IWBL: Chapter 233

Ye Zeqing rushed forward.

He took the lead and thought about rushing out first. He didn’t even look at the appearance of the people who came in. He used all his strength to slam into the shoulders of the newcomer in front of him, wanting to get out through the door.

Ye Zeqing could already see the scenery outside the prison door. It was a sunset glow looming on the horizon. It would be fine as long as he took two more steps. He was just about to take a step when his left leg suddenly became extremely heavy.

His thoughts gradually became chaotic and an unstoppable drowsiness hit him. He started to fall asleep uncontrollably like a social animal who hadn’t slept for three consecutive days. He lost control of his legs and moved face down toward the ground.

Before losing his mind completely, Ye Zeqing struggled to turn his head, avoiding hitting the ground with the back of his head as he forced his eyes open. A second before he lost consciousness, he finally saw the jailer’s face.

It wore a pure black cloak. Its head was round and its eyes were big, but it had no eyeballs. Only hollow eye sockets were inlaid on the face. The coiled blood threads didn’t remain in the eye sockets but were ‘nailed’ like stitches outside the eye socket. It seemed to rely on these blood threads to maintain the position of the eye sockets. The red lines wrapped around the eye sockets and fluttered behind its head.

In addition, its mouth was like a thin line without any lips. Its fingers were thin and full of wrinkles. The direction it was facing was—


In a second, he fell into darkness.


He didn’t know how much time had passed. Ye Zeqing clutched his forehead and woke up from his sleep.

His entire body was sore, especially his legs. The aftereffects of excessive running was revealed. He found that he was lying close to the entrance but the door that had been opened by the newcomers had disappeared again, turning into a flat wall.

Ye Zeqing gritted his teeth and used his arm to rise from the ground. Beside him were Zheng Yi and Park Heesoon still lying on the ground. Xiao Li and the others had woken up first.

“It failed?” Ye Zeqing staggered a few steps. He tensed his leg muscles, leaned against the wall and barely managed to speak to Xiao Li.

Xiao Li looked him up and down before suddenly grabbing his arm.

“What’s going on?” Ye Zeqing was dazed.

He followed Xiao Li’s gaze and found a circle of scars on his wrist.

The scar looked strange. Judging from its shape and distribution, it looked like traces of being handcuffed over the years. However, once he touched it with his fingers, it felt like a sharp thin blade had cut around in a circle and then it scabbed over.

Ye Zeqing murmured, “There is a bit of pain but my leg muscles are more painful right now. That’s why I didn’t pay any attention to it.”

He also looked for the same scar on Xiao Li’s wrist and found that the other person was the same as him, but it was significantly thicker than his. It was around twice as thick. Xiao Li’s complexion was pale and the scar was very shocking.

“Why is your injury bigger?” Ye Zeqing wondered.

Xiao Li replied lightly, “I don’t know. Maybe I offended those jailers.”

The pain wasn’t bad. It was similar to bruising. It was slight but not severe. It was more like a mark, as if saying ‘this person attempted to escape from prison’ or something.

Xiao Li just didn’t understand why his wound was a bit bigger than the others. He compared it to the other people’s wounds and he had the biggest one. Could it be because of the thought that he had when he saw the jailer before falling unconscious? He had thought, ‘The head is so round and the speed is so fast. Perhaps it rolled with its head?’

He let go of Ye Zeqing’s hand and rotated his wounded wrist back and forth. It wasn’t until another hand held him that Xiao Li’s ‘self-harm’ behaviour was stopped. Shen Chenzhi told him, “Go to the infirmary.”

This was the fifth time he had proposed this to Xiao Li since waking up. It wasn’t painful so Xiao Li had rejected the proposal four times with various excuses, ranging from ‘I have to be able to get in, the door isn’t there at all’ to ‘no need. Meanwhile, Shen Chenzhi’s answer was ‘see if we can go in’ to the firm ‘yes.’

Words of refusal still came to his mouth this time but it was obvious from Shen Chenzhi’s low voice that if he refused, this person would probably drag him there directly. Therefore, Xiao Li swallowed down the words of refusal. “Wait a minute.”

Shen Chenzhi didn’t quite agree and tried to coax him. “Listen to me. Go now.”

Xiao Li was perfunctory. “Wait a minute, just a minute.”

He walked back and forth. He had just taken two laps of the entrance when he heard Setamon asking Wang Huai, “Can we hold on until the next time the door opens? No, I should perhaps ask something else. These jailers are so fast and we will passively fall asleep when we see them. How can anyone escape from prison? It is impossible for an instance to release such a must-die task.”

Wang Huai seemed to be thinking. “Theoretically speaking, the existence of the jailer is an external deterrent. There aren’t many ghosts, only the jailer. It can’t get close to us at ordinary times and we block the live broadcast when chatting. It didn’t know our plan so it just caught us because… it is fast?”

“Did we ignore their number because of their quality? Perhaps they used one batch to catch us and another batch to find the doll, so they could do both?”

“No, I’ve thought about this for a long time. As long as there are enough jailers, we will have no chance of escaping. Therefore, I don’t think it is jailers but a jailer. So far, we have only heard the footsteps of one jailer and seen the existence of one jailer.”

“Then what are we going to do now?”

Setamon had just briefly brushed past the opportunity to live and she raised her voice in a grumpy manner. “Can we survive until the next time a newcomer enters? Even if we can survive, how can we get rid of the jailer?”

“Calm down.”

Xiao Li listened to their conversation before suddenly turning on the communicator and looking at the barrage.

[Sure enough, it didn’t work.]

[Haha, I am resurrected. The adjudication prison isn’t so easy to escape from. Sherlock, you usually abuse us at ordinary times but you will also have a day like today!]

[?? Injuring the enemy by 800 points while damaging yourself by 1,000 points? A self-killing attack?]

[Shut up. The first thing reality taught me is to not set up a FLAG.]

[F*k, in fact, if it was changed to me then I wouldn’t know how to go out. I have watched so many episodes of the program and no one has succeeded in coming out, at least, not that I’ve seen.]

Xiao Li saw this and abruptly took off the brooch. He raised it to face himself and asked, “The jailer also stopped them at the door in previous episodes?”

[F*k, I was suddenly interacted with and I was scared to death.]

[? Moriarty doesn’t look scared. Why does he look so normal?]

[You ask but do we need to answer you? I won’t say it. Brothers, don’t tell him!]

[All of them, either at the door or in their own rooms. They can fall asleep anywhere.]

Xiao Li’s expression remained unchanged.

Since this instance had arranged a live broadcast, there must be another meaning in addition to increasing the fun. The live broadcast room was obviously a means that could be used. He thought about it and inquired, “Apart from when newcomers come in, when else will the door here appear?”

[It won’t open. Give up. You are going to die here.]

[The legend is about to end. I will cry first as a tribute. My youth is over.]

[Has the door ever opened?]

[Let’s play a game. Guess who among us is right.]

[Some times it won’t open and other times, it will frequently open. Do you want to kill the jailer?]

[Let me think about it. It opens when a newcomer comes in, when a jailer is added or when someone from the head office visits.]

There was a lot of talk.

No one could be trusted, everyone could be trusted.

Xiao Li asked, “What else do you know about the jailers?”

[Actually, we haven’t seen it much.]

[Big and handsome.]

[The guardian of the night.]

[Your terminator.]

Xiao Li didn’t feel anything when looking at the barrage. They were just some ghosts. However, Tan Li wasn’t happy and extended her hair from the pocket. She divided it into five strands to make it look like a hand. Then she bent the remaining four strands of hair, leaving only the third one in the middle standing upright. She made a middle finger to the camera. She learned from Zui Tian in the novel world that day.

Xiao Li laughed and gave Tan Li a close-up. Then he placed the brooch back on his chest and turned off the communicator despite the sudden rush of new comments on the barrage.

He walked along the passage in order to find the newcomers who came in. These people had disappeared by the time he woke up from the ground. Wang Huai had been the first to wake up and Xiao Li questioned him, but Wang Huai said he hadn’t seen them. Therefore, Xiao Li thought about finding them.

At the end of the passage, the newcomers couldn’t be found but Xiao Li saw the shadows of the Moss duo flashing away in front of him.

These two had long been acting like ghosts. Apart from the occasional encounter in the cafeteria at meal times, they basically had nothing to do with the reincarnators. The reincarnators didn’t tell their escape plan to Moss and Moss didn’t take the initiative to approach.

Xiao Li tried to watch their broadcast room but they were either standing or walking in front of the platform, lowering their heads to study something. Due to the angle problem, the audience couldn’t see what they were studying and there were few barrages. Their popularity was very low.

He wanted to follow them but as he turned around, he ran into two unfamiliar faces. The leader was a handsome young man wearing a well fitted long-sleeved t-shirt. He looked polite but was startled by Xiao Li suddenly turning around. Even so, he greeted politely, “Hello, are you the variety show contestants from the previous episode? I am a contestant of this episode. You haven’t escaped yet?”

Xiao Li, “……”

This person obviously wasn’t a reincarnator. He was a plot character that the show had pulled from an unknown place.

The young man waited for a while. He saw that Xiao Li didn’t speak and tentatively asked, “Do you have any experiences to share? Or what should I call you?”

This time, Xiao Li opened his mouth. “Call me Sherlock.”


The young man searched his mind for a while. He hadn’t heard this name before so this person must not be popular. His smile became a lot less eager. “Hello Sherlock, I am Zhou Yin.”

“The two of us have just searched this place. There are no clues apart from a strange symbol. What have you found here?”

“We can work together. If we go out together then we will succeed.”

Xiao Li repeated. “Symbol? Where is it?”

Zhou Yin pointed behind him. “It’s over there.”

Proofreader: Tofu

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