IWBL: Chapter 45

The young man ran forward and asked the only woman remaining among the reincarnators. The answer was that she didn’t have a mirror. It was normal when thinking about it. Currently, everyone had temporarily escaped their rooms. How could they bring a mirror with them?

Tian Ji came around to borrow a mirror and Chu Chu wiped her tears, asking, “Brother Tian Ji, what are you looking for?”

Tian Ji hadn’t yet spoken when Wu Tianyi replied, “A mirror.”

Chu Chu looked up at Tian Ji and reached for his sleeve. “What do you want a mirror for?”

She had a delicate appearance and resembled the famous budding lotus.

The young man pulled back his sleeves and smiled at the only remaining passenger. “I’m not doing anything, just looking. Are you okay now?”

Chu Chu held her face with both hands. “I feel much better with Sister Wu.”

Wu Tianyi looked at this little not. The girl was the remaining passenger and the only hope of completing the task. This made it easier to protect Chu Chu so she smiled, “Your mouth is sweet.”

Meanwhile, Jiang Yishe had just come out of a room. He didn’t have time to speak when Tian Ji hurriedly stepped forward, grasped his arm and whispered something in his ears. Then Jiang Yishe spoke to Xiao Li, “If you need a mirror, isn’t there one in the bathroom of the luxury car?”

Tian Ji wasn’t surprised but he instinctively didn’t want to enter the room. After all, the knocking bed ghost had just attacked them. He was afraid it would be easy to run if there was another wave of attacks.

The young man felt complicated. “Can you bring out the mirror?”

Jiang Yishe told him, “You can try it.”

Tian Ji turned to Xiao Li and went over to ask. “Sherlock, no one has a mirror and we can only enter a room. However, after entering, the ghost might take the opportunity to launch the next round of attacks.”

Xiao Li saw this person really didn’t want to go in and spoke kindly, “If it really isn’t possible, go to the fourth car. There was a mirror when I grabbed the snacks.”

Tian Ji discovered that when facing Xiao Li, he always wanted to raise his volume. He grabbed his chest. “…Why didn’t you say it earlier?”

“It is because I don’t know if that mirror is okay.” Xiao Li spoke with a rare hesitation. “Still, the problem shouldn’t be big.”

Tian Ji asked curiously, “What’s wrong with that mirror?”

“You’ll know when you see it.”

Xiao Li replied and took them to the fourth carriage.

The more the group walked forward, the colder the car became. It was like a constant temperature of the air conditioner had failed. A sinister wind rushed towards the reincarnators like something was going to happen.

Chu Chu shrank back in Wu Tianyi’s arms and whispered, “Sister Wu, I want to go to the toilet.”

Wu Tianyi asked, “You can’t bear it? How can we enter a room and go to the toilet at his time? In the case of public toilets, there is one at the connection of each adjacent carriage.”

“I can’t help it.” Chu Chu covered his stomach and made an uncomfortable face. “I will go to the public toilet. Sister Wu, will you go with me?”

“I…I’ll tell them.”

Wu Tianyi ran towards Xiao Li and the others in the front. “Chu Chu wants to go to the toilet.”

Before Tian Ji could speak, a strange male reincarnator frowned. “Women are troublesome.”

Wu Tianyi’s face was still as she bit back, “Yu Chao, you don’t need to go to the toilet? Do you have a problem with your kidney function?”

Yu Chao snorted.

Jiang Yishe spoke gently, “Let her go when we pass by the next toilet. We will wait for her at the door so speed up.”


The girl moved back and took Chu Chu to the next toilet they passed by. The toilet door was locked for a while. The group didn’t have time to speak when they heard a sudden scream from the toilet. “Ahh—”

That voice belonged to Chu Chu! Now there was no need to feel embarrassed. Wu Tianyi rushed in first and saw Chu Chu standing in a corner, hands to her chest. “There was a ghost! I just saw…!”

She pointed with a horrified expression. Wu Tianyi held an Expel Ghosts charm in one hand while the other hand pulled Chu Chu behind her, carefully dragging her away from the toilet.

“Come on!” Yu Chao urged. “We must speed up.”

Chu Chu breathed hard, her chest moving up and down. “Let’s not go to the fourth car. Let’s go back, okay? Previously, there was no ghost. Now the closer we get, I met it. Sister Wu, okay?”

“It was just an accident.” Wu Tianyi comforted her. “There are so many people here and it’ll be fine. Sherlock said there is a mirror in the fourth car and we’ll just borrow it.”

“Still, what exactly are we going to do with a mirror?”

“I don’t know. Let’s just follow Tian Ji.”

Chu Chu bit her lips and sped up her walking speed.

The sky outside was already bright and light was shining through the window. The birds had started to sing but the train didn’t warm up at all.

The fourth carriage did have a mirror but it wasn’t for people to look at themselves. It was a copper-coloured mirror like a ‘plaque.’ There was also a phoenix on the left and right sides. In previous eras, families liked to hang up these type of mirrors for decoration at home.

Xiao Li felt a bit wrong but the summoning ceremony didn’t write that a gold-encrusted mirror was needed. It should be okay. He pulled over a chair, took down the mirror and placed it on the shelf so that it met his line of sight.

Then the teenager went to the kitchen and found three birthday candles at the bottom of the cabinet. The small and flat candles were placed in front of the mirror and lit up with a lighter.

Tian JI stood to one side and before the ceremony began, he asked curiously, “Sherlock, what is your friend’s name?”

He felt that Sherlock was mysteriously powerful and eccentric. There were many secrets about Sherlock and perhaps he could glimpse a few of them from the ‘friend.’

Xiao Li replied, “Mary.”

Jiang Yishe, Tian Ji and the others automatically thought of ‘Ma Li’ and searched their minds for whether they had heard of someone called Ma Li.

Xiao Li coughed lightly and called out three times, “Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary.”

The moment the name was called out the first time, their expressions of the rest of the group changed. Not Ma Li but Mary? Wasn’t this a Western evil spirit? Tian Ji wanted to kill himself. How could he believe in Sherlock’s damn words? Wasn’t this calling a wolf to the room?

The moment Xiao Li’s words ended, a wind blew the three candles and a woman’s shadow appeared in the mirror. She had long blonde hair and her eyes were the dark blue of the sea. Even in this type of mirror, she was beautiful and captivating. She had a smile on her face but the moment she saw the face of the opposite teenager, her entire expression changed.

Bloody Mary looked at her environment and then the three ugly birthday candles in front of her. One even had the number ‘2’. At first glance, it was very perfunctory and ugly. She finally set her eyes on Xiao Li and her smile gradually disappeared.

The emergence of this evil spirit caused the entire fourth car to fall silent. There were countless words in Tian Ji and Jiang Yishe’s hearts that they wanted to growl out but in front of Bloody Mary, they could only gulp and watch Mary’s every move.

Xiao Li finally broke the silence. It had been so long since he saw her that it didn’t seem good to ask questions directly. Therefore, the teenager slowed down his tone and greeted the other person. “I haven’t seen you for a long time. Do you still have the painting I sent you last time?”

Tian Ji, “………”

Jiang Yishe, “…………”

Listening to this, Xiao Li and Bloody Mary were old acquaintances? Where on earth did he come from that he knew this ferocious spirit?

Bloody Mary closed her eyes and held back the urge to blow out these three candles as she gave a small nod.

“That’s good.” Xiao Li told her.

Bloody Mary clearly didn’t want to stay in this bronze mirror and she spoke for the first time, “What do you want to ask?”

Xiao Li thought for a moment. “Do you know the pen fairy?”

The blonde beauty shook her head.

“In short, it is a type of evil spirit that can be called to a pen. If it isn’t sent away in time, it will stay to take away the life of the summoners. It seems similar to you.” Xiao Li explained. “Thus, I want to ask you. Do you know a way to send it away?”

Bloody Mary asked, “…Just for that?”

Xiao Li shook his head. “No, I also wanted to contact you due to our previous relationship.”

Bloody Mary, “……”

Who wanted to connect with this person?

The blonde beauty touched her hair and her figure disappeared from the mirror, turning into some images flashing.

In the mirror, a woman wearing a Western lolita dress was in front of a pool of blood. Next to the pool was a pipe that kept supplying fresh blood.” The woman carved a seal by the bloody pool and chanted, “A sacrifice with blood and flesh, please leave here after you are satiated. Otherwise, you will be sealed here.”

The next second, the woman’s figure disappeared and another image appeared in the scene.

A man was placing four lighted candles in the four corners of the room. He sat cross-legged in the middle of the room with a mahogany sword on his knees. He bit the tip of his tongue and sprayed a mouthful of blood on the mahogany sword. “The present known name, thou should go. I order you!”

A white shadow rushed from the room and extinguished the four candles. The images disappeared and the blonde beauty appeared in the mirror. These two methods of expulsion were somewhat difficult to implement. Xiao Li asked, “Do you have any other way?”

Mary reached out and adjusted her skirt in a calm manner. “Of course, if it is reasonable.”

Xiao Li, “………”

“Still, since I’m here, you should request it of me directly. “ Bloody Mary smiled like a scorpion. “What do you say?”

She set her sights on another person. Everyone followed her gaze and found that it was Chu Chu. The girl suddenly looked up, her sweet smile gone. Rather, it was replaced with a white face full of grievances as it floated up and suddenly flew out the door.

Next to it, Wu Tianyi hadn’t reacted yet and stood in place in a daze. She did notice that after Bloody Mary’s emergence, Chu Chu had behaved unusually. She had been bowing her head and remained silent. Wu Tianyi thought she was scared by the evil spirit and patted her back intimately! The girl looked down at her hand and shuddered.

Tian Ji had also talked with Chu Chu and couldn’t help feeling scared. He had been cold to Chu Chu because he detected something strange from her words. After all, how could an ordinary person escape from the knocking spirit? Nevertheless, she was the only passenger remaining so Tian Ji wanted to slowly observe her. He never imagined that she was the pen fairy!

If they treated Chu Chu as the last passenger and protected her to complete task two then the outcome would undoubtedly be quite bleak. Thinking about this, Tian Ji sighed with relief.

Compared to them, Xiao Li wasn’t surprised at all. It wasn’t that he had seen through Chu Chu’s identity. He just didn’t plan to do the second task and naturally didn’t plan to protect her. Compared to the second task, Xiao Li was more interested in the first task that required living to the terminal.

Bloody Mary in the mirror looked back at Xiao Li and pointed to the mirror and candles with a bit of disgust. Xiao Li told her, “I’m not like you. I use what I have. The conditions here are tough and I could only find this.”

Bloody Mary sighed as she raised her skirt and started walking. Her figure became smaller and smaller and she disappeared from the mirror, not giving Xiao Li the opportunity to ask the next question.

Xiao Li waved at her and turned his head. He happened to meet the eyes of the other people. Once Bloody Mary left, Tian Ji recovered from his frozen state and rushed up first. “How do you know her?”

“There was a previous encounter. I remembered the summoning ceremony and wanted to try it.”

Tian Ji was dumbfounded. “…No, the summoning isn’t the problem. Why does she seem so familiar with you?”

Xiao Li thought about it and was uncertain. “I painted a portrait of her. Perhaps she really liked it.”

Tian Ji wondered how beautiful Xiao Li’s painting must be to make Bloody Mary establish an unusual friendship with a human.”

“Sherlock, if there is a chance, can you show me your painting?” Tian Ji was filled with excitement and expectations.

Xiao Li nodded. “If you want, I can draw a picture for you.”

Tian Ji smiled, revealing white teeth.

Jiang Yishe heard up to here and suddenly spoke, “I used to think that such evil spirits despised humans and refused to communicate. I once encountered a high-level evil spirit but it completely refused to communicate with me. It also scolded my human self…”

“Me too.” Wu Tianyi joined the discussion. “It was impossible to communicate with all the ghosts I’ve met.”

However, this Bloody Mary looked very gentle and talkative. She couldn’t be seen as an evil spirit at all.

Xiao Li faced their eyes and followed the topic. “Perhaps I am luckier and encountered the type who like speaking.”

Tian Ji, “……”

Just then, a loud siren came from the front of the train. It was the same whistling sound as when it first arrived at the station. Then the speed of the train slowed down and it finally stopped completely in place.

This meant the ghost train had reached the second station, Wilderness Graveyard.

The author has something to say:

Your friend Xiao Li has sent a video communication request.

Mary: Refuse

The refusal has failed.

Mary: Block

The blocking has failed.

Mary: …….(Accepts reality and clicked to accept)

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