IWBL: Chapter 238

The legs were now very angry. It felt that it had been insulted more than when it got the splits injury. It was no longer satisfied with just kicking. Later, it simply stepped on the game ghost with both legs and jumped up and down.

The game ghost was beaten and curled up on the ground, a confused expression on its face and question marks all over its head.


It really didn’t understand why the legs were so angry. Wasn’t it the sad one? It was full of expectations about playing this game. As a result, who were the participants in this four corner game?

There was no need to talk about the pair of legs. The one next to it watching the good show was dripping a sticky red liquid to the ground from her dress. Judging by its good night vision ability, this was simply blood! In addition, the one who was crying didn’t have the skin colour and hair of a human. As for the last one, he looked like a normal human being—

The game ghost suddenly froze as he had a thought. It… seemed to know where this was.

The strange stories of the goddess of words. Wasn’t this human the one called Moriarty who had been very popular lately?

The game ghost relaxed its tight legs. It has been prepared to take advantage of the weakest human to launch a sneak attack. Now that it recognized the identity of the opponent, it neatly gave up on the idea. It let the legs vent while waiting to return to its original world after the game was over.

Five minutes later, the four corners game was suspended and the game ghost disappeared. The legs pounced on empty air and the soles of its feet were numb. It stomped back and forth unhappily to alleviate the feeling.

In order to appease it, Xiao Li called Fu Zige out from the little yellow book and whispered a few words to the KTV ghost.

Fu Zige wasn’t very happy at first. The legs looked too irritable. The game ghost could endure it but his little microphone couldn’t last against such a violent kick. However, he heard Xiao Li’s explanation and then looked at the unparalleled Fujiang next to him. He eventually agreed to act as the host of the team building activity.

Just before floating up, Fu Zige whispered in Xiao Li’s ear, “Sherlock, you met me in reality as a group with Tan Li and the others. Now you are here having a party with another wave of ghosts. You are a bit of a—”

Scumbag. This analog wasn’t quite right but Fu Zige really thought of an active playboy.

Fu Zige’s words hadn’t finished when Xiao Li hit him and sent him flying. He stabilized himself near the ceiling and coughed twice. Then he spoke loudly in his magnetic, hoarse voice. “Since it was the pair of legs that made the four corner game ghost unable to continue, it is the winner of this game! Let us congratulate it!”

Fu Zige shook his head and sang, “Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations, congratulations.”

It was the first time the legs had won such an honor. It was stunned and crossed its legs shyly in a girly posture. The original violent anger disappeared without a trace.

“Reward? The reward is…” Fu Zige glanced at Xiao Li. “You are qualified to join the Hell Society!”

The legs, “……”

“Okay, the first game is over. For the next game, let me look at the barrage—” Fu Zige floated automatically in front of Xiao Li’s communicator.

[The team building site for the strange stories is in the adjudication prison. This is really arrogant.]

[Hell Society? What is this?]

[Sherlock himself is the president. I’ve heard of it.]

[Then I also want to join. There is an old saying. If you can’t beat it then join it.]

[Some type of fairy, hide and seek, the ghost behind you, Miss Mary’s phone, all can be played.]

[The ghosts mentioned above, if you see this then run!]

“Miss Mary’s phone. The name is very familiar. Is it the Bloody Mary we know?” Fu Zige asked.

Xiao Li’s voice was much smaller than Fu Zige’s voice but it was exceptionally clear and powerful. “No, it is another urban legend also known as Where is Miss Mary? It just has the same name.”

[I’m here to help you. Miss Mary’s phone number is 139XXXXXX232.]

[Moriarty cued me. I was so agitated when I heard those two words.]

[The beautiful evil spirit above, would you like to drink a glass of fresh blood?]

[Brother’s grace.]

[This popularity is no longer about team building between the strange stories. It has developed into a scene of the collective team building of the ghost world. I suspect that the goddess of words is secretly watching…]

[Text: My babies.]

Fu Zige saw the barrage moving in a strange direction and hurriedly put down the communicator. Xiao Li took out his phone and wanted to ask who would play this game, only to see that Fujiang had already made a call. Fujiang’s long black hair fell down. She impatiently pushed it away with her white fingers as she listened to the beeping of the phone, waiting for the other party to connect.

Her phone didn’t have a signal but she could still make the call due to the special nature of this number. Soon, the call went through. A clear girl’s voice was heard from the receiver. “Hello, I am Miss Mary. I am in another world. Once I get to my phone, I’ll always be close to you until I find you and replace you.”

Fujiang chuckled. Her voice was like sweet honey, full of allure even for the same sex. “Good, I’ll wait.”

She hung up and waited for Miss Mary to call. Five minutes later, Fujiang’s phone rang. She pressed the connect button, her face as beautiful as a demon under the faint light of the mobile phone. “Hello?”

Miss Mary told her, “I am in the gap in the passage now. I will be in your world immediately.”

Fujiang raised a hand and turned it back and forth as she examined her fingernails. She seemed to be thinking about what manicure she should do. She replied, “I will give you a suggestion. It is now the Internet age. Us ghosts have to keep up with the times. You can use WeChat or QQ to develop your business and send the coordinates directly. How simple is it? Why do you have to call?”

Miss Mary was stunned and confused. No one had ever made such a suggestion to her. Besides, her setting was to use the step by step approach over the phone. It went from ‘100 metres from your house’ to ‘at your house, open the door’ then to ‘I am here’ and ‘I am under your bed. She used such thrilling dialogue to inspire human fear.

Could this… be changed?

Fujiang hung up without waiting for Miss Mary to reply.

Xiao Li praised her. “Good suggestion, very practical.”

“Of course.”

“Don’t leave later. I need your help.”

Fujiang snorted. She looked dissatisfied but she didn’t directly refuse. Then the phone in her hand rang for the third time. “Uhuh?”

Miss Mary said, “Your world has no positioning so I didn’t send in. In addition, I checked and saw your live broadcast. Say hello to Mr Sherlock for me. I will shut down for a while.”

Xiao Li, “……”

It didn’t have to necessarily be like this. Just come in and play together, how nice would it be? They weren’t strange stories with weird habits.

Fujiang hung up. The famous beauty seemed to find some fun in this. She looked at Fu Zige, showed an upside down smile and gestured to the KTV ghost. “Next one.”


Time passed as the strange stories played ghost games. They were playing the seventh game when the iron window suddenly opened from the outside. Light came in through the window as a face stuck to the window and looked itself.

It was the jailer and it was observing the situation of the prisoner in the room. At this moment, it looked at all the ghosts in the room and couldn’t help being stunned. Its eyes widened and the blood threads were soaring like it had encountered something intolerable.

In particular, when it opened the window, Fu Zige was torturing the recruited ghost with his high-pitched voice. His singing was like the Qinghai-Tibet plateau. The sudden appearance of the jailer interrupted him. Fu Zige turned his head and stared at the jailer’s horrible eyes.

In less than two seconds, Xiao Li felt a pulling force. Then he was pulled from the thinking room by the jailer. Oh, someone finished the game.

Xiao Li closed the little yellow book and sent the other ghosts back. At the same time, there was a broadcast overhead. “Prisoner No. 23024 caused harm. The confinement to the thinking room has been canceled. This will be remembered and saved for the next court session.”

Court. Adjudication court?

Xiao Li turned around. It was currently early morning. He walked back slowly along the passage while thinking about the information he received last night.

The ghost of the four corners game could enter and Pseudo-Logoi and the little yellow book also said they could invade the prison. This showed that entering was a very simple matter but it was hard to affect the prison’s rules.

Xiao Li passed directly through the passage of his room but instead of going in directly, he went to the next floor to look for Wang Huai. Finally, he found Wang Huai in a room in the middle of the next floor.

This guy was clever. Unlike Xiao Li who fell to the ground and was sent to the thinking room by the jailer, Wang Huai hadn’t intended to escape from prison during this lights out time. He just directly searched for the cleanest room and lay on the quilt, waiting for the arrival of the jailer.

Facts proved that his method worked. Wang Huai was lying on the bed asleep.

Xiao Li glanced at the time, opened the door and relentlessly grabbed the quilt to pull Wang Huai off the bed. “Wake up.”

The moment he noticed his weightlessness, Wang Huai opened his eyes. They were so clear that no one would think he had been sleeping a second ago. Wang Huai grabbed the foot of the bed, stood up and patted the dust off his body. “You came back so soon?’

“Did you hear?”

“Yes, it didn’t come to me until after your punishment was broadcasted last night.”

He hadn’t heard the announcement this morning because he was asleep.

Xiao Li sat on the side of Wang Huai’s bed despite being a guest. He relaxed his back and leaned against the wall to reduce the weight on his shoulders that was becoming increasingly heavier. “So what time did you fall asleep?”

Wang Huai replied, “I made a special note of it. It was 9:10 p.m.”

He raised his hand and touched his temple. Then he suddenly searched around before finally opening his own task book. He tore off a page from the end, crumpled it into a small ball and threw it in his mouth.

Xiao Li wondered, “…What are you doing?”

“I’m too hungry,” Wang Huai answered.

He chewed on the paper ball in his mouth and his voice was vague. “I was looking at you just now and there was an urge to kill you to eat meat. Then I turned my attention and saw the soap. I wanted to swallow it whole.”

“Compared to the consequences of these two actions, eating paper is considered acceptable to me.”

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