IWBL: Chapter 255

Sun Qilin was quite displeased but didn’t say anything on the surface. He just glanced back at Sherlock with dissatisfaction and avoided the topic.

Perhaps he was too afraid that the others would see something. Sun Qilin chose to turn his back to everyone. He closed his eyes and a sad look appeared on his face, as if he was reminiscing about the scene at that time. “What did the Sun family start from? You should know this best, Brother Wang.”

“Driving the corpse.” Wang Huai’s voice was as usual.

“Yes, others asked us and we used our own methods to drive the corpse back home or to a location designated by the customers. Our grandchildren practiced this since they were young so the rooms are divided into internal and external rooms. Extreme parents would have the corpse sleep outside in order to cultivate the child’s senses towards corpses.” Sun Qilin recalled his childhood and took a deep breath. “Since stepping into modern society, corpses have been strictly controlled and the corpse driving business gradually declined. Grandfather and Father were always looking for new methods. After the reincarnator’s instance was opened, a member of the family entered the world and brought back a corpse refining method from it. It stated that a corpse could be refined into a creature closer to ghosts and will be stronger than ordinary ghosts. Grandfather headed into a dead end.”

“According to the method of corpse refining in the book, it is necessary to feed raw meat to the corpse. Therefore, Grandfather figured out a way to get the meat. Everything started at this time.”

“In the beginning, it was animal meat. However, the corpses refined from animal meat retained the wild nature of the animal from when it was alive. Therefore, my second uncle put forward an idea. If human meat is used, will the corpses be more spiritual and even intelligent?”

Sun Qilin’s words were very straightforward. It was a good thing from everyone’s standpoint but it indicated the emergence of certain changes. After all… this was the real world, not an instance. Sun Qilin moved forward again and his palm pressed against the cold wall.

“At first, Grandfather strongly disagreed. There was a bottom line he stuck to. Then later, I don’t know where he obtained it from but he brought back a corpse.” Even if the sub-zero temperature made Sun Qilin’s palm numb, he didn’t take it off in order to fight against the gluttony he felt when he mentioned this ‘corpse’. He even had to stop talking because his mouth was full of saliva.

Xiao Li inquired, “What type of corpse was it?”

“I don’t know. I haven’t seen it. All I’ve seen was it covered in a white cloth. I don’t know how to describe it. It looked… very terrible. I didn’t open the white cloth to see.” Sun Qilin replied after a long time.

“Later, Grandfather agreed to my second uncle’s suggestion. They dug up the flesh of the corpse and fed it to corpses that were bought at a high price.”

Xiao Li heard up to here and asked, “Where did you buy the corpses?”

“There are many places. Hospitals, medical schools, crematoriums, funeral homes etc. There are many unclaimed corpses,” Sun Qilin answered. “Then… something went wrong with these pieces of meat.”

“They were becoming more and more fragrant, so fragrant that it couldn’t be matched by the craftsmanship of any five-star hotel chef.”

“Grandfather realized there must be a problem. He immediately stopped and froze the leftover meat using a formation handed down from our ancestors. However, besides the corpses that were fed, some people were attracted by the smell and ate the meat. Some people didn’t eat it and just hid it in a bowl, but the meat eventually disappeared.”

“The living people who ate the meat were sent to the hospital for gastric lavage but it was no use. After they came back, they showed irreversible changes and started shrinking.

“From an adult, they slowly shrank and finally completely became a baby. In the process of shrinking, they will let out a baby’s cry that they can’t detect. It can’t be heard with their ears, only some special equipment.”

“Those who become a baby will grow up again and reach their prime. At their prime, they have abilities comparable to a ghost.”

Xiao Li tried to speculate. “However, this prime period is very short. Later, they will contract strange diseases, become elderly people who cough and then die?”

“…You guessed it correctly.” Sun Qilin wasn’t pleased that Xiao Li snatched his words but he didn’t refute it. He acquiesced and continued, “My father advocated destroying this corpse but my second uncle strongly disagreed. He thought that there was hope. We just need to solve the problem of excessive body function and we can control the power of ghosts.”

Xiao Li understood that Uncle Sun’s idea had to fail.

Dr J had seen the sick ghost and said it was parasitism and reincarnation. Essentially, it was parasitism of the owner of the meat in other bodies. So unless this parasitism could be cut off, the second uncle’s actions were meaningless.

“You have a good memory at this time.” He nodded and asked an irrelevant question. “Then are you now in your prime after eating meat?”

Sun Qilin angrily repeated, “…I told you, I didn’t eat the meat!”

Xiao Li didn’t bother entangling himself in this matter. He walked forward and passed Sun Qilin directly to the end of the corridor. “Then you can do you best to destroy it yourself. Why are we here?”

Sun Qilin’s face showed triumph. He walked past Xiao Li without hiding himself, took out a key from his trouser pockets, unlocked the door and pushed it open.

“It is because my experiment was successful. Sherlock, I want you to be my stepping stone and its first victim.”

He spoke cheerfully. Now his face no longer had the politeness and shyness from the first time they met. Rather, it was full of madness.


Xiao Li glanced at him. Just as Sun Qilin thought this person would yell at him, Xiao Li suddenly said, “Then you don’t need to tell me such lies. Tell the truth and I will come.”

Sun Qilin, “???”

This reaction wasn’t quite right?!


Beyond the door looked like another world.

The layout was more like the hospital room for newborn babies. Inside small glass incubators were baby corpses. It was densely arranged and the bulbs about their heads were shining palely.

The only difference was that ordinary incubators maintained normal human body temperature while the incubators here kept the temperature below zero. Every baby was frozen and had no breathing.

Xiao Li frowned. “…These are babies in reverse?”

Sun Qilin had recovered from the pain of being choked up just now and walked slowly to the vicinity of the babies. He opened one of the incubators closest to him and picked up one of the babies, staring deeply into the tightly closed eyes. “Yes. Do you know? I remember him. He was my good friend.”

“I still remember that day. I actually brought him to my house to do homework together. However, when I was called out by my father, he smelled the meat I was hiding in the refrigerator. He couldn’t help being tempted and ate the meat.”

“I found out so I made an excuse to keep him in my house overnight. The next day, he became like this. In the process of the change, he asked me to save him and I had an idea. The path my second uncle wants to walk is too long and too difficult. My idea is much simpler and easier to realize!

“A baby’s grievances are the deepest, purest and naturally the easiest to be guided. Ye Zeqing and Ye Lingshi, you should be very clear about this, right?” Sun Qilin teased the baby who had already died of the cold in his arms like it was a child.

Ye Lingshi looked calm and didn’t speak.

“No, the Ye family is so famous. You don’t know this?” Sun Qilin deliberately held up the baby in his hand and turned around in a circle. “So if I want to get the strength in them, I just need to freeze their time in their infancy. They are too young  to resist and their power is sealed in their bodies.”

“I stole some babies and deliberately brought in a few homeless people, coaxing them to eat that piece of meat. Then I put them in here together. I want to fuse them into an unmatchable baby ghost!”

“In order to achieve this goal, I even had to contact the people of the Judges to obtain a formation from that that can increase the success rate.”

“It only takes seven days, seven days to develop a tacit understanding. Today is the seventh day.”

Sun Qilin laughed wildly as he said it was too late. He had already drawn a small knife from his sleeve, cut his wrist and dripped the blood on the ground behind the incubator!

The second after the blood was dripped, something seemed to be waking up in the room. The overhead lights started to flicker, the temperature became uncontrollable and an invisible wind blew in.

The babies lying in the insulation chambers opened their eyes. They didn’t laugh or cry. It was like they were being manipulated by some type of force as they quickly climbed out of the insulation chambers. They climbed down the table and merged together.

Ye Lingshi shouted, “Let’s go!”

He didn’t look back as he threw a talisman paper behind him. This was prepared by him after he noticed something was wrong. The yellow talisman paper flew behind him and the young man murmured to himself, “Set!”

In a flash, a violent wind blew and the incubations fell to the ground. The item in Gong Mingming’s hand disappeared in a flash and a guqin appeared behind her. Xiao Li glanced sideways as Gong Mingming waved her hand and plucked the strings. The guqin’s special melody rippled, filled with the power of sleep.

“Get out first!” Wang Huai yelled.

They ran to the door quickly but there was a loud noise behind them. The loud crying of the baby overwhelmed the requiem of the guqin. “Wu—wu!!”

It was a magical sound, like thousands of children were crying hoarsely in their ears. It almost pierced everyone’s eardrums. A huge monster stood up next to Sun Qilin. It was an enlarged version of a baby and was around the same height as Sun Qilin. Unlike ordinary people, it had dozens of legs like a centipede, a huge head and a bloated body. It was crying at this time.

Sun Qilin pointed in front of him joyfully. “Kill them!”

The baby instinctively looked at where he was pointing. It grinned and kicked off from the ground with both legs. Its entire body soared in the air and flew forward! Wang Huai was about to do something when he was stopped by Xiao Li stepping in front of him. He wrote something in the little yellow book.

The baby ghost was flying toward them when its entire body was suddenly lifted up, preventing it from moving forward. The baby ghost bowed its head blankly. Between its legs were two more heads. It was sitting on a broad back that was sticky and covered with strange patterns. There were four hands under his back.

The baby ghost cocked its head. “Wu— eh?”

The ghost who was called was even more confused than the baby ghost.

The back ghost, “???”

The back ghost looked at the baby ghost on its back with one head while the other looked at Hercule in front, baring its teeth angrily at the man. The first time Hercule called it, he let it carry a hanging ghost. The second time Hercule called it, he let it carry a baby. Did it look like a laborer or something?

In addition, Hercule on the other side didn’t feel ashamed. He even gestured for the back ghost to play with the baby, pointing to the baby ghost’s many hands. “Look, you are its father.”

The back ghost, “……”

‘Why are you still slandering ghosts? You’re his father!!!’

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im wheezing. xiao li’s words are poisonous as usual