Wei, don’t die ah…”

She was now the only hope for the reincarnators to complete task two. As long as the passenger survived when they reached the third stop, they could leave the instance room. Therefore, Wu Tianyi was particularly gentle to her. “Don’t cry, at least you are still alive. We will help you and we can get out of this world together.”

She said this while thinking about the pen fairy’s incarnation, Chu Chu. She still had a psychological shadow regarding this matter and Wu Tianyi subconsciously shook.

“Really?” The girl sobbed.

Wu Tianyi told her, “It will definitely be okay.”

The other person in the group didn’t pay attention to their conversation. He stood at the door and paid attention to any noises. He was afraid it was the ghost but hoped it was Tian Ji’s group. These two conflicting mentalities made him feel contradictory.

They didn’t know anything about Tian Ji’s group and had to wait here for those people to come.

This carriage was very quiet and only the girl’s crying echoed in it. Yu Chao was afraid this sound would attract ghosts and requested in a low voice, “Can you not cry in order to avoid being heard?”

This girl was obviously frightened. The more she tried to stop crying, the more she couldn’t stop. She became louder and louder until she finally hiccuped.

Wu Tianyi was also anxious. Yu Chao’s words weren’t unreasonable. Since it was so quiet, such loud crying would easily be heard by the female ghost. She carefully persuaded the girl with a few words but the other person just shook her head.

Wu Tianyi was anxious and upset by the crying and finally, she could only reach out to cover the girl’s mouth. Just as Wu Tianyi reached out, there was a subtle sound from the depths of the carriage.

The trio stiffened as they stared at the source of the sound. It was a pen. The pen opened the lid on its own and wrote on the ground: You will all die here.


Tian Ji and the others resolved the ghost bride and first returned to the kitchen, where they found a pool of blood on the ground. They frowned and instantly realized something was wrong. They didn’t know how many people had survived.

“Go out and look for them,” Jiang Yishe stated.

They finally bumped into Wu Tianyi in the sixth carriage. The girl couldn’t hold back her tears as she ran. Once she looked up to see Tian Ji, Wu Tianyi stopped and gasped while speaking intermittently, “No, they are all gone. Our task two is also…”

Then Wu Tianyi explained what happened to her, including meeting the ghost bride and the pen fairy.

Jiang Yishe patted the girl’s shoulder in comfort. “Maybe there is still hope. Isn’t there still a passenger?”

It was the man who hadn’t been seen since he went out.

Tian Ji heard up to here and shook his head in an unsure manner. “Maybe he doesn’t count as a passenger…”

“Yes.” A strange voice was heard. The group looked back to see the man leaning against the wall, black jacket on his lap. “I’m not a passenger, just a passerby.”

Xiao Li said, “It is reasonable to think of you as a passenger when you got on the train from the platform.”

“Yes but I’m a special case.” A card appeared in the man’s hand. “This is an item, Hell Ticket. I can enter the train from somewhere and leave a special situation, but I can’t interfere with anything on the train. In other words, I can’t interfere with the instance and can’t be treated as one of your protection targets.”

“You mean that these instance worlds are… connected? Or are they parallel worlds?” Xiao Li asked.

The man laughed. “Look at your own imagination. I am willing to come out and say this because I appreciate you, Sherlock.”

“Who are you?”

Looking at his appearance, he was a reincarnator and probably already in the top 10.

“My surname is Wang.” The man stopped there.

Xiao Li saw that he didn’t mean to continue and nodded. “Old King.”

The man, “…”

He suddenly regretted telling the other person his surname. Understand that his surname was Wang. In the eyes of other people, this generally meant ‘king’ but this was the first time he had been called it directly.

Xiao Li didn’t react to the surname but Tian Ji immediately looked up at the man. Then he felt his reaction was too intense and used glasses to conceal his nervousness. Xiao Li was unfamiliar with the reincarnator rankings but Tian Ji knew the status of the other person through his name.

“I’ll leave before you get to the third stop.” The man surnamed Wang glanced at Xiao Li before walking away and disappearing from their sight.

“You know him.” Xiao Li retracted his gaze and turned to Tian Ji.

“I know him.” Tian Ji replied .”He is a single-digit at the top of the leaderboard. If I am strong than those at the top of the pyramid are many times stronger than me.”

Xiao Li asked incredulously, “You? Strong? Many times… stronger than you?”

His expression was natural, like he really found it strange.

Tian Ji, “……”

Suddenly, he wanted to beat up this person. Forget it, he couldn’t hit this person. The consequences might be terrible if he was hated by this big man.

He soon let go of his fists and said, “Okay, you are strong. Be as casual as you want. Still, I want to correct something. In the eyes of others, I am also very strong! If you don’t believe me then ask her.”

Wu Tianyi, who was suddenly involved in the conversation of the ‘big guys’ immediately stood up and nodded. “Yes, Brother Tian Ji is very strong.”

Jiang Yishe smirked but he soon got rid of it and stopped everyone’s spirit from relaxing. “Mr Wang is very strong and doesn’t care about our affairs. We still have to make it through this instance and there are no more passengers. The third stop is useless and we can only stay up to the fifth stop.”

They got on the train when there were nearly 10 people, plus the passengers and attendants. They hadn’t yet reached the third stop but there were only four people left. This was enough to see how dangerous the train was and they didn’t know how far away the terminal was. Over time, the number of ghosts on the train would increase and the difficulty would multiply. It was unknown if they could live to the end or not.

Two days later, at 7:10 p.m.

Half an hour before the third stop, the travel schedule in Deng Kang’s room changed.

A line of distorted words appeared on the paper. [April 26th, 19:40 to 19:45, Double-sided Town.]

Half an hour later, the train stopped at a town.

The town was dead and the weather was very cloudy. It looked like an ominous place.

As fear filled the reincarnators’ eyes, a group of people came from a distance. It was a group of five people. Everyone was full of youthful vitality as they chatted about the sky while boarding the train. This should be a group of passengers…

Tian Ji identified their characteristics and then set his eyes in the distance, waiting for this station’s ghost to board.

One minute passed. Two minutes. Soon, the time for the stop passed but there were still no ghosts.

Tian Ji looked at the closed door and said, “This station… there is no ghost?”

How could this mission be so good to them?

Xiao Li glanced at the five people and pointed something out. “Sometimes the unknown is more terrible than the known.”

This instance wouldn’t arrange such a holiday. It was clearly a ghost they couldn’t see. Being invisible meant they didn’t know even the most basic information, let alone effectively guess.

“Is it an invisible ghost?” Wu Tianyi bit her lips and glanced at the empty space. She felt that there might be an invisible ghost standing in every carriage.

“Or… it lives somewhere we can’t see.” Jiang Yishe analyzed.

Xiao Li shrugged. He didn’t participate in the analysis and went straight to the new passengers, asking them where they came from. “Did you just go to the town to play?”

This group had a very talkative boy and he responded warmly to Xiao Li, “Yes, we are nearby university students. My name is Lu Sinian and this is a graduation trip. We heard rumours that this town was haunted.”

Wu Tianyi heard up to here and couldn’t help interjecting, “Why do you want to go to a haunted place instead of ordinary attractions?”

“How boring is that?” A beauty in a miniskirt stated. “We wanted to go somewhere where people are rare. That way, taking photos can gain attention online.”

“Right, unfortunately, this Double-sided Town was a miss. It looks like that and the town has few people but there are no ghosts.” Liu Sinian spoke in a disappointed manner.

Wu Tianyi couldn’t help rolling her eyes but her tone was still restrained. “Then do you know what Double-sided Town is?”

“I just heard it is haunted and people who enter it one by one die. Isn’t it funny? Then we are the only five people alive.” The third person laughed.

Tian Ji looked at them with pity.

The five people talked to the reincarnators for a moment before asking about the location of the attendants. They were hungry and wanted to know if there was any food available. In the case of the chef’s death, Tian Ji had to go to the kitchen to cook.

Xiao Li took this opportunity to rub the little black cat’s belly for a while. After Old King left, the little black cat was obviously a lot more active. He squinted his eyes and revealed a pleasant look.

Halfway through, the little yellow book couldn’t sit still. 【 I want to be touched by you too. 】

Xiao Li immediately stopped and the little yellow book showed several lines in succession. 【 Touch my hair, touch my abs, touch my face, all of it is okay. 】

【 You don’t touch me but you’ve been touching other creatures. 】

【…I really want to tie you up.  】

Xiao Li, “???”

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9 months ago

The little yellow book is so naughty 😂

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I feel like the author chose the colour yellow for a reason….

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