IWBL: Chapter 23

The dream of last night didn’t leave any impression on Xiao Li.

The next day, the black-haired teenager opened his eyes before lying back tiredly. He only remembered that his sleep last night was very heavy. He seemed to have a dream but he couldn’t remember the contents. He thought for a while but since he couldn’t recall it, Xiao Li didn’t work hard and got up from bed.

The day’s sunshine jumped playfully around every part of the wall and even the doll lying on the window was covered in a hint of warmth as she looked up at the sky. Zhou Ying had returned after being gone last night. He was bound in the little yellow book and appeared in the room when he saw Xiao Li wake up. He was small and child-like. It was different from Tan Li who wasn’t very dynamic.

Xiao Li had watched him depart last night and roughly guessed what Zhou Ying had been doing. He gently touched Zhou Ying’s head and asked, “How was it?”

“Game, he lost.” Zhou Ying took a while before speaking vaguely. He stared into Xiao Li’s eyes before speaking with some joy. “I sent him to accompany them.”

The word ‘lose’ from a ghost meant nothing more than death. Xiao Li felt no sympathy for the person who wanted to harm him. He only regretted that he hadn’t asked Zhou Ying to find out the identity of the instigator. He praised Zhou Ying first.

Zhou Ying was looking around with some excitement, different from Tan Li who was only interested in the window. He was staring at the phone at the head of the bed. The child wasn’t used to taking the initiative to ask for things. He just stood there watching curiously, not reaching out to touch.

Xiao Li followed his gaze and reached for the phone, turning on the screen. “Do you want to play?”

Zhou Ying didn’t respond and just stared at the mobile phone. His eyes were scary, dead and lifeless but Xiao Li lacked any fear. To him, ghosts were safer than humans.

He casually opened a game he often played, pulled Zhou Ying over and playing the game in front of the child. At the end of the first round, Xiao Li moved slightly to the side. The little ghost reached out curiously and touched the screen of the phone. His finger passed directly through the screen like a science fiction movie.

Xiao Li was slightly stunned but Zhou Ying seemed to find it more interesting. He excitedly entered the phone and disappeared from the room. The second master of the Xiao family caught the phone that dropped with a strange expression. He played with it between his fingers for a while but didn’t call the other person out. He put down his phone and habitually flipped through the little yellow book to see if there was anything new. As a result, he really saw it.【 How did you sleep yesterday? 】

Xiao Li thought it over for a moment before replying, “Okay.”

Little yellow book: 【 That’s good. 】

【 Why don’t you ask me how I slept? 】

The tone was vaguely wronged like Xiao Li had done something to him. Xiao Li was in a good mood and asked the meaning of this sentence.

As a result, the little yellow book said: 【 I didn’t sleep well. I have been watching you and thinking of kissing you all night. 】

【 You were sleeping on the bed and looked very harmless. I want to press you against the wall or on the bed, forcefully kissing you. 】

Xiao Li, “………”

Don’t blame him, he also wanted to press the little yellow book against the wall or flood him with water in the toilet.

There was still a line left but Xiao Li didn’t continue to look. He closed the little yellow book and prepared not to look inside until he entered the next world.

He originally thought that the little yellow book was a female ghost. In the previous conversations, the other party didn’t look that special. It was like a girl who was pure and considerate (?). As a result, he didn’t know what he didn’t wrong but recently, the little yellow book was becoming more and more unrestrained.

The black-haired teenager arranged his clothes and walked out of the room, going downstairs in search of food.

After he left, a figure emerged from a partition. It was Xiao Ming and he stood at the door, staring at the door with a complicated expression. Since the day when he was tangled up with a ghost in Xiao Li’s room, Xu Mei’s efforts to keep him under her watch had intensified, leaving him little chance of meeting Xiao Li again.

Xu Mei had asked Xiao Ming where he had gone but Xiao Ming somehow didn’t tell his mother about Xiao Li’s room. He told himself that it was too strange that ordinary people would only think he was crazy. However, only Xiao Ming knew his true purpose.

He heard that last night Xiao Li had hijacked a taxi and raced back home. Xiao Ming hesitated. He wanted to talk to his brother but he was absolutely afraid of entering that room again. He only wanted to call out to his second brother from afar.

Xiao Ming hadn’t officially taken a step when he heard a soft female voice behind him. “Little Ming, what are you doing here?”

“Mother…” Xiao Ming immediately recognized the voice and turned back to see Xu Mei smiling behind him.

Xu Mei gently pushed her hair behind her ears. “What are you doing here instead of going to class? Are you looking for your brother?”

Xiao Ming jumped to the side and headed straight downstairs. He smiled while telling her, “I’m just passing by and wanted to say hello. I am ready to go.”

Xu Mei sent her son away and gazed at the door in front of her in a sinister manner. She reached out her hand and pushed so that the door was opened wider. Xiao Li’s room was nothing special. The bed was messy and there was a mobile phone on the bed. It seemed to be a normal room and could even be called simple.

Mr Ye had lost contact since yesterday and Xu Mei couldn’t contact him anymore. She couldn’t help feeling a sense of uneasiness. She was facing Xiao Li’s door when a cold voice was heard behind her. “Let it go.”

Xu Mei turned her head to see Xiao Li holding a plate of delicious pastries and staring coldly at her. He didn’t wait for her to answer and directly walked in, closing the door. She couldn’t speak before the door almost hit her nose. Xu Mei didn’t think that Mr Ye’s disappearance was related to Xiao Li. Just…

She thought about the room and felt a bit strange. Xu Mei took a few steps back and stared at the vase on the railing of the second floor absently, recalling the scene.

The… mobile phone? At the beginning, the mobile phone was at the head of the bed. Then after Xiao Li appeared, the mobile phone moved to the centre of the bed like a pup greeting its owner!

The lady’s eyes widened as she stared in an unfocused manner at the vase in front of her. Among the colourful flowers, a wisp of black hair suddenly emerged. It belonged to a small doll.

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ooooh i want xiao li’s ghost collection to scare his “family”