IWBL: Chapter 240

The phantom of the adjudication court disappeared completely.

It was in the blink of an eye. Before everyone’s upper and lower eyelids touched each other, the broken walls were still real. After the eyelids touched, the destroyed buildings were instantly restored.

The light bulbs were back to their original state and the entire adjudication prison was as bright as day time. The platform was lowered back to the lower level and it was exactly the same as when everyone entered the prison.

Only Shen Chenzhi had disappeared.

The clouds that were tying up Xiao Li’s legs also dissipated and it was like nothing had happened. The young man’s fingers curled out and he exhaled deeply. His eyelashes trembled like a bird that couldn’t find its way home.

Wang Huai called out to him. “Sherlock…”

Xiao Li didn’t raise his head as he asked, “How can I go to the hell of severe punishment?”


“Answer me.”

Wang Huai was silent for a moment before replying, “I don’t know. It should be those who have committed heinous crimes that touched the bottom line of the adjudication prison or who obstructed the trial process. This is just my guess.”

He stared at Xiao Li’s face.

Wang Huai had seen many couples among reincarnators. Faced with the danger to their lives, most of them would choose to run separately in a disaster. In addition, they were willing to sacrifice their lover for their own lives. Few people were willing to die for their lover like this so Wang Huai couldn’t help comforting Xiao Li. “He did this for you—”

“I want to go in and accompany him.” Xiao Li interrupted Wang Huai as he took a step back and took something out of his pocket. “The hell of severe punishment isn’t a good place for a date but I don’t think that he will mind.”

He looked at the brooch in his hand and asked the communicator, “Do you know how to enter the hell of severe punishment?”

The broadcast room was blocked after the adjudication court appeared. It was released just now and after listening to Xiao Li’s question, the audience members filled the screen frantically.

[What was that just now? A god descending?]

[There are only a few possibilities that can hinder a live broadcast.]

[Sherlock is asking to go to the hell of severe punishment?]

[Wait, Sherlock. You can’t go to the hell of severe punishment!]

[You might not know the hell of severe punishment very well. There are no ghosts or gods in it. There is only yourself and a pain that your body has never suffered before.]

[I think the adjudication court hasn’t issued any documents stating what types of crimes will be committed to the hell of severe punishment. Apart from obstructing law enforcement, the last one who was sentenced there seemed to slaughter and destroy a weak race for no reason.]

[You want to save him?]

In the midst of the pointless comments, Xiao Li saw one of them and replied, “Yes.”

The owner of the barrage immediately said.

[Then make a deal with me. I’ll tell you how to commit the crime to enter and you’ll do one thing for me.]

Lies? Or Death?

Xiao Li briefly thought about it. The latter might mean it but the former was more likely to do something like the library incident. He would probably tell Xiao Li to commit an absurd crime.

Xiao Li’s messy brain gradually calmed down. He didn’t answer immediately. He just covered up the brooch, took out the little yellow book and wrote: [Are you okay?]

The little yellow book didn’t answer. There was no other response under his handwriting. Xiao Li stared at the little yellow book and his grip on the pen loosened. It wasn’t until five minutes later that the other person’s reply came. [You know?]

Xiao Li: [Guessed.]

It was because he had guessed that Shen Chenzhi was the little yellow book and that Shen Chenzhi wasn’t human that he had been worrying about it for so long. He refused to make a decision and didn’t want to take that step.

A human’s passion was hard to sustain. Then what about a god?

It wasn’t known if the little yellow book was thinking about his words or if it was the isolation of hell. It took him a while before he replied: […Are you angry?]

[Look at how I’m currently a serious criminal. Don’t be angry and don’t ignore me.]

At such times, the other person still wanted to appease him. Xiao Li was inexplicably a bit angry because of this. [I’m asking you how you feel now?]

[It’s nothing.] The little yellow book’s tone was light. [A few days is nothing for me and it won’t cause any harm. You just can’t see it because you aren’t accustomed to it. Don’t worry.]

Before Xiao Li could write again, the little yellow book showed: [If you want to end it early, complete the task as soon as possible.]

[You and I are a couple. If you escape successfully then I will leave here.]

[My mistake. It is a team.]

Xiao Li, “……”

[The instance rules are the same as the adjudication court. You and I entered through the instance rules and we can also leave through it. It is different from divine power.]

[They gave birth to an instance but they can’t control the rules. The one who controls the rules is Order.]

Xiao Li: […Is this true?]

It wasn’t that he didn’t trust Shen Chenzhi. He just believed that with this guy’s personality, he would guess that Xiao Li wanted to enter and it wasn’t impossible for him to deceive Xiao Li using these words.

Little yellow book: [I won’t lie to you.]

[Yes, otherwise you will become single after just losing your single status.] Xiao Li wrote and closed the little yellow book. He didn’t go to the live broadcast room again. He raised his head and told the rest of the people, “I’ll be leaving.”

The little yellow book was vibrating wildly. Xiao Li glanced down and found that the other person had sent: [Is it what I think?] and [!] instead of [I just lied to you.]

He didn’t reply. He just stuffed the little yellow book into his pocket, ready to hurry up and act quickly.

Wang Huai wondered, “Where are you going?”

Xiao Li had blocked the little yellow book strictly and Wang Huai hadn’t seen the dialogue written in it. He just saw the barrage and thought that Xiao Li was going to commit a ‘crime.’

“Go and watch a show.” Xiao Li’s tone had returned to normal. Only his slightly quick pace betrayed him. He passed by Wang Huai and tore out a small piece of paper from the little yellow book. As he smoothed the book with his fingers, he wrote four letters on this piece of paper.


Xiao Li placed the note in Wang Huai’s hand. “Have you seen LOST?”

“Eh?” Wang Huai failed to keep up with Xiao Li’s thinking this time. He opened the note in his hand and read it. It took him three seconds to realize this was English. “American TV show?”

Wasn’t the topic changed too fast? One second ago, Xiao Li was still thinking about how to save his boyfriend. Why did it jump to an American TV show?”

Xiao Li clearly spoke every word. “No, it is a variety show. It’s pretty good to watch. You can stay here to watch it. The platform below will replay it. I am going to watch the last episode now.”

Several of the words were specifically emphasized. Wang Huai squeezed the note in his hand, lowered his chin and waved slightly at Xiao Li. Xiao Li passed by Wang Huai and disappeared at the end of the passage.

Zheng Yi and Ye Zeqing wanted to follow but Xiao Li stopped them with gestures in the distance. Zheng Yi stopped while Ye Zeqing started to run on the spot again due to the punishment. He gasped as he asked, “You really aren’t following? I’m a bit worried.”

Looking at this state, wasn’t Xiao Li really crazy?

“Or shall we follow…” Zheng Yi couldn’t help worrying.

Ye Zeqing had just ran one step forward when Wang Huai crossed his arms and blocked the middle of the passage. The doubt in his eyes had disappeared. He fully understood what Xiao Li had said just now. He unfolded his arms and held up the note. “He went to watch a variety show. He will be back.”

Zheng Yi, “……?”

Ye Zeqing, “……??”

Their faces were shocked. They didn’t know the world of bigshots very well.


Xiao Li came back again after 10 minutes. Wang Huai hadn’t left this level. He stayed where he was. The others also didn’t leave and stayed here.

Footsteps got closer and closer.

Wang Huai was originally observing his task book. If his task book could talk like the little yellow book then it would probably show the sentence: [Don’t stare at me. I will be eaten by you.] It was a pity that the task book didn’t have this function so Wang Huai unscrupulously tore off half the paper. He was so hungry. He was going to starve to death.

After hearing the footsteps, Wang Huai released the paper and stood up. He stared over at the source of the sound. Xiao Li looked like he did 10 minutes ago. He stared at Wang Hua. Before Wang Huai could speak, Xiao Li asked with surprise, “What are you doing here?”

Wang Huai, “……”

He asked, “Is the variety show LOST, good to watch?”

Xiao Li was stunned like he didn’t understand Wang Huai’s words. He frowned slightly and replied, “…Yes, it is good.”

Wang Huai repeated Xiao Li’s words. “There will be a replay on the platform below.”

Xiao Li stared at Wang Huai’s face with a strange look. Then as if he was reminded of something, he crossed by Wang Huai and walked into the depths of the passage.

Zheng Yi saw this scene and whispered, “No, has he become dumb? Can anyone explain the situation to me?”

Wang Huai answered, “No.”

“Then what shall we do next?” Zheng Yi rubbed his stomach. He believed in Xiao Li and was afraid he would give Xiao Li trouble. “Just stand here? Shall we move and try looking for clues?”

Wang Huai shook his head. “…Don’t trouble him.”

He spoke quickly and in a low voice.


On the other side, Xiao Li was indeed a bit strange. He pressed his hand against his temple in a slight daze. Soon, the daze disappeared.

Xiao Li went all the way down the stairs in the passage. He passed the place where Zheng Yi and the others were and stepped on the passage leading to the platform. Now the platform was clean and everything was cleaned up.

Xiao Li stared up at the densely packed floors and then lowered his head to look below the platform. It was dark below. There was only a gap large enough for the length of two arms. He picked up a stone and threw it down. He didn’t hear an echo for a long time.

It was deep.

Below wasn’t the hell of severe punishment. The place where Shen Chenzhi was bound by the shackles had left with the adjudication court. Still, Xiao Li thought of him when seeing the bottomless darkness.

The hell of severe punishment should have no lights. Would it be dark?

A peculiar, special feeling rose in Xiao Li’s heart. He pressed down on his temple and told himself not to be disturbed by this emotion, at least, not now.

He let go of his hand and jumped off the platform. There was a sense of weightlessness. Xiao Li felt himself falling down for a long time without any light around him. Then after falling long enough, red lines started appearing in the darkness.

The red lines rose vertically from the dark bottom, leading to the top and collectively disappearing at a certain distance. Xiao Li calculated it using his pulse. It took one minute and 20 seconds.

The red lines became denser as the distance deepened and as he approached the bottom. In the process of falling, Xiao Li reached out and found that they weren’t red threads. They were blood threads.

Proofreader: Tofu

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