IWBL: Chapter 234

Zhou Yin took Xiao Li to his cell, which was located on the other floor. All the rooms here were similar except for the place where Zhou Yin stopped. It might not be accurate to call it a symbol. It was more like a painting with scary colours that occupied the entire wall.

The main part was a scale. The left end of the scale was a small spherical object while the right side of the scale was countless hearts. The sides with the hearts were painted with blood using red paint. Two people painted in black kneeled before the hearts and this made the left and right ends of the scale reach a delicate balance. Above the entire scale were two more triangles while below the scale were thin lines.

The scale symbolized a ruling? These two triangles were like the symbols that Fu Zige and Zui Tian saw respectively…

This painting wasn’t here when they had previously checked the rooms.

Xiao Li leaned close to the painting and rubbed against the edges with his fingers. His fingers were dyed with some paint, proving that it hadn’t been long since the painting was done. He stared at the painting in front of him and was silent for a while.

Zhou Yin stood next to him and declared proudly, “I have successfully reasoned out the secret behind this painting. I think it is a hint to the way out and the background. The scale should be the symbol of this prison. If we want to go out, we have to find the spherical object and use it as an exchange to complete the task.

The more he spoke, the more he couldn’t control himself. He couldn’t maintain the ‘illusion of humility’ that he had originally put on in front of the camera. It was as if he would complete the task in the next second, becoming the first player to complete the task and winning the favour of various endorsers.

Xiao Li turned his head. “Then why are there only two little people drawn on it?”

Zhou Yin was stunned by the question before confidently explaining, “It should be a metaphor. You know, like Adam and Eve? These two people created all of humanity so using two people should be a metaphor.”

At this point, he comforted Xiao Li. “In fact, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have knowledge about this.”

Xiao Li was silent for a moment before encouraging him. “…Very thoughtful.”

“T-Thank you?” For a moment, Zhou Yin couldn’t tell the true identity of the person in front of him. Such a reaction made it seem that this person wasn’t a contestant but a judge or a clue that NPC had inserted inside?

He asked tentatively, “Shall we go find the sphere and see where the crew has placed it?”

“I won’t go.” Xiao Li calculated the time and finally said. “Go by yourself but this place isn’t like what you think. Remember to be vigilant.”

Zhou Yin might be arrogant but he didn’t plan to ignore Xiao Li’s reminder. He wondered, “Why do you say that? Yes, previously your group fell to the ground. We thought something was wrong with you and we were shocked.”

“…Variety effect.”

“Yes, we hit the tallest one of you at the time. Once we found that you didn’t wake up and the program’s staff wasn’t coming to save you, we knew it was specifically arranged. We thought it was a punishment for failing to escape from the prison…” Zhou Yin prattled on. “I was actually a bit scared at the time but this is why the variety show is popular.”

Xiao Li couldn’t help drawing a cross for Wang Huai in his heart.

Zhou Yin asked again, “Do you have any suggestions?”

Xiao Li thought about it before advising earnestly, “Live well and run away quickly when you see some bloody scenes. This place is a lot different from what you imagine.”

It was useless for him to tell Zhou Yin the truth now. First of all, this person wouldn’t believe it. Secondly, the prison was actually safe. The biggest threat was the punishment imposed by the ruling. Therefore, he just gave a suggestion.

Zhou Yin, “…..?”

At this time in their live broadcast room, the barrage was bravely breaking into the world.

[This man is so good at reasoning.]

[These words are in double quotes, do you understand? Dog head saves lives] (A joking comment added at the end for a funny effect and to show one is joking)

[Sherlock looked at it and called him an expert!]

[A question that even Moriarty doesn’t know. An unknown man shouted, ‘I will do this question!’]

[This ghost feels great after listening to it.]


Xiao Li and Zhou Yin parted ways at the entrance of the passage. Xiao Li continued to go deeper and found that in the passage on this floor, even two rooms there would be similar graffiti. The paint ranged from fresh to old.

The graffiti didn’t disappear until he entered the deepest part of the passage.

Xiao Li held the railing of the platform and found that the blood vomited by Yu You during the welcome party had disappeared. The entire platform had sunk to the bottom, returning to its clean and flawless appearance.

He took off the brooch and placed it in his pocket. At the same time, he took out the little yellow book and placed it on the railing. He held the cap of the pen in his mouth and was about to write something when he saw the little yellow book writing like it was aware: [Did you miss me?]

Xiao Li, “……”

His pen tip stopped.

The little yellow book was concerned: [Your hand looks a bit serious. You should go to the infirmary for some medicine and apply it.]

Xiao Li’s eyes fell on his wrist. To tell the truth, he actually felt good. As long as it wasn’t very painful, he could endure it. There was no need to be so exaggerated. Still, just to test it…

Xiao Li: [Can you erase it for me?]

Little yellow book: […I’m sorry, I can’t.]

[The ruling is neutral. I have no right to influence it or I would’ve directly erased the weight you bear from the beginning.]

‘However, it’s okay. I’ll share the burden with you.’

Xiao Li: [So you’re a ghost, not a god?]

This was the first time in ages that Xiao Li had asked about the origin of the little yellow book. The little yellow book was quiet for a moment before showing: [No, I… I am a god. I’m not a god. I am whatever you want me to be.]

[However, the god of lies can invade here…]

Xiao Li hadn’t finished his sentence when the little yellow book’s writing interrupted him.

[I can too.]

[The intrusion of lies is just a 3D transformation. He can only communicate with you like we are doing now. I can go in deeper than him but I can’t directly affect the rules of the adjudication.]

[H-He isn’t as powerful as me nor is he as suitable for you as I am. Don’t like him.]

In the beginning, it was a scientific explanation but then it returned to the little yellow book as it spoke in a panic. According to past experience, the little yellow book might be full of jokes but it always said the truth. It never deceived Xiao Li.

Therefore, Xiao Li wrote: [You are also a god.]

There was no facial expression fluctuation. Only the momentary movement of his Adam’s apple showed his emotional changes at this time.

The little yellow book responded obediently: [Yes.]

A god was a ghost in a sense but it didn’t matter if it was a god or a ghost. There were fundamental differences between them and humans.

Xiao Li gripped the pen in his hand, the tip of the pen trembling slightly as he wrote on the yellowed page: [Will a god…]

Half of this sentence was written before it was crossed out by Xiao Li.

Little yellow book: [What?]

[It’s fine.]

[But you just—]

[My wrist hurts a bit. I will go to the infirmary.] Xiao Li wrote and immediately put away his pen and the little yellow book. Then he walked back to the passage. By the time he returned, the others had left. Only Zheng Yi and Shen Chenzhi were still there.

Zheng Yi was rubbing the back of his head. He greeted Xiao Li and instantly complained, “My head hurts. I feel like I hit the floor when I fell. If I get bad grades in the future, I will tell my mother that I bumped my head while I was asleep. How about you?”

“It’s okay.”

He glanced over at Shen Chenzhi standing here waiting for him. Xiao Li hadn’t felt any pain when sleeping because someone had pulled him in time, pulling him into his arms. This caused Xiao Li’s head to fall directly on something soft.

After Xiao Li woke up, he found that he was lying in Shen Chenzhi’s arms. Shen Chenzhi seemed to have woken up a long time ago and was hugging him. He even adjusted the posture so that Xiao Li would be more comfortable in his sleep. Just like that, they slept together on the ground.

“That’s good. Where are you going now? I’ll follow you,” Zheng Yi spoke without hesitation.

The moment it heard these words, the light ghost jumped out of Xiao Li’s pocket and floated to Zheng Yi’s head. Then it suddenly lit up.

A giant 500 watts light bulb. (Tl: Lightbulb is common slang for someone acting as a third wheel)

Zheng Yi, “???”

Then he seemed to understand something and immediately stammered, “N-No, I didn’t mean that. Then I’ll go to Old Wang and the others. They are investigating clues over there—”

Xiao Li interrupted him. “It’s fine. Let’s go.”

He reached out and grabbed the light ghost, rudely stuffing it back in his pocket. Zheng Yi stared at Shen Chenzhi with embarrassment and spread open his hands helplessly. Shen Chenzhi didn’t say a word during the process, nor did he comment on Xiao Li’s actions. He just nodded at Xiao Li’s words and indifferently walked to the infirmary with them.

Xiao Li had some guesses about the opening of the infirmary.

There must be some logic behind the infirmary appearing in the prison. Since injuries from a ghost or self-mutilation didn’t open the door, there should be an option between the jailer injuring them or a fight between prisoners.

At this time, he walked along the passage to the end and found that a door had appeared in the place that was originally a white wall. There was a sign at the door that read: [Infirmary.]

There was a notice at the door:

[Infirmary opening time: After every escape failure.]

[Or when the doctor is in a good mood.]

[Be wary. When you walk through this door, you will enter a safe place.]

It was worth mentioning that the part about ‘enter’ was later glued on with white paper, covering the original words. The door was hidden as if someone had already gone in.

Xiao Li didn’t knock on the door first. He pushed it open and glanced inside. The first thing that caught his eye was a table. It was an ordinary table with two pots of dead cacti on it, just like every infirmary. There were two chairs next to the table followed by a screen and a single bed behind it.

There were many books stacked on the table, each of which were quite thick and wrapped in a black cover. Xiao Li saw that the title of the book placed on top was:

‘100 Recommendations for Novice Doctors’.

The title of the book below it was:

‘How to Cut the Human Body so that the Human Body can Show the Most Beautiful Side.’

‘A Compendium of Novice Doctor Accidents: the 500 Most Common Mistakes to Make when You First Start.’

‘A Thousand Knowledge Points that Most Medical Students Must Read.’

‘Descriptions from the Dead, the Life of a Plague Doctor Who is Death’s Enemy.’


Xiao Li, “?”

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4 months ago

oh yea a doctor is death’s enemy because they take people from death and save lives, like I think the worst nemesis of the god of death is either the god of life or the god of doctors