IWBL: Chapter 41

Tian Ji returned the little yellow book to Xiao Li. “Isn’t this written by yourself?”

Xiao Li showed a bit of doubt. “Do I look like this type of person?”

Tian Ji pushed up his gold-rimmed glasses and stated clearly, “Yes.”

Xiao Li, “…”

He bent down with a blank expression to pick up the little black cat. He held up the two paws, letting the pink pads stay at a distance of less than one centimeter from Tian Ji’s face. “Do you dare to say that in front of the kitten’s owner?”

Tian Ji was a hidden cat slave even if he looked like an intelligent and excellent person to outsiders. It was unknown what switch was opened but he couldn’t help reaching out to touch the paws of the little black cat. “…What is his name?”

He was successfully threatened by Xiao Li and disguised his disbelief.

“Rabbit,” Xiao Li paused before saying.

Little black cat, “???”

Tian Ji saw the little black cat turn his head to stare incredulously and spat out, “Is that fake? Did you just make it up?”

Xiao Li wondered, “…You don’t like it, Watson?”

Tian Ji had to helplessly say, “Let go of the cat, Sherlock.”

“Tian Ji (frog), you’re speaking too much.”

“What did you just call me?” Tian Ji couldn’t help raising his voice. “Did you just call me frog?”

Xiao Li calmly stated, “You heard me wrong. It was just the cadence.”

“No, I didn’t help it wrong.” Tian Ji was equally expressionless. “Your tone was clearly normal when saying other words.”

“It is your illusion.” Xiao Li stated. “Tian Ji.”

This time he spoke the other person’s name in a serious way, like a CCTV announcer. Tian Ji’s mouth twitched but he didn’t tangle up in this matter with Xiao Li. He returned back to his room.

The brief calm on the train didn’t last long. Not long after dinner, the reincarnators heard a loud scream from the room containing the group of four in the CG. “Ahhh—! A dead person”

The screams broke the calm of the train and the passengers playing in the carriages had tense hearts as they rushed in the direction of the screams. By the time Xiao Li and the others arrived, the door of the car was wide open and Jia Yi had collapsed on the ground with an incredulous expression.

The room was dimly lit but due to the light from the aisle, Xiao Li saw the scene in the room. At the bottom of the double bed on the right side, Xuan Xuan was lying on the ground, her head facing outside and her eyes blank. The body below the chest was hidden by the bed but a pool of blood was flowing out from underneath her body.

Some female passengers couldn’t withstand the urge to vomit and they covered their mouths as they ran outside.

Jia Yi’s entire body was weak as she thought of the prediction of the pen fairy. “It must be… it must be the pen fairy!”

Ah Wei’s expression wasn’t good but he and the other boy were brave. They barely maintained their standing posture as their hands were placed on their knees. Ah Wei immediately retorted, “Impossible, there are no ghosts in this world. It is murder. During the time when we were out for dinner, someone slipped in here and murdered Xuan Xuan!”

The more he spoke, the more likely he found it and the better he became. After all, a human murderer was definitely more convincing than an illusory ghost.

Jia Yi stared into her friend’s dead eyes and her heart was stunned. She covered her mouth, tears gathering in her eyes.

Just then, the train’s staff belatedly arrived. Deng Kang had taken off his jacket and only had a shirt on. He was accompanied by a train marshal holding a strong electric baton.

Deng Kang pushed through the crows, looking at Jia Yi at the door with surprise and then the scene inside the room. “This… what’s going on?”

“What’s going on?” The other man in the four-person group, Xu Yan asked the attendant in an angry tone. In his opinion, the reason why this bad luck happened was the inaction of these train marshals. “My friend experienced an accident. Why aren’t you stopping the train and alerting the police?”

Deng Kang’s face was white due to this big event. He gulped and immediately ran to the front to report it.

“What’s going on here? A dead person?” A male passenger with a large stomach asked with horror.

“Yes, I don’t know how this happened. This train is called Asia’s most luxurious sightseeing train. After this, I’m afraid it will be shut down.” A middle-aged female passenger was full of gossip.

Thanks to the noise of the incident, almost all the passengers on this train gathered here. This gave the reincarnators an opportunity to observe the targets to be protected. It was obviously the off-season and there weren’t many passengers on this sightseeing train.

Apart from the two people who spoke, there were two young women, a tattooed youth and a silent teenager. The total didn’t exceed two hands.

Xiao Li bypassed the crowd and walked to the door. He wanted to cross over Jia Yi’s legs to enter the room when Ah Wei quickly stopped him. “What’s wrong with you? You can’t just casually enter?”

“I’m a private detective.” Xiao Li lied without blinking. “I won’t destroy the scene so let me look. Maybe there are clues that will help find the murderer directly. By the time the police arrives, perhaps the murderer would’ve already escaped.”

Ah Wei looked suspiciously at Xiao Li. In modern times, the profession of private detective was almost extinct. In addition, the person in front of him was a pretty boy who looked like a movie star. Was this person really a detective?

He asked, “What evidence do you have?”

Xiao Li rubbed his chin and stared at Ah Wei. “You like to play basketball recently. You have been practicing hard after school and I guess you are going to play a basketball game?”

Ah Wei stiffened. “How do you know?”

“Observation.” Xiao Li stated. “As a private detective, this is my instinct. Your fingers are calloused and there is plaster on your knees, proving you often fall on your knees. When you saw the situation in the room, you stood unsteadily but you didn’t lean on the wall like an ordinary person. You placed your hands against your knees. This is a subconscious movement used by basketball players all year room. At the same time, this room should be yours. There is a basketball uniform in the corner that isn’t washed. You are so lazy, meaning you must currently be single?”

Ah Wei looked at him with a stunned expression, his astonishment overwhelming the fear caused by Xuan Xuan’s death. Xiao Li went straight into the room and this time, no one stopped him.

Tian Ji also crowded in. Ah Wei tried to stop him but he smiled and pointed to Xiao Li. “I am his assistant.”

Jiang Yishe moved to see and was the same. “Me too.”

Ah Wei bitterly put down his arm blocking them and watched the three people enter the room. This his eyes filled with fear and he suddenly looked away. Xiao Li crouched near the girl, avoiding the bloodstain and gently moved her eyelids so that she could close her eyes.

Tian Ji caught up with him and asked, “Are you really a detective?”

Based on the previous observation, it might be true…

Xiao Li observed the scene while replying, “No, I am a cold-blooded murderer who is good at observation because I have to avoid the pursuit of plain-clothed policemen. I have been ill for a long time.”

Tian Ji hesitated. “No?”

He wouldn’t believe these words if someone else said them but in Sherlock’s case, Tian Ji wasn’t sure. After all, the other person had directly suggested tying up the targets to be protected.

Xiao Li slowly looked at him. “Are you stupid?”

“…No one has ever used the word stupid to describe me.”

“Congratulations, this is your first experience.”

Tian Ji, “…”

Jiang Yishe, who hadn’t spoken, tried to have a turn. However, he wasn’t a professional forensic doctor so he didn’t talk about Xuan Xuan’s body. Instead, he speculated about the murder method of the pen fairy. “As a rough guess, she was getting out of bed when she was pulled by the ankle. She fell underneath the bed and it is unknown what scary things she saw before she died.”

“Yes, pay attention to the bottom of the bed.” Tian Ji quickly entered the right state and observed the scene. “It is likely that the ghost will emerge from the bottom of the bed.”

As the two of them were talking, Xiao Li lay down and placed his head underneath the bed. He turned on the lighting of the phone and saw there was nothing underneath the bed.

Tian Ji wondered, “Aren’t you afraid you would’ve encountered the pen fairy?”

Xiao Li replied sincerely, “I am afraid of not encountering it.”

He just finished speaking when the entire train shook before suddenly shaking.

“It stopped.” Jiang Yishe’s eyes flashed before he spoke firmly, “But not for long.”

Since the task this time was to arrive at the terminal, the train wouldn’t stop. It was likely that the attendant Deng Kang wouldn’t be able to find the police to come. Sure enough, five minutes later, the train continued to move forward and Deng Kang walked over in a despairing manner. “We can’t get out…”

Ah Wei rushed forward and grabbed his collar. “How can we not get out?”

“I… I don’t know!” Deng Kang shouted in a panic. “After getting off, I wanted to go to the local police station. However, no matter where I went, I couldn’t find the police station and ended up near the train. We can only keep moving forward and go to the next site…”

His words set off a wave of shock among the passengers and the beer belly uncle cried out, “What can’t be found? I don’t feel like listening. Isn’t this funny? Something like this has happened on the train but you want to keep going?”

Deng Kang tried to calm himself down as he recalled the first article of the attendant code. ‘Don’t panic no matter what is encountered.’ He slowly relaxed, “Everyone rest assured, we will close this place off first and strengthen the night patrols. The alert levels will be strengthened and once we reach the next site, we will immediately call the police.”

The rest of the passengers were noisy as they complained, but this time Deng Kang completely ignored them. He turned and asked Xiao Li’s group to come out of the room. Before leaving, Tian Ji’s eyes swept over the paper still on the table where the four people had been playing pen fairy. He quickly placed the paper in his pocket and walked out.

Deng Kang locked the door and bowed to the story trio. “I’m sorry this happened. We will arrange a new cabin for the rest of your stay and there will be a free upgrade to a luxury cabin. Please follow me.”

Ah Wei clenched his fists and wanted to punch this man. In his heart, it was because of this car that Xuan Xuan did but his remaining sense of reason prevented him from doing so. Jia Yi looked at Deng Kang with panic and frustration. She was sad for her friend but also worried about the lives of her group. Xuan Xuan’s death and Deng Kang’s words were like a mountain, the pressure wanting to break her. If there was a first then would there be a second?

The door was sealed and Deng Kang took away the deceased’s friends. The onlookers also lost their desire to talk and gradually dispersed.

Xiao Li’s group was walking back to the carriage. Originally, the corridors they were walking in were still full of words and discussions. It was unknown when but things started to become quiet. Even the sound of the train on the track became insignificant.

They slowed down and Tian Ji looked around, finding the anomaly for the first time. “It is staring at us.’

Jiang Yishe looked at his phone. The time was exactly 7 at night. According to reason, the first day is a general mission and will give us a tip through the death of the plot character. It wouldn’t start killing the reincarnators so early—”

He hadn’t finished speaking when he saw a white shadow at the end of the carriage. It was too fast for anyone to capture.

Jiang Yishe’s pupils instantly became bigger. He was silent but their footsteps didn’t stop. They walked through one carriage after another. Once they walked through at least 10 identical carriages, Tian Ji stopped walking and laughed dryly. “Ghost hitting the wall?”

The distant carriages seemed endless, not allow people to see the end.

Jiang Yishe opened his mouth. “There is a method we can try. Close our eyes, hold out a hand to the wall and move forward. Perhaps we can get out of this ghost wall.”

“The problem is if the ghost attacks.” Tian Ji pressed a hand to his temple as he thought of methods to target the ghost. “The items in my body will work but they aren’t for this situation. The negative effects will be somewhat large.”

They were discussing things when the lights on top of their head flashed and the lights on the far side of the carriage extinguished one by one, darkness quickly sweeping over them. Then an ordinary black pen rolled along the carpet until it stopped at their feet.

The pen fairy.

This name popped up in Jiang Yishe and Tian Ji’s minds at the same time.

The lights above their heads flashed while the interval of darkness was getting longer and longer, making the pen seem even more terrifying. No one knew if it would become a ghost in the next second and they chose to move backwards, away from the source of the horror.

Only Xiao Li stood in the middle of the corridor and bent down to pick up the pen. He looked like a student who had dropped his pen and was picking it up. He picked up the pen and turned back to Tian Ji. “Do you have paper?”

Jiang Yishe felt an absurd shock. He stared at the pen held in Xiao Li’s hand and almost shouted, “Put down the pen!” Instead, he asked, “What are you going to do?”

The pen was only the carrier of the pen fairy but this was an evil spirit that killed. The example of Xuan Xuan was still in their minds. Xiao Li twisted the pen. “Ask it for the path.”

Tian Ji, “……”

—Ask God for directions.

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