IWBL: Chapter 47

Xiao Li seemed a bit confused about why they were all looking at him. His long eyelashes shook as he looked between the ghost bride and Tian Ji’s group. Then he finally looked suspiciously behind him. There was another carriage but no other ghost.

He looked back like couldn’t understand the ghost bride’s implicit hint and asked, “We don’t know who your husband is and there is no way to let him come over. Can you describe him?”

Tian Ji, “……”

‘Don’t talk about finding her husband. This person wants you to be her new husband, Sherlock!’

Jiang Yishe thought further than Tian Ji. He thought that Sherlock really wasn’t an ordinary person. He easily resolved the crisis caused by the ghost bride and didn’t fall for the ghost bride’s trap. After all, everyone knew that it wasn’t a good thing to be loved by the female ghost. It might be a fate worse than death. Not everyone could remove themselves from this trap yet Sherlock vaguely found a way to live—find the lost husband for the ghost bride.

At first, it was looking for food for the ghost bride and now it was the husband matter. Perhaps finding the husband was the path to life in this instance world!

In the eyes of the reincarnators, the ghost bride seemed a bit puzzled and surprised. Her memory seemed confused and she spoke a word before stopping, her words coming out intermittently. “My… husband… ah, right… I remember… he has two eyes, a nose, a mouth and hair…”

The reincarnators: ???

Who had four eyes, two noses, five mouths and was bald? Wait, the baldness was indeed possible but the first few were impossible!

Even so, Xiao Li’s reminder meant the ghost bride’s attention was removed from him as she started to care for the husband whose location was unknown. “My husband… where are you…”

As the ghost bride looked at the window, Xiao Li looked down at his pocket. He had a hand in his pocket to press against the book that was become hotter and hotter. The moment he pressed it, the originally hot book immediately lowered its temperature, as if afraid of scalding him. Still, the book was still shaking and it was warm against the teenager’s hand, similar to a kiss.

He pressed the little yellow book to prevent it from appearing and promised the ghost bride, “We will go look for your husband.”

The ghost bride covered her lips with her sleeves and didn’t look at Xiao Li. She sat back in the chair and spoke weakly, “Yes, thank you. Just do it as soon as possible. I get hungry very easily.”

The reincarnators: ???

What did getting hungry easily have to do with finding her husband? Was it about finding food for her? This was a topic that was extremely scary.

Xiao Li came to the opposite side of the ghost bride and continued to ask for details. “Do you remember any details about your husband? Is he… like you?”

He paused before saying the last words. Xiao Li originally wanted to ask if it was a person or a ghost but he felt that the words were impolite, so he changed to a euphemism.

“I don’t know.” The ghost bride continued to lower her head and her voice was very weak. Xiao Li needed to lean close to hear it.

Was it a ghost?

“Did he get on the train with you?”

“Maybe…?” The ghost bride’s tone rose at the end as she answered in an uncertain manner.

Xiao Li changed his question. “Do you remember any details about your husband? For example, names, habits, etc.”

The ghost bride moved her head, the golden beads on the phoenix crown smashing into the bloody flesh on the right side of her face. She seemed weaker than before, like she had received some damage and lost some power. “Remember, remember some things. It… dark… others, all… forgot…”

She couldn’t determine her husband’s identity or even species. After all, mushrooms also liked the dark. Perhaps Xiao Li’s questions caused her to reach her upper limit. The ghost bride started to shake impatiently and worms kept falling from the right side of her face.

Xiao Li raised a finger. “The last question. You got on this train, where is the destination that you want to go to?”

The ghost bride’s intact left side face revealed a smile and his answer this time was very smooth, although her voice was still weak. “Go to the unspeakable place.”

Xiao Li nodded thoughtfully and moved away from where the ghost bride was sitting, arriving at the couple. The little couple were like in their own world. They didn’t fear the ghost bride or feel anything strange about the reincarnators. Perhaps it was the instance world’s hands or there was something special about them.

Xiao Li greeted them, stating that he was an investigator on the train. Then he asked them the same question. “Where do you want to go on this train?”

The couple was eating the bowl of green peppered meat. Once the girl saw that Xi had come, she put down the chopsticks and held her chin. “Of course, we are going home.”

“Aren’t we going to find the King of Hell together?” The boy pinched her cheek and asked in a ridiculing manner.

The girl told him, “That was just a joke. Why are you still taking it seriously?”

Xiao Li looked at them. He was afraid that it was the instance world taking it seriously, not her boyfriend…

The only passenger remaining from the second stop was the man who made the little black cat afraid. Xiao Li approached him and didn’t regard the other person as a plot character. Instead, he solemnly asked, “Who are you?”

The man stood up and smiled at Xiao Li with an unclear meaning. He didn’t answer and walked straight out the door without looking at the other reincarnators.

Tian Ji and the others looked at his back. Wu Tianyi’s cheeks puffed up with dissatisfaction. “Who is this? So rude? He doesn’t look like a ghost. Is he a passenger?”

Jiang Yishe replied, “I don’t know but he is very strong.”

“Is it him…” Tian Ji murmured as he thought of a name that was famous among the reincarnators.

“Who?” Yu Chao asked.

Tian Ji remained silent.

Jiang Yishe took the initiative to change the topic. “Don’t mention him and don’t treat him as an ordinary pass. We should focus on our mission and find the ghost bride’s husband.”

Neither Wu Tianyi or Yu Chao spoke. They were obviously still thinking about the real identity of the man.

Tian Ji adjusted his mentality and asked Xiao Li, “Who is the husband?”

“How can I know?”

“Seeing that you’re so calm, I thought you had found a clue.”

“I did find it. Just now, I found that you are someone who lost his memory.”

Tian Ji, “……”

He pushed Xiao Li away.

No one noticed was that after all the reincarnators left the carriage, the ghost bride opened her mouth and licked the bloody flesh on the right side of her face, her eyes greedy as she counted correctly, “One, two, three, four…”

At her feet, the pair of red embroidered shoes disappeared, revealing a pair of bare feet.


The fourth carriage, the kitchen.

The rest of the people gathered around the small table and ate the food that Tian Ji made. Xiao Li sat in a corner against the room, finally taking out the little yellow book that had been constantly shaking in his pocket.

This time, the writing that appeared in the book was no longer black but a deep dark red. 【 I am very angry. 】

【 She looked at you when she was talking about a husband. 】

【 Super angry. 】

【 Not only angry but also jealous. 】

【 Only I can call you that. 】

【 Why do you keep pushing me?  If I didn’t want to get closer to you, I would capture your hands and let you know that you shouldn’t be getting close to others. 】

He seemed to be really angry based on the colour of the font changing. However, Xiao Li didn’t understand why he was so angry. The ghost bride hadn’t done anything and she was a ghost!

Xiao Li educated the book. “Why are you so angry? Do you think you are a pufferfish?”

The little yellow book was silent for three seconds. Then he drew a pufferfish in the book and wrote next to it: still angry.

Xiao Li wrote, “In addition, am I yours?”

【 Sooner or later, you will be. 】

The little yellow book was knocked on and felt a bit wronged. A red line appeared and crossed out the original words, changing the end to ‘like me.’

Xiao Li was ready to continue changing the book’s bad habits when he was eating vinegar but Tian Ji interrupted him. The young man thought Xiao Li was analyzing the task and threw over a small snack from the table. “Sherlock, what are you writing?”

Xiao Li closed the book, the colour of his face unchanged from the nonsense. “Some guesses.”

“What do you think?” Jiang Yishe turned to ask.

“I didn’t think of anything. I’d like to go to every passenger’s room to take a look.”

“Do you suspect that the husband is in there?”

“No, I just want to verify a new guess.”

Jiang Yishe ate the last mouthful of green vegetables before putting down the chopsticks, the chopsticks making a clear sound against the bowl. “The female ghost hasn’t shown any aggressive signs but we can’t relax our vigilance. We need to find an excuse to pull out the couple and protect them to complete task two. Who would like to go find the husband for the bride and who will stay here to protect the passengers?”

From the task point of view, the risk of these two missions was actually four to six. The ghost had a chance to attack the couple while ‘finding the husband’ meant entering every room. It was easy to encounter the ghost bride or the pen fairy.

Yu Chao wasn’t too bold and decided it was better to stay with the passengers than to go back to those blood-soaked rooms again. He thought this and took the initiative to volunteer, “I’ll stay here.”

Wu Tianyi hesitated before also raising her hand. “I can help Brother Yu. We will chat with them and give them the concept of a ghost.”

Tian Ji and the others didn’t object. The three of them got up and prepared to examine very room carefully again. Just as they were leaving, Yu Chao called out to them with a bit of embarrassment. “Excuse me… I don’t know how to call out the couple to talk to them. I’m afraid they won’t listen to me.”

“It is very simple. If they want more food from Tian Ji, they have to come over here to eat. It is recommended you make hot pot to use up a lot of time.” Xiao Li gave a suggestion. “Make an extra hotpot. I want to eat it at night.”

Tian Ji stared at him. “Don’t you just want to make me cook?”

Xiao Li’s lips curved and he strongly denied it. Tian Ji rolled up his sleeves and made a bit more food before leaving with Xiao Li.


The night was getting darker.

In the back kitchen, the couple had come over. Yu Chao and Wu Tianyi took out a deck of cards and the couple played cards. Then they started to eat dinner.

The couple spoke a lot. For example, they came to the Wilderness Graveyard to clean their ancestor’s grave. As a result, they didn’t leave straight away and wandered around for a long time. The girl looked at several gravestones and whispered to the boy that she wanted to go with him to see the King of Hell. This was the travel experience she wanted, not the so-called tourist hotspots. It was a love story and she wanted to die with her boyfriend. She didn’t expect to actually encounter ghosts.

They had enough and wanted to take the train home, so they got on the ghost train. In their eyes, the ghost bride was a beautiful woman and the boy didn’t dare look at her out of fear of his girlfriend being angry. Therefore, the two people ignored the ghost bride.

The back kitchen had the brightest lights on but this couldn’t erase the coldness outside. Yu Chao’s heart was a bit uneasy. Why hadn’t the three gods who went to explore the rooms back yet?

“Hey, what’s wrong? Big Brother, are you predicting in advance that you will lose badly? What’s with that expression?” The male of the couple asked as he threw down a pair of fours.

Wu Tianyi put down the few cards left in her hand. “Big Brother lost too much today, hahaha.”

The girl next to the boy pouted. “It isn’t fun to win too much. I want to go back to sleep.”

“Tired?” The boy touched her long hair.

“No, we can play something else? Monopoly, five-in-a-row, mahjong?” Yu Chao put away the cards and continued to persuade them.

The girl replied, “Not today, tomorrow.”

Just as they were debating about whether to go back or not, a strange sound came from outside the back kitchen. It was like a knock on the door, a door scratching sound. This definitely wasn’t the sound of Xiao Li’s group returning! Yu Chao and Wu Tianyi almost fell off their chairs in reaction.

“What’s wrong with you? Why aren’t you opening the door? Isn’t it a knock on the door?” The girl looked on in disbelief and she pushed her boyfriend. “You go and ask what’s wrong.”

The boy responded by standing up to open the door when Yu Chao grabbed him. “No! You can’t open it!”

“Why?” The boy pushed at Yu Chao and Yu Chao almost slipped. Wu Tianyi easily caught him.

Wu Tianyi couldn’t hide it anymore and cried out, “Whether you believe it or not, there is a ghost outside the door! This train is haunted!”

“F*k, aren’t you lying? Are you liars or robbers?” The boy was immediately on guard. He pulled his girlfriend over and protected her behind him.

“No, we’re not. Please listen to us. We are protecting you. This is a ghost train.” Yu Chao was defending himself against the two passengers when he saw something from the corner of his eye and choked.

Since the dining car needed to be pushed out of the kitchen, the gap between the bottom of the door and the ground wasn’t small. At this time, a pair of red embroidered shoes was squeezing in underneath the door.

Above the shoes was empty air. In other words, there was only the shoes and no feet.

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