IWBL: Chapter 35

Zhu Yiting analyzed it quickly in his mind and the expression on his face suddenly changed. Unlike his previous fear when encountering a ghost, this time he looked straight at Xiao Li and his pocket.

Xiao Li hadn’t noticed and as he pulled out his hand from his pocket, he accidentally swept a gaze over Zhu Yiting and was shocked by the intense star. “Why are you looking at me?”

“I’m looking…” Zhu Yiting pointed at Tan Li in Xiao Li’s pocket. “Sherlock, are you also a ghost controller?”

Xiao Li caught the loophole and picked out something from Zhu Yiting’s words. “Also?”

Zhu Yiting took two steps, trying to stay away from the corpse on the ground. By this time, he had recovered his normal state and asked Xiao Li, “I might not be a ghost controller but I know that Brother Xia’s ghost looks very different from other people.”

Xiao Li nodded as a default and didn’t continue to pick at the other person’s words.

Zhu Yiting didn’t know if he should continue to ask. He didn’t know much about evil spirits and didn’t know if it was a taboo or not. He hesitated and was interrupted by Yong Chun. “Brother Xia is really powerful and your ghosts are also strong. Thank you for saving us.”

Yong Chun had started to partner up with Zhu Yiting and the others from the third world. He had become accustomed to Zhu Yiting’s plain-speaking style. This fellow had offended many people but he had some abilities. In reality, it was said that he had a bit of a relationship with a ghost controller. In the last world, they had lived to the end thanks to Zhu Yiting’s reasoning. At this time, he was afraid that Zhu Yiting would offend Sherlock and immediately stopped the other person from talking. Otherwise, what if the other person became angry and dug holes for them?

Zhu Yiting understood Yong Chun’s meaning and wasn’t stupid. He directly gave up on asking about the ghost and smiled. “Sherlock, you and your ghost really have a harmonious socialist ghost-human relationship. She looks very cute, very spiritual and looks like she likes you very much. You are truly Sherlock!”

Yong Chun sighed with relief and nodded. “You are really Sherlock!”

Fan Ren followed. “You are Sherlock!”

Their words were filled with emotions. All three of them repeated one sentence and perhaps there was an echo but for a moment, they wiped out the terrible atmosphere brought about by Shi Ye’s death.

The Tan Li doll lowered her head and covered her eyes in her pocket. Xiao Li’s mouth twitched a bit and he ignored the three people. He adjusted the phone held in Zhu Yiting’s hand and directed the phone’s light at the body lying on the ground.

It was unknown what Tan Li had done but the original resurrected body had fallen directly to the ground and stopped moving.

Once Xiao Li shut up and white white light of the phone shone on Shi Ye’s face, the pupils and mouth of the other side were unobstructed and Zhu Yiting’s fear suppressed by Tan Li came up again. He stammered at the dark-haired teenager, “S-Sherlock, what are you looking at? Everyone else ran away. Let’s leave early so we don’t have to stay here…”

The rest of the timid reincarnators had long escaped when Shi Ye opened the box. Zhu Yiting’s group was unlucky and were blocked by Shi Ye, otherwise, they would’ve already slipped away. How could they study the dead body with Sherlock now?

Xiao Li crouched down and touched Shi Ye’s main artery with his hand. Then he pulled down the other person’s collar, examined his neck and then examined the eyelids. After all of this, he clapped and stood up.

Zhu Yiting boldly raised his phone a bit higher. He felt that Sherlock’s beautiful face had the word ‘interesting’ written on it. What was interesting about Shi Ye’s body?!

“Sherlock, what did you find?” Tao Fei, who had been standing silently to one side, raised her head and asked.

Xiao Li walked out and said, “The time of death isn’t right. Shi Ye didn’t die after opening the box. The appearance of his body looks like he has been dead for a minimum of half a day or even a day.”

Zhu Yiting held his phone to show them the road and speculated according to Xiao Li’s words, “You mean, this corpse isn’t Shi Ye? Shi Ye died after opening the box so his body became that of the ghost?”

“I don’t mean that.” Xiao Li didn’t stop and just looked coldly at Zhu Yiting. “It is Shi Ye but Shi Ye died during the day.”

It was already early morning and they were walking through the village. The wind whistled in their ears and everyone got goosebumps as they heard the words.

“What do you mean… Shi Ye died during the day? We were chatting with him at night. Then he was already…” Tao Fei thought of the scene not long ago and whispered. “Who was talking to us? A ghost?”

Zhu Yiting followed Xiao Li’s thoughts and asked a question, “If Shi Ye became a ghost and was a dead person resurrected, why didn’t he know he was dead? In addition, he showed more fear than ordinary people when he received that black box before exploding. It didn’t seem fake…”

“I don’t know what the people who tracked the village chief encountered during the day. Perhaps they directly faced the ghost of this instance on Zhang Tao’s side and died. Once their dead bodies were resurrected, they forgot the memories of their death and came back like ordinary people. They don’t know that they are dead and think that they’re alive. Then the ghost will send them the black box.” Xiao Li paused before continuing. “If my guess is correct then the group of people with Shi Ye will receive the black box.”

In the original task allocation, Zhu Yiting and the others were responsible for distracting the village chief’s wife while Tao Fei went to the home of the villagers to collect information. They didn’t follow the village chief to Zhang Tao’s house and escaped death. They glanced at each other and felt a bit comforted.

Zhu Yiting asked curiously, “What exactly is the black box? Why did the ghost say that Shi Ye lost something?”

Xiao Li didn’t answer directly. He had resolved his doubts about the small box and felt really good. This, he asked a question. “What do you think that only those dead people could have?”

Zhu Yiting scratched his head and suddenly felt the pain of being questioned by the mathematics teacher at school. “I think… is it the power of the ghost? A special ability belonging to the instance ghost?”

Tao Fei answered, “It is their own… breathing?”

Xiao Li took back his expectant expression and said coldly, “Memory.”

“This box should contain the memory of when they were killed. They don’t know they are dead so they are in a living state. Once the box is opened and the memory returns, they remember that they are dead and will quickly become a ghost. This is also the reason for the restriction on the black box. The memory didn’t belong to me so the ghost couldn’t give it to me.”

Zhu Yiting, “……”

When he first understood, his heart was full of ‘Sherlock, amazing!’ Then the more he listened, the more he felt something wasn’t quite right and his mind was filled with the familiar black question marks. The other person’s tone seemed to be regretting that he couldn’t get the black box. This wasn’t a good thing. Why feel regret?

Tao Fei then asked, “Since we know the secret of the black box, we next…”

She wanted to try to analyze their actions after learning the secret but after thinking about it, knowing this secret wouldn’t affect anything. This didn’t allow her to survive to the last day since she wouldn’t remember even if she was killed.

“We are going to find a room to sleep, right?” Zhu Yiting looked at the desolate night scene. “Let’s find a house to borrow for the night I don’t want to cruise around a haunted mountain village for one night!”

The most important thing was that he had a desire to pee. Zhu Yiting had been scared by Shi Ye while sleeping and combined with the ghost attack and escape, he forgot about it for a while. Then after knowing the secret of the black box the desire came back and he immediately wanted to pee.

The moment that Zhu Yiting spoke, the others looked at Xiao Li. They had the tendency to think of him as the core.

Xiao Li didn’t live up to their expectations. “Yes, you go first.”

Zhu Yiting sensitively captured the other person’s words and asked, “You? What about you? Aren’t you coming with us?”

Xiao Li nodded. “I am going to the village chief’s house.”

Tao Fei asked, “What are you doing over there? Previously, you said that Shi Ye and those who followed the village chief are dead. Then the village chief should be…”

“Remember the custom of the Gathering Souls VIllage that I previously told you?”

Tao Fei hesitated before nodding. “I remember.”

“The village chief has the items to gather souls.” Xiao Li looked at up at the night sky above his head. It was clearly a mountain village but there were no stars, only the dark clouds covering the sky. “I want to gather the souls and ask them.”

Tao Fei, “……”

Yong Chun repeated dully, “Ask… who?”

‘Sherlock, aren’t you worried that the ghosts ‘gathered’ will be hostile to you and try to kill the man who disturbed them? Why is there the feeling of ‘something is here so I’ll call and ask a good friend’?!’

Zhu Yiting tried to dissuade him. “Brother Xia, I think that can be done during the day. Can’t we sleep first?”

Wasn’t it nice to be alive?

Xiao Li looked at him with a strange expression. “You can sleep?”

Zhu Yiting couldn’t keep up with the speed of this person’s thinking. “What?”

“The bed here is too hard. I barely slept last night and got back pain. I don’t want to stay here. I want to go home early and sleep in a soft bed.” Xiao Li told them with a blank expression.

Zhu Yiting, “………”

The most confusing thing was that the other person was clearly expressionless but Zhu Yiting heard a bit of unhappiness in his tone. However, why was the bed not being soft the key? What was this? Which reincarnator would care about the bed in the instance world being too hard? Everyone cared if they could survive or not!

The author has something to say:

One day, Ms Tan Li, who won the full attendance award in Xiao Li’s pocket, entered the mobile phone to educate Zhou Ying: Child, don’t always play with the mobile phone and come out to protect Xiao Li. How difficult is it? Wait, what is this game? I can grow flowers? Yes, it looks good. Hey, these warm clothes also look good… Xiao Li, can you give me a monthly card?

Xiao Li: …

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