IWBL: Chapter 37

In the rainy night, the little black cat was extremely fast. It was like black lightning as it cut through the night, disappearing almost instantly without a trace. In order to catch up with the little black cat, Xiao Li didn’t have time to open the umbrella and ran in the rain.

Chasing a black cat in the darkness, Xiao Li suddenly thought of the famous painting ‘Black Cat in the Night’. That painting was like black paper and was confusing.

Rain fell on the teenager, drenching his body in an instant. He almost lost the traces of the black cat after a few steps. Fortunately, the hair belonging to Tan Li emerged from his pocket and pulled him towards the northwest. He ran through almost all of the village before stopping.

This was a ruined thatched hut that was leaning against a dry tree with a dry well on the side. There was a hold in the roof of the house. It could be seen that this thatch had originally been repaired since there were two bricks pressed next to it. Now the pile of thatch had long been rotten and yellow, exposing the hole in the roof. It was like a black hole but something seemed to be moving on the edge of the hole.

It was too dark here so the phone where Zhou Ying was living floated out again and gave a light to Xiao Li.

Xiao Li saw a black cat on the roof with a handful of grass in its mouth. It was trying to fill the roof with the grass to block the hole. Its fur was all wet and stuck to the surface of its body in an uncomfortable manner. However, the black cat just shook its body from time to time in the rain as it kept working hard.

Looking closely, this thatched hut was obviously in disrepair. There were traces of damage in many places. There were also holes in the window but they had been blocked by stones. It was all the work of the black cat.

The light of the phone was bright and the black cat squinted in the direction. After seeing the human figure coming towards it, the cat wanted to cry out to threaten this person but there was something in its mouth. The loose grass was going to fall so it shut its mouth and let out angry air from its nose.

Its anger caused many shadows to move around it. On a closer look, there were the villagers who died and came here at the call of the black cat.

There was a burst of footsteps from Xiao Li’s directly. Zhu Yiting and the others had come running here in a panic and stood next to Xiao Li one by one. They had watched Xiao Li pursue the black cat. They hesitated for a moment before choosing to follow. They didn’t have the help of Tan Li but Xiao Li left footprints in the soil. Thus, they smoothly arrived here and faced this situation.

Zhu Yiting looked at the villagers close together and was about to question Xiao Li when the other person suddenly moved.

Xiao Li walked towards the hut. He visually measured the distance to the roof. Then he held the umbrella in one hand and grasped the tree trunk with his right hand. He jumped, wanting to use the branches as a springboard and jumped onto the roof. However, his plan couldn’t keep up with the change. The trunk was too slippery from the rain and Xiao Li couldn’t jump up the first time. He could only make a second attempt. This time, he jumped up successfully and stepped on the roof.

The little black cat because even more nervous. It crouched down, a sound emerging from its throat like a beast’s howl. Xiao Li also crouched down. He held up the umbrella and covered the cat’s head with the umbrella. Then he used his other hand to grab the grass in the mouth.

The black cat flashed its paws and Xiao Li took back his hands, avoiding it. He said, “I will help you.”

The cat seemed to understand and hesitantly opened its mouth. Its pupils had shrunk because of the flashlight and the golden vertical lines stared at the boy in front of it. Xiao Li spread out the grass and covered the hole in the roof. He pressed down the corners with the original brick and clapped with satisfaction. The little black cat reached out a front paw and tentatively patted the grass with a fleshy pad.

Xiao Li watched it for a while before opening his mouth. “Your master used to live here. She… where is she now?”

The little black cat pricked its ears as it sat in place without answering. Xiao Li stood up and looked around the area, finally focusing on the dry well to the side.

He thought for a moment. In any case, he was already wet so he directly stuck the handle in the brick and left the umbrella for the black cat. Then he descended from the roof using his original path and walked to the dry well.

The little black cat on the roof stared at his back before hesitantly touching the umbrella handle covering it. After discovering that Xiao Li had gone to the well, the black cat jumped down and rushed to him. “Meow!”

Xiao Li bent over to look at the edge of the well. Due to the rain and the passage of time, the mark was very light but Xiao Li covered it with his fingers and could still feel the five clawing marks deeply embedded in the well’s wall.

Someone had fallen. In addition, it wasn’t voluntary…

Then was the body still in the well?

Xiao Li glanced at his phone and Zhou Ying flew to the top of the dry well, illuminating the inside for Xiao Li. The well was a bit deep and Xiao Li could only faintly see something. He thought for a moment before turning to the group of four reincarnators. “Do you have a rope? A ladder would be better but it doesn’t look like you have it.”

Tao Fei pulled out a bundle of climbing rope. “I have been carrying these since entering this world.”

Xiao Li took the rope from her hand and estimated the length. He tied one end of the rope to the tree, circled it two times, tied a knot and threw the other end into the well.

Zhu Yiting, “???”

He glanced at Yong Chun next to him before stopping Xiao Li. “You want to go in? This… what do you want to do?”

“Field trip.”

Zhu Yiting remembered the clawing marks. “…There is a body in there? Still, it is very dangerous. If something goes wrong in the well, it won’t be easy to escape!”

He originally thought Xiao Li wanted to use the rope to hang the black cat or the mobile phone from it. He didn’t expect Xiao Li to go in by himself. This was different from the village chief’s house. At least they had room to escape. In this small space with a ghost body that was probably the instance’s boss, Xiao Li could only wait to die.

Xiao Li came to the well and the little black cat jumped onto the edge of the well. It paced back and forth in the rain, as if wondering if it should stop Xiao Li or not. Xiao Li tried to touch the head of the little black cat and was avoided by it.

“It’s fine. I’ll bring her out with me.” Xiao Li spoke in a soft voice.

He was a little less resistant to creatures like cats and dogs. After all, these creatures were furry and cute. Once Xiao Li finished speaking, he held the rope and jumped down the well. The side of the well was very slippery and covered with moss. If it wasn’t for the rope, it would be impossible for a human to climb up.

Thanks to the rope, Xiao Li successfully reached the bottom of the dry well. Due to the rain, there was already some water mixed with the original dead leaves and silt at the bottom of the well. It was like Xiao Li was stepping on a swamp.

In addition to these dirty things, there was a skeleton at the bottom of the well, which had rotted until there were only bones left. One side of the wall contained writing that had been eroded by the moss.

The handwriting was very deep and it wasn’t hard to see how much grievances the person who carved this had. Xiao Li could read a bit of the handwriting: It isn’t me, the souls are wrong. Little Black…

Combined with the words of the evil spirit from the soul gathering ceremony, the truth was emerging.

Xiao Li picked up the pike of bones and tried the rope. He found it was hard to go up with the bones so he asked, “Holding you is a bit difficult. How about I carry you? Can you wrap around my neck? The waist and thighs are also okay.”

His words echoed at the bottom of the well and there was no reaction. Was the soul gone?”

Xiao Li spoke again. “It looks like you have no strength. Without your cooperation, I can’t move you. Then I can only tie you to the rope. Please endure it. It won’t hurt very much.”

As he spoke, he tied the skeleton to the end of the rope. Then he pulled on the rope and shouted, “Help pull up the rope!”

At the top of the well, Zhu Yiting and the others were staring at the black cat. They were afraid of the surrounding dead people who were still but they didn’t dare go down with Xiao Li. It was a stalemate but Tao Fei was still calm. She wanted to go into the house to investigate any clues but the black cat was staring at her. Once she moved, it would bare its teeth and she would be too frightened to act.

Then Zhu Yiting heard Xiao Li’s words and thought the other person didn’t have the strength to climb up. He immediately started pulling the rope together with the other people. They had just pulled the rope when Zhu Yiting felt something was wrong. Why was the rope so light? Was Sherlock cut in half? Did he only have a hand left?

His brain was going crazy and thanks to his trust in Sherlock, he quickly pulled the rope up. Once the thing emerged from the well, everyone was stunned. “…….”

The rainy night, the dry well and the white bones, this visual impact was really strange and scary.

Zhu Yiting exclaimed loudly, “Sherlock?!”

Then his mind immediately turned and he reacted. “…It is the instance’s ghost. Body… you really brought it out?”

They glanced at each other and no one dared to untie the rope. Instead, the little black cat jumped over like it saw a loved wore and tore at the rope’s knot with its paws. The claws were unusually sharp and quickly pulled the rope apart, the cat’s head rubbing against the bones.

“Throw down the rope again.” Xiao Li’s voice came from the bottom of the well.

Zhu Yiting was bold enough to pull the rope from the black cat and threw it down again. This time, the weight was indeed that of a person. They pulled a few times and along with Xiao Li’s strength, Xiao Li quickly climbed up the well.

He came to the black cat, his bangs soaked and sticky as he crouched down. “I will help you bury her.”

The little black cat whimpered as it followed Xiao Li to the thatched house. Xiao Li picked up a few stones, dug a hole in the earth and placed the white bones in them, burying them.

“You like her very much, right?” Xiao Li questioned. “You and her were dependent on each other but the people in the Gathering Soul Village didn’t want to let you go.”

“The custom of this village has problems. The ritual of gathering ghosts is undoubtedly a supposed remedy that only makes things worse. The ghosts gather more and more and the entire village gained more yin. One day, something would happen sooner or later. Your existence along with the girl was just a catharsis. The villagers didn’t care about your life or death. They just wanted to find a place to vent their anger and doubts so she was treated as a sacrifice and thrown into the well. Her soul was weak and should be scattered by the villager. You are still strong and could control the evil spirits, so you retaliated for her…”

The little black cat looked up. “Meow.”

“Would you like to go with me?” Xiao Li touched the furry little head. “Or do you want to stay here with me?”

The little black cat crouched on the edge of the dirt where the bones were buried, dropped its head and rolled it in before coming to Xiao Li’s side and holding up a paw. “Meow.”

Xiao Li was right but he was lacking some details, details that only the little black cat remembered. It was very difficult to survive.

When the little black cat was born, the mother cat died and his brothers and sisters left one after another because there was no found. Only the little black cat was tenacious and waited until the girl found him.

The girl was the descendant of an outsider and a villager. However, her parents had died young, leaving her alone. She saw the black cat and felt he was similar to her. Thus, she picked up the black cat. It was just that she was in no condition to feed him. She could only feed him a small amount of rice every day yet he actually survived. One cat and one person were so dependent on each other.

It was just that the yin of the Gathering Soul Village was becoming heavier and heavier. The ghost gathering often failed and the villagers turned their eyes to the little black cat. The girl naturally couldn’t let them kill the black cat and she defended him. Unfortunately, the ignorant villagers thought the girl was also involved and even thought she was the mastermind, the culprit who wanted to kill the village. They became angry and not only hit the girl. The radicals found one night to push the girl into the dry well. They watched the girl cry out and their feet stepped on her fingers holding onto the edge of the well, watching her fall down and die in the well.

The girl didn’t remember but the little black cat remembered that it lingered at the well for a long time, not being able to figure out a method to bring her up. Then no more sounds came from the bottom of the well.

The girl let it go but the cat didn’t want to let it go. He wanted those people to pay! He stayed here for a long time, until the girl came out of the well and safely entered the soil, while the murderers were dead, calming his resentment. Maybe… he should go out?

The little black cat licked his fur and thought so.

The little yellow book floated around Xiao Li: 【 The reincarnator Xiao Li has completed the original task two, evaluation level S. The task completion is 95% and successfully copied the plot’s black cat. 1,000 survivor coins have been obtained.  】

【 Scenario conversion. 】

【 3, 2, 1—】

【 Actually, you’re like a cat. 】

【You are just like a cat, wet after the rain. I want to pick you up. 】

【 Then put you on the bed, dry you, touch your hair, give you a bath and make you wear my clothes. My clothes are bigger and you look sexier in them. You will sleep next to me and I will stay home the next day. You can rub my belly, kiss my forehead and rely on me. I will help you with everything. 】

【 Unlike now, it isn’t good at all. You aren’t willing to give me a kiss. 】

【 You obviously don’t like a hard bed yet you still won’t sleep with me. 】

【 I will also feel bad, you know? 】

The author has something to say:

Little yellow book: You don’t like to sleep on a hard bed, you can sleep with me! I don’t have a hard bed!

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