IWBL: Chapter 42

The two men at the scene stared at Xiao Li with a complicated expression, heads full of question marks. The teenager asked again calmly, “Paper?”

Jiang Yishe touched his body. He really didn’t have any white paper, only countless talismans.

Xiao Li looked at the other person in the room. Tian Ji silently took out the white paper had had taken from the table in the room. Jiang Yishe grabbed his and and stopped him. “Wait, what if the pen fairy comes over and tries to kill us? Aren’t the plot characters a guide to the instance?”

Xiao Li took the piece of paper from the young man’s fingers and didn’t answer.

The flickering of the train lights became shorter and shorter. They spent most of the time bathed in darkness and the young man’s chin was hidden in the darkness. He turned to the back of the piece of paper, laid it on the ground and crouched down, holding the pen.

Xiao Li saw that the other people didn’t keep up. He raised his chin in a signal to borrow their hands.

There was a real battle in Jiang Yishe’s heart. Based on the opening CG, summoning the pen fairy was undoubtedly a deadly behaviour. However, if they didn’t summon it, how could they break this ghost wall and escape?

Jiang Yishe was biting his lips when Tian Ji moved first, crouching down to hold the pen. Jiang Yishe saw this situation and gave a long sigh before also following.

In the darkness where the light was extinguished, Xiao Li spoke. “Pen fairy, I am your past life, you are my life. If you want to renew our relationship, please draw a circle on the paper.”

The pen moved on its own and drew a circle on the paper. Tian Ji felt the spontaneous movement of the pen and felt a cold hand around his heart. It was as if another hand was manipulating the pen. Jiang Yishe’s throat moved nervously up and down as he choked.

Then the lights turned on and the two people squinted. Xiao Li looked down at the piece of paper and asked the first question. “How can we get out of here and return to bed?”

The pen wrote on the white paper: 【 Only the dead can get out of here. 】

Tian Ji got a chill the moment the words appeared. Since entering this world of reincarnation, he had never talked directly to ghosts, let alone hear words that were so obviously flowing with malicious intent. This made his hairs stand up and he wanted to retreat from the pen fairy as soon as possible.

Xiao Li read this and naturally replied, “Okay, I will trouble you to find the road.”

The moment he spoke, the pen came to a strange halt in mid-air.

The pen fairy, “……”

Tian Ji looked at the young man’s side profile and opened his mouth to say anything, but he didn’t know what to say. Weren’t the pen fairy’s words meant as intimidation? It was absolutely intimidation and the direct threat of ‘killing’ was subtly horrible. Was Sherlock stupid or did he do it deliberately?

In the midst of the silence, Xiao Li went on to ask, “The second question, where can I get late-night snacks here?”

The pen fairy, “???”

Tian Ji, “???”

What was wrong with this question? He could ask the train attendant. The pen fairy wasn’t a fully automatic navigation service!

The pen trembled in mid-air but still wrote: 【 …In the fourth carriage, the cook is ready 24 hours a day and has placed snacks in the cupboard. 】

“Thank you,” Xiao Li spoke politely. “The third question, where is the end of this train?”

This was a normal question, so normal that it made Tian Ji and Jiang Yishe inexplicably feel a bit teary. This was the right way to use the pen fairy. They should ask about the path and about the secret of this instance world. This question was very difficult but the pen fairy’s writing speed was much smoother than before. 【 In your heart. 】

Tian Ji, “……”

This answer didn’t saw anything and directly stimulated them. It was quick-witted and had the taste of duck soup. He was disappointed before thinking again. This was normal. It would’ve been too simple if they could ask the pen fairy the truth of the mission.

Jiang Yishe looked back at the words and doubted life.

Ghost hitting the wall, the broken light bulbs, the empty carriage and the pen fairy. These four things, no matter how they were combined, gave off a feeling of terror just hearing it, not to mention they were currently experiencing it. Nevertheless, he had the thought ‘what is this absurd world of terror?’ as he felt doubt and confusion.

Xiao Li opened his mouth. “The fourth question—”

He hadn’t finished but the pen fairy couldn’t bear it anymore and quickly wrote: 【 How many questions do you have? 】

The pen fairy was so agitated that the nib of the pen even punctured the paper.

Xiao Li replied, “Buy three, get one free? Isn’t this a frequent offer?”

The pen fairy, “…….”

What type of offer? This wasn’t a special sale or big promotion for a supermarket! Xiao Li still wanted to ask the fourth question but the little yellow book vibrated at this time and fell from his pocket to the ground, forcing Xiao Li to pick him up.

Little yellow book: 【 The fourth question: Who is Xiao Li’s future boyfriend? 】

Xiao Li, “………”

Even if he had to ask this question, it should be asking about a girlfriend. This was Xiao LI’s last insistence! He didn’t have time to withdraw this questoin when the pen trembled with fright. 【 …Little yellow book. 】

The pen fairy originally seemed to be writing another name. The beginning of he name hadn’t been written yet when a powerful spiritual force seemed to tamper with the answer.

Xiao Li’s attention was diverted. He swallowed down his words, grabbed the pen where the pen fairy was dwelling and wrote in the little yellow book, “Are you really called Little Yellow Book? Don’t you have your own name?”

As the saying went, a mental patient had a wide range of thinking. Xiao Li thought a lot in this moment, such as the possibility of this really being a book…

The little yellow book revealed a dog-like alertness. 【That’s not it, I’m not called this. It is just more convenient for you to recognize me. 】

“Oh, what’s your real name? Yellow storybook?”

Little yellow book: 【 ……… 】

He did have a real name but he couldn’t tell it to Xiao Li before he succeeded. He thought for a moment before shamelessly saying: 【 Your boyfriend. 】

【 That’s what I’m really called. 】

【 Or your future husband. You can call me that. 】

Xiao Li, “???”

He relentlessly hit the little yellow book and placed ‘his boyfriend’ back in his pocket.

The young man looked up and saw the gazes of the two other people. In a rare sight, his face turned red and he quietly looked away.

Xiao Li had been holding the book in one hand and the question and answer of the little yellow book were in the book. Only he could see it. As for Tian Ji and Jiang Yishe, they saw the little yellow book fall to the ground but only thought that Xiao Li’s pocket was shallow and it was an accident. The two people had originally chosen to stand opposite Xiao Li because they were afraid of the pen. Thus, they couldn’t see anything. They only saw the answer of the pen fairy on the paper.

Little yellow book, what was this? It sounded very yellow. Tian Ji was secretly speculating on the question Xiao Li asked the pen fairy but he didn’t say it out loud. What question would give the answer of little yellow book?

Xiao Li looked away from the two people in front of him and focused on the black pen. Since Xiao Li put the little yellow book away, the pen fairy had stopped shaking. However, it still seemed a bit frightened. The pen spun around in a circle and only stopped after a long time.

During this period, Tian Ji had been looking at the answers to Xiao Li’s question and felt eager to try. He attempted to ask the pen fairy, “Pen fairy, pen fairy, can I also ask a few questions?”

The pen fairy’s answer was very refreshing. 【 Yes. 】

Tian Ji felt a sudden happiness but it was a matter of his life, causing him to carefully ask, “What price do I need to pay?”

The black pen drew a sarcastic arc and the pen fairy returned to the way it should’ve been. 【 The price is naturally your life. 】

【 How do you want to die? 】

Tian Ji’s mouth was dry. “…I want to die, do you see this happening?”

He was a bit afraid but also a bit wronged. The pen fairy just exchanged all those answers with Sherlock!

“Okay, don’t tease him.” Xiao Li held the black pen tightly. “Show me the way. I want to go back.”

He didn’t wait for the pen fairy’s answer. He handed the paper back to Tian Ji and as he held the pen, he pointed the pen at the wall of the carriage and moved forward. Tian Ji and Jiang Yishe followed him. They didn’t know why but there was the hidden illusion of ‘the pen fairy is a poor hostage and Sherlock is the ruthless kidnapper, walking impeded while holding the hostage.’

Xiao. not evil. Sherlock walked in front and due to the pen fairy personally leading him, he took a few steps and a door with different numbers appeared in front of him. This wasn’t an infinite repetition. The ghost wall had disappeared.

Tian Ji sighed with relief and once he reached his room door, he pointed to the pen in Xiao Li’s hand. “What are you going to do with the pen?”

“Keep it.” Xiao Li followed his gaze and touched the pen in his pocket. He placed the pen fairy’s pen against the pen he was carrying. “My pen had just run out of ink and I can replace it.”

Tian Ji once again felt speechless. During the half an hour experience of hitting the wall, he had been lost for words four or five times. This was already a record for him. He had good intentions as he reminded the other person, “The pen fairy lives in this pen. You will be in danger if you keep it.”

Xiao Li stared at him for two seconds before suddenly saying, “You’re right.”

Tian Ji didn’t have time to be happy about saving his teammate’s life when he heard the teenager opposite him say regretfully, “This is the home of the pen fairy and I can’t take it directly.”

Tian Ji, “……”

What was this regret? Did he only listen to the first half of Tian Ji’s words? The point was that the pen fairy was dangerous. Little brother, this was a ghost, not a roadside cat!

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