IWBL: Chapter 228

Park Heesoon asked, “What is it?”

He didn’t expect Lian Susu to tell him any big secrets but the other person’s next words really surprised him.

“Welcome party…!” Lian Susu exclaimed excitedly. “I-I heard an old prisoner say it. He told me about it and died the next day. He said… he said that after three waves of newcomers enter the prison, the jailer will open a welcome party the next night. The rules are different every time. As long as you can win first place at the welcome party, you can enter the library!”

Setamon repeated, “Library?”

One of the four forks in the road led to the library but the reincarnators hadn’t explored that side yet. They only saw the sign written on the passage.

Park Heesoon asked, “The average person can’t enter there?”

Based on Lian Susu’s words, they needed to compete for the qualification to enter the library.

Lian Susu, who loved beauty the most in the past, couldn’t care about her own appearance anymore. She babbled incoherently, “Yes, yes, I went to see it. I couldn’t open the door. It is just like here. There is no door! Everyone says that the library is safe, safe…”

Park Heesoon glanced over at Setamon. It sounded like the library was similar to the prison’s safe house. The task of the reincarnators was to escape from the prison. From a normal point of view, the most important task was to find the exit first, plan an escape route, avoid the patrolling jailer and take the opportunity to escape. As for digging a tunnel for themselves like in TV series, this was really wishful thinking in a place full of ghosts and gods.

So after they woke up this morning, apart from communicating about what had happened last night, the first thing they did was to get acquainted with the environment here. For example, Park Heesoon went back to see the door he had entered through. There was no gap between the door and the wall, as if the door had never been opened.

Now listening to Lian Susu’s words, the door of the library was the same as the prison so there must be clues in this library. Why was it called the library and what was the reason for the so-called welcome party? For a time, everyone was busy thinking.

Lian Susu saw that they weren’t talking and asked timidly, “P-Please take me with you. I-I will be very obedient.”

The experience with Shui Miao really frightened her. Once she recalled what she experienced previously, she couldn’t help the nausea rushing to her throat and she almost vomited. Her hand pinched her flesh to contain this impulse.

Park Heesoon sought everyone’s opinion with his eyes before saying, “Okay.”


There were very few old prisoners left in the entire prison.

There were only a few scattered people on each floor. Most people couldn’t bear the fear and the punishment here and chose to commit suicide. The remaining people already had a blurred concept of time and generally didn’t enter the cafeteria to eat like the newcomers.

Therefore, most of the tables in the cafeteria were empty at lunchtime. Only the reincarnators and Lian Susu grabbed some food on time.

Lian Susu had no appetite. She was still nauseous but worse of all, she wanted to go to the bathroom.

She had tried to endure it but now it was urgent and she couldn’t hold back. Her clothes were already messy and she couldn’t accept pissing herself. She first asked the only woman among the reincarnators if she would accompany her to the toilet. This was decisively rejected by Setamon.

Lian Susu held back for a while but her pride really didn’t allow her to pee herself. In desperation, she had to go to the toilet alone. Xiao Li sat at the table in front of today’s lunch. There was rice, sweet and sour pork ribs, green peppers and potatoes on the stainless steel plate and a round orange beside the plate. Ignoring the surrounding environment, this type of food could be called good outside.

As with everything else, there was no one working in the cafeteria. Breakfast and lunch appeared automatically. It was a very automatic and smart system. So far, the reincarnators hadn’t seen the jailers or encountered their presence.

Xiao Li didn’t eat the meat. He only ate some of the vegetables before putting down his chopsticks. He picked up the orange and peeled it.

Shen Chenzhi sat opposite him and watched Xiao Li for a while. Then he suddenly reached out and picked up the orange on his side. After peeling it, he picked out all the white lines on the orange and placed it on Xiao Li’s plate.

Zheng Yi saw this scene and picked up his orange emotionally.

The reincarnators were all crowded on the same table apart from the two people who chose to sit on the bottom floor of the bus, Moss and Mo Di. They stayed away from the group of reincarnators, didn’t act with them and didn’t exchange information.

Wang Huai reminded the rest of them to be defensive. The rest of the people didn’t touch the meat and fish. The senior reincarnators were basically aware of these unspoken rules.

Park Heesoon suddenly opened his mouth. “My legs have already started to feel sore. It is like I had sprinted 50 metres in reality. It isn’t strong but it hurts.”

He massaged the muscles of his legs as he spoke.

“I feel hungry.” Wang Huai shrugged and spoke with some regret. “Still, I can bear it. If I knew this, I wouldn’t have made so many appointments for a meal in reality.”

“Me too…”

“Is this the punishment for the trial?” Ye Zeqing analyzed. “After all, there is no clear completion time for this task. This must be the invisible time limit. After a certain period of time, these feelings will intensify and we won’t be able to bear it. We must complete the task before then.”

Wang Huai was staring ahead with eyes that lost their focus. Then he suddenly said, “In fact, I have an idea about escaping from this prison.”

Xiao Li told him, “Say it.”

“We can’t find the door to escape from the prison like this. The door opened when we came in so I have a guess.”

“First, the door will appear randomly but its position is too hidden and we haven’t found it yet. Second, the door doesn’t exist in normal times so we can’t find it at all. However, we can be sure of when it opens.”

“You mean—” Park Heesoon blurted out.

“Yes, the adjudication prison will certainly open when the next wave of newcomers enter.”

“According to the time given by Lian Susu, she was the previous batch of contestants before us and she came in a day and a half earlier than us. According to this time difference, the next wave of newcomers won’t be far away.”

“The jailer from last night will definitely appear. What we need to think about now is how to draw the jailer away when the next wave of newcomers enters, preventing it from guarding the door using its special ability.”

Zheng Yi was excited. “This can work! But how to distract the jailer…”

“This is something we should ask Sherlock. What do you think? How can we distract the hypnosis creature?” Wang Huai asked.

Xiao Li tentatively answered, “Stun it, drag it away?”

“…If we could stun it, would we need to sneak around like this? I want to sleep the moment it approaches me.” Wang Huai stopped here and changed his words. “Still, you are the one saying this. I can’t be sure of anything. Tut, then I’ll leave this difficult task to you.”

“Then think again.”

Xiao Li’s original answer was just a joke. He didn’t really plan on doing this. After all, they didn’t know enough about the jailer at present. They only knew that the other person’s talent was passive.

Wang Huai was sitting diagonally across from Xiao Li. Four tables in front of him, Moss and Mo Di were sitting. The two of them were whispering to each other with serious expressions. Wang Huai peeled half the orange and put it in his mouth. He always stared at the two people in front of him, only turning to face Xiao Li when they looked up as if they felt it.


All after and after dinner, they conducted a sweeping exploration of the entire prison. The infirmary and library were just like Lian Susu said. There were no doors at all. Some of the old prisoners refused to communicate while others begged for mercy and were of no use. The jailer was hidden in the darkness and never showed up.

After dinner, Xiao Li found the bathroom and went in to take a shower. The shower room in the prison naturally wasn’t very good. It was just a large bath-style shower with towels hung at the handle at the entrance.

The water was very hot. Xiao Li just did a quick rinse but he still felt like a pig about to be steamed. He washed quickly, changed his clothes and walked out of the shower room with half-wet hair.

Before he went in, he took the live brooch off and put it in his pocket. Currently, the time limit hadn’t arrived so he wasn’t in a hurry to put it on again. He wanted to go out first. As a result, he happened to hit Shen Chenzhi head-on.

Xiao Li, “……”

He had deliberately chosen a time when Shen Chenzhi was absent to wash and hadn’t expected to run into him. Fortunately, Xiao Li wasn’t lazy and put on some clothes.

This t-shirt was the uniform size in the prison and was a bit too big for him. Almost half of his round shoulders were exposed and the delicate collarbone was shining with water like a halo of pearls.

Shen Chenzhi’s thin lips pressed together slightly and he stepped forward to pull at the clothes. “Wear it well.”

Before touching the oversized clothes, he ended up touching the other person’s collarbone and he suddenly couldn’t move his hands. Compared to the back of the hand, this piece of skin was more delicate. It was like warm jade with a certain suction power. Once touched, he needed a lot of willpower to let go.

However, its owner was indifferent. He carelessly just hummed and walked away without looking. He was always like this. He wasn’t self-conscious. He clearly had a cold temper but this made Shen Chenzhi’s heart itch.

Shen Chenzhi took a deep breath. He had long legs and caught up to Xiao Li, stopping him.

Xiao Li looked at him. “?”

The boy’s head tilted and the oversized clothes were about to fall again. Shen Chenzhi held the collar by the fabric.

This was the junction to the shower room. The light was on inside the room while his man stood at the point of darkness. From Xiao Li’s perspective, the other person’s face was blurred and only his dull voice could be heard. “You can’t wear it like this.”

Xiao Li wanted to argue that this was the only clothing available but he was interrupted by the other person’s actions.

“…I want you to know that I am yours, whether you want me or not.” Shen Chenzhi’s voice softened. He raised his hand to the young man’s chin and solemnly branded a kiss on the other person’s ear. Then he leaned closer and whispered, “At the same time, I hope that you belong to me so only I can see you like this.”

He thought for a while and felt this wasn’t enough of a deterrent. He added threateningly, “If you do this again, I will really want you.”

Shen Chenzhi’s voice was gentle but in a place where Xiao Li couldn’t see, his eyes were like a madman who endured for a long time before finally getting his wish. It was full of the fierceness of a hunter.

He touched his moon. He was careful but he was still filled with the madness of trying to drag the moon into the water.

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