IWBL: Chapter 43

Xiao Li didn’t have time to dispose of the pen in his hand when the pen fairy moved first. The pen trembled like it was self-conscious and fell from Xiao Li’s hand, rolling away on the ground. It didn’t roll to the end. It only rolled around two metres before disappearing strangely. Xiao Li regretfully retracted his gaze and held his own pen. He said goodbye to Tian Ji and entered his room.

In the middle of the night, the moon was like water. Almost everyone had gone to sleep, whether they were reincarnators or ordinary passengers. Even the most uncomfortable Jia Yi had turned over and fallen asleep.

Then at this time, a certain room showed a different movement. It was Ah Wei’s current room. He was sleeping on a soft bed and the room was filled with his snores. Beneath his bed, there was a slight scratching sound. It was like someone was lying underneath his bed and scratching at the bed board with their fingernails.

Ah Wei unknowingly continued to sleep. The scratching sound continued for a while and became more forceful once there was no response.

The sound was louder and accompanied by physical shocks. His phone by the pillow was knocked down. Meanwhile, Ah Wei sleeping in bed directly suffered from the impact. He felt that his entire bed was jumping and he finally woke up.

Ah Wei woke up in a confused manner and scratched his head. He stared blankly around the room, still not understanding why he had woken up. Was it a dream? He saw Xuan Xuan’s tragedy in the evening so he had a nightmare? Ah Wei looked around and there was no one in the room. The train was still moving at full speed.

An illusion…?

Ah Wei remembered Xuan Xuan’s death and his sleepiness gradually faded away. He was a bit afraid but he didn’t believe there was a spiritual power in the world.

Ah Wei insisted that someone had slipped in, murdered Xuan Xuan and dragged her to the bottom of the bed. Therefore, he had specifically locked the door before going to sleep and even dragged a chair to the door. If someone wanted to enter, they would have to get rid of the chair, waking him up.

Currently, the chair was still in its position and no one had entered. Ah Wei thought up to here and was ready to confirm that the door was still locked. His feet had just landed on the ground when a hand stuck out from the bottom of the bed, grabbing his feet with great strength and pulling it!

Ah Wei let out a scream. The force was too strong and he couldn’t resist at all. He grasped the edge of the carpet but this wasn’t helpful as he was directly pulled underneath the bed. He finally knew why Xuan Xuan had died in such a position but unfortunately, it was too late.

The next second, blood flowed from below the bed, staining the floor. Over the next few hours, this scene occurred in different rooms on the train. One of them was Xiao Li. He didn’t sleep well and had woken up when the scratching sound was still very slight.

There was a bit of moonlight coming through the window. Currently, the train was moving through the wild and passed by a golden rapeseed field. It looked extremely beautiful bathed in the moonlight. The doll, hanging onto the curtain as a decoration and watching the rapeseed flowers, turned her head to look at the bed.

The nails under the bed scratched it, making a small sound. Xiao Li didn’t open his eyes but his expression was a bit unhappy about being woken up. He tapped on the bed’s surface and knocked along with the sound, covering it up.

The sound paused for a half a second before it became bigger and sharper, like nails digging deeply into the sawdust and wanting to smash the bed, causing the listener extreme discomfort. This time Xiao Li opened his eyes. He didn’t confront the voice or get out of bed to check it. Instead, he lay on the edge of the bed and lowered his head to look directly underneath it.

Due to the angle, his head was upside down and happened to see the face underneath the bed. It was a white ghost curled up under the bed and using its fingers to scratch the bed above. If there wasn’t a gap on the left and right sides, the image would be similar to a coffin. The ghost obviously hadn’t expected Xiao Li’s face to suddenly appear. Its hands stayed on the bed board as it twisted its head and looked at the person’s head that suddenly appeared.

The moment it looked up, it saw the upside-down head. “……”

Xiao Li’s face was upset because he was dissatisfied with the wake-up call. “Why are you being noisy?”

The angrier he was, the calmer his voice became. There was a rare coldness in it.

The head, “???”

The ghost couldn’t speak and fell into a sluggish state. after three seconds, it naturally didn’t answer and directly reached out in Xiao Li’s direction. Its hand was like mud. It could be stretched at will and arrived right in front of Xiao Li.

Before the hand arrived, Xiao Li sat back up on the bed. He sat by the bed and watched the hand pause in the air because it lost its target. Then the ghost’s head appeared again.

Meanwhile, the doll’s extended hair stopped attacking as well. Tan Li seemed to think that Xiao Li couldn’t avoid this attack and used her hair to want to stop the hand. However, it also lost its target and the two sides didn’t meet in the air.

Xiao Li once again poked his head to the bottom of the bed and showed a finger to the other side. “Shh.”

Due to his posture, his hair fell down over his upside-down head. In the ghost’s view, Xiao Li only exposed a hanging head and a finger. His eyes were filled with impatience and the rest of him was hidden, making him look more terrible than before. The gloomy ghost’s face showed a frightened expression as it gazed at this very dangerous man. The body shrank back and it disappeared into the wall.

Xiao Li lay back on the bed with satisfaction and closed his eyes to continue sleeping.

The doll changed her posture and slipped lightly from the curtain onto the windowsill. Her two small feet coiled up as she blinked and turned back to look out the train window. The little black cat, lying on the window, opened his eyes and saw that the calm of the room had returned. He also placed his head on his paws and continued sleeping.

At the same time, outside the carriage, many reincarnators who weren’t well-dressed ran out. Some were wearing nightgowns while some men only wore underwear. They were frozen but didn’t dare go back into their rooms.

The reincarnators rushed out the door almost two minutes apart. Tian Ji’s room was very close to Xiao Li’s room. He stared at Xiao Li’s door that was still closed.

The reincarnator who rushed out from the other side of Tian Ji’s room was panting. Once he saw Tian Ji, he was relieved. After all, the other person was a big man on the leaderboard. “Tian Ji, did you encounter it as well?”

The surviving reincarnators gathered together. Wu Tianyi wrapped the robe around herself and explained, “I was sleeping when I was suddenly woken up by a sound under my bed. It kept getting louder and harder. I jumped off the bed and something grabbed my foot. Fortunately, I held an Expel Ghosts charm in my hand or else…”

Another male reincarnator also said, “Me too. What’s going on? In a general world, isn’t the first day after the death of the plot character calm in order to let us adapt and reason things out. Why is it happening so often this time?”

“There are so many attacks on the first day. How can people survive?”

Tian Ji’s eyes had been staring at Xiao Li’s door. He heard the reincarnator’s discussion and spoke to himself, “Unless… the clues are given… or we are almost there.”

“What does that mean?”

“The platform.” Tian Ji hadn’t spoken yet when Jiang Yishe came over. The young man clearly spoke, “In the past, the deadline for completing the tasks was fixed, such as five days. The ghost attacks would move from slow to fast, with a certain frequency. However, this instance has the time based on the platform. The train is moving and the ghost attacks are so frequent. Perhaps… the next stop is coming.”

“The world this time is so hard? Then our task—” The other reincarnators acted like cats who had been stepped on.

“It seems we can’t treat this train as an ordinary instance world. We need to change our way of thinking. The truth here is definitely more than just the pen fairy. The introductory CG deliberately mislead us to slow down our rhythm.” Jiang Yishe wrapped the clothes tightly around his body and let out a sigh. “Those who haven’t come out yet, I’m afraid… besides the reincarnators, the number of passengers are still unknown. We need to check the rooms so we must first find the attendant to get the keys.”

Then Tian Ji went and knocked on Xiao Li’s door. Maybe someone else would die but he believed that Sherlock would never be killed by such a ghost. However, there was no response to his first knock. The second knock still had no response.

Tian Ji’s heart sank. The strength of his knocking on the door wasn’t light and no one would sleep hard in this place. If there was no response then he was afraid… Sherlock was really killed? His fearless nature meant he dared to act unbridled with the pen fairy but it was possible for him to be killed if he was careless.

He thought so and knocked a third time while calling out, “Sherlock?”

Perhaps this time was loud enough. There was movement coming from the room and someone headed towards the door. Then the door was open and Xiao Li leaned stiffly against it, clearly lacking sleep.

“Do you know what time it is? What’s the matter?” He asked in a hard tone.

The rest of the people, “……”

Why was this man still sleeping in this situation? Didn’t the ghost scratch his bed?

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1 year ago

never get in the way of someone’s sleep lol especially a sleep deprived person 😆

6 months ago

R.I.P I don’t think you would want an angry, sleep-deprived Xiao Li good luck