IWBL: Chapter 270

Shen Chenzhi observed Xiao Li for a while.

In the beginning, he watched the young man who hadn’t fully grown but whose appearance started to take shape, enter the campus. Although he would have to leave here and return to the abyss in the middle, he still came here to take a look whenever he was able to come out.

Xiao Li was very popular on campus. He might usually be cold and indifferent but his face made him popular with his classmates. Even so, he was usually alone.

The moment he arrived at school today, he felt that his other classmates were quite tumultuous like they were waiting for something. Was… today a special day? Xiao Li thought about it but couldn’t come up with anything. He didn’t think today was different from any other day.

He listened in class as usual and did homework between classes. No one could see Shen Chenzhi observing next to him. Even Shen Chenzhi himself felt it was a very special thing to observe a human being in this way.

If it wasn’t for an episode midway, he wouldn’t have wanted to occupy this person so quickly. It happened during the lunch break. There was a pretty girl with a ponytail who came to the class door, calling Xiao Li and asking him to go to the small garden when he was free.

Someone in the class whistled. They clearly knew the girl’s identity and knew what she was going to do. Some people looked at Xiao Li with envy. Under the attention of his classmates, Xiao Li calmly closed the book. He seemed to think for a moment before answering, “…Okay.”

Beside him, Shen Chenzhi was inexplicably a bit unhappy. This emotion came suddenly. He had clearly been counting Xiao Li’s eyelashes, his heart soft as the spring breeze blew on his face. Now it was like there was a sudden cold winter that froze the spring water into ice.

Why agree to her?

Xiao Li didn’t know what he was thinking and went to that place when he was free. There was a good-looking girl waiting for him. Even the school uniform couldn’t hide her youthfulness. She seemed a bit embarrassed to see Xiao Li and struggled for a long time. Xiao Li waited patiently for a while. Then seeing that class was about to start, he said, “Classmate, what is it?”

The young girl stammered, “C… Classmate Xiao… I…”

Xiao Li, “?”

She gritted her teeth and took out a letter from behind her. “I… everything I want to say is in this! Please check it!”

A heart was drawn on the cover of the envelope. It was impossible not to realize what it contained. Xiao Li glanced at the letter and didn’t answer. His slender hands just moved like he was thinking about whether to refuse it or not.

Shen Chenzhi who followed felt like his heart was being held in the hands of this young man. A fierce impulse rose in his heart and he realized his feelings for the first time. Originally, he felt satisfied just looking at this person. However, however—

He didn’t want Xiao Li to look at others. He wanted Xiao Li to only look at himself. Obviously, he was only looking at Xiao Li. Why was he the only one like this? Wasn’t it unfair? If Xiao Li accepted this girl’s feelings then what was he? Did he have to go back to the abyss alone and never come out again? Even if he came out, he would be confused and have no goals.

Was living like this being truly alive? His position might be respected among the gods but he was far inferior to the other gods in some respects.

This heart that had been soaked in deep pollution all year round started to throb. Filthy, dirty black blood flowed from it. He wanted to get close to Xiao Li, hug him and…

Get him.

The thing that called him back in time was Xiao Li’s refusal. Xiao Li rejected the young girl with gentle words and at the same time, he saved the invisible young man next to him. Only then did Shen Chenzhi withdraw his hand and follow Xiao Li back to the classroom.

As school ended in the afternoon, Xiao Li finally figured out what day it was. He was leaving when he heard the voices of a few people in the crowd around him.

“Today is the Mid-Autumn Festival. Can’t you go out?”

“I won’t go out. My parents are waiting for me to have a meal together.”

“You really aren’t coming. Dude, I’m planning to fight in the canyon all night. I’ve made an appointment with a few brothers from other schools to play games.”

“Not coming.”


In the crowd, Xiao Li pressed on the screen of the phone, watching the screen as he thought about it. Ah yes, it was the Mid-Autumn Festival. The reunion festival. However, this type of day was no different from other times for him.

He wandered home with his schoolbag as usual. As he saw the duck neck being sold on the streets, Xiao Li thought about it. He should still have a festive atmosphere. He decided to eat this at night so he bought a bag and took it home.

The young man returned home with the duck neck. His homework had been done at school and he had no tasks at night. He took a shower and lay on the sofa. He pressed on the remote control again and again, watching a few TV shows. However, they were all meaningless, empty and boring.

Xiao Li simply turned off the TV. Without the brightness of the TV screen, the living room looked lonely and empty despite its small size. Xiao Li turned on his phone and started a game.

His skills were good and he soon died. Then he started another round. He gradually fell asleep.

It became late and the living room wasn’t a good place to sleep and rest. it was colder than his room at night but Xiao Li didn’t bother going to his room. He just got up and pulled a blanket placed here. He wanted to stay here all night.

Shen Chenzhi leaned closer to look at him. The young man’s black hair was messy over his forehead and he slept soundly. There were faint cyan marks on his eyelids and his beautifully curved jaw was covered by the blanket.

Perhaps it was a bit cold so Xiao Li buried his face deeper into the blanket.

A desire to hug him suddenly surged. The dark thoughts Shen Chenzhi had felt on campus earlier turned into the feeling of wanting to love this person and being the only one to receive his attention.

Shen Chenzhi hesitated for a moment before turning into a shadow. He gently picked Xiao Li up and imprinted a kiss on the lips.

Then due to his emotional fluctuations, he had to return to the Abyss.

Xiao Li, who was already asleep, felt something and suddenly woke up. He stared at his side.

There was nothing there.

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7 months ago

awwww turns out the kiss in front of Xiao Li’s home wasn’t their first kiss!!!!