IWBL: Chapter 27

Xiao Li looked down at the beautiful hands and didn’t reach out to meet them. However, the other person took the initiative to hold his hand and pull him forward into this person’s arms. Xiao Li couldn’t see what this person did but the empty ballroom was suddenly filled with melodious music. The man grabbed his waist and took him to the dance floor.

Xiao Li rarely went to social occasions and wasn’t good at this type of dance. He had also never learnt the female steps and often stepped on this man’s feet. The other side didn’t react and just stared at him. The distance between them was very close and this made Xiao Li somewhat uneasy. He found a chance to break free of the other person and took the initiative to break the silence. “…Little book?”

Xiao Li originally wanted to call out ‘little yellow book’ but he looked at the man’s body and swallowed the adjective in the middle, lest the other person became angry. The man didn’t speak and stood in place staring at him, as if he was thinking about something. Then he made a faint ‘en’ sound, looking very cold.

Xiao Li had the faint feeling of ‘Is this person really the little yellow book?’ The little yellow book was so dirty,  yellow (perverted/pornographic) and nosy. It even made Xiao Li consider the nutritional balance when eating. It was completely different from the man in front of him.

He looked up and said, “Then why are you…”

Xiao Li’s words were stuck here. He wanted to ask about the identity of the little yellow book. Was it a male ghost? He also wanted to ask what the other person liked himself. He wanted to ask too many things that it made him pause.

“Why? Why pull you over?” The man seemed to guess what he wanted to ask and inscrutable emotions flashed in his eyes. Then he leaned down and slightly whispered in the teenager’s ears. “It is because I want to see you with my own eyes. I really want to touch you.”

His warm breath blew against Xiao Li’s ear, making the teenager’s earlobe a radiant red. Xiao Li obviously couldn’t adapt to this explicit statement and jumped to the side in a speechless manner. The teenager lost his cool and his eyelashes trembled, covering his eyes.

The man didn’t expect his reaction to be so big. The man’s lips curved and he asked, “Can I kiss you?”

Xiao Li obviously hadn’t expected the other person to ask him such a question. The other side smiled and turned to hold Xiao Li’s shoulder in a position close to a hug, approaching him gently. The man bowed his head and seemed to want to kiss the teenager’s forehead. Xiao Li avoided the other party in time and interrupted him with a stutter. “N-N-No, wait—”

He cooled down his face with his hands and waited until the temperature dropped. “Send me back.”

The other person’s eyes darkened for a moment when his kiss was rejected but he soon adjusted his mood and his voice sounded a bit lost. “Don’t you want to complete the hidden task?”

Xiao Li’s head was still to the side and he didn’t let the other person see his burning face. “I don’t need to complete the hidden task. I can still clear the instance.”

He originally speculated on the way to live, even if he didn’t complete the official task 2. He just had to play the role of ‘detective’ to the seventh day and he could return to reality.

“That is true. You are too powerful.” The man didn’t refute Xiao Li and didn’t want to force him. Thus, he generous said, “If you won’t let me kiss you, can you give me a dance?”

Xiao Li hadn’t responded when the man’s hand held him around the waist again and took him around. Xiao Li didn’t struggle and finished the dance with him. In any case, it wasn’t him who was being stepped on.

At the end of the dance, the man held Xiao Li’s hand and leaned down to kiss the back of the hand. The man’s lips were cold. This was the only thing Xiao Li felt before he was sent back to his room. In the mirror, the palace had disappeared and was replaced with Bloody Mary herself.

The blonde beauty was still smiling but the smile looked a bit stiff. Xiao Li touched the back of his hand and then raised his head to glance at Bloody Mary. He didn’t know how much the evil spirit saw but was still a bit embarrassed. Therefore, he paused for a moment and actively asked, “Do you want me to paint something for you today?”

Bloody Mary, “……”

She seemed to have a lot to say but she swallowed it back. At Xiao Li’s active request, she thought about the other person’s painting that night and the face that couldn’t be called a ‘face.’ The famous evil spirit stood up gracefully and disappeared from the mirror.

As Bloody Mary left, the three lit candles were instantly extinguished, causing the house to fall into complete darkness again. Xiao Li didn’t bother getting another light source and just got straight into bed, falling asleep.

Day four.

The wind and rain outside the castle hadn’t stopped and it was even worsening. Looking out the window, the entire world seemed to be shrouded in wind and rain. Xie Lingshi was sitting in the hall and in front of him was Feng Fengqing. The young man was now used to playing the priest and his heart was a mess. “Sherlock hasn’t come out yet.”

Feng Fengqing glanced at the stairs and expressed her concern in line with a doctor’s heart. “Did something happen?”

The young man sighed. “I saw what he meant yesterday. He seemed to want to summon Bloody Mary. I tried to persuade him with a few words but I don’t know if I succeeded.”

He didn’t know Sherlock very well. Sherlock seemed smart but could a smart person really seek death in this instance world? Xie Lingshi’s reason for finding this person was that ‘the ignorant don’t know guilt.’

In reality, Xie Lingshi was born in the Xie family which had a long tradition of catching ghosts. Therefore, he hadn’t felt desperate after entering this instance world for no reason. Rather, he was delighted at the thought of catching a few ghosts in the instance world and beat the elders.

The identity of a member of the Xie family was Xie Lingshi’s secret. He had lived many instances through virtue of his mastery of ghosts. It was just that until now, he hadn’t been able to catch any ghosts in the instances because all the ghosts had great resentment. Some of them would even be evil spirits in reality and were impossible to tame at all.

Until now, Xie Lingshi only had a few small ghosts that he brought in from reality and a hungry ghost that he used a lot of effort to tame in the instance world. However, the ghost was often disobedient.

Even the unnamed instance ghosts were so ferocious, let alone Bloody Mary who was famous in the real world. This type of evil spirit already had many ‘believers’ and there were no limits on her strength.

Xie Lingshi saw this very clearly so he felt more and more that everything pointed to disaster for Sherlock.

Feng Fengqing opened her mouth. “If he doesn’t come out soon then let’s go up and look.”

Xie Lingshi nodded without much hope and then turned to the other side. “Mr Ronnie hasn’t appeared today either…”

“I haven’t seen Ronnie since He Wei had the accident yesterday. His face looked very bad.” Feng Fengqing pondered. “Perhaps he is sick.”

Xie Lingshi was waiting to speak when footsteps were heard from the stairs. Xiao Li slowly walked down and nodded in greeting. Feng Fengqing was relieved to see that he was still alive. She didn’t like Xiao Li very much but it was good to have one more companion on this horrible mountain village.

Xiao Li sat down beside Xie Lingshi, taking an orange from the fruit bowl in the middle and slowly peeling it. The face of the brown-haired youth also showed a sense of relaxation. He seemed to want to make friends with Xiao Li and spoke in a gentle tone, “Fortunately, you didn’t summon Bloody Mary or we wouldn’t be sitting on the same sofa now.”

The black-haired teenager stuffed an orange into his mouth. “I tried.”

Xie Lingshi originally wanted to place a hand on the other person’s shoulder when his hand froze in midair and he uttered his doubts in a very girlish voice. “Eh?!”

The orange was quite sweet. Xiao Li reached out and grabbed another one. He was about to explain to Xie Lingshi when he remembered his detective’s role. He coughed and said, “There is only one truth.”

“He Wei chose to pray to Bloody Mary for strength due to his lust and greed for power. Then his request was rebuffed.”

Xie Lingshi didn’t have time to listen to the truth of He Wei because his attention was on Xiao Li’s first sentence.”You tried? Yet you are still alive?”

“Wouldn’t it be difficult for you to talk to me now if I’m a ghost?”

“But… shouldn’t…” The brown-haired youth seemed to have encountered a worldly problem and muttered to himself, “Bloody Mary killed a few people that day, proving that her mood wasn’t good. How can she change in just a few hours?”

He carefully looked at Xiao Li’s side profile and asked incredulously, “Did you really summon her?”

Xiao Li didn’t have time to respond when a loud noise was suddenly heard from downstairs. At this moment, thunder exploded outside the window and almost deafened their ears. Once the thunder stopped, the loud noise was heard again and this was accompanied by a loud dog barking. The sound was low and repressed, like it was from hell.

The moment that the dog barked, Xiao Li felt Tan Li inside his pocket trembling so badly that Xiao Li had to pull her out of his pocket and place her in his palm to comfort her. The same was true for Zhou Ying who lived in Xiao Li’s mobile phone. Now the mobile phone was constantly shaking like it received many WeChat messages.

Next to Xiao Li, Xie Lingshi was the same. The little ghosts he carried with him were all trembling and the disobedient hungry ghost appeared directly without being called, intending to devour his master.

The huge hungry ghost appeared in the air, provoking Feng Fengqing’s startled scream. Xiao Li looked up at the hungry ghost and the doll on his palm slowly stopped shaking as Tan Li followed Xiao Li’s gaze.

The doll’s hair stretched out and a black cocoon formed in midair, surrounding the hungry ghost.

Xie Lingshi quickly chanted a spell and pulled the hungry ghost back into his task book. Once everything was done, Xie Lingshi stared at the doll with surprise. “This ghost—an evil spirit? Brother Xie… are you also a ghost controller?”

In addition, he was very deep down the path. Xiao Li shook his head and placed the doll on his shoulder after seeing that Tan Li was no longer trembling.

“You aren’t a ghost controller?” Xie Lingshi couldn’t help exclaiming. “Then how does she listen to you so much? Brother Xia, do you have a special means of controlling ghosts?”

The eldest son of the Xie family was very excited at this time. His eyes gleamed as he watched Xiao Li. He instinctively believed that this person must have a big secret? Was it a special evil spirits technique? Or perhaps other secrets?

However, he soon realized he was too eager and quickly added, “I’m sorry, Brother Xia. I’m very interested in ghosts. If I offended you then I hope you can forgive me. If you like, I can pay a price within my power in exchange for these tips.”

“A price isn’t necessary.” Xiao Li thought about it. “It is with friendship.”

He might’ve copied Tan Li outside but he couldn’t control Tan Li’s every move. Most of the time, Tan Li protected him out of her own free will.

Xie Lingshi, “………”

He didn’t say it was because of love?

The author has something to say:

It is because the little yellow book doesn’t allow it.

Sister Tan Li is trembling.

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so true ml could never! not with how possessive he is

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