IWBL: Chapter 250

Dr J now liked Sherlock even more. The other person not only knew gratitude, he was also enthusiastic and kind. He introduced such a seriously ill patient to Dr J. Such a person wasn’t his own gospel but also the gospel for patients. He hadn’t visited a patient’s home for a long time and couldn’t remember the process.

Dr J fumbled in the left and right of his doctor’s coat for a moment. Then he found a medical record stained with blood and an unknown yellow liquid. He made a record and told the sick ghost in front of him, “Please sit down.”

He looked around as he spoke. Then he bent his legs and sat on the railing on the edge of the corridor. He pretended to be in an infirmary.

The sick ghost, “……”

He was at a loss.

Dr J looked at the gaunt body and gave three seconds to respond. Then he wrote down on the record, “This patient seems to have some hearing problems. His mind is simple and his limbs aren’t well-coordinated. He doesn’t understand my instructions…”

The sick face gradually turned green. Instructions… was this to train him like a dog?

Dr J wrote up to here and looked up again. “Are there any other symptoms? Let me see. Oh, your face is green and there are too many wrinkles. Oh no, you aren’t just sick. This is poisoning. This…”

It wasn’t known what he had found but he danced with excitement.

Xiao Li saw his desire to express himself and asked in a friendly manner, “Dr J, what type of disease does he have?”

“This, it is that disease! That one, you know, that.” Dr J scratched his head and touched the beak of the mask with his left hand, rubbing it back and forth as if contemplating his huge knowledge base.

He was wearing a full set of the plague doctor’s outfit. The moment he had calmed down, it felt a bit like he was a genuine doctor. It was a pity that he ruined this deep feeling the moment he opened his mouth. After a full five minutes, Dr J laboriously concluded, “It is parasitism, reincarnation and reversal.”

He felt that his words made sense and nodded like a chicken pecking rice.

“I’m so literary! Still, how to treat this disease? How to stop his changes, how can I stop the coughing, how can I make him quiet?”

Dr J suddenly stopped here.

The sick ghost had never heard of Dr J’s name before but this didn’t stop him from getting a bad feeling. “Cough cough, I don’t need treatment. I’m used to it, cough.”

“There are no more symptoms. Negative to treatment. This won’t work, this won’t work.” Dr J turned a deaf ear and searched the corridor like he was looking for usable items. “It isn’t good here. I don’t have any medical equipment. It isn’t professional but my superb skills can make up for this defect as long as I can find the right tool—”

He stared at the small yellow umbrella in Wang Huai’s hand and measured the size in his head. He felt it wasn’t big enough and focused on the Eternal Soul Umbrella in Shen Chenzhi’s hand. Shen Chenzhi understood what he meant and handed it to him. Dr J grabbed the handle of the Eternal Soul Umbrella, raised it like a stick and walked toward the sick ghost.

“You, cough, what do you want to do? You, go away, cough cough.” The sick ghost instinctively turned in order to escape but his short, hunched body made him move very slowly. He coughed and was hit by the umbrella held by Dr J. He was hit several times in the temple and rolled his eyes as he collapsed to the ground.

“Ding ding, the treatment is successful!” Dr  J was quite proud. He let go of the Eternal Soul Umbrella and stared at the unconscious ghost on the ground. “Another case has been cured. I have successfully completed 103 cases in a row. It is a record. I’m great.”

Xiao Li applauded. “Great.”

He successfully treated a patient and was praised by Sherlock again. This made Dr J feel double happiness. He couldn’t help spinning around while holding his beak mask.

Then Xiao Li opened his mouth again. “Dr J, can I ask you one more thing?”

Dr J wondered, “What is it? It is my duty to help.”

Xiao Li pointed to the sick ghost on the ground. “Can you wake him up again? I have questions I want to ask him.”

The others, “???”

Why didn’t he say that earlier? Sherlock, you don’t have a heart.

Dr J seemed stumped by this question and he didn’t answer for a long time.

“If it is too hard—” Xiao Li spoke tentatively.

“No,” Dr J immediately interrupted him. “I can do it. Of course, I can. A good doctor can naturally wake up sleeping patients as well. Let me think, let me think…”

He was slightly regretting that he had hit so hard, just slightly regretting it.

Dr J paced back and forth before suddenly reaching out to grab a leaf from the peony flowers beside him. He rolled the left against his gloved fingers before taking off the sick ghost’s shoes and rubbing the leaf against the soles of the feet.

In addition to using this stimulus, he grabbed two extra leaves, rolled them into a ball and used them as a catheter. He inserted them into the sick ghost’s nostrils, drawing out mud mixed with rainwater.

Finally, Dr J went for CPR. He put his hands together and pressed hem down on the sick ghost with enough strength to break the ribs. The sick ghost was tossed around like this and finally woke up again. The weak old man moved his fingers and woke up in a trembling manner. The first thing he saw was Dr J’s chin and he shouted like a broken bellow, “You, you, cough, you…”

Dr J moved his big face closer. “Are you awake?”

“What have you done to me? Cough.”

Why did he feel like his body was falling apart? In particular, there was hot pain from his chest and he couldn’t stand up. As Dr J approached, the sick ghost acted like a victim who just encountered atrocities and subconsciously retreated.

Dr J saw this and immediately accused him. “You can’t do this. You have such a bad attitude towards doctors. It wasn’t easy for me to wake you up. Aren’t you going to thank me?”

He obviously didn’t have the noble sentiment of giving kindness without asking for repayment. The more he spoke, the angrier he became and he wanted to do another round of CPR.

The sick ghost coughed violently and pointed to the doctor in front of him. “Cough cough cough, me, you, cough cough cough, the whole family…”

Xiao Li was crouching nearby. He saw that the two of them were going to engage in a doctor-patient battle and spoke in time to attract the attention of the sick ghost.

“You are the Sun family’s—” Xiao Li paused before continuing, “Ghost?”

The sick ghost didn’t cooperate. “Cough, you are in, cough, Sun, cough.”

He coughed too hard and the last word ‘house’ didn’t come out. Instead, it sounded more like ‘grandson.’

Xiao Li turned and said to Doctor J, “Doctor, I think he needs a bit of shock treatment. Your previous method was too gentle and won’t work for such an extreme patient.”

The sick ghost, “……”

He was about to stop it but Dr J was already dancing happily. “Yes, you are right. I like shock treatment. A chainsaw is too gentle, right? Electric shock? Tearing off his limbs and head using horse-drawn carts?”

“No, cough cough. I should be, cough cough.” The sick ghost quickly interrupted him loudly and answered Xiao Li’s question. “I don’t remember, cough.”

Xiao Li asked, “What do you remember?”

“…Illness.” The ghost’s mood fell as he entered his memories. “I only, cough cough, remember that I was lying on a bed, surrounded by people. Cough cough. I was very old, very old, but my life was shortened. Cough, I still want to live but no, cough cough. Why is it just me?”

“Why was your life shortened? How did you get sick?”

“No, I don’t know, cough.” The sick ghost lay on the ground, coughing toward the sky. “Cough cough cough cough.”

The sick ghost choked. It seemed that something had happened, blocking his throat and making it difficult for him to speak normally.

“What’s the matter?” Dr J muttered. He came behind the sick ghost, bend his leg and pressed his knee against the old man’s back. Then he held his hands together and started kicking the old man desperately on the back. “You suddenly got worse after being treated by me and this is very detrimental to my reputation.”

He kicked the sick ghost’s back and neck, trying to use the impact force to make the sick ghost vomit out the thing in his throat. He repeated it several times and was really successful. After the two-pronged treatment by Dr J, the sick ghost vomited and a black thing mixed with the mucus in the old man’s throat came out, facing Wang Huai’s toes.

It was a black, lumpy object wrapped in a transparent liquid. Wang Huai poked it with the tip of the umbrella. He observed it back and forth when he smelled a nice scent. That’s right, a scent. It wasn’t the smell of perfume but a meaty smell, like a piece of cooked meat. He smelled it and saliva pooled.

After the piece of black meat left the sick ghost’s throat, his cough stopped abruptly. He stared at the object in front of him with astonishment, but his astonishment was that he actually vomited it out.

The sick ghost suddenly rushed toward it at the speed of a tiger’s pounce! It seemed like he would swallow this black meat again and never separate from it. Dr J stood behind him and caught him in time. “No, you’re in a serious condition and you need hospital treatment.”

He touched the sick ghost’s head like it was a watermelon and told Xiao Li with joy, “I’m going to take him back to the hospital, Sherlock.”

Xiao Li wrapped up the black meat in a tissue, handed it over to Gong Mingming and replied casually to Dr J, “Okay.”

Dr J was immersed in the joy of getting a new patient and didn’t feel Xiao Li’s perfunctory attitude. He left with the sick ghost.

The sick ghost let out a useless sound.

The reincarnators were left alone in the dark rainy night and Wang Huai handed over a wooden box. “Put it in here.”

The tissue was at the bottom but the mucus still penetrated into the bottom of the box. The black meat looked like a black stone but it smelled very good. There was the sound of footsteps in the distance. It was the sound of a group of people coming here.”:

“Go back and talk about it,” Wang Huai ordered. “Other people can come here at any time.”

He closed the lid and held the small box tightly in his hand.


The entrance of the room.

Xiao Li avoided the puddle and walked toward it, only to stop in front of his room.

There was a young girl with rosy cheeks and a chubby figure. She was wearing a school uniform and sitting at the door of his room with her hands on her knees. It was unknown how long she had been waiting for him.

It was Sun Jiarun. Sun Jiarun saw him and immediately stood up while patting her aching butt. She called out to him in a clear voice, “Brother Sherlock.”

Xiao Li asked, “…Um? Do you know me?”

He searched his memories for the young girl in front of him and finally remembered she was the person who stared at him this afternoon. Wang Huai looked at the young girl with a hint of doubt in his eyes.

Sun Jiarun lowered her head. In order to avoid herself shrinking back halfway through, she tried to finish the words she had prepared during the waiting period in one breath. “Yes, Brother Sherlock. My name is Sun Jiarun and I-I need your help. Please help me. I’ve encountered a very strange thing! Recently, I’ve always heard crying in my house. In addition, my nanny—”

She was in the middle of speaking when she abruptly sniffed. A good scent. It was the scent of meat. This scent was…? Sun Jiarun raised her head and looked around for something. Finally, her eyes stopped on Wang Huai’s hand. She froze for three seconds before screaming. “Ah——!”

She forgot about seeking help from Xiao Li and ran away like she encountered a beast! Don’t look at Sun Jiarun’s small size. She ran quickly and disappeared into the rain curtain. Xiao Li wanted to reach out to catch her but was too slow. He missed.

Ye Zeqing stared in the direction the young girl disappeared in before glancing back. “Damn, what’s going on here?”

“She knows there is something wrong with this piece of meat. She knows about it.” Gong Mingming calmly analyzed as she pushed open the door. “Furthermore, Sun Jiarun… why haven’t I heard of this name?”

Wang Huai frowned. “Neither do I. As far as I know, none of the children in the Sun family have this name.”

“Could it be a distant relative or subordinate?”

“It is unlikely. These families have a very strict name control.”



Wang Huai took the box to the largest room and the rest of the people followed. Xiao Li said goodbye to them. He planned to go back and wash his hands before joining them.

Inside the small bathroom.

He didn’t turn on the light. He stood alone in front of the mirror, opening the tap and washing his hands back and forth. Suddenly, another person’s figure was reflected in the mirror and a voice was heard from behind Xiao Li. “She called you Brother Sherlock.”

Shen Chenzhi’s tone was indifferent, like he was stating what happened just now from the perspective of a bystander. Still, Xiao Li was stunned to hear a bit of grievance from it.

Xiao Li dried his hands and turned to look at the young man. “Why? Do you want to call me Brother?”

Before Shen Chenzhi could respond, Xiao Li approached him with a smile. “Or do you want to hear me calling you that way?”

Shen Chenzhi’s originally emotionless eyes grew a bit brighter as he met the other person’s eyes in the darkness. He narrowed his eyes slightly and reached out to hold Xiao Li’s hand, but he was avoided.

“It is better to explain first what you just did.” Xiao Li started at him, prolonging the end note with a bit of ambiguity. “Brother Chenzhi?”

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