IWBL: Chapter 247

The meaning seemed a bit wrong.

Xiao Li thought about how to modify his words. He slowly restated the sentence, “…I’m not here to disturb you. I’m here to join you.”

He stared at the other people with open eyebrows and a firm expression. His words seemed righteous.

The strange man standing opposite of the youth heard the words and his voice was gloomy. He stared closely at the person who had suddenly emerged, countless thoughts circulating through his mind in an instant. He didn’t know the identity of this person or what this person had heard, but he knew the black-haired young man standing in front of him was weird. The proof was that the small ghost he was carrying with him hadn’t emitted a warning tone.

It shouldn’t be a person on their side… then he was probably brought by Wang Huai. He was silently assessing the strength of the person in front of him and was about to ask something when Sun Qilin beside him spoke. “Could it be that you are… Sherlock?”

The Sun family was in an awkward position because of what had happened yesterday. Even so, they were still superior to common people. Not just anyone could come in here. After thinking about it, the style of the person in front of him could be seen with just one look. It was very similar to the ‘Sherlock’ that Wang Huai said he was going to pick up.

To sum it up with a sentence from the forum: it is an overly beautiful appearance while showing the opposite actions that made people want to complain. It formed a type of contradictory personality charm. However, seeing it was better than just hearing about it.

Xiao Li wasn’t surprised that his identity had been discovered. He glanced at Sun Qilin and nodded naturally. “What are you talking about? Can I join?”

Sun Qilin coughed with embarrassment. “We aren’t talking about anything. Just the recent situation.”

After that, in order to prevent Sherlock from asking even more confusing questions, Sun Qilin hurriedly pointed to the silent man in front of him and gave an introduction. “Sherlock, let me introduce you. This is Tang Huaqing from the Judges. He also came to my house as a guest.”

Sun Qilin directly named this person’s origin. Was it hinting to his problem? Tang Huaqing thought this way in his heart but on the surface, he spoke calmly to Xiao Li. “Sherlock, I’ve heard of this name.”

Xiao Li raised his eyes and looked at the other side, not responding too much. He didn’t know much about the Judges. He had abused them several times and he didn’t have a good impression of them. This was enough for him.

Tang Huaqing wasn’t surprised by Xiao Li’s indifference and pointedly said, “The rain is really heavy. If you live by the sea then the boat would’ve capsized by now.”

It was a meaningless greeting.

“Fortunately, the place that humanity occupies is the land.” Xiao Li smiled and retorted lightly.

From beginning to end, the doll in Xiao Li’s pocket had been staring at the man in front as if giving a warning.


The night deepened. The dark clouds were so heavy that not a single trace of moonlight could be seen.

The rain outside never stopped and showed no signs of becoming lighter at all. It was still pouring down crazily on the world, hitting the banana leaves outside the window. Then it flowed down the eaves and leaves, creating huge splashes of water.

The only thing Sun Jiarun was glad about was that there was no thunder, otherwise, she would be hiding in bed. Sun Jiarun sat at the table with a piece of white paper in front of her. At the top, she wrote the word ‘review’ in black pen but then it was blank.

She couldn’t do her homework at all. She had been sitting here all afternoon. Originally, she had planned to do the self-criticism but she couldn’t write no matter how much she wanted to. The only thing ringing in her eyes was that terrifying, chilling cry.

What the hell was this? Sun Jiarun threw the pen in her hand onto the table, both scared and a bit angry.

She recalled the first time she heard this sound. She had been afraid and went to find her father. At that time, her father just patted her on the back and said that something happened at home. However, her grandfather had already solved it and she should go back obediently.

Now it seemed… it obviously wasn’t resolved!

It wasn’t just that. It seemed to be getting worse. In the past few days, there had been more and more things happening that shouldn’t happen as home, as well as malicious guests. It was something that she could no longer ignore.

Sun Jiarun clutched her stomach. She picked up her mobile phone and planned to chat with her good friend. Then she remembered the strict rules of the family. She wasn’t allowed to tell outsiders about ghosts or she would be severely punished. She had to let it go.

She should get something to eat. She was hungry after so much time passed. Previously, the steward had called her to go eat dinner with her father but Sun Jiarun refused. She was afraid, afraid to see her grandfather’s old-fashioned face and afraid of…

Sun Jiarun didn’t want to go down. She shivered and went to the refrigerator in her room to find a frozen apple and some lychees, ready to eat it. She cleanly ate the apple and placed the lychees in a bowl to eat slowly. No matter how reluctant she was, she had to sit down at the table again and start to write the review paper.

The sound of rain filled her ears, ticking and bringing out some untimely activity. She was used to these things but for some reason, she recently started to feel afraid again.

Sun Jiarun originally wanted to ignore the sounds of the outside world but she couldn’t focus her mind. Eventually, she stood up and turned on the lights so her room shone like it was daytime. Then she found earphones from the cabinet and played a new song by a famous Chinese male singer.

The warm melody was a good distraction for her and she started writing.


[…Therefore, it was wrong for me to do this in class. I write these passage with great apologies. I confess to Teacher and ask Teacher to forgive my faults.]

Sun Jiarun didn’t know how much time had passed before she finished putting the blame on herself. She stopped at this passage, stretched her waist and sat up from the desk in a satisfied manner. She wanted to go to the toilet outside.

However, the moment she opened the door and before she had woken up from her joy of completing the review, she directly hit a wall of flesh!

Sun Jiarun fell to the ground with tears in her eyes. Her small face twisted and she stared at the ‘person’ standing in front of the door of her inner room!

This person was a woman with a short stature, short hair and round body. She was around 30 or 40 years old and she was someone Sun Jiarun knew just based on facial features. She was Sun Jiarun’s nanny. She was called a nanny but she was actually her wet nurse. She was an old employee of the Sun family. She had been working for the Sun family all her life.

It was the nanny who had been taking care of Sun Jiarun since her mother died. She was quite short initially but recently, she had looked shorter. B-But…

Sun Jiarun fell to the ground and trembled slightly. She looked up at the person in front of her and rubbed her nose with a trembling hand. The former nanny was soft and had a human body temperature. However, just now, the nanny she felt was hard and cold! It was like a corpse just taken out of the hospital morgue.

In addition… Sun Jiarun’s height was just right to see the nanny’s hands. They were shriveled up like chicken feet as they were raised to knock on the door.

Sun Jiarun had her headphones plugged in before and hadn’t noticed. Now she was shocked. Was the constant, rhythmic but faint ‘tap tap tap’ in her earphones just now not the melody of the song? It was the nanny knocking on the door?

Sun Jiarun hadn’t responded so the nanny kept standing at the door, facing it and raising her hand to continuously knock on the door. Sun Jiarun was going crazy because of her imagination. She just sat on the floor and couldn’t get up.

Meanwhile, her former amiable nanny was stiff-faced and watched it all coldly. It was like the person sitting on the ground wasn’t the little girl she had looked after from a young age but a stranger, no, a lifeless bug.

There was a two minutes stalemate before the nanny spoke first, “Miss, stand up.”

She said this but she didn’t mean to help Sun Jiarun at all. Sun Jiarun resisted her tears and got up. Instead of approaching the nanny, she stepped back until her knees touched the hammock and she sat on it.

The nanny stood at the door. “You go to bed early and don’t go out. If you need something then I’ll take care of it. I will sleep outside. If you have any instructions then knock on the door and call me.”

She spoke in a strange tone, like there was a piece of meat in her throat or something stuck there. It was more like… a dead person speaking.

Sun Jiarun didn’t dare look up at her nanny’s face. The moment the nanny said this, she closed the door of the inner room.

Sun Jiarun heard some movement near the bed in the outer room. Two lightweight objects fell to the ground one after another. There was the sound of someone lying down on the bed and then nothing.

There wasn’t the sound of turning back and forth that an ordinary human lying in bed would make. It was like the nanny outside laid straight on the bed, motionless and facing the ceiling—

Wait, this wasn’t right. Sun Jiarun conceived the outside picture for herself. According to the nanny’s usual habit of sleeping to the side and the words before, the nanny shouldn’t be lying on her back. She was lying on her side facing Sun Jiarun’s room! In other words, she was staring at Sun Jiarun’s current location.

Sun Jiarun’s entire body started to tremble. She fidgeted before first lifting the quilt and hiding inside. The thing that happened to her nanny was even more frightening than the crying in the house. The people from outside didn’t know her and her father didn’t care about her. O-Only Brother Qilin would say a few words to her and take care of her… but he couldn’t do anything against her father…

That’s right, Brother Qilin had said it! The Sherlock that Wang Huai brought over was very powerful! He also read to her the story of Sherlock in the forum. She had stood for Sherlock during the dispute between Sherlock and Moriarty. She was a fan. In addition, Brother Sherlock looked good.

Yes, she was going to find Sherlock.

The young girl sprang up. She stepped on tiptoe and tried not to make a sound. She moved the stool over and opened the window in her inner room. She stepped on the stool and prepared to climb out of the window.

Proofreader: Tofu

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