IWBL: Chapter 26

Xie Lingshi already knew the hint of Wu Tian and also understood that Xiao Li knew it and it was even earlier than him.

He originally thought that the self-proclaimed Sherlock was abnormal but now he found that the other person was a very smart, abnormal person. This was good since they could try to cooperate. It was always pleasant to deal with smart people rather than pig-like teammates.

Once all the clues were connected with Wu Tian’s hint, everything was simple. Every person had an identity on their invitation. For example, Xiao Li was a detective, Xie Lingshi was a priest and Feng Fengqing was a doctor. This ‘identity’ was the key in this world.

Wu Tian writing ‘Pro’ was actually half of ‘profession’. He had no strength to complete the word.

Profession was ‘identity’ and Wu Tian’s identity was a teacher. However, he didn’t act as a teacher. On the contrary, he always wanted to hold Xie Lingshi’s thighs and listen to Xie Lingshi’s words. He was more like a student than a teacher so he died very early.

The first uncle who died, his identity was a ‘butcher’ and he was the first to die because at dinner, he said that blood was really disgusting. This didn’t fit his identity as a butcher since he should be accustomed to blood. He was the first to die since no one else violated their identity. The method of death was a dagger through the heart but it was in line with the word ‘butcher.’

The reason why Wu Tian knew this was because the ghost who came to kill him wore a teacher’s costume and the right hand held chalk, drawing a circle around his body. This made him think of his identity on the invitation.

Xiao Li, Xie Lingshi and Feng Fengqing were already acting as the detective, priest and doctor without knowing it. Meanwhile, out of the couple, the man He Wei was a businessman and the woman He Yi was a writer. Once they saw through the rules of the dead, they just had to act out their identity and avoid the dead end, surviving to the seventh day.

Xiao Li’s question was a response to Xie Lingshi. Since Xie Lingshi was so fond of testing him, how could he not return the favour?

Based on Xiao Li’s personality, he wouldn’t use such obscure questioning to fight back. However, he was now a detective, the big detective Sherlock Holmes. Directly asking Wu Tian would be a loss so he simply used a famous British nursery rhyme.

Who killed Cock Robin? Who killed Wu Tian? Wu Tian killed himself. Wu Tian had the idea of holding Xie Lingshi’s thigh and killed himself.

Xie Lingshi succeeded in catching the hint.

The brown-haired youth showed compassion on his face, perfectly showing the emotion that a priest should have. “May God take his soul and let him rest in Heaven.”

The old housekeeper once again carried the body to the cellar and Xie Lingshi took this time to tell the other people about his speculation. This was an effective way to survive seven days but not discover the truth of the castle. Still, most people didn’t care about the truth as long as they could successfully survive.

After the second day, most of them thought the crisis had been lifted and no one would die on the third day. However, at noon on the third day, no one came out of the couple’s room.

They broke in again and found that the curtains of this room were tightly pulled close. There were three burning candles in front of the mirror and the couple He Wei and He Yi were hugging each other while lying on the carpet. Their entire faces were torn off while He Wei’s palm was holding a golden hair. The scene was very bloody.

Xie Lingshi’s expression changed. “Why did someone die? Were we wrong?”

Feng Fengqing endured her nausea as she bent down and checked the couple. Then she pulled a layer of sheets from the bed and covered them. Xiao Li went to the mirror and looked at the three candles in front of them. “Their method of death… it is different from the previous two.”

It was also different from the order in which one person died every day. The first two died because of their identity while these two were obviously seduced to the brink of death hand were killed. Xie Lingshi also came over and his expression changed. “Candles are an auxiliary tool for some evil rituals. You mean… they summoned the evil spirit?”

Xiao Li touched his chin. “Three candles and a Western evil spirit, Bloody Mary?”

It was the legendary evil spirit that could compete with the Oriental’s pen fairy.

The brown-haired young man said, “It is possible. I’ve heard her legend that if you call her, she might answer your question but she can also directly kill the caller. However, It is such an evil spirit and would why the two people call her? Didn’t I tell them the way to survive?”

“Are you curious?” Xiao Li wondered. “You can ask Bloody Mary directly.”

Xie Lingshi, “………”

He felt that Xiao Li was a smart person and that they had a tacit understanding. He completely forgot about the incident where the other person grabbed food while also doing a painting. Now the other person reminded him with this sentence. What was asking her directly? This was the famous Western Bloody Mary, not an aunt of their family. Could they call and ask her?

The Xie family’s oldest son organized his words. “Brother Xia, what do you mean by asking her directly?”

Was this mocking him? Surely this person wasn’t serious?

Xiao Li thoughtfully replied, “Summon her and ask her.”

Xie Lingshi, “………”

What did it mean to do their own summoning ceremony? He had never seen such a person who wanted to die, actually calling an evil spirit into his home.

“You should think about it again. This is quite dangerous.” Xie Lingshi generally didn’t like to be nosy but due to the tacit understanding he thought was between then, he still tried to persuade this person. “Our purpose is to survive this instance and there is no need to cut off our branch of life.”

Xiao Li looked at him with a smile and didn’t deny it. He naturally knew it was dangerous but he also had a speculation that the evil spirit was the one who exchanged a plate of snacks with the painting last night.

That night, he held the summoning ceremony. The curtains in the room were pulled completely shut and the moonlight outside was isolated, creating a completely quiet chamber. In the dark room, Xiao Li sat in front of the dresser, placed the little yellow book in front of him and then placed three li candles in front of the wide mirror. The candles burned quietly and the light distorted into weird shapes in the mirror.

The teenager closed his eyes, folded his arms across his chest and repeated Mary’s name three times. “Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary.”

The three candles were suddenly blown out by the wind and a graceful figure moved through the walls and stopped at the mirror in front of Xiao Li.

The woman had blonde hair, was beautiful and wore a large red court skirt. She was the person in the painting hanging at the end of the corridor. She first swept a gaze over the harmless little yellow book and showed a hint of fear in her eyes. Then the expression disappeared as she looked at the black-haired teenager and smiled like last night, speaking no words.

Xiao Li opened his eyes and he watched the infamous evil spirit for a moment. He asked the first question, “The first couple who summoned you, what were their demands?”

Bloody Mary in the mirror paid her debts. The light in the mirror flowed and showed what happened at that time.

He Yi closed her eyes while He Wei sat and held her hand to give her strength. Her voice shook as she said, “Respected Bloody Mary, please tell us how to survive in this world of continuous instances. Can you give us a way to stay together?”

He Wei’s face revealed a bit of greed and after his girlfriend finished, he bowed his head and prayed, “Mary, I heard that you will satisfy all the requests of your followers. Please give this follower some strength. I am willing to find a clean and pure soul for you in exchange.”

It was unknown where the couple got the method to summon her and they also treated her as a wishing machine. It wasn’t strange that they would die.

Xiao Li shook his head and asked the second question. “What is the secret of this manor?”

A downward revolving staircase appeared in the mirror and then there was a door with three evil dogs that was locked tightly. It meant… the castle above was just a disguise and underneath was the real Tartarus?

Before Xiao Li opened his mouth to ask the third question, the little yellow book appeared in front of him. 【 Do you know what the most powerful thing is about Bloody Mary? 】

Xiao Li was instinctively alert while little yellow book answered itself before he could speak. 【 She can show the face of the summoner’s future husband. 】

【 Would you like to see it? 】

Xiao Li, “………”

No, he didn’t want to. He already knew what the little yellow book wanted to say. He raised a hand to stop it but Mary had already walked away from the mirror and a whirlpool appeared in the empty mirror. Xiao Li swore that he would break the mirror if the little yellow book was inside it!

However, it didn’t listen to the wish of the person. The scene in the mirror quickly became a ballroom and finally focused on the man in the centre of the ballroom. A golden thread stretched out from the mirror and wrapped around Xiao Li’s wrist, pulling him into the mirror.

By the time Xiao Li recovered, he found himself in another place. There was a high dome and the large palace revealed a noble atmosphere. The table was filled with all types of exquisite food and wine and the overhead chandelier reflected the colourful lights. This was definitely a ballroom but it was empty.

Standing in front of him was a man wearing gorgeous robes with layers of delicate embroidery on the hem. He looked like an ancient nobleman but his face was blurred. The man reached out a hand to Xiao Li, who noticed that there was a cold black jewelled ring on his finger. The man’s every move was filled with bone-deep elegance and his voice was as pleasant as the person in the orphanage.

“This is a dance for you.”

“Would you like to dance with me? My dear.”

After saying the words ‘my dear’, the man paused subtly like there was another suffix left unsaid.

The author has something to say:

Little yellow book: The plan worked.

Magical Mary: mmp.

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