IWBL: Chapter 40

The train was very luxurious. Every carriage had red carpet, making the texture at the feet very soft. Crystal lamps hung from the roof and the shaking of their bodies was slight enough to be negligible.

The messenger standing at the door of a carriage was dressed in formal attire and wore white gloves on his hands to guide the reincarnators from the station.

Usually, train passengers carried luggage but the reincarnators were travelling lightly. Only a few people carried bags. The employee took the bags with a polite smile. “Welcome to the Dream Train. I am your attendant, Deng Kan. The VIP guests, you will be in first class. Let me lead you there and I hope you enjoy the journey on the Dream Train.”

Jiang Yishe turned slightly. “Mr Deng, can I ask who else are the VIPs?”

The attendant replied, “This gentleman, we aren’t allowed to reveal anyone’s identity.”

The young man nodded. “I understand.”

Deng Kang was relieved and walked ahead, leading the crowd.

The rooms were well-distributed and different from the quadruple room in the CG. The first-class car was a single room with a separate bathroom. The decorations were quite luxurious, the bed was soft and had silk-like covers. There was a touch of perfume in the air and it was better than the treatment of Gathering Soul Village.

Once Xiao Li entered the room, the little black cat ran out of the little yellow book and sniffed the air. He choked on the perfume and wrinkled his nose.

Xiao Li bowed his head and looked at the cat for three seconds. Suddenly, he reached out and used his thumb and forefinger to pinch the ears. “Your ears are bigger than your head. Are you a rabbit or a cat?”

The little black cat was pinched and he showed an expression similar to Tuzki (famous Chinese illustrated rabbit). He soon broke away from Xiao Li and jumped to the foot of the bed. “Meow meow meow mie!”

He looked quite angry and the last sound was different.

Xiao Li wanted to tease the black cat some more but there was a sudden knock on the door. He walked over and opened it to see Deng Kang smiling at him. “This gentleman, dinner starts from 5 o’clock. Today, there is a complimentary bottle of red wine to welcome you.”

Xiao Li nodded and sent away the diligent attendant. It wasn’t long until 5 o’clock. It had already been afternoon when they arrived. Xiao Li took a short break in his room before walking towards the dining room.

The train’s dining room as a carriage. The glass was very clean, reflecting the scenery inside the carriage. They could also see the sky passing by quickly without any hindrance. A musician was playing in the corner and good music flowed through the carriage.

By the time Xiao Li arrived, the two people Jiang and Tian were sitting at a long table along with the other reincarnators. Tian Ji seemed to have a good impression of Xiao Li. He saw Xiao Li appear and immediately waved. “Sherlock, over here.”

Xiao Li walked over and took a seat.

Jiang Yishe smiled. “Sherlock, we are analyzing the task. Would you like to listen?”

Tian Ji didn’t care about Jiang Yishe and straight out said, “We now have two tasks. The first one is to live to the terminal and there are no clues at the moment. The other one is that we must get close to at least one passenger to protect them.”

Jiang Yishe continued, “According to the existence of the second task, this train journey will have at least one killing event. Otherwise, the task wouldn’t emphasize ‘at least one’, indicating it is rare and difficult.”

Tian Ji might have a bad opinion of Jiang Yishe but in the ghost world, he wouldn’t do any retaliatory actions that affected the overall situation. Therefore, he was still analyzing the current situation.

“The difficulty of this task is that we can’t control the behavior of the protected target. For example, a ghost suddenly appears. As a result, the target to be protected flees or screams and causes their own death. This is uncontrollable and adds a lot of difficulty to the task.”

After all, it was hard for these ordinary people to not become pig teammates once they saw ghosts. If they ran around like headless flies, they would harm themselves and other people.

One of the reincarnators called Wu Tianyi said, “That’s why we should get to know some passengers earlier. It is easy to convince them if we give a preventive shot.”

Tian Ji nodded and was about to speak when he was interrupted by Xiao Li.

Xiao Li heard up to hear and asked doubtfully, “Does it need to be so troublesome? If we meet this type of person who wants to die, isn’t it better to tie them up directly?”

Tian Ji, “…”

Jiang Yishe, “…”

This was too simple and rough!

Xiao Li continued, “If you are afraid of them screaming, block their mouths. If you are afraid of them running, tie them up. If they don’t wake up then increase the intensity at which you hit them.”

His words might be rough but he wanted to ensure the safety of the protection target. If the protection target was a pig teammate then a win-win situation could be achieved. This was the safest way. In comparison, the analysis of Tian Ji and Jiang Yishe was based on the thinking mode of ordinary people. They might’ve thought of this but they wouldn’t dare to put it into action.

Tian Ji looked at the black-haired teenager with a complicated expression, thinking that Sherlock was a tough person.

Jiang Yishe carefully looked at Xiao Li and then laughed after a long time. “Sherlock’s words are right. This program can also be added. We should now observe the four people who appeared in the beginning CG. They should be the key to the plot. In addition, it is possible to communicate with the train crew, such as the attendants, to collect intelligence.”

“If they show up, should we go over and get more information?” Another reincarnator, Zhang Feng asked.

Tian Ji replied, “The pen fairy if probably near them. I have no opinion if they want to go.”

Zhang Feng immediately shook his head like a rattle and firmly vetoed it. Xiao Li didn’t answer and placed a cut piece of steak into his mouth. He gazed at the connection between carriages and then retracted his gaze. He stared out the window like a real passenger.


In a second class car,  Xuan Xuan of the CG was lying in bed, staring intently at her phone.

The other three had gone out to dinner but she didn’t want to go out because her dream male god was chatting with her. The topic was becoming more and more intimate, as if they could smash through the thin window paper in the next second.

The other person: 【 Don’t you want to go to dinner? I can’t starve you. 】

Xuan Xuan: 【 It isn’t a big deal to eat later at night. Right now, you are more important. 】

The other side: 【 Really? 】

The light from the phone reflected on her face and she hesitantly bit her lips. She already had enough of such a relationship and couldn’t wait to confess to the other person. The next second, she entered into her phone in a determined manner. 【 Really, because I want to go out with you. 】

Xuan Xuan sent it and immediately covered the screen to prevent herself from looking. She pulled up the quilt and covered her face, not daring to read the reply. After a long time, she sneaked a glance and saw the reply from the other person. 【 Me too, I have broken up with her. Let’s talk. 】

Yes! It worked! She almost jumped up happily. Now she had forgotten all her troubles and continued to happily chat with the other person. Just as she was in high spirits, the pen on the table in the room rolled to the ground despite there being no wind, making a dull noise. This sound didn’t arouse Xuan Xuan’s alarm. She was so happy that she didn’t pay attention to this subtle movement.

The pen rolled straight under her bed. Xuan Xuan didn’t notice.

After a while, a loud bang came from the room. It was loud enough to cause Xuan Xuan to shoot straight up on her bed. She realized with a bit of panic that… the sound didn’t come from the outside world but from under her bed. It was moving and didn’t sound like a mouse.

Xuan Xuan got up in the bed and held her phone. Her mind flashed to the pen fairy’s prediction this afternoon. No, no! How could the pen fairy exist in this day and age? It was all a coincidence.

She went to the end of the bed, stretched out one foot to the carpet and wanted to go to find her friends. Her feet had just landed on the ground when a white hand emerged from below the bed, encircling her slender ankle and dragging her in!

She didn’t even have time to scream before her head slammed onto the carpet and she immediately disappeared.

The entire room was silent again, only the phone on the ground still showing a message received. 【 Xuan Xuan, where are you? 】

【 Why aren’t you replying? Are you still there? 】

【 Xuan Xuan? 】


The dining room at the same time.

Jia Yi and the other two sat down and ordered a lot of food. Under the comfort of food and her friends, her mood improved and she could laugh.

At that time, Xiao Li had finished eating and listening to Tian Ji and Jiang Yishe speculating about the relationship between the pen fairy and these four people. The group of reincarnators pretended to eat while observing Jia Yi and the others through the reflective glass or from the corners of their eyes.

Tian Ji analyzed, “That girl named Xuan Xuan didn’t come out. I’m afraid something has happened to her.”

“It is only the first day.” Jiang Yishe’s voice was a bit heavy. “The thing that worries me most is that this task has no time limit. The previous survival missions gave us a time range but not this time.”

Wu Tianyi interjected at this time. “Perhaps it is because this instance is particularly simple?”

Jiang Yishe shook his head and didn’t contradict her.

Jia Yi’s group didn’t eat slowly. They didn’t wait for dessert and got up to go back after finishing the staple food. The reincarnators also finished their dinner and scattered. Dinner should be break time but due to the existence of ghosts, no one could relax.

Jiang Yishe went to his room while Tian Ji and Xiao Li continued to walk toward the deeper carriages. The carriage hallway was very quiet and Tian Ji became more and more nervous. As he neared his room, the young man with gold-rimmed glasses suddenly choked.

At the door of Xiao Li’s room, a little black cut with dark fur was curled up, looking up at them.

“How can a cat be here?” Tian Ji looked at Xiao Li.

“I brought him. He is a plot creature.”

Tian Ji’s eyes suddenly changed. Famous people like them who were on the leaderboard knew what it meant by plot creatures. Every plot creature had a strong skill and in order to copy them, the reincarnator must have a deep influence on the world where they were located and a perfect clearance was necessary. It seemed that Sherlock wasn’t only impressive regarding his name.

The little black cat on the ground looked very cute. Tian Ji originally only intended to look at him but couldn’t help squatting down to rub the head of the little cat. His soft fingers moved and he couldn’t help saying to it, “Kitty, what are you doing here? Are you waiting for Sherlock? Don’t you know how dangerous it is here? Have you seen other people or ghosts passing by?”


He opened his innocent eyes and stared at Tian Ji.

The little yellow book shook and Xiao Li lazily took it out from his pocket, turning to the latest page. Tian Ji looked up at Xiao Li and happened to meet the black-haired teenager’s contemptuous eyes. He coughed, stood up and casually asked in order to change the topic. “What are you looking at?”

Xiao Li answered, “A translation.”

Tian Ji, “???”

“The cat is a plot creature and the task book has a cat translator.” Xiao Li spoke while showing the page to Tian Ji. Tian Ji looked at the page and saw:

【 I don’t know anything, I’m just a cat. 】

Tian Ji, “…”

One meow could express such a long meaning?

The author has something to say:

One day, Xiao Li picked up the little yellow book and shook out several pictures of his childhood, photos of him changing clothes and other private photos.

Xiao Li: Explain?

Little yellow book: I don’t know anything, I’m just a little yellow book.

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