IWBL: Chapter 4

Qian Yiwei found it hard to control his facial expression. He now suspected that Xiao Li was either a veteran or was a wise man of great secrets. Thus, he tentatively asked, “Did you find anything?”

Xiao Li glanced at the man in glasses, hesitated for a moment before repeating the ‘memory’ of the wisteria flower stand. It wasn’t important information. “There was a flashback here. A girl called Deng Fei and his accomplices were bullying a student.”

Qian Yiwei who thought he wouldn’t receive a positive answer, “………”

At this time, he had the urge to cough up blood. He dragged the other two farts with him, who lacked brains and were just a burden. Since entering, there were two ghosts attacks and the entire time was escaping on the verge of death. As a result, this Sherlock was alone for a while and triggered the mission story. Looking at the other person’s appearance, it was as if he was playing on a playground and completely lacked the necessary panic…

The man in glasses told himself that perhaps Sherlock just had a bit of good luck. He took a deep breath and spoke aloud, “Mr Xia, Zheng Yi previously told us that the reason you acted alone was because there was one more person among us…?”

Xiao Li touched his chin. “Didn’t you notice it? At that time, there were five footsteps among us.”

Qian Yiwei immediately turned to look at Huang Nina and Zheng Yi before turning back. Was the right method to act alone? However, in such a place, even he would feel a bit scared. If he was in a team when facing a ghost, there was only a one-third chance of being selected. If he was alone when facing a ghost, it would be a 100% chance.

The glasses man’s worries wasn’t put in Xiao Li’s heart. His eyes moved and he greeted the only person he knew, Zheng Yi. He one-sidedly thought it was a greeting because in Zheng Yi’s eyes, the black-haired teenager just glanced at him before walking away.

After Xiao Li left, Qian Yiwei was silent for a while. In this darkness and silence, he didn’t have the courage to act alone. He could only say, “We will go to the laboratory building first and then the teaching building.”

“Ah… the laboratory building is where we just saw the white shadow…” Huang Nina didn’t agree.

“Think of it another way. Perhaps it is a trap, an empty city plan. The ghost is forcing us to leave the right place!” The more Qian Yiwei spoke, the more he thought his idea was correct. He was on the right path!

“But—” Zheng Yi scratched his head. He always felt that something was wrong but he couldn’t say it.

“Then go to the laboratory building.” A fourth voice rang out in the ears of the group. It was an extra voice that felt familiar yet unfamiliar. The owner had small sideburns and was smiling at the three of them.


On the other side, Xiao Li dragged his tree branch, stopped at the area in front of the teaching building and mused, “Where should I go first?”

The little yellow book he put in his pocket started to burn and a line of words appeared on it. 【 Anywhere is fine. 】

【 Nothing will happen. 】

【 I’m here. 】

Xiao Li looked closely at the little yellow book and said nothing. He felt that a very lonely female ghost should be attached to it who came out from time to time to talk to him.

The teenager’s white fingers touched the pale yellow paper. Under the moonlight, there seemed to be a faint glow. He looked at the teaching building in front of him and hadn’t yet decided when he saw that on the fourth floor of the teaching building, a classroom’s lights suddenly turned on.

This was the only light in the entire Nandu Girls’ High School. It must be dangerous. Xiao Li felt like his heart was scratched by a cat’s paws. He was itchy and full of curiosity and excitement. Go there and… take a little look.

Xiao Li knew his own personality defects. He couldn’t hold his own curiosity. His sense of emotions was weak and there were few things he liked or was interested in. Still, once there was something, he would try his best to get it. It was just that this personality defect in this type of place was called ‘seeking death.’

Xiao Li thought about it before putting down the tree branch and stepping into the long run-down school building.

The entire Nandu Girls’ High School itself was very quiet but in this building, the quietness was magnified into silence. Every time Xiao Li raised and lowered his feet, the sound was magnified by many times and was very obvious.

He came to the door of the last classroom and a variety of images from horror movies passed through his head. What would be inside? The shadow of a ghost? Or more ferocious scenes?

Xiao Li thought about it and poked his head inside while maintaining a posture where he could jump back at any time. Then the scene that caught his eye made him stay. It was a very simple and even familiar scene.

Under the incandescent lights of the classroom, the teacher holding a book stood at the podium and rambled on, from time to time looking up at the students below.

The students below were holding books while listening to the teacher’s explanation. The students in the front row sat straight up while those in the back  row were a bit sloppy. Some people lay on the table while others secretly played on their mobile phones. Everything was very normal, just like in every ordinary school.

What was this situation? Did the ghosts come to class alone at night?

Xiao Li moved closer to the back door window. This time, he found something strange. A girl sitting in the window seat was obviously different from the other students. She was very flustered and could even be described as panicked. The face of the girl belonged to the one who Xiao Li witnessed being bullied in the wisteria spot. Xiao Li looked around and found that Deng Fei and her accomplices were also in this class.

The girl’s gaze drifted between her classmates and her fingers on the table constantly changed between 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 like she was calculating something. Every time she calculated a round, her face would pale. By the end, it was completely white and she couldn’t hide it. She was afraid.

Even the teacher in front of the podium noticed and went to her side to ask, “What’s wrong?”

The girl didn’t talk and just shook her head. The teacher obviously didn’t like her very much and showed disgust. She asked the female student several times before losing her patience and completely ignoring the student. She returned to the podium and picked up the textbook to return to teaching. Her fingertips just touched the textbook when she seemed to feel something from the door. She walked quickly to the door, opening it and looking at Xiao Li.

Xiao Li reacted immediately by turning to run. Unexpectedly, there was an inexplicable force on his shoulder. Xiao Li looked back and saw that the teacher had emerged from the classroom door, her entire face rotting. Her decaying flesh fell down as her arm stretched out like plastic and firmly grasped Xiao Li’s shoulder!

Xiao Li, “…”

She could freely stretch her arms? Luffy, was this you? He tried to struggle but was unable to break free. He could only turn around and watch the teacher come towards him. The female came in front of the dark-haired teenager and looked at Xiao Li. The exposed bones of the chin moved as she said, “Which class are you?”

Xiao Li replied, “…Ah?”

“I asked which class you are from. Why aren’t you self-studying at this time and came to our classroom? Why did you run when I saw you?” The teacher got close to Xiao Li and could almost see yellow water dripping down her chin…

Xiao Li acted up the spot, his ability to make up lies very strong. He also slightly praised the teacher in his lies. “I am from the next class. Our class finished early but I wanted to learn more. Teacher, your class is so fun that I can’t help wanting to learn. Thus, I came over to listen.”

The teacher listened to Xiao Li’s rainbow fart and really believed it. She reached for Xiao Li’s shoulder and straightened. “Okay, then come in to the class and don’t run around.”

Xiao Li hadn’t expected this to happen. He stood still but didn’t try to run away. He was afraid that the teacher’s hand wouldn’t be grabbing his shoulder but a dog’s head. Seeing that the teacher was becoming more and more impatient, Xiao Li nodded. “Thank you, Teacher. I will work hard.”

The teacher showed a satisfied smile. She took Xiao Li to the classroom, closed the classroom door and pointed to the last empty seat. “You sit there.”

Xiao Li strode forward, ignoring the students’ interest in this stranger as he arrived at the seat and sat down. He took a book of knowledge from his bag but also quietly placed the little yellow book into the language textbook.

Xiao Li never thought that one day, he would go to a classroom full of ghosts and his equipment was quite complete. The reason he didn’t throw away this bag was because he thought it might be useful for carrying things or used as a weapon. He never thought it would be used to disguise as a student.

The arrival of a strange brought a brief uproar to the classroom but it didn’t bring any changes to the girl that Xiao Li noticed outside the classroom. She still looked scared and her mindless eyes passed through Xiao Li like she was mechanically… counting?

Xiao Li felt that he had caught a clue. It was clear that this girl was afraid of her classmates and didn’t dare say what she had found. So… what was she afraid of? Was it related to the number of people? The first time Xiao Li thought of escaping, he heard the footsteps of one more person. Did this mean a ghost was mixed into them?

The teacher on the podium knocked on the table and attracted everyone’s attention. It was strange to say that the teacher’s original face had been restored to human form after returning to the classroom. “Class, we have been studying this for so long. Let’s have a quiz. Students who receive less than 60 points will be punished. Students with over 90 points will be rewarded.

At the last sentence, the teacher licked her lips and didn’t hide her malice. Her greedy eyes stared straight at Xiao Li.

The moment the teacher spoke this sentence, Xiao Li gripped the pen in his hand. He thought that this was probably a ‘test’ for him. If he failed then he could imagine how miserable the punishment would be.

“Don’t test—” A student in the front row cried out.

“Why is there another test?”

“Do it well and you can leave.” The teacher smiled and picked up a stack of white papers.

The students in the front row passed the test papers down and it reached Xiao Li’s hand. Xiao Li looked down at it. The first page had ‘Nandu Girls’ School Final Exam’ on it and the next topic was five small essays: 【 Where did you drown? 】,  【 How many people have you eaten? 】, 【 What do you think about communicating with humans? 】, etc.

Xiao Li looked at the questions and had more than one doubts. He hadn’t expected this haunted campus to have normal questions but weren’t these questions too special?

The black-haired teacher pretended to look at the questions while looking around using the corners of his eyes. The students were all writing and the strange girl had stopped counting to fill in the paper. The teacher was looking at the lesson plan.

It seemed it was necessary to fill out this test booklet.

Still, how did he write this special thing? At this time, the yellow book hidden in the language book suddenly burned hot and the paper in front of Xiao Li changed. Just like with the hidden tasks, the writing on the test paper faded away and was replaced by a brand new test paper. The problems became personal questions for Xiao Li such as: 【 What do you like most? 】, 【 What kind of sport do you like? 】, 【 What do you like to do? 】…

Xiao Li, “………”

He strangely touched the little yellow book and opened it. There was a new line of words inside. 【 If you don’t want to write that paper, try mine?  I will personally score it and the score will still be true and valid. 】

The author has something to say:

Xiao Li: I wasn’t born lucky, I’m just too strong.

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