IWBL: Chapter 269

It was different from the extreme downpour of the last few days. The small but cozy room was flooded with sunlight. The originally heavy curtains were opened and sunlight unscrupulously filled every corner of the room, including the person on the bed.

Compared with the noise on the first day after the rain stopped, it was much quieter outside now.

Xiao Li half leaned on the bed, squinting his eyes as he stared at the balcony for a while. His long eyelashes covered the sleepiness in his eyes. At least, until someone pushed open the door. Shen Chenzhi held a cup of hot water in his hand and placed it on the bedside table.

The moment he walked in, he saw his lover at first glance. In reality, Xiao Li looked softer. The sunlight jumped across his body in a jagged manner, going down the young man’s beautiful chin.

His lover was waiting for him in bed. There was a secret satisfaction in Shen Chenzhi’s heart but he was also distressed. He bent down, rubbed his face against Xiao Li’s forehead and asked in a low voice, “Are you still uncomfortable?”

Shen Chenzhi didn’t have to use such an ‘old’ method at all. He could tell with one glance that Xiao Li’s face still had a faint redness to it. However, when the two of them were together, he preferred to act like an ordinary couple.

Since the day after becoming a god, Xiao Li developed a rare high fever.

In the face of Xiao Li’s ‘Gods will also get sick?’ question, Shen Chenzhi had explained that it was a normal reaction after fusing with the divinity. There were often many signs that lasted for three days or perhaps weeks but the symptoms were similar to a fever.

Today was the fourth day and a lot of the uncomfortable energy had been removed. If Xiao Li closed his eyes then he could even feel that something in his body was constantly withering and regenerating, becoming more and more powerful.

Xiao Li shook his head, taking advantage of the time when Shen Chenzhi got up to reach out a hand like he wanted a hug. He was born with a good appearance so it didn’t look strange even when he was acting spoiled like a child.

Shen Chenzhi was soft-hearted to him. For a while, he hadn’t known this softness. The tall, young man wrapped one arm around the waist that was too slender for ordinary people and picked Xiao Li up. He sat at the head of the bed in this posture, firmly locking Xiao Li in his arms.

Shen Chenzhi’s chin rested on the other person’s shoulder and he could clearly smell Xiao Li from this angle. He couldn’t help rubbing the tip of his nose against the young man’s exposed neck. It was vivid and warm as if he could control this individual by biting down.

Xiao Li didn’t respond to being rubbed by his boyfriend.

Since getting together, Shen Chenzhi had been so clingy. Xiao Li became accustomed to the existence of this huge pendant and he was currently trying to ‘feel’ the existence of those in the living room.

Tan Li’s original body had been torn apart and the other ghosts were also seriously injured. After obtaining divinity, Xiao Li refused Shen Chenzhi’s help and instead used his own power to help them slowly recover. Tan Li, the most seriously injured, had her body joined back together. It might be a bit crooked and the stitching marks were too prominent, but they overlapped together. Still, she had been badly injured so she was currently lying in one place to recuperate.

The entire living room was like a weird laboratory. Tan Li was lying on the sofa, Zhou Ying was underneath the coffee table, the ancient painting hung itself on top, the pen fairy who came to visit was shaking its body. It was unable to restrain itself and tried to sign on the ancient painting, only to be kicked away by the ancient woman. The pen rolled helplessly on the carpet…

Well, it was very harmonious. It was unlike when he just had a fever and every one of them looked sad. Even the god of lies had sent a farewell letter like they were parting forever. Xiao Li had a headache when he recalled it.

In the letter, Pseudo-Logoi invited him to open a new instance world. He said without any embarrassment that he wanted to compete with the new god Xiao Li over creativity. Xiao Li still hesitated thinking about it…

The young man stuck close to him noticed the absent-mindedness of the person in his arms and bit on the carotid artery in a dissatisfied manner, gently threatening this person with his teeth.

Xiao Li’s mind returned and he gave Shen Chenzhi a soothing kiss. Shen Chenzhi held down the back of his neck and gave a deep kiss. “What are you thinking about?”

“That letter.”

Shen Chenzhi naturally knew the letter Xiao Li was talking about. The letter itself didn’t matter but the sender made him unhappy. Any third person who appeared next to his lover would make him unhappy.

The young man held Xiao Li’s hand hard and his beautiful eyes sank.

Xiao Li had now figured out Shen Chenzhi’s character and understood that his boyfriend wasn’t happy. He suppressed a smile and lay down a bit, raising his head in this person’s arms. The fine sunlight fell on his eyes and made them look like a starry night.

Shen Chenzhi’s Adam’s apple moved slightly. He lowered his head, his hair hanging down on both sides as he reached out to caress the young man’s cheeks.

“Don’t talk about it.” Xiao Li narrowed the distance between the two of them and coaxed Shen Chenzhi. “Tell me, what are you thinking about now?”

“I’m thinking…”

Shen Chenzhi spoke into a low voice. He ran his hand through the black hair on this young man’s head and paused for a moment. “I’m thinking about how to make you only think of me.”

Most of the time, he maintained a gentle illusion in front of his lover. It was only occasionally that he would tear off the mask to reveal the real, ugly and black self that even he despised.

Perhaps as time passed, the sunlight became too strong. Xiao Li squinted and Shen Chenzhi moved his fingers slightly. Then the curtains on both sides were automatically pulled shut. The thick curtains blocked all the light and darkness enveloped the room.

Shen Chenzhi’s low voice lingered in Xiao Li’s ear.

“I’m thinking about how to make you stay here all the time.”

Xiao Li interrupted him before he could continue to say something amazing, voice soft. “Don’t say this. Don’t you know that I won’t leave you?”

Shen Chenzhi closed his eyes and kissed the tip of this person’s nose. “…I’m thinking that you don’t need to care about him. We can also create a new world.”

His strength was very gentle and made Xiao Li comfortable. He didn’t resist. He was just silent after hearing this sentence before suddenly sitting up to push the other person away. “…Excuse me, what does the new world in your mouth mean?”

The same word had different meanings in different people. The ‘new world’ mentioned by the god of lies was like a new instance world, creating fear and despair and cheating people in different dimensions and worlds. Then what was Shen Chenzhi’s new world?

Shen Chenzhi didn’t answer directly. He blinked and almost instantaneously, Xiao Li felt that this person had used the power of a god. Xiao Li raised his head and found he was no longer in his original world. It was the same room but there was no more ‘outside’. There was only the bed that they were lying on in the room and nothing else.

Xiao Li felt it out using the power of a god. This was like an instance world but there was only this room in the world. The outside was barren.

Xiao Li, “……”

Ah, this.

He lay back down somewhat helplessly. “You don’t want to…”

Shen Chenzhi didn’t let him finish. He hugged Xiao Li again so this person was in his arms. “I need your cooperation.”

Xiao Li relaxed his body. “If I don’t want to cooperate then what will you do?”

He muttered before raising his head. He acted like a baby as he got close to the other person, pressing his face against Shen Chenzhi’s hand. “I’m still a bit hot. If you don’t believe it then touch me.”

“That isn’t the cooperation I want. Of course, I know your body.” His lover was too cute. Shen Chenzhi couldn’t help smiling. “It is another type.”

Xiao Li had a question mark.

Shen Chenzhi lowered his head and whispered something. Xiao Li was stunned for a moment and stared into the other person’s eyes. He confirmed that he hadn’t heard incorrectly before giving a positive reply.


An abnormal noise was suddenly heard from the closed door of the room. It was the sound of a rough object rubbing back and forth on the surface. Any ordinary reincarnation would be able to think of a series of horror stories.

On the bed, Xiao Li retracted deeper into the arms of the young man and trembled. At the same time, he couldn’t help cursing in his heart. He kind of wanted to get out of bed to see his boyfriend’s creativity but right now he had to act like he was afraid. Shen Chenzhi’s request really tested his acting skills.

Then Shen Chenzhi patted his shoulder in a playful manner. “Don’t be afraid.”

The sound stopped after reaching the door of the room. It sounded like the object was pausing at the door, hesitating over whether to push open the door and hunt the prey inside or—

Torture them for a little while longer?

This short silence was like the torment before death. The next second, the curtains that were originally drawn slowly opened by some force. At the same time, there was clear knocking on the window.




Xiao Li trembled. He didn’t look at the window and buried his face in Shen Chenzhi’s arms. Shen Chenzhi lowered his head and asked softly, “What’s the matter?”

Thick blood seeped in through the crack in the door and brought an unspeakable smell of blood.

Xiao Li hugged the other person’s waist and arched like a kitten. “I’m afraid.”

He thought about it before approaching Shen Chenzhi’s ear and deliberately softening his voice. “Boyfriend, Husband, Brother, Dad, save me. I’m afraid of ghosts.”

“Super scared.”

In the end, he couldn’t act anymore and wanted to laugh.

For Shen Chenzhi, the lover who had always been cold and didn’t like to rely on others was shaking in his arms and calling him ‘Husband’…

Who could bear it? In particular, for him who liked and loved Xiao Li, this was a scene that he had dreamed about for a long time.

His sanity broke at this moment. He directly kissed Xiao Li and the rest of the sounds came to an abrupt stop.

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2 months ago

Locking lover into a… white void to roleplay. SCZ has upgraded the very concept of Golden houses.