IWBL: Chapter 261

For some reason, Fu Jianlin always felt that this pen fairy seemed to have a problem with his neighbour next door.

Before he asked the question, the pen fairy’s answer was lofty and even contained a bit of joking that made him angry. Then after mentioning the young man next door, the pen fairy suddenly came alive and the answer was filled with anger. If he could make the pen fairy call him a devil…

Fu Jianlin suddenly made up a lot of things in his mind. The black-haired youth’s face that was too beautiful for a man abruptly became gloomy.

The woman on the side didn’t have much contact with Xiao Li or had feelings as deep as the man. She raised her head and repeated timidly, “Devil?”

Previously, Fu Jianlin had always been questioning the pen fairy and the woman hadn’t interrupted. At this time, the pen fairy turned to her and wrote a lie: [You can stand up.]

“Eh…?” The woman didn’t understand and opened her mouth to issue a confused syllable.

Fu Jianlin also didn’t understand it but he knew in his heart that it wasn’t a good thing. He casually took a sip of a drink from the side and held the pen, wanting to send the pen fairy away. Before leaving, the pen fairy wrote in Fu Jianlin’s direction: [Fu Jianlin, you will pay for everything that you have done until the moment you remember it.]

This sentence on the white paper was like a hook, constantly trying to lift the fog that enveloped him. However, it was forcibly suppressed by some force to prevent the fog from disappearing completely.

Fu Jianlin suppressed the anxiety in his heart. He grabbed the pen, slammed it to the ground and smashed the pen with his feet. “What type of trash is this? You know nothing, trash, trash!”

The baby had originally become tired from crying and had fallen asleep. Fu Jianlin’s sudden shouts at this moment had frightened the baby and he started crying again. The woman hurriedly tried to run away. “I-I’ll take care of the baby.”

Fu Jianlin grabbed her arm and pushed her to the ground, venting the uneasiness in his heart. “Where are you going? You are also trash and so is your son—”

He was about to stride toward the baby’s room when the woman who had always been submissive to him raised her head and grabbed his pant leg. “Don’t act against him. He is also your son. Hit me instead!”

Fu Jianlin turned around and kicked the broken pen to a corner while scolding her. “Is the kid really mine? He doesn’t look like me. I think he belongs to some wild man you played with outside. Dead woman, make your son stop crying!”

The woman saw he had no intention of trying to find trouble with the child. She immediately got up and stumbled to comfort the baby.

Fu Jianlin was left alone in the large room and irritably grabbed his hair. The sound of the frying pan and meat being chopped continued next door. He roughly stuffed two balls of tissues in his ears but he was still fidgeting.

It was too noisy, noisy, noisy.


The movements from the next room were passed into the ears of the reincarnators.

Luo Shan couldn’t sit still. This place was completely closed off and there was no signal from the mobile phone, so she could only stay in the room. She waited a long time for the night to come and couldn’t wait for Fu Jianlin to remember.

She glanced at the kitchen. The door there was closed. Xiao Li had taken the initiative to take over for Gong Mingming and Shen Chenzhi stayed with him inside.

Luo Shan didn’t go to disturb them and instead said to Gong Mingming, “Why do you think Fu Jianlin hasn’t remembered what happened that night? Hasn’t Moriarty given him enough stimulation?”

It wasn’t known where Ye Zeqing had found the melon seeds but he was currently sitting at the edge of the room and eating them. “Maybe we have to be a bit more direct. For example, give him a piece of paper that says he killed his wife and child. Now his wife turned into a ghost and came back for revenge.”

“That isn’t necessarily the case.” Gong Mingming spoke directly to Luo Shan. Since the young girl often told her about what happened on the ghost ship, she also used Moriarty every time she chattered with Luo Shan. “Moriarty has done enough. If this doesn’t work then a note that directly writes the truth will be considered nonsense by him. Therefore, there should be an opportunity. It just hasn’t been caught by us yet.”

“If this is an instance world, our goal is to find this opportunity and hints are just evidence.”

Luo Shan heard Gong Mingming’s words and fell into deep thought as she tried to figure out the way to life.

Wang Huai and Ye Lingshi didn’t join in their conversation. Compared to the domain of this unknown female corpse, Wang Huai was more worried about the current situation of reality. His gaze finally fell on his skull ring. The skull seemed to perceive it and a dark glow flashed from the eyes.

On the other side, Xiao Li was holding the handle of a frying pan in the kitchen, frying a piece of meat back and forth.

There was a bowl next to him. He had already fried three pieces of meat but they were either too raw or the batter was too thick. There weren’t any finished pieces. The piece of meat in the pan was his fourth tentative piece.

Xiao Li seemed to be resolute about these pieces of meat and had to cook them himself. He didn’t ask for the help of the young man around him so Shen Chenzhi just leaned back and watched. As Xiao Li poured oil into the pan, the hot oil splashed onto the back of his head and it immediately turned red.

Xiao Li frowned slightly but there was no pain. This pain was really nothing. He was ready to ignore it when he ran into another body behind him. Shen Chenzhi turned off the fire from where he was pressed against Xiao Li from behind. Then he dragged Xiao Li to the edge of the sink, turned on the tap and washed the back of Xiao Li’s hand. Under the impact of cold water, this piece of skin quickly cooled down but Shen Chenzhi didn’t mean to stop.

Xiao Li wanted to turn his head but Shen Chenzhi gripped his waist tighter from behind and spoke dully, “Don’t move.”

“What is it?”

Xiao Li was used to Shen Chenzhi’s sudden closeness but being pressed like this to the sink still made him uncomfortable. Shen Chenzhi’s low voice was heard. “Charging.”

The sound of the tap water covered up the crying of the baby next door and even the discussion in the next room became soft. It was as if this one square inch area was the only thing left in the world.

Xiao Li let the young man hold him for a while before glancing back at the piece of meat in the pan. He suggested, “Change to another time to charge?”

“No.” Shen Chenzhi’s lips rubbed against the beautiful youth’s neck. “They are all here today and I couldn’t touch you.”

Previously, he often used to be unable to touch Xiao Li. However, now he had changed from thrifty to extravagant. Since the establishment of their relationship, he was unable to bear not touching his lover for a long time.

Xiao Li remembered Shen Chenzhi’s appearance in the afternoon. He was like a big cat seeing uninvited guests as he stood to the side sulking. It was just that no one could see it because he was always cold as well as Xiao Li’s contribution to the situation.

Shen Chenzhi noticed that Xiao Li was holding back a smile and pressed into him unhappily. A smile appeared in Xiao Li’s dark eyes. In this position, he turned his head and kissed Shen Chenzhi’s chin.

Shen Chenzhi released his hand. He kissed Xiao Li’s lips while directly picking up him and letting him sit on the bench. His personal strength was like lightning and thunder in the outside world. They stole some joy in this final stability.

At this moment, Ye Zeqing’s voice came through the closed door. “Moriarty, you are taking so long to fry the meat? Is there any trouble?”

Xiao Li gasped. This time, it wasn’t just the back of his hand. His entire face and even his ears were red, especially his lips. Shen Chenzhi had bitten him while kissing. His lips were not only red with blood but also with bite marks.

Xiao Li spoke vaguely in the gap, “I have to fry the meat.”

“…I’ll help you.”

Shen Chenzhi grabbed Xiao Li’s wrist and pressed him back.


In such places, the arrival of night was always a cause for alarm. Due to the nameless woman’s announcement last night, everyone didn’t leave and stayed here together with Xiao Li. They pulled out a few quilts from the closet and placed them on the floor of the living room, paying attention to the movement of the outside world.

Once it was midnight, there was no change outside but the sound of something being chopped came punctually from next door. The difference from last night was that tonight’s frying pan was exceptionally loud while the sound of chopping meat only came once in a while.

This sound was like sad music before death, constantly foretelling the arrival of danger.

If it was an ordinary human or even some reincarnators who fell into the domain of the nameless female corpse, they would be extremely disturbed. If they didn’t find a way to survive in the previous relatively safe days, they would be killed after the restriction on the female corpse was completely lifted at night.

It was already early in the morning but Luo Shan couldn’t sleep. She sat on the sofa and looked at the fried meat on the table from time to time. It came from the hands of Shen Chenzhi and was crispy on the outside and tender inside. It tasted just right. Xiao Li also sprinkled a bit of pepper on it and it smelled like steak.

Time passed minute by minute. Finally, there was the sound of knocking on the door. Xiao Li walked to the door with a plate of meat and opened the door. The one standing at the door was the nameless woman from next door.

The difference from last night was that the oil marks on her face were more obvious. It wasn’t just a wound caused by boiling oil splashing but more like burns caused by being hit by the oil pan. It covered half her face.

The woman had her hair loose and it was like an octopus’ tentacles. She held a bowl in her hand. The bowl had cartoon bears on the outside and it was obviously for children. There was a pile of fried minced meat in the bowl.

The door to the next house was open. The sound of a baby crying or a man snoring were all absent. There was no sound.

“I’m here to invite you to eat meat.” As the woman spoke, the wound on her face moved grimly. Just one night had passed but she seemed much stronger. “You must eat it thoroughly and well. Otherwise, you will become my meat.”

Xiao Li glanced at the bowl in her hand and found that it was simply cooked by putting the meat in the oil. He wondered, “No seasoning? You should at least sprinkle some salt. I prefer cumin. It tastes better.”

The woman, “???”

Wasn’t this being picky about cooking? The bowl paused in midair as if she was hesitant to pass it to him directly. Xiao Li didn’t hesitate. He directly took the bowl from the woman’s hand and handed his plate of meat to the other person. He told her, “Swap.”

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