IWBL: Chapter 253

The Sun house.

Just now, Sun Jiarun was extremely frightened. She ran around in a panic, regardless of whether she was exposed to the rain or not. Finally, she stopped under a big locust tree, panting with exhaustion.

The young girl’s hair was wet as well as the clothes on her body. However, she had no time to care. Her heart was full of the smell just now—

She… she remembered that meat! Why did it appear next to Sherlock?! Did Brother Qilin give it to him? That piece of meat smelled really good…

Recalling that fragrant meat, Sun Jiarun couldn’t help secreting saliva and she wanted to take a bite. As she was feeling fascinated, a drop of rain fell from the leaves of the tree onto the tip of her nose, bringing back Sun Jiarun’s sanity. She couldn’t eat it. She also couldn’t hold it in her hand. Throw it away! Otherwise it would…

What was going to happen? Sun Jiarun tried to think back but she couldn’t remember at all. She couldn’t remember the consequences but one thing was very clear. It was ‘never eat or touch it!’

Brother Sherlock had already come into contact with that piece of meat. She didn’t know if he had eaten it. Who else could she turn to for her? According to common sense, Sun Qilin and his father should be the best choice but Sun Jiarun subconsciously rejected this idea.

Sun Jiarun hesitated under the tree for a long time until the sky lit up with a dim whiteness. She thought about how the nanny would be getting up to cook and she could go back to take a break first. She started moving and walked to her room.

She tried to climb back through the window in the same manner that she came out. However, she didn’t know if it was her illusion but the window sill was a bit higher than before. She couldn’t reach it.

In desperation, Sun Jiarun laboriously brought over a big rock from the side. She placed it at her feet and jumped again. She managed to reach the edge of the window sill, raised her feet and crawled into the room.

Before she left, the window was covered by her. Rain splashed in through the gaps and a large water stain had accumulated on the floor of her room. Sun Jiarun leaned against the door, opened it carefully and glanced at the outer bed. No one was in it.

She sighed with relief. The moment her spirit relaxed, the cold and fatigue in her body immediately surged. Sun Jiarun shivered and hurriedly took a hot shower. As she reached for a bath towel, she found that it was hanging too high and she had to stretch to reach it.

“It is a real hassle,” the young girl complained. After taking a shower, she planned to get a good night’s sleep. She thought that she could fall asleep in seconds but once she was lying in bed, she turned around and couldn’t fall asleep. The moment she closed her eyes, the nanny, the meat piece and Sun Qilin’s strange attitude would appear in front of her, cycling back and forth.

After wasting an hour failing to fall asleep, Sun Jiarun suddenly sat up on the bed. She moved to the table, turned on her laptop and prepared to finish the homework assigned by the teacher. Previously, she had been busy writing the review and hadn’t paid attention to these topics. It might already be dawn but the days of rain made the sky very gloomy. Sun Jiarun reached out to turn on the lamp and looked at the questions in front of her.

They were maths questions.

This was only the first question and the teacher never said that today’s questions were hard. It should be very simple. It would take three minutes at most to work out the sub-question that could be calculated without thinking about it.

Yet in this moment, it was a question that killed her. It was because she couldn’t read it. Who could tell her what the trigonometric function of this question meant? There were also the following questions: define the domain, hyperbola, arithmetic sequence…

They were all Chinese characters but why couldn’t she understand it?

Previously when Sun Jiarun was in class, she hadn’t looked at the teacher’s questions at all. Now that she was answering the questions, she was surprised to find she couldn’t do them at all. She had no impression of them.

It wasn’t just that. She rummaged through the entire exercise book in a panic and couldn’t find a single question she could do. What was going on?! Based on her own impression, her grades were good!

Sun Jiarun grabbed her mobile phone that was charging on the table and sent a message to her friend: [Do you understand the homework assigned by the teacher today?]

There was no reply. Normal people wouldn’t be awake at this time.

Sun Jiarun put down the phone. She wanted to wait for her friend to wake up and talk but she couldn’t wait. She picked up the phone again and uncontrollably sent messages to the other person over and over: [Do you understand today’s homework?!]

[Do you understand it?!]


She kept repeating this sentence and filled two chat pages. In the end, she directly made a voice call. The first call, there was no reaction. Sun Jiarun called over and over again until she woke up her friend and the other person answered. “Runrun, are you okay?! Looking for me just for this, are you crazy?”

Her friend’s voice was marked by the huskiness of just waking up and the anger of being woken up. Sun Jiarun couldn’t care about appeasing the other person and asked again, “Do you understand today’s homework?”

Her friend was impatient. “Of course it isn’t difficult. It is very simple.”

“You understand?” Sun Jiarun felt like she was struck by thunder. “Then why can’t I understand it at all?”

“What is this messy thing? These are all necessary questions and you can do it from top to bottom. It is so simple. Why can’t you understand?”

Sun Jiarun didn’t say a word.

“No, you called me so early for this. Sh*t, did your brain get caught in a door or kicked by a donkey?” Her friend was furious. “In addition, why haven’t you turned off the voice change?”


There was a brief moment of astonishment before she asked in a panic, “There is still crying from my side?”

“It isn’t crying but listen to me, Runrun. This type of loli voice can occasionally be listened to or used to hold a thigh when playing games. There will be a brother willing to take you. It is just boring to use it on an old friend.” The friend yawned and spoke tiredly, “If there is nothing else to ask, I’m going to sleep. I’m annoyed to death by you. I was so scared watching the recent supernatural events on TV that I couldn’t go to sleep until two in the morning.”

“—” One second before her friend was about to hang up, Sun Jiarun stopped her with a loud voice. “What was my previous voice like?”

The young girl’s voice was shaking but her friend on the opposite end didn’t notice.

Her friend replied, “Why do you keep asking this type of question? I want you to contribute some writings, you know?!”

“Answer me.”

“…Yes, it sounds good, not worse than your current loli. Are you satisfied?”

“What about my face?”

“What are you doing? Do you want me to swear at you? Praise you? I don’t even praise myself.”

Sun Jiarun didn’t have time to joke around and repeated again in a shrill voice. “I mean, during the online class yesterday. Did you see anything unusual about my face?”

The other person spoke blankly, “You have pimples?”

“It isn’t like that!” Sun Jiarun roared, an unspeakable anxiety in her voice. “Are there any changes to my face?”

“Who would have nothing to do but stare at your face? I’m not secretly in love with you.” The friend wasn’t scared by her. Rather, she was angry. “However, I looked at you a few times when the teacher scolded you. Did you turn on the beauty camera? It feels like your face has become more childlike. It was a lot smaller and your eyes were bigger. Hey, tell me the truth? Did you lose weight or is it plastic surgery?”

Beep beep beep.

Sun Jiarun couldn’t talk to her anymore and directly hung up. She sat blankly at the table for a while before reaching out for the mirror covered up by her cosmetics. The cosmetics in front of the mirror were quite complete, including foundation, lipstick, highlight and shadow.

The face in the mirror was very small, belonging to a young girl with fair and rosy cheeks. No makeup was required.


Sun Jiarun smashed the mirror.


In the guest room, Xiao Li was sitting in a chair with cushions, not lying in the hammock. There was no focus because he wasn’t very comfortable. Shen Chenzhi was massaging his waist with satisfied eyes, like a beast contented after a meal. He raised his head from time to time to ask how strong he was.

Xiao Li gave a perfunctory response as he looked at his mobile phone. Zheng Yi was relentlessly sending him messages, asking if he was free now to share news from the city. The moment Xiao Li replied ‘yes’, the other person quickly applied for a video chat. He answered and Zheng Yi’s face suddenly appeared and occupied the entire mobile phone screen.

Xiao Li made a pause gesture. “Stop, be quiet.”

Zheng Yi was dumbfounded. “I haven’t spoken yet?”

“Your face made a noise to me.”

Zheng Yi, “……”

He adjusted his mentality, restrained the saliva he was going to spit out and said, “This city is crazy and various incidents are happening. I recently took my parents to a master they know but he doesn’t have as many items.”

Xiao Li didn’t speak.

Zheng Yi stayed quiet for a while. He saw Xiao Li remaining silent and couldn’t help saying, “You probably haven’t seen the forum but they have been discussing the final task recently. Some of the reincarnators I previously knew have chosen to take refuge in the gods. Some have joined us in our search for the chaos fragments, hoping to make a contribution to the final battle…”

“How is it going on your side?”

“It’s fine. Waiting for progress,” Xiao Li replied.

“You really don’t want me to come to you?” Zheng Yi asked regretfully. “I want to be with you. That Old Wang, he didn’t notify me and let that kid Yanluo go…”

Xiao Li interrupted him, not wanting to listen to his nonsense. “You stay there. Don’t come over.”

If Zheng Yi came over then he would have to explain it to his parents. If he brought his parents then it would be impossible to explain about the instance. Zheng Yi was about to answer when Xiao Li suddenly raised his head and looked at the door. There were rapid footsteps outside the door, from far to near. Finally, it stopped at the door of Xiao Li’s room and someone knocked on the door.

Xiao Li hung up on Zheng Yi and came to the door. “Who is it?”

“It’s me.” It was Wang Huai’s voice.

“Weren’t you going to leave in the morning?”

Wang Huai didn’t talk across the door. He opened the door and walked in, an interesting and strange complex expression on his face. He placed the wooden box in his hand down onto Xiao Li’s table. The wooden box still had the piece of meat from last night but now it was empty, leaving only the black mucus at the bottom. Wang Huai told him, “Two things happened. First, the meat in the box disappeared out of thin air. Secondly, Sun Qilin doesn’t have a younger sister called Sun Jiarun.”

“However, he has an older sister with the nickname Jiarun.”

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