IWBL: Chapter 265

The first batch of reincarnators who came to help were small but they still broke up the formation of the men in black on the port.

At first, there was some yelling and fighting. Then there was a whistling sound from among the people in black. A faint smell of blood floated in from somewhere. The smell of the sea was overwhelming. Several dark shadows rushed out and pressed the outsiders, putting them at a disadvantage.

In this mess, Zhu Yiting’s voice was particularly shrill. “Damn, what are these things? Why is my mahogany sword item ineffective?”

“It is contaminated,” Yong Chun replied. “Be careful!”

He dragged his friend to the ground and rolled away from the people in black. Just as the reincarnators were losing, there was more noise from outside.


A steady stream of reincarnators joined and the group became large and powerful. This led to the decline of the people in black from the Judges.

Xiao Li jumped onto the port from the ghost ship. Soon, the people in black in this area noticed him. However, the doll’s hair covered the ground like seaweed and twisted around their ankles, pulling them down. In addition, Ye Zeqing jumped down and rushed forward so they had no time to attack Xiao Li.

Xiao Li seized this opportunity to rush out. He got far away from the port and saw several private cars, bicycles and even several scooters in front of him. Some of these private cars had their doors open and the keys still inserted. It seemed like the owners were in a rush and jumped out the moment they opened the door.

Xiao Li borrowed the nearest car, jumped into the driver’s position and grabbing the steering wheel.

Right now, only Shen Chenzhi was with him. Luo Shan, Ye Zeqing and the others joined in helping the reincarnators and didn’t leave with him. Before leaving, Wang Huai and Gong Mingming had stuffed some things in his pockets.

Shen Chenzhi didn’t sit in the passenger’s seat. He put away the Eternal Soul Umbrella, stood in front of the car window and handed it to Xiao Li through the window. Then he glanced at the sky.

The sky was very dark. It wasn’t enough to describe it as a cloudy day. It was as dark as night, like it was over 9 o’clock. It wasn’t just that. There were also dull, loud noises from the sky. People listening to this sound might think it was thunder but Shen Chenzhi’s eyes became darker. “The barrier is breaking.”

Xiao Li saw that glance and understood what he meant. “You go first.”

Shen Chenzhi used his fingers to place Xiao LI’s wet back hair behind his ears. Then he nodded and disappeared in place.

Xiao Li grabbed the steering wheel, fastened his seat belt and set up his mobile phone to navigate to the iconic building.


Xiao Li didn’t know how to drive but he didn’t have to be a pig to eat pork. Fortunately, the road was now extremely empty. He drove at a fast speed, bumping into several things along the way. The front of the car was also distorted by a crack. The car parked in front of the towering building and he walked inside.

This building used to be a very famous iconic landmark. Everyone who came to S City would usually come here to buy some souvenirs to take back. It was usually crowded on weekdays and weekends but now it was abnormally quiet.

Xiao Li walked all the way without any sound. As he passed by the guard room, Xiao Li stopped and glanced inside.

There were items such as water cups on the table in the guard room and express registration forms and other items scattered all over the ground. The surveillance monitors were smashed and black mud was smeared on the wall. The guard had disappeared.

Before fully entering the first floor, he looked up.

The building was extremely high. There were a total of 88 floors. From the 80th floor upwards, it seemed to be inserted into the dark clouds. The rain fell on the outside and made things not clear. Even so, it made people feel palpitations.

The feeling of palpitations became stronger as one got closer to the building, just like intuition was telling the brain: Get out of here!

Xiao Li only had this feeling in a few cases, such as when the goddess of night or the god of death descended. He put away the Eternal Soul Umbrella and no longer looked at the roof. He sped up his pace and stepped into the first floor.


Xiao Li had never visited this building before but he had seen photos of the interior. The first floor was a reception hall for tourists and there were many counters selling souvenirs. Now the interior was quite different.

The walls were covered with a black mud similar to the guard’s room. There were black marks on all sides and the corners close to the top were covered with cracks like cobwebs.

The cracks here were much denser than they were outside. Above these cracks, the ceiling was covered with a similar black mud. Xiao Li stared at it intently and found it was different from the mud on the surrounding walls.

If the black mud on the walls were smeared on, then the black mud on the ceiling was stepped on. It was like someone had gone somewhere and their feet were stained with black mud. ‘He’ walked on the ceiling, again and again, finally turning the ceiling black. The shape of footprints could vaguely be seen.

Xiao Li bent over to pick up a souvenir scattered on the ground. It was a small crystal statue of the building. Tan Li rolled up the object with her hair and approached the crack with it. The crack was like a sharp knife, easily cutting at the statue.

Xiao Li let out a breath. He bypassed these cracks and walked into the sightseeing elevator. He went deeper and the smell of decay with blood rushed towards him. The black mud on the wall became thicker. He had to carefully avoid these cracks and bypass them.

Xiao Li pressed the elevator button and the dull sound of the sky seemed to burst in his ears, making the entire building shake.

The noise disappeared again and the black mud that had originally solidified the whole building started ‘flowing’ from the wall. There was a noise coming from every floor as if a ghost had come and their ability had recovered.

Black mud dripped from the corners and formed pools of black water.

Xiao Li squinted and walked in front of the elevator. He pressed the elevator button and found that it could still be used.

Ding. The elevator opened in response.

At this time, Xiao Li didn’t see the warm yellow lights that would appear in ordinary elevators. It was just dark and there were no lights in the elevator. It shouldn’t have worked but it seemed to be waiting for prey to enter its wide-open mouth.

There was no need for Xiao Li to talk. The light ghost jumped out and entered the elevator first. Its own light illuminated everything in the elevator. Like the outer walls, the inside of the elevator was also covered with black mud. The small space looked like a nest for some type of creature.

However, Xiao Li would go in as long as this nest could still move. He walked into the elevator, pressed the top button and watched the elevator door slowly close.

The elevator rose. The panel jumped from the ‘1st’ floor to the ‘80th’ floor.  Just as the number jumped to ‘80’, the steadily rising elevator swayed and stopped abruptly. The door still didn’t open and stood still on the 80th floor.

Xiao Li reached out and pressed the door button. It was unresponsive.

Hiss, hiss…

It was as if something was lying on top of the elevator, slowly approaching, its skin, nails and bones rubbing against the iron…

Xiao Li closed his eyes. He could feel a type of malicious gaze. It wasn’t just from the top of his head but from all sides of the building. They wanted to stop him, keep him and kill him.

Xiao Li should’ve been afraid but he was faintly excited and expectant. He decided to share this emotion with others. He thought for a moment before taking out the little yellow book and calling out the split-mouthed woman.

The split-mouthed woman was covered by a very thick scarf. The elevator wasn’t big so her appearance made it more crowded. She stared at Xiao Li with a pair of puzzled eyes above the mouth covered by a scarf and made a question mark.

Xiao Li pointed above his head, gestured to her huge scissors and made a motion of cutting a watermelon.

Needless to say, the split-mouthed woman had already noticed the creature on top of the elevator when she first came. Combined with Xiao Li’s movements, she followed the other person’s fingers and raised his hand with the scissors.

The sharp tip of the scissors pointed directly at the top of the elevator. It moved slowly, like a butcher looking at a pig in front of him, hesitating over whether to start. To avoid being mistakenly injured, the light bulb chose to hide in the corner above the head.

The monster above the iron roof of the elevator was also looking inside. It couldn’t see the inside so it just judged based on the sound where to break the iron roof based on the sound.


The split-mouthed woman turned her body the moment the iron above her head was pierced by sharp nails. A blood-skinned humanoid monster rushed down. It had very long nails and a deformed skeleton.

However, the thing that awaited it in the elevator wasn’t a lamb to be fed. It was a huge pair of scissors and a strange woman wearing a scarf. The woman was so powerful as she held the scissors and poked upward.

There was a shatter and something was pierced. She directly pierced the elevator monster’s chest with scissors and nailed it to the top of the elevator.

Hiss, hiss, hiss.

The monster let out sharp sounds and struggled for a while. Finally, it stopped moving on the scissors that kept opening and closing. The thing that flowed from the pierced belly wasn’tweren’t internal organs or intestines but a pool of black mud. To be exact, it was the same as the surrounding black mud.

After determining that the monster was dead, the split-mouthed woman put away her scissors with disgust. She was about to leave but was stopped by Xiao Li. “Stay here and take a look?”

The split-mouthed woman seemed to realize something. She cocked her head and watched Xiao Li for a while. At last, she turned and used the scissors to pry open the elevator door.

The scene outside the door was more serious than the first floor. If the first floor was made mud and a bit of water, this floor was like a swamp. The black mud mixed with liquid formed a strange carpet and there were more cracks on top. Xiao Li needed to lower his head slightly to ensure he wasn’t cut.

The small light bulb leapt out of the elevator and hung above the original corridor, acting as a moving lamp. A shadow flashed by just as its movements ended. Xiao Li only had time to capture a shadow. It appeared to be a person wearing overalls of the building as if they were running away in a panic.

Catch up!

Xiao Li made a decision. He walked into the corridor and chased the shadow. He chased down two corridors and endless strands of hair stretched out in front of him, wrapping around the figure in front.

Before the safety stairs, the doll successfully entangled around the figure and wrapped them up like a cicada pupae. The staff member was struggling on the ground. Xiao Li approached and wanted Tan Li to let the figure go, only to hear a sound. Inside Tan Li’s hair, the staff member’s originally curly hair scattered and their bones rustled.

Tan Li didn’t let go but this person was like a spider. She twisted her hands and her shoulders to break free of the entanglement. As she made these moves, she kept staring at Xiao Li.

They faced each other like this and Xiao Li could clearly see that the woman in front of him was wearing the staff member’s uniform. However, black mud was flowing down from her mouth and nostrils. There were also the ears covered by her hair. The upper right side of her head was half cut off by a crack. She was dead but she was ‘alive’ through some supernatural power.

The woman looked at Xiao Li and her waist and shoulder bones were misaligned. This made her walking posture extremely difficult.

Xiao Li looked at her. “Can I ask you a few questions?”

The woman stared at him for a while before looking at the split-mouthed woman behind him. Then she suddenly laughed. The laugh made the black mud in her mouth flow down her chin even more. “You have to answer my question first.”

Her voice was slurred and she stuttered. Every time she spoke, her chin broke like a dislocated bone.

Xiao Li stated, “You ask.”

The woman’s gaze fell on the black mud on her chest. It had been polluted by the black mud and blurred. She thought for a moment before asking, “When did I die?”

“Why don’t you know when you died?”

“Answer me and I’ll answer you.” The woman held her chin like she was afraid it would fall off when talking. “Answer wrong and I’ll kill you.”

Xiao Li lowered his head and pulled out a pen from his pocket. He turned back to the split-mouthed woman and told her, “Make up the number.”

The split-mouthed woman, “???”

Before the split-mouthed woman’s hand stretched out, Xiao Li turned his head and spoke to the woman. “Wait, I will find a friend to answer your question.”

He didn’t wait for the woman’s answer. He held the pen and chanted the words to call the pen fairy. Of course, he reduced the words himself. “Pen fairy, please help answer the next question.”

He let go of his hand and the pen swayed left and right, as if looking for a place to write. It first faced Xiao Li then the split-mouthed woman. Finally, it flew to the light ghost overhead and wrote on the outside of the light bulb.

[What about paper??!]

Xiao Li said, “It’s too dark and inconvenient. Write in the air and I’ll read it for you.”

The pen fairy: [……]

‘I will shark you.’

He repeated the question asked by the woman opposite him. “Can you calculate when she died?”

The pen turned around in a circle and examined the staff member. Then it wrote in the air in front of Xiao Li: [Half an hour, three minutes and 17 seconds ago.]

Xiao Li read it out truthfully before saying, “It’s time for me to ask. What do you remember?”

The woman hadn’t seemed to recover from the shock of the pen fairy’s appearance. She was silent for a long time before answering, “Very, suddenly, want, obey, command, think, eat people.”

She was a human being who died here. After her death, the invasion of supernatural power had turned her into a fierce ghost. If it couldn’t be stopped then this would be the fate of most people.

“How did I die?” The woman asked again.

Pen fairy: [Attacked by a ghost. The fatal wound is from being hit by a crack that materialized.]

“I-I don’t remember but I think I also want you to join us.” The woman turned her head. Every time she moved, the bones in the corresponding part made a loud sound. Later, this sound increased and more such sounds came from behind her. The staff who died here surrounded him one after another.

“Jo.in us.”

The exact same sound of bones moving and the sound of footsteps was chilling.


“Go first.”

Xiao Li opened the security door in front of him, grabbed the pen fairy that wanted to leave and ran up the safety stairs.

The split-mouthed woman followed closely while looking back at the ghosts that also wanted to run up the stairs. She wanted to put her scissors across the door handles on both sides of the security door but she was unwilling to lose it. Two seconds later, she chose to snap her fingers and summon the other ghosts from the same hospital. She placed the IV ghost in front of the door and ran to catch up with Sherlock.

The IV ghost let out a roar.

Meanwhile, the pen fairy struggled angrily in Xiao Li’s hands. Xiao Li told the pen fairy as he climbed the stairs, “Wait here and later I will introduce you to some new friends. Look, this is the split-mouthed woman. Hey, there is also one coming from behind. There is the IV ghost and that is the ponytailed girl.

Then he repeated the same words to the split-mouthed woman. “This is the pen fairy. You can call it Pen.”

They responded to Xiao Li’s words.

“Moriarty, you are so annoying!”

“I’m not deaf. You don’t have to repeat it a second time, Sherlock.”

The author has something to say:

The first ghost dating conference has officially begun, hosted by: Sher. Mo. He.


Xiao Li: This is the pen fairy. It is usually silly and not very clever. You can call her a stupid pen.

The pen fairy, “…….”

You are swearing.

Proofreader: Tofu

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