IWBL: Chapter 256

The back ghost’s eyes were too angry and this caught Xiao Li’s attention. Xiao Li hesitated for a moment. He looked at the back ghost’s flat chest and corrected it. “Then Mother?”

The back ghost, “……”

Get lost, it wasn’t as good as Father. It gritted its teeth bitterly and its two large palms moved upwards. He held two of the baby’s legs from underneath and was ready to exert force.

Perhaps it was itchy. The unreasonable baby ghost kicked its more than a dozen legs and squeezed out a giggle. It was this giggle that made the back ghost want to hold the two legs and tear the baby apart alive. The scene changed from ‘I will tear apart my son’ to ‘pinching my son’s feet’.

Xiao Li sighed. “A good scene of a father and son filial piety.”

Gong Mingming, “……”

She glanced at Xiao Li with a strange look.

At the same time, Sun Qilin couldn’t accept the happy scene in front of him. He pinched a formation trick in his hands, dripped a drop of blood between his eyebrows and sternly shouted, “Soul come back, concentrate attention!”

The baby ghost was shocked all over. The scattered facial features wrinkled together like it was suffering great pain. It covered its head with six hands and shook violently back and forth. Finally, it seemed to be controlled as it looked back at Sun Qilin.

It kicked its feet and leapt hard to get back to Sun Qilin. Sun Qilin was overjoyed when he saw this and his worried heart finally sunk back to its original position.

At this moment, Xiao Li suddenly opened his mouth. “I will ask you one last question.”

“…What is the question?” Sun Qilin didn’t want to pay attention to this person. However, he saw that the baby ghost was about to return to his side and replied in a ghostly manner.

“Where did your family get that nameless corpse?”

“Guess?” Sun Qilin sneered. “Why should I tell you?”

Xiao Li mused for a moment. “As a reward for helping your child find a parent?”

Sun Qilin, “……”

He wanted to speak when his eyes froze suddenly. It was because behind the back ghost, the baby ghost had failed to get away. It wanted to go but it wasn’t allowed.

In Death’s laboratory, the back ghost had carried more than one hundred corpses. They might’ve all been eventually eaten in its stomach but was that any reason to let the prey go? So even if Hercule didn’t speak, the back ghost directly held two of the baby ghost’s legs. Its strength was much greater than the baby ghost and it dragged the baby down from midair!

“Wu, wu, wu—”

Two of the baby ghost’s lower legs were pinched by the back ghost. If it was an ordinary baby then the legs might’ve been broken. Fortunately, it was a baby ghost and its vitality was quite tenacious. It just wept from the pain in these legs and then struggled again.

The back ghost skillfully used two hands to press the baby ghost on his back. His other two hands let go of the legs and turned to support the butt.

“Hurry up. Take the child and go.” Xiao Li blocked his ears and told the back ghost.

The ghost hesitated for a moment, as if wondering whether to take away this baggage according to Hercule’s words. Then it changed its mind. Even if this cheap son was too noisy, it was enough to use the fat body as reserve food.

He thought the baby ghost’s struggle was too noisy and was eager to cut off the contact with Sun Qilin. The best way was to bring it back to the instance world. Therefore, the back ghost held the baby ghost on its back and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

The moment the baby ghost disappeared, Sun Qilin coughed up blood.

Sun Qilin suffered a lot of internal injuries after being forcibly cut off from the baby ghost. He wiped his lips with the back of his hand and stared at Xiao Li. “How did you do it? What is that ghost? How can it listen to you like this?”

He had fallen from bliss. He wasn’t mad, just puzzled.

The formation was given by the people of the Judges and should’ve included the power of the gods. His connection with the baby ghost was also established. The baby ghost had even overwhelmed Gong Mingming’s guqin. How could such an ordinary ghost disturb it?! Limbs and heads, what type of ghost was this? The most important thing was: how did Sherlock control this ghost?

Sun Qilin tried to recall the history of the ghost but he didn’t have any impression of it.

Xiao Li thought about it for a while before replying, “Perhaps because I had previously helped it so it helped me now.”

Sun Qilin asked, “What did you help it with—”

There was a brief pause. Xiao Li continued without waiting for Sun Qilin to finish asking. “Since you have contact with the Judges, you might also know it. The world it comes from is called Death’s Laboratory.”

“My gift to it was freedom.”


This word was deeply embedded in Sun Qilin’s mind.

No wonder, no wonder!

It was a creature of the god of death. It might’ve been released from the laboratory but the back ghost still had the breath of the god of death on its body. The back ghost was composed with the help of the Judges. One of the gods they believed in was Death. Due to this, the baby ghost had a natural affinity with the back ghost. Otherwise, even if Bloody Mary came in person, it might be a success in the end but the process wouldn’t be so easy.

After thinking about the cause and effect, Sun Qilin had blood in his mouth and he coughed it up on the ground.

The incubators that lost the babies automatically closed and stayed empty in this room.

Wang Huai walked over and punched Sun Qilin. Then he took out a rope item to tie up Sun Qilin. Wang Huai grabbed a set of keys from Sun Qilin’s pockets. They were the keys to the rooms on both sides of the corridor.

They opened it in turn and found that the rooms on both sides were full of old people who had passed through the cycle. The first door contained an old lady lying flat on the iron bed. Her eyes were closed and she seemed to have no breath. The second door was an old man lying in the same position.


All the people who ate meat became babies and were sneaked away by Sun Qilin with the acquiescence of the elders. After the babies became old people and died, they would be transported here.

Ye Lingshi crouched down when he entered the first room. He borrowed Xiao Li’s scalpel and silently said ‘I’m sorry’ before cutting a small piece of meat from the old man’s hand, putting it in Wang Huai’s dressing box.

“Let’s see if this piece of meat emits the meaty fragrance,” Ye Lingshi said.

The meat that was just cut was very hard due to the temperature. There was no smell at all, let alone the smell of meat. If they got close then all they could smell was a faint corpse smell. They finished searching the rooms before Wang Huai took a deep breath.

This place was different from the instance world. It was reality and his hometown. The Sun family acting in such a way really made him furious. He turned his head and asked Xiao Li, “What’s next?”

“Have you ever dealt with anything similar to this?” Xiao Li asked him. “Can the evidence of these corpses be found?”

Wang Huai understood what he meant. “…Yes.”

There were many reincarnators like Wang Huai. They came from all corners of the country and were engaged in various jobs, like law. The Sun family might be a local villain but it couldn’t resist the power of the rest of the reincarnators. There was so much evidence that he just needed to apply a bit of pressure and relevant departments would naturally come forward.

“Then call the police.”

There were so many lives. It was enough for the Sun family to enjoy a lifetime of prison food. After he spoke, he bowed his head and crouched down. He was near a body and he stared into the air. Wang Huai made a call to connect with his people while Ye Zeqing leaned over and asked, “What are you looking for?”

Xiao Li’s appearance was a bit strange. He seemed to see something that no one else could see in the air.

Xiao Li raised a finger. “A crack.”

Ye Zeqing inquired, “What crack?”

“A crack in the well,” Xiao Li answered.

This was information he got after talking to Atlantis’ soul. Xiao Li recalled what happened when he used the right to talk to Atlantis’ soul. It was after returning from the adjudication prison. He wrote down his request in the little yellow book and a drop of water appeared in his mind

The soul of Atlantis wasn’t an ocean. It was just a drop of water. A faint mental fluctuation came from the drop of water. “Sherlock, I remember everything that happened in Styland and I can now smell prophetic fluctuations from you.”

“…Your prediction came true.” Xiao Li spoke briefly. “The world I live in has encountered the same thing as you once did.”

The soul of Atlantis replied, “I felt it which is why I gave you the right to talk to me. Otherwise, other people would get an item related to the god of dreams after clearing the instance.”

“I didn’t want you to be involved with him so I intercepted you.”

The water drop sounded quite proud in the last half of the sentence, as if he was bragging about blocking Sherlock from the god of dreams.

Xiao Li got straight to the point. “You don’t just want to say something to me or give me a one-sided gift. So I guess you came to make a deal with me?”

“…I have something to tell you.” The water droplet turned and the white light projected vivid colours. “This is a prepaid reward. I will bet heavily on you. In return, you need to promise me one thing.”

“Sherlock, listen carefully.”

“Cracks will occur when ghosts with abilities close to a domain acts. The frequent occurrence of supernatural events will also accelerate the cracks. The collapse of a well isn’t just the collapse of the entrance but the collapse of the entire body caused by the cracks. This was something that my people never noticed. Filling it is possible but you need to do more than filling it. You need a ‘hand’.”

“Most of what you said is the same as what I thought. I still have questions about a few details.” Xiao Li didn’t refuse the deal. “However, before that, I want to know what you want me to do.”


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