IWBL: Chapter 242

Once there was the beginning, everything that followed became logical.

Xiao Li crouched on the edge of the cat climbing frame, reaching out to tease the little white cat. The little white cat raised his chin high and let out a purr of joy from his throat, eyes narrowed. Near him, the little black cat lay quietly on the sofa, eyes open and watching the scene in front of him. His tail kept flicking behind him and both eyes were pulled back. Xiao Li turned his head to be impartial and rubbed the little black cat. The little black cat didn’t move away but he maintained an unhappy expression during the process of being touched.

After that night, Shen Chenzhi had coaxed Xiao Li to allow him to move into Xiao Li’s home. He simply moved the person and cat on the grounds that ‘the little white cat likes Xiao Li.’

The little black cat had raised his fur at the time. His sense of territory was extremely strong. Even though a few weeks had already passed, he still ignored the little white cat and was occasionally a bit hostile.

Xiao Li tried to appease him by opening another can of cat food.

The little black cat originally wanted to stick to the cold war for a while. However, the can of cat food was too fragrant. His pink nose sniffed twice and he couldn’t hold back. He licked his mouth, got up and started to eat the canned food.

Xiao Li simply sat on the carpet and touched the black, silky fur. Suddenly, he remembered the cat when he was on the ghost ship. Thinking about it carefully, the little yellow book or Shen Chenzhi was really like a big cat. He was just much stickier. He was reminiscing about the cat version of Shen Chenzhi when there was the sound of the key turning from the door. Apart from Xiao Li himself, the only person who could open this door was Shen Chenzhi.

He didn’t raise his head. Three seconds after the door closed, a slightly cool hand grasped his wrist and hugged Xiao Li from behind. Then a kiss fell on his cheek. It was too sticky.

Xiao Li thought so but he didn’t try to break away. It was just that the roots of his ears were red due to such overly intimate behaviour. He moved his nose and smelled the wind and rain on the other person’s body. Then he changed the topic. “Is it raining outside?”

Shen Chenzhi nodded. “A small amount of rain.”

He was watching intently from an angle that Xiao Li couldn’t see. It might’ve been several weeks but Shen Chenzhi still couldn’t believe it. He was finally with Xiao Li. He could hold Xiao Li, kiss him and even hug him to sleep in bed.

Xiao Li wore a black sweater today. The neckline wasn’t too big and the collarbone was completely wrapped, but a few red marks on the originally flawless neck could still be seen. This was Shen Chenzhi’s masterpiece.

Still, Shen Chenzhi felt it wasn’t enough. People were always greedy. They got a little bit and wanted more. Shen Chenzhi wanted to imprint his traces all over the other person’s skin. As he kissed Xiao Li, he wanted to swallow Xiao Li up and never let him out. However, Shen Chenzhi never showed it. He had never felt this way before. He wanted to treat a person well so they would never be separated from each other.

Xiao Li stared out the window. Ever since coming back from the last instance, he had never encountered a sunny day. It was always in a cloudy state. Rain falling was the norm. This type of weather was really rare for this season. The weather stations had already conducted exclusive interviews on this phenomenon but the reincarnators all knew the reason.

The supernatural power had dispersed, indirectly affecting the weather. It was as the top post in the reincarnators’ forum stated. Reality was out of time.

The young man holding Xiao Li noticed that he was absentminded. Shen Chenzhi followed his gaze before holding Xiao LI’s delicate jaw. He turned Xiao Li’s head and asked in a low voice, “What do you want to eat at night?”

Xiao Li glanced at the table near the entrance. There were many vegetables bought by Shen Chenzhi on it. It seemed he didn’t plan to go out for the next few days except for necessary classes.

“Mapo tofu.” Xiao Li casually ordered a dish before lowering his gaze to touch the little yellow book on the table. “In addition, eggplant with minced meat.”

Shen Chenzhi responded affirmatively but his hand didn’t relax at all. This time, he used a bit of strength and Xiao Li wasn’t very comfortable. He pushed at Shen Chenzhi. “Boyfriend, go. I have something to ask you when you come back.”

Xiao Li didn’t use much strength when pushing but Shen Chenzhi stood up accordingly.

He was coaxed by the title and a small smile flashed in his normally expressionless eyes. He was ready to enter the kitchen with the vegetables when he thought of something and paused. He tentatively asked, “A question per kiss?”


Xiao Li threw a small kitten toy at him. Shen Chenzhi caught it and threw it toward the cat climbing frame.


Xiao Li had nothing to do for a while after Shen Chenzhi had entered the kitchen. He let go of the little black cat and went to the forum for once. During this time, Wang Huai and the Ye family had formed a group chat. Every day, they shared their progress in the group. The frequency of ordinary people encountering supernatural events was increasing and the flow of people to temples and churches had surged.

The reincarnators’ forum was extremely lively. Xiao Li flipped through a few posts sharing supernatural events and suddenly came upon a title:

[The god’s secret, reincarnators must see it! The god of lies thought that the goddess of beauty was very beautiful. He tried to have a good time with this god. Unfortunately, he was rejected by the goddess of beauty for being unreliable and it ended in sadness. From then on, he had a broken heart and started to tease humans around him.]

Xiao Li opened the post and found that although the title was very shocking, there were very few replies. The poster might be by Sherlock’s famous fan, Zheng Yi, but few people would dare to believe this type of information about the gods.

The replies were mostly perfunctory ‘hahaha’ and questions about the authenticity of the post. Wang Huai and the others were busy dealing with matters in reality and they didn’t have time to verify it.

Xiao Li wrote a reply:

[@Sherlock: It’s true.]

[I have captured Boss Sherlock! This is the first time right? Is this his first reply? Take a photo quickly.]

[Sherlock said it is true so it should be… true. After all, we all know that Pseudo-Logoi is different towards Sherlock.

[Bigshot Sherlock, I heard you have a new title, ‘Wanted by the Adjudication Court’. What do you think of this new title?]

[I’ll respond for him. It is a basic exercise. Don’t 6.]

[In fact, after watching Yanluo’s review of the adjudication prison, I really want to see the barrage of that variety show. I wonder how the ghosts praised Moriarty.]

[Maybe it is all: Run, the seventh strange story is here!]

[It is said that the strange stories group is still ruling the prison group. My youth is back. I love the strange stories group!]

[As the first victim of the team building, I would like to ask the four corners game ghost how it feels to be played as a ghost. In addition, talk about its thoughts about the game.]

[Thanks for the invitation. It must be quite an honor.]

[In addition, Miss Mary 2333. Bloody Mary was shocked after hearing the words: F*k, I thought they were going to call me!]

[Bloody Mary: Come to think of it, I don’t seem to have a phone…]

[Wait, didn’t Sherlock do team building in KTV. Now there is the strange stories team building. Pen fairy: I don’t deserve to do team building with you!]

[Bloody Mary: In addition, me. Do you favour one over the others? Do you only think of me when you have difficulties? What about taking me to play games?]

[Captain Sturt: F*k, due to physical limitations, I can only do the team building on the ship. Sherlock, are you coming?]

[Tan Li: You aren’t as good as me. The main one is here. Every day I spend with him is team building.]

[If you say this then my little black cat isn’t convinced. You have to know that not only do I stay with Sherlock every day, I often rub against him and sleep on his pillow. This is the power of fur.]

[What is so great about fur? Us ghosts don’t care about appearance!]

[Those dogs Moss and Mo Di. Now every time I go in a building, I will scold them and curse their graves.]

[However, Male God Sherlock, God Sherlock, can’t you reply to me? The man who killed Moss, is that really your boyfriend?]

[Yanluo said he is chasing Sherlock but hasn’t caught him yet. I don’t seem to have heard the name Shen Chenzhi very much but a person who can chase a bigshot is definitely another bigshot.]


Counting the time, the dishes should almost be done.

Xiao Li had been ready to put down the little yellow book and go to the kitchen to see. Just then, he saw the last few replies and stopped. He wrote a line on the page before clapping and entering the kitchen.

[Sherlock: Yes, he’s my boyfriend.]

The forum exploded from this reply.

Xiao Li gently pushed open the kitchen door. He stood behind Shen Chenzhi and watched the other person cooking. Shen Chenzhi really didn’t look like he could cook. His sleeves were loosely pulled up to his elbows and he was focused on the dish in front of him without noticing Xiao Li’s arrival behind him.

The mapo tofu had been prepared and was put to the side. Shen Chenzhi was currently holding a bag of salt in his hand and preparing to put it on the eggplant in the pot. The movement was too great so the rolled up sleeve was about to fall down. Xiao Li quickly reached out to stop it and re-roll it.

The young man’s fingers touched Shen Chenzhi’s naked arm and brought about a trembling touch. Shen Chenzhi’s hand shook and all the salt was poured out in an instant. He put the salt aside, turned off the flames and his shoulders sunk.

…Was he angry?

Xiao Li thought to himself that he was likely to become angry if he was the one who was disturbed. After all, it wasn’t easy to cook. Shen Chenzhi took care of almost all of it himself while he was someone who asked others to work but did nothing. As Shen Chenzhi’s other half, he should share a bit…

He hesitated. “Shen—”

Shen Chenzhi interrupted him by stating coldly, “This dish is ruined.”

“One dish is enough.”

Xiao Li blinked and took the initiative to grab the other person’s hand.

“Not enough.” Shen Chenzhi allowed his hand to be held. As he spoke again, there was a slight smile in his eyes. “You have to be the second dish.”

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hahaha YES, man I swear the author had the bravery to put in those yellow lines before so would he dare to put them into action??? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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