IWBL: Chapter 241

These blood threads weren’t sharp. They looked more like very thin blood vessels that felt strange and extended upwards.

Xiao Li retracted his fingers. Then once the wind in his ears changed direction, the doll’s hair grew out of his pocket. One side rolled around his waist while the other side turned toward the blood threads and the surroundings to reduce the impact of falling.

These blood threads seemed to be fixed in place. Tan Li’s hair wasn’t enough to bend them so they successfully weakened the impact. Her hair bore more of the impact. Once Xiao Li touched the ground again, he found that the soles of his feet were soft.

The bottom of this adjudication prison wasn’t normal ground nor was it an imaginary cell. It was an organization, a group of ‘brains’ intertwined together. The ground Xiao Li was stepping on was just a layer to protect this. The thin film of brain tissue was like standing on an air cushion.

Xiao Li moved his toes and bent over to take a look. He even found the frontal lobe area and suddenly wanted to reach out and fiddle with it.

…Forget it, this was too inhumane.

The blood threads that Xiao Li saw when he fell, rose from below. He walked a certain distance forward, placed his hand on the blood thread and squeezed it to test its hardness. Then he abruptly stopped.

Xiao Li actually didn’t know what he was going to do. Through Wang Huai’s hint, he had confirmed his own words. He absolutely believed in himself and jumped down. However, he didn’t understand what he was going to do now. His memories seemed to be missing and he couldn’t remember some details.

Then again, what was the task of this instance world? Now that he was down here, what should he do? Was someone going to stop him?

An itchy sensation came from his shoulders. Xiao Li turned his head and met the doll’s gaze. Tan Li held out a scalpel with her hair and raised it in front of Xiao Li’s eyes.

He looked into Tan Li’s eyes and took the scalpel from the hair in front of him. He believed in his instincts and no longer hesitated. He stretched out a hand to cut at the bloody threads in front of him with the scalpel.

Ordinary sharp blades weren’t enough to penetrate the blood threads. They weren’t hard but flexible. However, Fang Qi’s scalpel was a special item. Many blood threads were cut in the middle and couldn’t support the prison above.

Unlike the collapse of the building when the adjudication court appeared, this time it was like a mirage. The prison completely disappeared without a sound.


[The reincarnator Xiao Li has completed the task and successfully escaped. He left and destroyed the adjudication prison. The evaluation level is S and the task completion rate is 92%. 9,129 survivor coins have been acquired and there is a wanted warrant from the adjudication court.]

[At the same time, the reward for completing the program’s task will be received.]

[An exemption has been received. It can be used for the wanted warrant or used elsewhere. Please consult the task book for details.]

[Scenario conversion.]

[3, 2, 1—]


The short countdown ended and Xiao Li stood at the door of his house. He didn’t push open the door. Instead, he turned and stared at the two people in the distance. There was a black-haired beauty. Fujiang was followed by a middle-aged man, Brother Memories.

Brother Memories’ complexion was very bad. His face was bitter as he moved far away from Fujiang.

Fujiang stood in the dark and smiled. “I guess you must have many questions now.”

“That’s not true. Even if I had questions, I would’ve made a guess when I saw the person next to you.” Xiao Li thought for a moment before answering honestly. “I guess you came here to laugh at me but believe me, we might as well skip this step and let him return my memories to me.”

Fujiang’s lips moved but she didn’t say what she really wanted to say.

Brother Memories looked sad as he placed his finger in his mouth again.


It was a very mysterious feeling. Xiao Li retrieved his memories. They were all his thoughts about ‘prison breaking’ and everything that he had done. It didn’t take time to adapt since this was originally his memories. Xiao Li pushed the door forward. “Do you want to come in and sit down?”

Brother Memories shook his head back and forth.

Fujiang raised a finger and tapped her chin as she pretended to think. “Forget it, I have to go back.”

Xiao Li said goodbye to them, closed the door and took out his mobile phone. Before he could switch to the call page, a phone call from Zheng Yi came. He looked at the screen and his fingers paused a moment before he pressed to connect.

Zheng Yi’s voice was heard. “Sherlock, how are you? Are you okay? What did you do? How did you succeed in getting out of the prison?”

He was obviously very excited. His voice was loud and he was full of questions.

Xiao Li first moved his phone further away. Then once Zheng Yi had asked all the questions, he answered the last one first. “I cut off the supply of the prison, cutting its connection with the brain so the prison disappeared.”

“The adjudication prison isn’t a normal physical prison. It is a mental prison. The ‘door’ we see doesn’t actually exist. It is just a transformation of the spiritual body. In other words, it is actually imagined from the brain of the prison’s jailer. The brain was taken out and placed at the bottom while the body moved around to guard the prisoner.”

Zheng Yi was stuck for a long time. He had too many questions and he couldn’t figure out what to ask for a moment. “What about the jailer? Didn’t you meet them when you cut it apart? How did you find out?”

Xiao Li quickly explained. “The jailer was only really in our vision three times. Twice on patrols  and once when we tried to escape when the newcomers entered.”

“Checking the rooms is part of the rooms. When we tried to escape from prison, the jailer retaliated slightly against me due to the, um, thoughts I had about the jailer in my heart.”

“In addition, a comment in the barrage said ‘Has this door ever been opened?’ I started to think in another direction i.e. we don’t usually see the door because there is no door at all. It is mental architecture. The ‘door’ is just an illusion that the jailer used to mislead us.”

“So I was thinking that the jailer should have other abilities and limitations in addition to making us sleepy. To determine this, I did an experiment.”

“I left the room when the lights went out and separated from Wang Huai. I conceived the idea of escape in my mind: the jailer would be led away by the departure of Wang Huai and me while Yanluo will use some type of door opening item to escape from prison.”

“The result is that after the jailer knocked me unconscious, it didn’t go to Wang Huai straight away. It disappeared for six minutes. I thought that it probably went to check on Yanluo and patrol the door. After confirming that Yanluo wasn’t there, it knocked Wang Huai unconscious and put me in the thinking room.”

“This was why I was placed in the thinking room while Wang Huai wasn’t.”

“In addition, there is what the doctor said when we were in the infirmary. He said that I was too lively and open. He wanted me to close myself up a bit. This was a hint that our minds are open in front of the jailer.”

“Generally speaking, his words are crazy but he mentioned ‘coordinates’ before and it turned out to be true. Therefore, his other words can’t be ignored.”

“In this way, it is obvious that the jailer has a special ability like reading the mind. It could see through our minds, our thoughts and our escape plan. The relative limitation is that it can only act through thoughts. In other words, the jailer is like a search machine. It will appear once the prisoner has the idea of escaping prison.”

“Thus, I had left Fujiang behind and went to find Brother Memories. I had him ‘eat’ my memories of the ‘prison break’ plan. Of course, this also included my thoughts on the ‘prison break’ as well as the plan. I just left some hints for myself after I forgot. This way, the jailer wouldn’t care about me. No matter what I did, I wasn’t breaking out of prison. Therefore, the jailer didn’t appear at all. There wasn’t the obstacle of the jailer so the task was easily completed.”

“Of course, if I had more time then I wouldn’t need to rely on Brother Memories’ ability. I could do it all with hypnosis or memory guidance. However, I wanted to complete the task as soon as possible so I borrowed his ability, allowing him to ‘eat’ my memories. This was the quickest way to escape from prison. The jailer couldn’t scan and locate me for that reason.”

“After the instance ended, he returned my memories to me. Are there any questions?”

Zheng Yi held it in for a long time. His hearing had kept up but his brain couldn’t follow. Finally, he choked out a sentence. “…No, I need a bit of time to recover from this amount of information.”

Very good.

Xiao Li hung up and turned to Shen Chenzhi’s chat box. He edited a message and sent it: [Are you out?]

He put down his mobile phone, ready to also ask with the little yellow book. However, there was a knock on the door before he could pull out the little yellow book. Xiao Li opened the door and found Shen Chenzhi standing there. The young man looked good and there were no obvious scars. It was just that the coldness in his eyes had become stronger and there was an indescribable sense of depression.

Shen Chenzhi’s arm was resting against the wall and his voice was mixed with his boiling heartbeat. His heart was thumping fiercely. He couldn’t contain it as he spoke slowly and hesitantly, “The last thing you said…”

What did it mean? Was it what Shen Chenzhi thought?

Shen Chenzhi felt like he was standing on a cliff on top of a mountain. It would only take one word to break him into pieces in an instant. His voice broke as he spoke and it was a bit hoarse.

In such a quiet corridor, his words rushed directly into Xiao Li’s ears and descended to his heart along with his flowing blood.

The young man opposite Shen Chenzhi leaned against the door. His complexion was white as if it would leave imprints no matter how careful. The contrast between his black hair and his complexion under sunlight was even more shocking.

Xiao Li asked softly, “Why did you want to go instead of me?”

Shen Chenzhi’s previously inaccessible air completely softened. He wanted to say a lot but in the end, he only expressed the simplest statement. “There is no special reason. It is just because I love you.”

“Therefore, I don’t want you to be in any danger.”

“I love you very much.”

“I just love you.”

“I’m not very good at talking. Don’t mind it.” He paused and added this after fearing that the person opposite would find it too clumsy.

Xiao Li seemed to feel hot. He undid the button at his collar to reveal his delicate collarbone. It was like Shen Chenzhi’s dream and his heart pounded with excitement.

A smile appeared in Xiao Li’s black eyes. He raised his head like he had made a decision, his hair following along his movements and showing off his slender neck. He told Shen Chenzhi, “Lower your head.”

Shen Chenzhi instinctively froze. His heart was almost jumping out of his throat as he glanced at the young man, controlled himself and lowered his head obediently. Xiao Li stepped forward and directly kissed Shen Chenzhi’s cool lips.

He was willing to jump into this thousand feet deep pool. From now on, he would accommodate another person in his life. It didn’t matter if there was no eternity as long as there was now.

Love was so beautiful that he couldn’t resist it.

Proofreader: Tofu

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Wait I suddenly feel depressed suppressing the joy because now thinking about it if SCZ is a god and Xiao Li is human then won’t SCZ outlive him? Cuz there is a time limit to everything, even the god of life can’t take a person from the god of death due to time… * silently weeping again… *