IWBL: Chapter 29

This time, the flow rate was almost the same as last time. Xiao Li returned from the Tartarus Manor instance to his room. It was still the early hours of the morning and the night was quiet. Xiao Li wasn’t sleepy. He sat in his room and watched the little yellow book in front of him.

The little yellow book was opened to these four lines after the settlement of the instance and it was unusually quiet. It didn’t even use vibration to remind Xiao Li. It just lay in place in a disappointed manner, without the desire to be a ghost.

Xiao Li didn’t know why but when he saw that the little yellow book was ‘waiting to be coaxed’, he felt…

It was quite cute. Wait, cute? Xiao Li found that he actually thought of the little yellow book as cute and his entire body felt bad.

Previously, he thought the little yellow book was a female ghost and had the image of a black-haired beauty. Now it turned out the little yellow book was a male ghost and although his face couldn’t be seen, he was taller than Xiao Li and was likely a bigger man. Yet Xiao Li felt the little yellow book was cute…

Was the manor environment too wet that his brain was soaked in water? Xiao Li immediately gave up on the idea of coaxing the little yellow book and didn’t even look at the mall or forum. He went to the bathroom and took a shower to clean his brain.

After he entered, the little yellow book lay on the ground and thought: 【 He wanted to coax me. 】

【 He is just shy… he is shy so easily, it is cute. 】

This was self-talk and coaxing himself so the two lines were erased by him.

Xiao Li came back and didn’t go to the forum. Naturally, he didn’t know that his name had appeared on a post in the forum that was just after the reincarnator’s rankings.

[Topic: Share your powerful teammates. How did they solve the instance puzzle and what can we learn from them?]

The 39th reply was from someone with a glasses symbol as an ID. [One person left a deep impression. Sherlock is a very strange person.]

This reply didn’t cause many waves at first. Only a few people replied: [Strange? How is he strange?]

Glasses: [He is weird and powerful. At that time, it was a novice instance. he wandered around the campus like a ghost and did a test with a female ghost… I still find it strange.]

Another person replied: [Oh my god, is that giving terrible students a way to live? What is taking a test with a ghost?!]

[It is a novice instance, don’t brag.]

Then a person with a bowl of rice ID replied: [Adding to this, I also remember something. He was my roommate and a really freaking awesome person. He went out in the middle of the night to walk around the orphanage and dared to come back through the door. He almost scared me to death.]

[Upstairs person, how can he come back without walking through the door? Go through the window?]

Fat man: [The key is that there are ghosts outside the door and the task prompt said not to go outside at night while he took a happy stroll. However, the most terrible thing is that the last day of our instance required playing hide and seek with the ghosts. It was broken in advance and I suspect he did it.]

[Listening to you, why do I feel like this person is a bit evil…]

Feng Fengqing: [I just teamed up with him. A lot of people died this time and three people survived. Sherlock was the one who figured out the puzzled… my god, I couldn’t understand what he and another big person were saying. Once I came back, I searched the key words ‘Greek mythology, gatekeeper dog’ on Baidu before figuring it out. I always feel that my IQ isn’t enough and should study some relevant myths and legends.]

Fat man: [He isn’t evil. There is a feeling that you want to say ‘excuse me?’ to him but he is always able to catch the blind spots. I can’t describe this feeling. I can only say that you will know when you see it.]

[Isn’t this fake?]

Next, they argued about why Sherlock wasn’t on the rankings if he was so strong. This lasted until the 98th ranked Xie Lingshi came out and said: [He is very strong. Sooner or later, he will be at the top.] This emerged and ended all questions.

This person wasn’t simply if he could get the famous Xie Lingshi to praise him. If they continued to question it then they might offend this person. If they ended up in the same world, they would need to rely on Sherlock for survival and there was no need to pit themselves.

Xiao Li didn’t know about this incident on the forum but Zheng Yi watched the forum every night and excitedly shared it with him. “Xiao Li, quickly go to the forum. I see you!”

Since adding Xiao Li, Zheng Yi had often sent a variety of greetings that ranged from good morning to goodnight. He was very active.

Xiao Li had already washed and was lying in bed at that time. He saw the WeChat from Zheng Yi, took out the little yellow book and opened the forum function to look. Then he closed it and replied to Zheng Yi. “You are so idle. Do you know when your next instance will be?”

“Please don’t mention it. I have been very hard-working recently and searched for a lot of horror films to raise my courage. I didn’t go to class and my father beat me up for this.”

“Yet you have time to go to the forum?”

“There is a lot of experience posted on the forum. I have added a local reincarnators group. Do you want to join?”

“…No.” Xiao Li refused. He wasn’t interested in being social but Zheng Yi was the opposite of him. Zheng Yi used a lot of effort to make friends and it seemed he had joined a team of reincarnators. Next time he would use a team to enter the instance world. Xiao Li thought about Zheng Yi using a Team Symbol and added, “You be careful.”

“Yes, I will. I’m going sleep now. You should go to bed early.”

Xiao Li sent back a ‘goodnight’, turned off the phone and the lamp to go to sleep.

This time, he returned to the previous dream. There were still cold handcuffs around his wrist that locked him to the bed. Xiao Li tried to move but it was useless.

It seemed like someone was sitting on the edge of the bed. The man saw that Xiao Li wanted to continue trying to break free and he leaned over to hold the teenager’s slender wrist. He spoke on his own initiative and his tone was very gentle. “You can’t unlock it if you struggle. Don’t move.”

This man’s voice was very familiar but the Xiao Li in the dream couldn’t figure it out. Thanks to the man’s movements, the cold and soft hair fell on Xiao Li’s face, making him feel a bit itchy. He moved his face to the side to avoid such contact.

Long hair…?

“You aren’t comfortable wearing this, are you?” The man straightened again and reached for his hand, stroking the shackles. “I actually like it since you can’t go to see others. However, since you don’t like it, I will help you out okay?”

Xiao Li wanted to open his eyes and look at this person but he couldn’t see the other person’s face. Instead, the man leaned closer to his ear and whispered, “Of course, this is conditional. Do you remember where we first met? Say it and I will let you go.”

Xiao Li wanted to ask, ‘Have we met? Who are you?’

He just didn’t have the strength to ask. Xiao Li had the strange feeling that he was being pressed against the bed by a ghost. He couldn’t speak or move. Even his thoughts were murky.

The other side saw that Xiao Li showed no signs of remembering and sighed silently. “…You don’t remember.”

He remembered enough.

“I shouldn’t have said this to you but just like when I was in front of you at that time…I can’t control myself. Forget it. In any case, you will wake up and forget all about it.” The man leaned down and softly touched Xiao Li’s forehead. “Sleep.”

He looked at the teenage on the bed. The room was dark and only the other party was coloured. Red blood flowed in that white neck, as if it was stunned in the heat and shimmer of the world. The moment he said this, Xiao Li felt that the weight on him disappeared and he fell into a deeper dream, completely losing consciousness.

The next day, Xiao Li woke up and only felt that he might’ve slept for a long time last night. This made him have a bit of a backache and he had to do some stretching exercises to relax his muscles.

He got out of bed and didn’t know where Tan Li had run off to in order to feel the beauty of the world. Compared to Tan Li, Zhou Ying was a homebody. He lived in Xiao Li’s mobile phone and his recent hobby had changed from happy music to reading e-books. Xiao Li also added many primary school books and it was like raising an electronic pet.

The sun shone through the window and the warmth of reality completely dispelled the rainy days in the castle.

Xiao Li was walking down the stairs to the kitchen to find lunch. Halfway there, he stopped and looked at the crowd of people coming from outside. In the lead was Xu Mei, who was smiling and speaking to a Taoist priest. “Master, please help.”

The Taoist was wearing a robe embroidered with a crane pattern and he held a horsetail whisk in his hand as he listened to Xu Mei’s words.

Xu Mei had invited this Taoist priest to exorcise the ghost. Last night, she went to bed when the ghost appeared, scaring her soul away. She ran out the door and didn’t dare go back to the room. Finally, she went to another room in the Xiao home but didn’t dare fall asleep. At this time, there were faint dark circles below her eyes.

The Xiao family had seen a Feng Shui master when the home was established and the feng shui was first-class. Xu Mei had lived here for so long. How could a ghost suddenly appear?

Xu Mei first thought about Master Ye. Perhaps the ghost that Master Ye invited mistook the target? She had tried to contact the other person but no matter the method used, she couldn’t contact Master Ye. She had no choice but to find a prestigious Taoist priest to drive out the ghost.

This was the Xiao family’s main home and she couldn’t leave it for a long time. Otherwise, there would be no good fruit to eat when Xiao Yuzheng came back. The priest entered the house and walked straight past Xiao Li’s room. He was led to Xu Mei’s room and immediately frowned. “This room is very heavy.”

Xu Mei was ecstatic. “I will listen to Master’s advice.”

The Xiao family’s second master didn’t look for food. He grabbed an apple and stood at the door to his room, staring at Xu Mei and the others from a distance. Zhou Ying’s phone was stuffed into his jacket pocket and revealed a bright screen.

The author has something to say:

Zhou Ying: What does a Taoist priest do?

Xiao Li: Come and catch you.

Zhou Ying: Then why didn’t he come to catch me?

Xiao Li: He’s stupid.

Zhou Ying, “…”

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