IWBL: Chapter 264

It had been a long time and Captain Sturt seemed to have renovated the whole ship. The carpet had been replaced with a fluffy bright red and there were a few more decorations on the inside of the cabin. Even the face engraved on the steering wheel had a crown painted on top.

Captain Sturt seemed to be in a good mood today and greeted him vigorously, “The weather today is really good. I like this type of weather.”

Xiao Li, “……”

He raised the wine bottle next to him while giving a perfunctory reply. He wanted to block the other person’s mouth with wine but Sturt pouted and pointed to the other side. “I don’t like drinking recently. Give me the drink next to me. I want orange juice.”

Xiao Li followed his gaze and saw many barrels on the floor on the other side. It wasn’t wine but various juices.

He picked up a bucket of yellow juice and dripped it into Sturt’s mouth. Sturt smiled with satisfaction. “I was travelling around the sea when I heard someone say that something had happened in reality. I happened to be bored so I wanted to come and see you. Where are you going? I will send you there as a reward for spreading the word about lies and beauty.”

Even after such a long time, Captain Sturt still gritted his teeth at the mention of Pseudo-Logoi.

Xiao Li reported the coordinates of S City. He also showed Captain Sturt the route on the GPS. Captain Sturt let out a long whistling sound. “I know, hold on. Moving forward at full speed!”

The moment he finished speaking, the entire ship sped up. There were no seats in the captain’s room so everyone stumbled into the wall. Xiao Li leaned forward. He wanted to grab onto the steering wheel but he didn’t catch it. He almost bumped into the window.

However, Shen Chenzhi caught him in time to steady him. Shen Chenzhi told him, “Be careful.”

The young man leaned against the wall in the corner.

Xiao Li turned around in her arms. There was a warm human body cushion behind him so no matter how the ghost ship moved, Shen Chenzhi didn’t let him fall. After a while, he asked Sturt, “Do you have an invisibility problem?”

Captain Sturt declared proudly, “Of course, don’t you know? Captain Sturt can do anything.”

The ghost ship was originally visible on the sea but now the hull changed colour like a chameleon. It seemed to merge into the ocean and couldn’t be detected. The big waves hit the window and the ghost ship rocked up and down.

In an instant, Tang Huaqing’s ship appeared through the window. Compared with the ghost ship, this ship was relatively stable and the speed wasn’t fast. After taking the lead for so long, the ghost ship caught up.

“The route is the same. Is he going to S City?”

Wang Huai’s face wasn’t very good. The bumps made him feel like he wanted to vomit but he leaned against the window and stared in front.

“It is a friendly ally or an enemy?” Captain Sturt asked loudly.

“The enemy. They are traitors of humanity. I don’t know how many people they have killed.” Ye Zeqing spoke without hesitation. “What do you want to do?”

Captain Sturt replied, “There is no boat that can drive in front of me. If it is an ally then I’ll pass them. If it is an enemy then I’ll sink them!”

Before Xiao Li could ask how he would sink the ship, the ghost ship had jumped out of the water like an arrow off the bowstring, firmly hitting the ship’s rear!


The head of the ghost ship struck Tang Huaqing’s stern hard.

Tang Huaqing in the cabin of the ship, “???”

He didn’t understand what was going on. The ship’s surveillance equipment showed there was nothing behind it but the impact was real. The ghost ship wasn’t satisfied after hitting it once. It slowed down again and fell behind. Then it slammed into Tang Huaqing’s ship from the side and rear.

Tang Huaqing pressed a button on the console and one side of the stern moved upward to reveal a turret inside. However, it couldn’t find the ghost ship so the shell wasn’t launched.

The moment the ghost ship tried to sink it, the turret fired a shell hard. However, Sturt was merged into the ghost ship itself. He flexibly avoided the shell and the shell hit the water. Sturt took the opportunity to hit hard again.

“Damn, what the hell is this?” Tang Huaqing couldn’t stand still. His body was thrown to the side of the ship. He grabbed his task book, ready to abandon the ship and escape. Captain Sturt once again hit the stern of the ship. This time, he overturned half the ship. The hull tilted and a large amount of seawater poured onto the deck.

Ye Zeqing’s face was green as he shouted, “Captain is awesome!”

“Of course,” Captain Sturt replied.

Captain Sturt watched the ship submerge in the sea and steered the ghost ship back on course, heading smoothly toward the destination.


S City’s dock.

This was an ordinary port for import and export. It was the best route from Yun Province to S City. It was usually full of people but now it was closed. The ghost ship had disappeared. It was unable to be tracked and it safely arrived at the port.

It was just that Xiao Li looked through the window of the ghost ship and saw that the port was full of people. There was a person almost every two steps and they were patrolling the sea. Everyone was wearing a black poncho with a hood of the same colour. Just looking at the clothes, it was obvious that they weren’t ordinary people.

“The Judges or ghosts?” Xiao Li asked Wang Huai.

Wang Huai, “……”

“No matter if they are the Judges or not, I’m sure they’re not ghosts.”

The ghost ship stopped sailing and stayed far away on the sea.

Wang Huai, Gong Mingming and the others carefully observed the group of people. At least, Gong Mingming saw the face of a man in the middle. “I’m familiar with the man. He wanted to sacrifice reincarnators in an instance but I stopped him. He is a believer of a god of the underworld.”

“Did they receive news from Tang Huaqing?” Wang Huai followed her thoughts and speculated. “Moriarty’s ghost ship was exposed by the forum. He might’ve guessed this…”

“Can you go around?”

Sturt replied, “According to the coordinates you gave me of the destination, this port is the closest one to the building. It will take a long time to go around to other ports. Even if I’m fast enough, will you be able to go ashore?”

By the time, the sky was covered in cracks. Originally, humans could pass directly through the cracks but now it wasn’t possible. The cracks that hadn’t been filled with chaos fragments gradually overlapped with reality and it was sharp enough to cut the hands that touched them.

There was one crack after another. Combined with the gloomy sky and the pouring rain, everything was like the end. Time was the most important thing.

Xiao Li didn’t reply for a long time. He glanced back at Wang Huai’s phone and there were many messages on it:

[I’ve resolved two incidents but some people still died. I got a fragment and healed a crack. I’m rushing to the next street.

[Someone is fleeing on the road.]

[Is there anyone in L Province? We are short of manpower here. There is a big ghost in the east community.]

[Did the cracks mutate?]

[Isn’t it too early?]

[Keep going. We can’t just wait to die. Even if I die, I will die standing.]


Xiao Li saw the bottom message and withdrew his gaze. He stated, “Go up first.”

“How do we get up?”

Xiao Li turned his head to Sturt. “Head toward the shore.”

Looking closer, they could clearly see the movements of the people on the shore. There was a bald man in the lead holding binoculars in his hands and behind him was a bunch of people. They held flashlights and walked back and forth, not letting go of any container.

Above these people was a black shadow with slender limbs and ahead that rotated 360 degrees like it was also searching.

Ye Zeqing kept his head down and was constantly sending text messages on his phone. After Xiao Li checked the approximate distribution of people on the shore, he first took out Zui Tian’s manuscript and spoke to Zui Tian. “Your ability is to create a world with words. If you write those people into your novels, can you affect them? It doesn’t need to be anything big. Just a little bit.”

Zui Tian: [I don’t guarantee the effect but I can try.]

Xiao Li nodded and spread out the little yellow book. He wrote to the soul of Atlantis and borrowed a creature from it. Light fluctuated around the little yellow book but nothing appeared in front of Xiao Li.

The invisible creature that was summoned cheered. Regardless of the strategy, it rushed toward the black shadow in the air!

Zui Tian had already started to write: [S City was currently windy and rainy. It was like the end of the room. Our story is being staged. At this time, the southern port was full of people in black, their clothes were blown up by the wind and rain.

[However, they didn’t expect one thing that was likely to happen in heavy rain, that is, the soles of their feet were too slippery. They are likely to step on their raincoats, slip and fall to the ground.]

The moment Zui Tian wrote this passage in the novel, the man in black closest to them slipped on his poncho and fell down. As his companions looked over in an alert manner, the person who fell down pressed his hands to the ground. “It’s okay, I fell down.”

Zui Tian tried his best to write: [He slipped once and there is always a second time. The rain was so heavy then when he got up, he fell down again. This time, someone helped him but as a result, the two of them fell down together.]

It was as he said. The man who fell down couldn’t get up. His companions reached out to help but they didn’t expect to be taken down together.


“Sh*t! What’s going on?”

The fall here affected some of the people in black but it wasn’t widespread. This was the limit that Zui Tian could do. After writing this passage, Zui Tian fell back into Xiao Li’s hands.

In the midst of the men in black, the collision of the invisible creature also caused some trouble. The black shadow ghost raised by the Judges screamed loudly as it was knocked over by this invisible creature. It shook his head and angrily tried to catch the culprit, but it always lost.

The bald man screamed as he realized someone had come. There was a cross in his hand and a circle of people surrounded him as he tried to help the black shadow ghost suppress the invisible creature.

It still wasn’t enough.

Xiao Li was about to find another helper when there was a commotion on the land side of the port. It was a wave of people. Some were holding umbrellas and some of them rushed into the black crowd without any protective rain gear.

Many of these people had familiar faces. They were reincarnators who had partnered with Xiao Li. Xiao Li recognized some of the faces at a glance including Zhu Yiting, Yong Chun, Guan Yu, Luo Dian…

“Brothers, go! It is enough to kill one! These bunch of trash from the Judges, I have long wanted to beat them up!”

“Yes, it is worth it even if we become plot characters in the future!”

There were a few accumulated people who grabbed the people in black. A few took out their accumulated items to trap the people in black. The port was filled with all types of sounds.

Ye Zeqing gave Xiao Li a push. “Hurry up.”

Before Xiao Li went up on the port, Ye Zeqing couldn’t help raising his mobile phone and smiling triumphantly. “I called for some help.”

On the phone screen, Ye Zeqing’s WeChat group showed some words:

[Is there anyone who can come to the southern port to help? Moriarty was caught by the trash from the Judges and he has no time to take care of them one by one. The thing he wants to do will definitely save us. If you can, hurry and come!]

[Moriarty? No, I only know Sherlock.]

[Fu*k, Moriarty =  Sherlock. Is there anyone who doesn’t know this?]

[I’m coming. I’ll bring a few brothers I know. I can’t stop things without the chaos fragments so I’ll see if Sherlock has a way.]

[We’re coming.]

[Ahhhh, those of us who aren’t in S City will cheer for you from a long distance. There is someone in the building next door calling for help. I’m going over there!]

Proofreader: Tofu

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