IWBL: Chapter 34

The black box lying quietly in the middle of the floor grabbed everyone’s attention. In particular, Shi Ye felt that his legs were soft. He wanted to take the box and stuff it back through the crack but he didn’t have the courage to touch it. Thus, he could only hide far away in the corner.

If it wasn’t for Ah Gang’s presence still outside the door, Shi Ye would’ve escaped immediately.

The rest of the reincarnators were like ghost. They scattered away from the box in the centre, seemingly anxious to put Shi Ye and the black box together to be thrown off a cliff.

Xiao Li leaned against the door and knocked on the wooden door with his knuckles. “Are you still there?”

The reincarnators: ???

Who was he asking? Outside the door was Ah Gang who delivered this black box. Presumably he wasn’t human and was a ghost. How could he greet the ghost like an old friend?

Outside the door, Ah Gang stopped as he was going to leave. He turned to look at the thin wooden door without answering.

“It’s nothing. I just want to ask you, why Shi Ye? Is it because of luck or is there something special about him?” Xiao Li leaned towards the door, touching the door lock. “If I said that I lost something, would you give me the black box? How about giving me one free of charge?”

Zhu Yiting’s eyes repeatedly jumped to the black box in the middle of the house and the dark-haired teenager behind the door. After listening to Xiao Li’s words, he suddenly wanted to shout, “What have you lost your mind? F*k!”

On the other side, Ah Gang’s face was hidden in the shadows. As a dead body that was resurrected, his face had no expression but there was a hint of confusion in the dark pupils. He had probably seen too many people who refused the black box but he had never met anyone who would take the initiative to ask for the black box…

He was currently more like the sled grandfather who gave Christmas gifts than a fierce ghost who came to claim a life.

Xiao Li waited a while and once he saw that the ghosts outside the room didn’t move, he continued, “It seems you have no more stock. Then this black box must be the one in the CG. Can you answer one of my questions? Does it bring death or does death bring it?”

Ah Gang stood outside the door for a while. Among the dark clouds, a cat screamed in the distance. Then Ah Gang acted like he woke up from a dream as he walked towards the sound of the cat.

His body was currently that of an adult male and his footsteps were heavy, causing the reincarnators in the house to sigh with relief when they heard it.

Zhu Yiting stood on tiptoe and walked around the black box in the centre of the room like he was performing the ballet Swan Lake, moving closer to Xiao Li. He now felt that the post in the forum was true. Sherlock was really strange but this strangeness gave people a faint sense of security. Mixed together, there was even a special charm.

He tentatively asked, “Sherlock, brother, Brother Xia, what do you think now? I think that according to the CG that we saw, there is a ghost in the box. Once the box is open, the ghost will kill the person who opened it and then move to find the next target, repeating this cycle. I think your idea is too complicated. I don’t think that the ghost has that much IQ.”

Xiao Li didn’t have time to reply when Shi Ye’s emotions went out of control. He clenched his fists and tore off his camouflage of calmness. He punched the wall, causing a piece of debris to fly out. “F*k, why me? Why isn’t it you? What did I do to make it look at me? I clearly went on the safe route!”

The moment he exploded, Zhu Yiting closed his mouth and glared at Shi Ye. After coming to this world, Shi Ye had acted as the captain and assigned tasks, always giving the dangerous tasks to others. Zhu Yiting had been unhappy with him for a long time. Now that Shi Ye spoke his mind, the last traces of sympathy in his heart was gone.

Shi Ye was blinded when he vented. The whites of his eyes filled with blood and he looked extremely appalling. An almost manic mood swept through his heart, leaving him incapable of thinking.

He didn’t know where it came from but courage rose and allowed him to yank open the door. “I’m going to stay away from this box. I can’t stay here… I’m leaving here…!”

He ran so fast that he soon disappeared into the darkness of the outside world.

In the room, Xiao Li crouched down and gently picked up the black box. He raised it and shook it, not hearing any sound. There was only its own weight and it was like nothing was inside.

Zhu Yiting watched his every move. He saw that Xiao Li made such a big move and subconsciously wanted to stop it. “How can you do that? Don’t open the box. I am timid and can’t stand being afraid. What if there is a ghost inside? We will all die!”

Yong Chun followed and nodded vigorously.

Xiao Li pinched the small black box that had been squashed in two corners because it was squeezed through the window. “I won’t open it until I am sure.”

Zhu Yiting felt a little peace of mind but then he remembered that in front of this person’s thinking, Sherlock’s ‘sure’ was likely to be different from ordinary people. He hesitated before asking, “How sure must you be before opening it?”

“10%.” Xiao Li held the black box and casually answered.

Zhu Yiting exclaimed, “Really?”

“I was lying.”

Zhu Yiting, “…Then how sure must you be?”

He waited a while but didn’t receive the other person’s reply. Zhu Yiting looked down and saw that Xiao Li had placed the black box on the table. His eyes were focused but he really didn’t want to open it. Thus, Zhu Yiting was a bit relieved.

As Xiao Li faced the black box, the little yellow book wrote: 【 Are you curious? 】

Xiao Li picked up a pen and habitually bit his pen as he thought, “If death brings it then it shouldn’t be dangerous to open.

The little yellow book: 【 But you can’t see it.  】


【 As long as you can’t take it apart and can’t know the truth about it, you will always think about it because you want to know the puzzle inside.  】 The little yellow book was normal at first before the second half returned to his original self. 【 Sometimes I’m really jealous. You think about it more than you think about me. 】

【 However, I am different. I will never let these things interfere with my thoughts. 】

【 I just miss you. 】

【 Isn’t this very unfair? You are so good to other people, to strangers who are always looking at you like you are weird. You will answer his questions and sleep in the same room as him, yet you are alert to me and refuse to stay alone with me. Every day I think about when our first kiss can be achieved and designed many occasions.  】

【 You are a maid in an old castle and pouring me wine. You look a bit shy and the colour of the red wine against your wrist is great. I take the opportunity to hold your wrist and let you fall on my thigh. Then I raise your chin and kiss you. 】

【 There is also one time under the flower tree. You are sleeping with your eyes closed and I secretly kiss you. I can’t hold back from deepening the kiss and you blush when you find out.  】

【 In fact, you are in a desperate situation and you are standing on the edge of a cliff. You encounter a huge crisis that is difficult to solve when I descend from the sky like a hero. I grab you and kiss you in front of everyone. Due to fear, you hold me tightly and I will hug you tighter. 】

【 However, I still like it at home in bed. You will be very relaxed and I can hold your wrist and press you against the bed, kissing you and making love to you. 】

Xiao Li took a deep breath and almost choked. He felt like he was being punished in public. He seemed to be reading a pornographic book whose main character was himself! It was even hand-written by the other protagonist1

He struggled for a long time before writing his own scene. “Using different adjectives, you fall from the sky like a perverted bird. As you near me, I tell you not to dream and it is the final ending of the story.”

Little yellow book: 【 …No, you wouldn’t do this. 】

“I will.”

Little yellow book: 【 You aren’t willing to do this to me, just as I’m not willing to be as fierce to you in my dreams as I am in reality. 】

Xiao Li really wanted to ask how this wasn’t being fierce in his dreams.

He put down the pen and suddenly missed the simple and cute little yellow book he originally knew at the beginning.

After the dispute with the little yellow book, Xiao Li’s desire to open the black box was a lot weaker. Now he was full of himself and the little yellow book, no, the little yellow book’s story and no longer thought about the black box puzzle. He simply put the black box on the table and chose to fall asleep.

It was just that the pictures described by the little yellow book were too powerful and Xiao Li even thought of such scenes before going to bed. It was a bit difficult to sleep. He constantly hypnotized himself to try and forget the descriptions. In the end, Xiao Li tossed and turned before successfully falling asleep.

Time passed and the store that the reincarnators stayed in finally fell to the darkness of complete tranquility.

In the early hours of the morning, a loud bang came from outside the door. and a shadow entered straight into the room. The huge impact even broke the door bolts. The man almost slammed into the room and picked up the box on the table like it was a treasure.

Zhu Yiting’s sleeping location was closest to the table. He woke up and instantly grabbed the mobile phone that had been placed on the pillow. A light shone on the wooden table, showing that it wasn’t a ghost but Shi Ye who had previously escaped into the wilderness.

At this time, his expression was fierce, his face full of eagerness and his eyes hazy as he madly opened the black box. “I lost it, I lost it, I want to find it…”

Previously, Shi Ye had left the house under the control of an unknown impulse. The cold wind outside caused him to gradually calm down. He didn’t know how the group would handle the black box but he firmly believed there was a ghost in the box. He didn’t worry that he would be harmed if someone else opened the box. Rather, Shi Ye hoped they would open the box and be killed by the ghost.

Shi Ye originally wanted to find the village chief to stay for the night. He had just walked down the road when the feeling of forgetting something filled his heart.

It was an indescribable feeling. He knew he had lost something but he couldn’t remember what he had lost. He just knew that something was missing.

This feeling became clearer and even made Shi Ye feel like he was in a difficult position. In the end, he didn’t know what he was thinking and grabbed the black box in order to find what he was missing!

HIs actions were too big and the other reincarnators had already woken up. They took out their items and took the See Ghosts Pill.

After Shi Ye opened the black box, his body was fixed in place. Shi Ye covered his chest and his face showed an expression that was a mix of sorrow and regret. He fell down, the back of his head hitting the cement and making a loud noise. “I…”

Shi Ye couldn’t even finish the sentence as he stopped breathing.

“He’s dead?” Zhu Yiting jumped out of bed.

Meanwhile, Xiao Li was standing silently next to Shi Ye. He seemed to be checking Shi Ye’s body. Zhu Yiting was following him to take a look when the body suddenly opened his eyes and reached out to take something to accompany him.

Xiao Li didn’t show much reaction but Zhu Yiting’s trouser legs were caught.

Just as Zhu Yiting was about to fall into the hands of the ghost, a small doll climbed out of Xiao Li’s pocket. Tan Li turned into the form of a young girl and stretched out an arm to grab the ghost.

Zhu Yiting had escaped death and didn’t care about the reason. He directly climbed up and away from the body.

The young man didn’t know where this girl had come from. He just wanted to thank her when he became aware of the other person’s pale face and overall sense of coldness. This was a female ghost!

Someone saved him and it was a girl. These two things should bring him double the joy. Why had it become like this?

Zhu Yiting stayed in place as he saw the female ghost shrink and return to her doll form, returning to the dark-haired teenager’s pocket. Xiao Li even used his index finger to poke her cheek as encouragement. The two people were so happy that Zhu Yiting became even more confused.

Who was Sherlock in the end and what was this ghost? Why as his ghost simple and innocent, unlike those outside?

She looked so animated and was a bit cute when small. In addition, Sherlock wasn’t afraid of this female ghost and was a bit gentle?

Zhu Yiting covered his chest and gasped as he watched Xiao Li and his pocket, many strange thoughts flashing in his head.

The author has something to say:

Little yellow book: Tan Li won’t grow bigger. I will. I am big, big, huge. Do you want to try?

Xiao Li: ?

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7 months ago

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20 days ago

Hahahaha I’m sorry but that yellow book are too yellow 🤣🤣 that description scared me lol suddenly understand what mc is feeling haha