IWBL: Chapter 3

There was no light source in the Nandu Girls’ High School. They could only faintly see because of the big and bizarre crescent moon on top of their heads. It looked disproportionately large, like they could reach out to the moon just by standing on the roof.

This had been a desolate campus for a long time. Every inch of the buildings emitted a desolate air and combined with this strange moonlight, it was like a strange world.

From the entrance, the first thing they saw was the tall maple trees guarding both sides of the school gate. There was no one to care for it in a long time so the ground was full of thick layers of fallen leaves. There was a slight sound when Xiao Li stepped on them, as if stepping on the body of insects. It was chilling.

Behind the maple trees was a circular playground divided into several paths. After the playground were several buildings. The teaching building was in the centre while the dormitory and laboratory building were on the left and right sides.

Xiao Li stood on the playground, looking at the black windows and not seeing anything. Zheng Yi was close to him. Although Xiao Li wasn’t cold or hot to him, after all, Xiao Li was the only person he knew and this made him feel safer than the other two strangers. Zheng Yi’s jacket had no pockets and he could only put the task book in the ass pocket of his jeans while holding his phone in his hand. At this time, he stood on this haunted campus and whispered to the person by his side. “Should I open a flashlight?”

Xiao Li glanced at him and shook his head.

Their group walked vigilantly into the girl’s school. Every bit of wind caused them to be vigilant and to stop. This image was actually a bit funny. Xiao Li almost laughed out loud when Qian Yiwei finally stopped under the trees facing the school building. He looked at the three buildings in front of him and asked, “Which one should we go to?”

The female high school was currently very quiet. Whenever they stopped, a cold and gloomy feeling spread from the soles of their feet. There wasn’t a single sound in the Nandu Girls’ High School, even bird calls. This led the group to lower their voice when speaking, as if squeezing it out of their throat.

Zheng Yi looked at the gloomy teaching building, the female dormitory and then the terrible laboratory building. His legs were soft as he said, “I don’t want to go to any.”

Huang Nina also wondered, “Can’t we just stay outside like this?”

“We came this far without encountering any crisis.” Qian Yiwei pushed up his glasses while speaking. “However, it shouldn’t continue like this or the task would be too simple.”

Huang Nina leaned against the big tree behind her. “It is better to rest here first. In any case, there is no danger. Once we go into the building, it would be difficult to come out.”

It was the first time they had all encountered this type of thing and most of them would be resting at home during this time. They never thought they would experience this type of thing. It was hard to make a decision in this environment of a horror movie.

An invisible wind blew, raising the dust on the ground and blowing against the tree they were leaning against. Many yellow leaves fell onto their heads and one piece happened to fall on top of Xiao Li.

Xiao Li touched his head to grab the yellow leaf and threw it away. Thanks to this movement, his original line of sight was raised by around 45 degrees and his eyes happened to look above his head. Then he saw a strange white face among the leaves above him.

It was a pale face with the facial features twisted together. At first glance, the specific facial features couldn’t even be seen. It was unknown how long this face had been watching them since they hadn’t noticed at all.

Xiao Li, “………”

This ghost was abstract enough.

Qian Yiwei and Xiao Li were standing opposite each other. The moment he noticed the other person’s facial expression changing, he immediately looked in the direction of Xiao Li’s gaze. His throat tightened and he immediately stepped back.

The abnormalities of the two people naturally fell into Zheng Yi’s eyes and he didn’t react at first. Later he saw that both Xiao Li and Qian Yiwei’s unusual looks. Zheng Yi raised his head doubtfully and asked “What’s wrong?” only to be stunned.

Qian Yiwei stepped back a certain distance and pulled Huang Nina, who was closest to himself. They started to desperately flee. The girl belatedly let out a short scream and their escape began. Xiao Li thought about it for a moment before running with the group. He had just run a few steps when he became shocked because… there was one more footstep!

Xiao Li slowed down the counted the footsteps of this group in his heart. The sound of running shoes and leather shoes against the ground was very distinguishable. Besides the four people, there seemed to be the slight sound of footsteps.

Click click, there was the sound of heavy footsteps. A thought flashed in Xiao Li’s mind but it seemed to be obscured by something.  There was one more person This team was no longer safe. Rather than forcing the team to act together like this, it was better to act alone.

As Xiao Li’s mind kept measuring the danger, Zheng Yi saw that he was running too slowly and extended a hand to pull his classmate. Xiao Li avoided the hand and stated, “There is an extra set of footsteps in the team. I will act alone.”

“More… one more?” Zheng Yi asked incredulously. “What do you mean by one more? You want to act alone?”

“You be careful.”

Looking at Zheng Yi’s hand, he spoke rare words. Then he took the opportunity to make a decision. As the team passed around the corner of the teaching building, he made a light circle and walked away alone.

Zheng Yi was like a shocked koi before he followed the two people in front with an expression full of confusion and fear.

After they shook off the white shadow behind them, Zheng Yi told the other two people about Xiao Li’s words. Then Qian Yiwei made a strange expression. He stared at Zheng Yi for a moment before pushing up his glasses. “I see.”

Xiao Li passed the corner and walked around the playground. There was a desolate wisteria rack next to the laboratory building. A stone table and benches were placed under the artificially built shelf and dust fell. Looking at this picture, it wasn’t difficult to imagine that if the school was still open, this place would probably be a popular secret garden.

On the right side of the wisteria rack was a pond. The bottom of the pond had dried up and it was so dark that nothing could be seen with the naked eye. Xiao Li grabbed a branch from a maple tree and moved it through the bottom of the pond. He drew up a black and green mud that was like a woman’s long hair. It was tangled up with rotten leaves that couldn’t be removed.

He stabbed for a while but didn’t find any useful clues. Then he abandoned this useless practice and walked in another direction.

Xiao Li didn’t throw away the branch that was muddy and dirty. He dragged it along the ground as he walked. The remaining mud on the branch fell to the ground and in the night, he looked like some type of creature struggling to shed blood.

The withered sprigs above his head seemed to sense his closeness and there was the sound of something rushing towards the top of his head. The black-haired teenager raised the branch and poked it above his head. He jumped to the side just as a dry stem fell, avoiding his head being hit.

The flower stem touched the ground and became white powder. At the same time, the entire wisteria frame seemed to distort and as if entering a holographic movie, the surroundings changed to the daytime campus.

The blooming wisteria trellis was like a lavender waterfall and some girls wearing school uniforms were sitting at a stone table and chatting. Xiao Li felt like a perverted person who strayed into a girls’ school. He tried to poke a finger at the shoulder of one of the girls and as a result, his finger pierced through. This was a phantom.

Everything looked serene and beautiful, the girls in harmony with the scenery. Then two minutes later, there was a miserably cry from nearby. “No, I beg you, let me go!”

There were four girls holding a thin girl. The thin girl wearing thick clothes as struggling as she was forcibly dragged by the four girls. Xiao Li noticed that her clothes were very unusual. The other people he saw only wore a sweater with their winter school uniform but this girl was wearing at least three or four coats, including a down jacket.

The girl in the lead with a high ponytail and thick smoky makeup proudly said, “Now you want to admit your mistakes? It is too late. I want you to learn the lesson. Dressing like this every day, I don’t know who you are looking down on.”

The girl who was dragged seemed to know she couldn’t resist the four of them and gave up on struggling. “Deng Fei, it really wasn’t me… I didn’t mean to… Stay away from me, don’t come near me!”

The ponytail girl Deng Fei raised her eyebrows. “Not shedding tears even to the end. It seems you don’t know why you are annoying.”

This arrogant manner caused some of the girls sitting at the stone table to frown but no one dared to stand up and stop them. The moment they left the wisteria rack, the image suddenly ended. Night fell and Xiao Li returned to reality.

Then this was a real memory? Was this the girl who asked him for help? She was still alive? Xiao Li was thinking when he heard footsteps in the distance running towards him. The black-haired teenager squinted and found that it was the three people.

Qian Yiwei had obviously encountered something. His face was panicked as his eyes looked around while desperately escaping. They had just reached the wisteria rack when Zheng Yi seemed to find something and his body trembled. “Oh my god!”

Behind him, Huang Nina’s shoulders huddled as she pointed to the ground. “This trail seems like fresh blood! Is it a walking ghost? In addition, dragging… dragging the blood…”

Qian Yiwei analyzed it. “This trace is definitely not more than five minutes old. It seems like a ghost is nearby. We should get out of here as soon as possible.”

He didn’t say that Sherlock who acted alone was likely to be killed. Otherwise, where did the ghost get the blood from? It was very likely that Sherlock was attacked by ghosts and then dragged all the way… it seemed that acting alone was a dead end.

At night, in a legendary haunted school, there were signs of a person being dragged. This caused them to all get chills.

Xiao Li stretched his neck and glanced over, making a strange expression. The blood traces they were talking about were likely to be the mud marks he left behind with the branch. In the insufficient lighting, it was a bit easy to be mistaken.

Then Zheng Yi looked in Xiao Li’s direction. At first glance, he almost screamed. Then he took a second look and sighed with relief that this person with okay. During the third look, he saw Xiao Li turn towards them with a tree branch in his right hand, his actions leaving a twisted mark on the ground.

Qian Yiwei, “………”

Huang Nina, “………”

Xiao Li came to them. “You are running so urgently. Did you see a ghost?”

“Yes, we saw the white shadow again at the window…” Zheng Yi replied. “However, now you seem more like the ghost.”

He couldn’t imagine Xiao Li walking around the haunted school with a branch. Did he think it was a playground?

Xiao Li, “…”

Qian Yiwei pointed to the tree branch in his right hand. “Mr Xia, what is that liquid on it?”

“The mud in the pond,” Xiao Li explained. “I just dipped it in twice.”

Qian Yiwei, “………”

T-Twice? He wasn’t sure that if he continued to ask the question, “Why do you want to dip it in twice?”, he might get a more wonderful answer such as, “Because it looks good.”

The author has something to say:

【 Little Yellow Book: It is good to act alone. A world of two people! 】

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