IWBL: Chapter 244

Xiao Li reached out to touch Shen Chenzhi’s facial features, only to be directly caught and kissed by the other person.

Shen Chenzhi’s heart that was full of hostility when he mentioned the pile of ‘light bulbs’ in his lover’s house was miraculously appeased by this sentence. Shen Chenzhi took a bite of the slender fingers and asked in a low voice, “What is the difference between a friend and a lightbulb?”

Xiao Li seemed to think for a while before grabbing the other person’s chin, raising his head and planted a kiss on him. “I won’t do this to my friends.”

A moist touch was felt from his lips, like the butterfly on Xiao Li’s eyelashes flying to his lips.

Shen Chenzhi felt like his entire heart had been grabbed violently. He stared at Xiao Li with helpless tenderness and love. Why was there such a person in the world? It was like Xiao Li was born to conquer him.

Every touch made him tremble and just an action or a look could soothe him. He wanted to hug Xiao Li whenever he couldn’t see this person. If he really hugged Xiao Li, he wanted more. He couldn’t wait to stay in bed every night where there were only the two of them. Shen Chenzhi had never experienced such turbulent emotions although he knew it was called love.

The young man’s eyes were too hot. Xiao Li kissed him and was just about to retreat when Shen Chenzhi reached out and held his head from behind, deepening the kiss. He sucked at the tip of the tongue. A long time passed before Shen Chenzhi was willing to let Xiao Li go.

Xiao Li lay back on his thighs lazily, feeling like his lips were tingling. “…Next time, can you restrain yourself? I think I’m going to be oxygen-deprived by you every day.”

He wasn’t a person who worried too much. Since he took this step with Shen Chenzhi, there was no need to pretend to reluctantly refuse. This type of thing was what every couple wanted to do. Xiao Li didn’t even hate Shen Chenzhi’s crazy possessiveness. It made him feel safe.

His voice was hoarse after the kiss. It was coquettish, soft and very seductive. It was a type of voice that was rarely heard from Xiao Li. Shen Chenzhi felt he couldn’t bear it again. He reached out and played with the other person’s eyelashes. “Don’t you like it?”

“It’s not that I don’t like it. It is just a bit uncomfortable.”

“I’ll pay attention,” Shen Chenzhi told him.

Xiao Li nodded and didn’t dwell on the topic. He turned his head and looked at the TV. Then he realized that because the remote control was put beside them, the TV was currently on an ancient idol drama. Looking at the time, it should be when Fu Zige’s favourite variety show was on.

Xiao Li reached out for the remote control but couldn’t reach it. He stared at Shen Chenzhi. The young man grabbed the remote control that was placed on the coffee table and handed it to Xiao Li.

Xiao Li switched to Who is the King of Singers. Xiao Li’s guarantee might’ve been given and the Great Demon King Shen Chenzhi was appeased, but Fu Zige still chose to change the location out of a strong desire for survival. He now hung the microphone on the cat climbing frame and watched the show with difficulty from a strange angle. Of course, he didn’t forget to thank Xiao Li.

After Xiao Li cared for Fu Zige, he was about to go take a shower when he noticed that his waist was itchy. Shen Chenzhi was dissatisfied about being ignored and reached out to hold Xiao Li’s waist, staring at him silently.

It was a silent protest.

Xiao Li laughed. Couldn’t he just watch for a while? It was just changing the channel.

Xiao Li shifted his posture. He got up from Shen Chenzhi’s lap, half his body pressed against this person as he stared into Shen Chenzhi’s eyes at a close range. “Do you have anything else to tell me?”

His distance was too close and Shen Chenzhi could see his eyes unobstructed. Shen Chenzhi stared into the other person’s pure black eyes in an almost fascinated manner. It was like eternal darkness that could absorb him.

Shen Chenzhi’s Adam’s Apple moved up and down and he hesitated, as if thinking about whether to expose something. At last, he replied, “No.”

“Are you sure?”

He straightened as he stared into Shen Chenzhi’s eyes, refusing to let go.

Just as Shen Chenzhi thought his eyes were good-looking, Xiao Li actually liked the other person’s eyes. They were a colour not seen in ordinary humans, dangerous and charming.


Shen Chenzhi didn’t reply. He just moved his hand slightly and kissed Xiao Li.

He slipped his way out of it.


Late at night, Xiao Li’s door was closed tightly.

In the darkness, the little black cat lay quietly on the sofa. The ancient woman was in the painting, playing games with the stick person and the ghost hand. Suddenly, the little black cat’s ears rose up and he stared at the door.

Footsteps were approaching the door. Then a white translucent shadow entered through the wall. It walked straight in. The little black cat arched his back and glanced with disgust as the white cat sleeping beside him.

Before the little black cat could attack, the ancient woman’s sleeve shot out from the painting. It wrapped around the shadow and dragged the shadow into the ancient painting, handing it to the stick person as a toy.

As the ancient woman was suppressing this ghost, the entire world was changing.

Inside a mansion on the outskirts of the city, Zheng Yi was sleeping.

He was holding a game console in his hand as he snored, asleep after playing halfway through the gap on his bed. The LCD screen hanging on the wall in front of him had gone to sleep after a long period of inactivity. The dark screen was illuminated by the night lights and the shadow of Zheng Yi on the bed was faintly reflected.

Apart from Zheng Yi’s chest moving up and down and his snoring, the entire image of the room was still for around half an hour.

Then… a sudden change!

The game console held by Zheng Yi was connected to a very long wire, enough for him to pull directly from the charging socket to the bed. The charging wire wound around the floor in an irregular circle.

However, at this moment, the charging cable that fell along the edge of the bed was tightened. It was as if under the bed, another ‘person’ had grabbed the line and dragged it down fiercely!


Zheng Yi was awakened by the sound of the game console hitting the floor. He had slept well so he rubbed his eyes in a dazed manner. He looked around and finally found the culprit on the floor. The console lay in the middle of the charging cable.

Zheng Yi didn’t think much at first. His room gave him a great sense of security. He just thought that he let the console slide down the bed sheets when he turned over restlessly while sleeping. He didn’t bother to grab it, fearing it would drive away his sleepiness. He just lay down like this, turned off the night lamp beside the bed and arched into the quilt.

In the midst of his dim sleepiness, his nerves as a reincarnator instinctively issued a warning. Zheng Yi used his last trace of clarity to summon a life-saving item and placed it under his pillow. The drowsiness never disappeared and he soon fell asleep again.

The charging cable, still on the floor, moved like an invisible ‘person’ was holding its middle part. It climbed up onto the bed. Zheng Yi snored slowly, causing the charging cable to freeze in the air. Then it gradually came to the head of the bed, wrapped around his neck and pulled! According to normal development, Zheng Yi would be strangled by it and eventually die of suffocation.

However, the moment the charging cable exerted force, a golden light was emitted from under the pillow. A protective net protected Zheng Yi on the bed, pulling apart the cable and slamming it into the ground!

Now Zheng Yi completely woke up. He saw that his life-saving item was used up and immediately realized what had happened.

Zheng Yi got up like he needed to pee. He grabbed the task notebook that was always on his bedside and ran away without looking at the charging cable under the bed. He didn’t forget to turn around and lock the door with a key as he shouted, “Mom, Dad! Get up! Our house is haunted!”

His voice echoed in the large living room.

Zheng Yi saw that his parents didn’t respond and hurried to their door, knocking and yelling.

This time, his parents were completely awakened. The light was turned on in the master bedroom and the beautiful woman whom Xiao Li had previously seen called out to her son. “Xiao Yi, aren’t you sleeping? Why are you making so much noise here?”

“It isn’t safe here anymore. Hurry up, let’s… let’s get out of here!” Zheng Yi hurriedly told her parents. He glanced over at his closed room in an uneasy manner, afraid that the ghost inside would suddenly rush out. “It is too late to explain. Just believe me, your son won’t harm you! Let’s go to a hotel… no, if the house isn’t safe then a hotel is even more dangerous. Go to the apartment in the west! It is close to Sherlock’s place!”

His mother listened to his broken thoughts and wondered, “Xiao Yi, are you okay? Who is Sherlock?”

“I’ll tell you later. Pack your things first. Hurry!”

His parents exchanged looks. It was rare to see their son so anxious. Although they didn’t understand what was happening, they chose to follow his instructions.


This scene also happened all over the world.

A white-collar worker worked overtime until late at night and just returned home from the company on the last bus. She was the only person on the entire bus. It wasn’t the first time she had taken this bus at this time so she placed his forehead on the window and shook as the bus drove.

At 10 o’clock in the evening, she had been feeling sleepy. However, now at 2 o’clock in the morning, she had a strange spirit. So she stared at the scenery outside the bus window all the way, waiting for the arrival of her bus station.

At a crossroads, there was a red light and the driver stopped the bus. On a nearby small street, there was a circle drawn with white chalk with traces of burned tinfoil on it. It should be from a nearby resident’s house who passed away. The family members must’ve called the soul here.

The white-collar worker yawned and looked around aimlessly. Once she got home, she wouldn’t eat. She would take a shower and see if she could fall asleep earlier. There was still a project to bid on tomorrow…

She was thinking this and about to look down at her phone when she suddenly froze. Just now, she saw an old man’s face in that circle. The old, wrinkled face was so clear, as clear as if it was stuck to the window!


The white-collar worker screamed. She fell straight from the seat to the ground while the driver frowned in the rearview mirror at her.


At 4 o’clock in the morning, the reincarnators received a unified task.

The little yellow book that Xiao Li had left in the living room vibrated and the book opened automatically.

[Task object: Everyone]

[This is your world, this is your reality. The defensive barrier has been shattered and humanity is in danger. Now is the time for you to make a decision.

[Survival or destruction? Will you choose to go to the god of the underworld, becoming his believer and lackey, or will you choose to resist and fight to the last moment? It is worth reminding you that if you choose the latter, you will become a plot character if you fail. Of course, this is just a little reminder. You can still choose your own path.]

[I look forward to your ending.]

Proofreader: Tofu

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