IWBL: Chapter 254

Xiao Li picked up the wooden box that Wang Huai had put on the table. He looked deep inside and turned the whole box upside down, but no mucus flowed out.

Wang Huai continued, “He said his older sister’s name is Sun Junling. Jiarun is her nickname and only close friends and family will call her that.”

Xiao Li took a tissue and wiped the wooden box. It was just that no matter how much he wiped, the mucus wouldn’t leave the bottom. He tried a few times before finally giving up and putting the box back in place, waiting for Wang Huai to finish.

“I hinted at what happened to Sun Jiarun. He was a bit shaken but he still didn’t say anything.” Wang Huai’s speech was a bit faster than usual. “As for this piece of meat, he told me it was something brought by the head of the family and I shouldn’t ask anything else.”

“Then you coming to tell me about this—”

Before Xiao Li could finish his sentence, Gong Mingming suddenly came from outside. She was followed by Luo Shan, holding the compass in her hand. The girl had short breaths as she told them, “Come with me.”

“What is it?”

“I found Sun Jiarun, or Sun Junling’s room.”


It was still raining outside and the sky was so gloomy that it could be dusk. They didn’t feel it in the room with the window closed but the wound of the rain was felt even more when they walked into the rain.

This should’ve been unsuitable weather for acting but when approaching Sun Jiarun’s room, Gong Mingming couldn’t help being thankful for the cover of the rain.

There were already people at the door of the room. One of them was the old man they met at the Sun’s dinner party. He was the Sun family’s second uncle. He stood at the door of the outer room, frowning and looking inside. A middle-aged woman with an extremely short stature was standing in front of him with a hunched back and a faint cough was heard from time to time. If Sun Jiarun was still here, she would recognize this person as her nanny but she was much older than yesterday.

Wang Huai pulled out an item from the task book, threw it in the air and in the blink of an eye, they disappeared in the rain. He was about to move forward when he turned his head and noticed Xiao Li’s curious eyes. “What type of item is this?”

Wang Huai, “……”

‘Sherlock, your curiosity is so strong that you look like your cat.’

He wanted to reach out and rub the other person’s head. Then he saw the eyes of the young man next to Xiao Li and restrained himself just in time. Under the cover of the rain, Old Wang explained in a low voice, “The name of the item is ‘victim’s blind spot.’ It comes from a murderer. He was good at hiding during his life and turned into this item after his death. Once used, as long as we don’t stand directly in a person’s field of view, our traces will be covered up and we won’t be discovered.”

The old man at the door of Sun Jiarun’s room looked impatiently into the room but didn’t enter easily.

Xiao Li and his group bypassed the door and went to the window of the inner room.

The moment they walked under the window, they heard a baby crying from the room. “Wu, wu, wu.”

The baby cried miserably. It could be called a hoarse voice but the volume was that of a normal child. They could hear it from the cracks in the window but it would be completely covered by the sound of the rain if they walked a bit further. Not a single bit of noise would be heard.

Xiao Li straightened up, stretched his head to a height that was level with the window sill and looked inside the window. Perhaps he was too tired from last night. Xiao Li actually felt that such an action was difficult and he had to hold on with his hands. He didn’t feel better until Shen Chenzhi followed him, holding his waist and massaging it a few times.

Shen Chenzhi whispered in his ear. “Are you still uncomfortable?”

“If you didn’t want me to feel uncomfortable then you should’ve stopped when I told you to stop.” Xiao Li didn’t answer directly. He just turned and whispered in the young man’s ear.

Shen Chenzhi’s lips curved. “I couldn’t help it.”

Xiao Li pushed his shoulder and looked back into the room.

The first thing he saw was the smashed mess on the table. The broken mirror was randomly placed on the edge of the table and was about to fall. The rest of the foundation and makeup was spilled on the table and along the legs of the table to the ground.

Near the ground was a baby girl. Due to the angle problem, Xiao Li couldn’t see the entire picture inside. He could only see one of the baby’s legs stretching out in the air like a stick and kicking incessantly. The hair of an ordinary baby usually wasn’t very long but this baby was different. The hair was very long, scattered randomly on the floor and a hair tie was mixed in with the black hair. The baby cried so badly but no one came to coax her, pick her up or amuse her.

Xiao Li took a look before moving away. The others looked inside and Wang Huai’s eyes flashed. “Is this Sun Jiarun?”

According to Sun Qilin, Sun Jiarun was his older sister. The age wasn’t very different and should at least be similar to him. Sun Qilin was a high school student close to the university entrance examination but the Sun Jiarun who asked them for help was a young girl. Now there was a baby in her room…

He connected all of this and made a guess. “Due to the piece of meat? Anyone who eats this piece of meat in the Sun family will gradually shrink physically and lose their minds, until they eventually become a baby.”

“Still, why would the Sun family conceal this? What about the sick ghost?” Wang Huai murmured to himself in a voice only he could hear. “If the previous crying in the city was due to this then something has changed. What happens after becoming a baby…”

At this time, another person came to the front door. It was Sun Qilin. The group hid behind the tree by the window and listened to the intermittent voices.

Sun Qilin looked inside first and was shocked when he saw the baby crying. He wanted to walk in but his second uncle caught his arm. The man asked, “What are you going to do in there? Make her cry and she will return to normal after crying.”

“It is just a short recovery! You know what she will become!” Sun Qilin was obviously angry compared to the man’s indifferent tone. “It doesn’t matter what you do to the servants but what did you do to her?”

The second uncle stated, “No, it is all temporary. As long as you wait a bit more, just wait and they will be able to return to their original appearance. They will also be more powerful…”

“Aren’t you always worried about dying in these increasing spiritual events? As long as you agree and eat it, you will become strong. What do you want? For the prosperity of the family, a small sacrifice is necessary.”

His tone was cold and stubborn.

Sun Qilin gritted his teeth. He wanted to go inside and pick up his sister on the ground but his second uncle’s hand was like steel around his arm, making him unable to move.

“Cough, cough, cough.”

The nanny’s cough was heard again. Her body trembled from the cough and some black liquid flowed out and fell on her clothes. She listened to the conversation between Sun Qilin and his second uncle but she didn’t respond.

Sun Qilin immediately turned to look at her sympathetically but his second uncle was unmoved. He once again told Sun Qilin, “If you don’t want to join the plan then don’t trouble me. Otherwise, don’t blame me when the time comes. I might just shove it in your mouth!”

“D-Don’t do this. Second uncle, my dad…” Sun Qilin felt like he had been struck by lightning.

“What about your dad? Your dad can’t help it anymore.”


Before leaving, Sun Qilin stared deeply into the room.

Although the people outside couldn’t directly hear the conversation, they could guess from Sun Qilin’s general demeanor and words. Xiao Li was the first to follow him.


Sun Qilin didn’t return to his room. He just walked a short distance and stood directly in the corridor like this, staring at the rain curtain outside. His expression changed and he clenched his fists.

Wang Huai held touching his fingers while walking and he abruptly stated, “I have shrunk too.”

Gong Mingming wondered, “Where did you shrink?”

It was obviously a tense and solemn atmosphere but Wang Huai sneered. “Where else can it be?”

He raised his five fingers. “My fingers.”

“I have strict management of my figure. Just now, I found that my fingers have been shortened by half a centimetre. It is a very small change.”

“It seems this piece of meat doesn’t only have an effect when eating. It might also be able to absorb when placed around you. Even my item, the box can’t avoid this.”

Next, if it wasn’t stopped in time then what happened to Sun Jiarun would be repeated with Wang Huai. Despite this, he wasn’t flustered.

“It seems that I can’t leave. It is fate.” He looked at Xiao Li and pointed to Sun Qilin in the corridor in front of them. “Sherlock, shall we go talk to him?”


Wang Huai removed the item and their steps were quite obvious at such a close distance. Sun Qilin noticed them.

He knew what Xiao Li and the others wanted and he also knew that his family didn’t want these reincarnators to intervene. However, since knowing that his grandfather could also act against his sister, Sun Qilin’s heart had been struggling. The words of his second uncle just now were the last straw that broke him.

Before Wang Huai could say anything emotional or reasonable, Sun Qilin already trembled. “I know what you want to ask. I can tell you or take you there but… I hope you will try your best to help us resolve it.”

Xiao Li replied, “The reason that I’m still here is for this.”

There were many posts about Sherlock but no comments about bad credit. Therefore, Sun Qilin made a decision and directly trusted the other person.

“20 minutes later, come with me and I’ll take you to a place,” Sun Qilin told them. “20 minutes later, my grandfather will come out and I have the right to go in. At that time, I’ll tell you exactly what is going on.”


20 minutes later, he took the group into the depths of the Sun house.

After passing through many corners, he walked into the deepest part of the house. He reached out and pressed down on the Four Treasures of the Study in the study. He twisted the statue of the inkstone and a spiral staircase appeared in the ground.

Down the stairs was a large basement that was almost half the size of a grand house.

It was cold down here and the air conditioner was on. The cold mist spreading could be seen with the naked eye and frost was condensing in the corners of the walls. Xiao Li was just about to hold her arms when Shen Chenzhi took off his coat and covered Xiao Li. He half leaned on Xiao Li and asked, “Are you still cold?”

Xiao Li shook his head.

Wang Huai rubbed his ears and tearfully swallowed a ton of dog food.

Sun Qilin also shuddered but he was used to it. He led everyone straight ahead.

The path had several doors, each one tightly locked with the lock hanging outside. There was a small cart beside each door. The cart was long enough for a person to lie on and had long ties scattered around to act as belts. It looked more like a corpse vehicle for a funeral home than a cart. The doors were also like freezers in a morgue.

Everyone went deeper and Sun Qilin’s footsteps became faster, as if something happy had happened. In contrast, Xiao Li and Wang Huai slowed down. Wang Huai glanced at them one by one.

“What are on these two sides?” Xiao Li asked like he hadn’t received Wang Huai’s gaze.

Sun Qilin replied, “It is used to detain those who ate the meat. They will bite each other when locked together and they need to be isolated.”

His footsteps were getting faster and was almost at a trot. Sun Qilin’s mouth showed an imperceptible smile. Just as he was thinking about what he was going to say, Xiao Li stopped him from behind. “Wait.”

Sun Qilin immediately stopped and calmed his emotions. “What’s the matter?”

“Didn’t you say that you would tell us what happened once we came in?”

“…Yes.” Sun Qilin didn’t turn around. He sighed with subtle relief and apologized. “I’m sorry, I forgot just now.”

Xiao Li mused for a moment before abruptly asking, “Did you eat that piece of meat?”

“No.” Sun Qilin didn’t quite understand how the topic turned to the piece of meat. “I haven’t eaten it.”

“If it isn’t the effect of the meat then is your memory usually so bad?”

Sun Qilin, “……”

He suspected that Sherlock was implying something and he had evidence.

Proofreader: Tofu

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