IWBL: Chapter 267

The man on the opposite side didn’t seem to see Xiao Li’s expression at all.  He maintained his wooden expression and continued. “What’s so good about humans? They are fragile, small and not worth mentioning.”

Xiao Li finally moved. He took a few steps forward and also came to the windows that overlooked the entire city. The rain was so heavy that he could only vaguely see the hazy light. The window in front of Xiao Li was originally closed but he reached out and opened it.

The violent raindrops were swept in by the rain and fell on his face and clothes. They dripped down his chin and instantly made his body wet. Still, he could see the world more clearly in this way.

The sky was dark while the residential building and other buildings were shining with lights. In the wind and rain, these little sparks were like a pillar supporting the sky from not falling down, supporting the reincarnators who were still fighting in their own way in every corner. The rain hit the city and fields like stars with a fierce tenderness, trying to awaken the world.

The cracks in front of Xiao Li cut the scene into a fragmented picture.

“In fact, I’ve thought about it before. For some existences, human life is extremely short. We are two different life forms and we can’t understand each other.” Xiao Li spoke slowly. “However, I don’t think so. For me, human beings are much better than your existence. They are fragile, beautiful and full of hope.”

“Of course, you are just referring to yourself and your little brothers.” He raised his fingers and counted.” I have seen Death. He looks a bit better than you who is like a piece of wood. The style of the god of dreams is between the two gods. You are a bit stranger than them.”

It was unknown which word angered the opposite person. Xiao Li speculated it might be ‘a bit better’ or ‘stranger.’ In short, the other person stopped talking and just brushed the rain off his face. The moment when the hand moved away from his face, the gap in front of the window suddenly expanded and became a black hole. The muffled sound in the sky turned into real thunder and dark clouds pressed down, making the entire sky seem like it had fallen halfway.

The barrier of reality hadn’t completely collapsed and the power that belonged to the gods couldn’t be fully exerted. Yet just now, there was a type of pressure falling down, making Xiao Li retreat two steps.

Divine power had entered this world and this pressure had a special smell. The reincarnators were no stranger to it. It was the smell of death and decay…

It was an almost instant matter. Within half a minute, everyone under the sky raised their heads in unison. This included Zheng Yi, Wang Huai and others.

Zheng Yi was accompanied by his parents. They were now in contact with the Ye family. Originally, their parents didn’t believe it but once they saw a ghost tearing at the body of a young man, they finally believed his words and joined him with the other reincarnators.

This power might be a drop in the bucket when facing more ghosts but they still didn’t give up resisting.

Wang Huai had already settled the matter of the port. He captured the people from the Judges, opened their mouths with the truth potion and intercepted a batch of chaos fragments that hadn’t been sacrificed to the god of the underworld. He used items to rush to the nearest mountain on the outskirts of the city, which was another place with dense cracks.

After they arrived, they didn’t choose to fill this gap but to ‘cut’ it. This was the salvation method that Wang Huai, Gong Mingming and others had planned for a long time.

It was too unrealistic for everyone to use the fragments to fill the gaps. It had little effect. Therefore, they combined the methods and opinions of reincarnators all over the world. He even consulted with the goddess of the might and all types of neural gods. Finally, they came up with a way to use the fragments of power to cut the dense areas filled with cracks, throwing these gaps into the remaining instance worlds that had long been eroded. The rest was reality that hadn’t yet been invaded. They would use a special array to preserve this part of reality and could preserve most of the world.

After leaving most of the world, the remaining humans could still have a chance to plan for the next attack of the god of the underworld. Humanity could be preserved for at least decades.

Just as Wang Huai was cutting with the chaos fragments, the sky fell down like there was a cave in. The god of the underworld had descended.

Wang Huai didn’t keep watching and continued his movements. Now wasn’t the time to sigh. Sherlock or them, one of them had to succeed.

All over the world, the people who had been in contact with Wang Huai for a long time were doing the same thing. However, half the cracks hadn’t been cut when a black claw emerged and struck hard at Wang Huai!

Gong Mingming paused in her movements and assisted Wang Huai in attacking the cracks.


On the other side, Xiao Li was standing in front of the god of the underworld. He suffered most of the pressure from the god and was unable to speak for a time.

A shadow belonging to a young girl appeared in front of him. She was wearing very thick clothes and had long hair. She was Tan Li. There was a little boy beside her. Zhou Ying and Tan Li came out of their shells together, trying to share the pressure for Xiao Li. It just wasn’t enough.

Tan Li snorted and then long sleeves wrapped around Tan Li’s arms. The singing voice overcame the cries of the ghost.  “Lang Jun—”

The stick person hung from the ancient woman’s sleeve and refused to return to the relative safe painting.

Tan Li, Zhou Ying, the ancient woman and other helpers were able to withstand part of the pressure belonging to the god of the underworld. They withstood the vast majority of the divine power and their bodies dimmed a lot.

The god of the underworld was used as a base point and all types of ghosts and creatures howled from the surrounding cracks. Black smoke diffused out of it, covering the sky. It seemed like this place wasn’t reality but another instance world.

Xiao Li’s breathing was a bit difficult. He coughed and told the god, “Before you start, can you answer me a question first?”

The opposite side didn’t respond and Xiao Li continued, “Among so many gods, why do you want this place?”

“You think they don’t want it?” The god of the underworld had remained silent like he was waiting for something. Just as Xiao Li thought he wouldn’t answer, the god opened his mouth, a trace of a hunter’s scorn for prey in his eyes. “They are observing, waiting. The moment I eat the rest, they will swarm.”

The god of the underworld answered Xiao Li’s words but his actions didn’t stop. He just raised his hand and the invisible pressure became stronger. Xiao Li felt like he was back in the adjudication prison, carrying a mountain on his back.

Tan Li protected Xiao Li behind her more tightly, blocking the power of the god. It was obvious that she was working very hard. Not only was she fading, but her body was also shaking.

Xiao Li tried his best to finish it in one breath. “Then why do you want this place?”

“There is indeed a need with your control over the world of instances but it isn’t so urgent that you would arrange believers to infiltrate before the barrier is completely broken. Unless… unless you have some internal problems. If you don’t get reality then you will—”

He failed to finish his sentence. The god of the underworld snorted coldly and suddenly, a black iron sword whizzed from the side and aimed at Xiao Li’s neck! It was a big black knife with countless twisted faces on it, screaming and craving blood.

It was almost instantaneous. The ancient woman rolled her sleeve around the blade but it only stopped the knife for half a second. It smashed through the sleeve that hindered it and even cut her inner arm. The ancient woman was thrown aside and it continued to move forward mercilessly.

Tan Li’s hair shrouded the iron knife but it was cut off by it. It pierced through her shoulder and rushed toward Xiao Li, wanting to cut his head.


What followed was the sound of objects touching each other. It was a pen, a common marker. However, its tip stubbornly resisted the blade of the black knife, competing with it.

This was obviously very hard for the pen fairy but there was the buffer of Tan Li and the ancient woman. The impact of the black knife had been alleviated slightly and the pen fairy successfully withstood the black blade.

The black knife fell back into the hands of the gods. The marker also leaped in the opposite direction, hitting the edge of the wall before flying back again.

The opposite man’s face sunk like water as he sneered. “A mere evil spirit dares to fight against a god?”

The pen fairy’s body shook due to inertia. Then she turned to face Xiao Li.

Xiao Li was looking at Tan Li and the ancient woman with distress. Then he looked back at the god of the underworld and translated for the pen fairy, “There is no way. I owe him a favour. If you help me pay it back then I’ll quickly return.”

After the translation, Xiao Li wondered, “So ruthless?”

The pen fairy wrote: [Oh.]

This human, one by one, was facing the god of the underworld.

The god of the underworld no longer bothered talking. A second after he fell silent, black fog emerged from the body of the black knife. It penetrated into the surrounding cracks and the cracks gradually expanded enough for a person to come out. Before Xiao Li could see what was inside, a huge tentacle flew at him viciously.

“Wu, wu, wu!”

The baby’s crying directly rang through the air. Its cries had the special ability to block the tentacle for a second. The four hands of the back ghost held the tentacle and it competed with the creature inside the crack.

The back ghost’s strength was great but it couldn’t shake this tentacle. It rolled up the baby on its back and threw it through the air, trying to make it fall to its death.

One hand caught the baby in the air. This hand belonged to a little girl. Xiao Tu held the baby ghost with one hand and made a ‘throwing’ action to the side. The invisible creature used its impact to knock the tentacle back!

The baby cried more loudly. An injury had appeared on its body and it was so painful that it couldn’t control itself anymore. It was crying with all its heart. Before the back ghost had time to comfort it, it was caught by other ghosts. A ghost suddenly appeared from a crack and knocked the back ghost back. The back ghost flew half a metre away and directly smashed into a pillar of this floor and through the counter. A cloud of dust rose as it fell.

Xiao Tu flexibly avoided the ghost and gradually led it to a table.

On this table, already solidified blood had turned into a collar and was trying to encircle a ghost only for the collar to be hit back. Bloody Mary, the owner of the blood, took three steps back with a pale face.

The enemy ghost failed with a single blow and it wanted to continue. However, the back ghost rushed back with a roar. The back ghost pushed it and directly threw it out the window of the building.

Time and time again, the god of the underworld failed to directly affect the human in front of him. This made the god a bit anxious. He didn’t think he could be defeated by such ghosts but the countless ants were very annoying.

After another unsuccessful attack, the god of the underworld asked irritably, “Sherlock, how many helpers do you have?”


The god of the underworld naturally couldn’t guess. He realized that he was no match to the other person when it came to the power to anger a person to death. He no longer asked such a boring thing but continued to attack.

“Or beg me and I’ll tell you.” Xiao Li didn’t let the god go and continued to mock him. As they were speaking, a cold, piercing chain ran silently along the ground like a snake. It kept approaching the human in front of it. Ten metres, five metres, one metre…

There was a click as it successfully locked around a slender ankle. The chain immediately tugged, violently pulling down the human trapped in it. However, the weight from the chain wasn’t as much as it thought. The chain trembled and when it looked up, it found that it had trapped one leg but that leg was really only a leg.

Xiao Li was still standing while the legs had fallen to the ground, struggling to kick the chain around her ankles.

Xiao Li looked around. It wasn’t just the chain. More monsters were coming out of the cracks. In addition, there was the black knife that was fighting fiercely with the ghosts he had invited. There was the harsh ringing of the phone and a baby’s crying. Combined with the occasional roaring and screaming from the ghosts, it made this floor look more like hell than actual hell.

Xiao Li looked around, trying to find a weapon that suited him. In the end, he chose to wave the coffin lid of the coffin ghost, knocking it against the monsters one by one. This coffin lid wasn’t an ordinary coffin lid. It was the coffin lid of Ouroboros, the god of prophecy. It had some powers and now it was used against ghosts and monsters.

The god of the underworld was in a state of rage as he recognized the smell on the coffin lid. “Ouroboros, you’re getting involved too?”

“No, it isn’t Lord Ouroboros!” The coffin chased behind Xiao Li and hurriedly clarified it. “It is an artifact that has contact with him. It is Sherlock who is forcibly using it. It isn’t the will of Lord Ouroboros!”

“Can it move without Ouroboros’ signal?” The god of the underworld was angry. “I’ve made a note of it. I must definitely visit Ouroboros.”


The coffin ghost let out a desperate cry.

Meanwhile, Xiao Li was purposefully approaching the god of the underworld. He held the coffin lid and spoke to the man standing by the window, “In the library of the adjudication prison, I saw a sentence saying that gods aren’t invincible. It is because gods are nothing but powerful ghosts.”

The god of the underworld’s pupils shrank for a moment. He didn’t expect Xiao Li to know such a secret. This expression was fleeting and he soon recovered his calm. “Yes, but no. I am still stronger than your imagination.”


“What do you want to do?” The god of the underworld wondered.

Xiao Li was too close to the god of the underworld. As he spoke, a ghost hand attacked him from behind. It was intercepted by Bloody Mary but the aftermath still left him with more wounds.

“…Kill a god?” Xiao Li slowly wiped away the blood that overflowed from his lips. The bright red lined the corner of his lips like red plums on snow. It was shocking. His voice was soft but they clearly entered the ears of the god of the underworld. Xiao Li first gave a guess before denying his own words. “No, I want more.”

“More?” The god of the underworld pondered on the words of the human in front of him. The next second, he let out a strange laugh. More symbols appeared on his face that looked exactly like the symbol Fu Zige drew on the mirror. They moved back and forth like they were alive as he said, “I’m afraid you won’t have this chance.”

The moment he spoke, the end of his blade struck the ground and a mouth opened on the ground. This scene was like countless bones were buried below this floor. Now they were resurrecting, opening their mouths to swallow their prey.

The most terrifying thing was that there was a mouth inside these mouths. The fangs in this mouth were extremely long. They contained an invisible force as they bit at the helpers standing on Xiao Li’s side one by one.

Tan Li was bitten on the back of the foot and then stabbed in the shoulder. Blood flowed from her shoulder as she tried to break free but it wasn’t possible. The back ghost was bitten on the hand. It tried to break the hand directly but more thorns grew from between the teeth, trapping it firmly and making it unable to move. The same was true for ghosts such as Bloody Mary and the legs. Even the pen fairy was bitten on its pen body and was firmly nailed in place.

“Your helpers are like this. Do you have more?” The god of the underworld watched the scene in front of him cheerfully before glancing at Xiao Li, wanting to see the other person’s helpless expression. “You underestimated the power of a god, Sherlock.”

However, Xiao Li wasn’t as flustered as he expected.

“It seems so but one is missing.” Xiao Li spoke lightly and even a bit coquettishly as he turned to the man in the back. “What do you say, Boyfriend?”

Shen Chenzhi stood behind the god of the underworld. His appearance was only seen by Xiao Li who was facing him and the god of the underworld hadn’t noticed him. Shen Chenzhi held the god of the underworld’s black iron knife with one hand, preventing its movements.

The author has something to say:

Little yellow book: Wasn’t it upgraded to husband?

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