IWBL: Chapter 227

This marker worked quickly. Park Heesoon’s expression gradually solidified at a speed visible to the naked eye. He was holding the hand up and pressing his life saving item against the expression on his palm. It was a mask worn by a ghost before it died in the Republic of China. As long as it was taken out, it could suppress other ghosts. It was a very practical item.

However, for now, it didn’t seem to play the role that Park Heesoon imagined. Driven by some force, the mask fit onto the expression in his hand. The hollowed-out part of the mask perfectly revealed the ‘eyes’ and ‘mouth’ of the expression, just like a real face.

Park Heesoon panicked. “Did it move?”

He raised his arm to the position of his head and used this drawn face to look.

“Hehe, hehe, hehe.”

Xiao Li’s crying face had no effect. The pattern was dissolving on its own and it was corrected to look like Lian Susu’s hand.

In the meantime, Lian Susu’s symptoms were getting worse. She was looking for a sharp weapon to cut off her head. Finally, she chose the mirror as she muttered, “I want to fix my head. Get rid of the thing on my neck…”

Xiao Li had already let go of his hand when he was drawing on Park Heesoon. Now Ye Zeqing was holding Lian Susu but his strength wasn’t as high. She shook his hand away and broke free. She threw herself at the mirror like a wild horse.

Wang Huai stopped her just before the critical moment. He rushed forward quickly, pressing his elbow against Lian Susu’s neck and pressing her to the wall. “Sherlock, try it with her.”

Xiao Li turned the marker around in his hand. “It’s no use.”

Attacks from ghosts were divided into many types, such as the physical type and the spiritual type. This marker belonged to the curse type. Those who had the smiley face drawn on them would gradually regard the smiley face as their head and cut off their own heads. Frankly speaking, Xiao Li had seen this type on the SC foundation. He didn’t know if the collector had come here for a visit.

Still, there was another trick he could try. He held the marker, came to the mirror and looked in the reflection at the reincarnators.

Zheng Yi had been teaming up with Xiao Li for a long time. He watched Xiao Li and suddenly knew what this person wanted. He was just about to step forward to help Sherlock when he heard Xiao Li say, “Come and help me.”

The direction he was looking at was Shen Chenzhi.

Zheng Yi, “???”

Shen Chenzhi had been standing to one side. Zheng Yi swore that after this young man was called in this way, his eyes lit up like he had been charged with electricity. He walked over. Xiao Li glanced at his hand and Shen Chenzhi immediately grasped it. His fingertips gently swept over the back of Xiao Li’s hand and he wrapped his hand around Xiao Li’s hand.

Xiao Li shook a bit. He whispered, “…Don’t hold it so tight.”

Shen Chenzhi followed his words and relaxed his grip. He only gently held Xiao Li’s hand but Xiao Li could still feel the temperature.

Xiao Li held the tip of the marker to the mirror and called out, “Pen fairy, pen fairy—”

The marker who just listened to the beginning and knew it was bad, “???”

The moment Xiao Li opened his mouth, the market started to shake on its own like it was trying to get out of Xiao Li’s hands.

Its strength was so great that if it was Xiao Li alone, perhaps it would’ve really broken away. However, Shen Chenzhi’s hand was very stable. He firmly grasped the top mark of the marker and it was unable to break free.

“—You are my previous life and I am your current life. If you want to continue with me, please draw a circle on the mirror.” Xiao Li finished the complete summoning spell.

The marker’s trembling continued. The moment Xiao Li’s words finished, he could detect an instant pause in the shaking of the marker.

The pen fairy who arrived and noticed that its residence wasn’t quite right, “……”

It tried to snatch the right to use this residence but was refused. It invaded again. Time passed and the magnitude of the marker’s shaking started to decrease as if there was another force controlling it. It trembled as it started to draw a triangle-like circle on the ugly mirror.

Xiao Li greeted it kindly. “Pen fairy, how have you been lately?”

The words written by the pen fairy were crooked. It wasn’t as easy to use as the previous pens and it wrote with much difficulty: [If you have something to say, please say it.]

“It’s nothing. I just saw this pen and I thought of you. Aren’t you tired of using your fountain pen body? How about you look at this pen?” Xiao Li lobbied hard.

The marker shook. [No? I have a body…]

For an evil spirit on the level of the pen fairy, the residence was no longer important. It was already part of legends and could cross multiple instances.

Of course, it was better to have a special pen as a place to live but it wasn’t that important… most importantly, there were so many ghosts watching this place that it was a bit ashamed.

Xiao Li seduced the confused pen fairy. “What’s wrong with this? I wanted to give it to you as soon as I saw it. Look at this pen. It also belongs to your curse type and it isn’t an ordinary pen. It has a body that is wider than a fountain pen and inexhaustible ink. As long as you occupy it, you can get all of it…”

The pen fairy seemed to have really been moved by him.

The marker sensed the crisis and the shaking of its body reached the maximum value. For a moment, Xiao Li’s hand was shaken open but the pen fairy immediately used its own strength to suppress it.

It made up its mind. [Help me.]

The tip of the marker slammed against the mirror’s surface and there was a smear of ink. Xiao Li had let go of his hand but it was still in conflict with each other, moving back and forth from time to time.

The doll’s hair lengthened and tangled around the marker, forcing it to stay where it was at while waiting for the pen fairy to devour it bit by bit.

Lian Susu, who was pressed against the wall, suddenly opened her mouth and shouted, “Ah—!”

The marker’s struggle gradually weakened until the pen fairy completely devoured it. Its dying counterattack was suppressed by the two ghosts and its original consciousness was finally completely erased. The marker behind the body of the pen fairy.

The pen fairy jumped twice on the mirror to adjust to its new body.

The other reincarnators who felt like they had watched a domestic horror movie, “……”

They couldn’t help cheering for the pen fairy in their hearts. Xiao Li stood to the side and clapped with satisfaction. Then he held the marker again. This wave could be called the dove occupying the magpie’s nest.

The moment the pen fairy completely settled into its new body, the two victims recovered their sanity. Lian Susu stopped struggling. As an ordinary person involved in a supernatural event, she hadn’t recovered from the incident just now. Wang Huai released his strength and she held her neck and coughed. She slid along the wall to the ground.

Meanwhile, Park Heesoon lowered the hand that was raised to his head. He hadn’t been deeply eroded by the curse so he recovered after a short period of confusion. The young man sighed with relief and immediately wiped off the mark on his palm with his sleeve. “Sherlock, thank you.”

Originally, it was controlled by the marker and this smiley face couldn’t be wiped off by an external force. Now that the owner of the marker was replaced by the pen fairy. It removed the curse and Park Heesoon could immediately wipe off the smiley face.

Pen fairy: [I’m leaving.]

The mouth was weak and the hand was soft. The pen fairy got such a body and its tone had softened a lot as it said goodbye to Sherlock.

Xiao Li called out to it. “There are still the three questions.”

He didn’t call it for nothing.

Pen fairy: […There is one left. You asked me two questions previously.]

Xiao Li thought for a moment and remembered the two questions ‘how have you been lately’ and ‘how about you look at this pen’.

Xiao Li asked, “So mean?”

Pen fairy: [Yes. Quickly ask. If you don’t ask then I’m leaving.]

Xiao Li didn’t hesitate. “What is the ability of the jailer here?”

[I can’t say that the adjudication prison is a neutral organization of the main universe, parallel to the gods. We can’t say anything about it.] The pen fairy continued: [This is also a question. It is three so I’m leaving.]

Xiao Li, “……”

Did it want to abandon its benefactor after achieving its goal? However, this adjudication prison seemed a bit interesting.


[Pen fairy, this traitor! If someone tells you to eat, you just eat?]

[Pen fairy, I once saw it refuse to leave while the human who summoned it was crying and begging for it to leave. I didn’t expect it would run away in a hurry at this moment. It is really him…]

[Frankly, if it was you, wouldn’t you eat? After absorbing this pen, its power has increased again. I also want to eat.]

[Originally, I came to see humans being eaten. Why did I see my kind eating my own kind?]

[Sherlock, this dog man shouldn’t waste his talent in sales, I’m telling you.]

[This marker is trash. Useless thing. Change it to me and I would teach him how to behave! You too, is this necessary for a human?]

[Using my experience of meeting him in the first few instances, I can only give my remaining colleagues in the prison a piece of advice: Run away!]

[Haha, it was very risky. When I saw him walking toward the mirror, I thought he was looking for me. Fortunately, there is no candle here. I can’t be so aggressive on a live broadcast.]

[You just revealed your identity…]


Zheng Yi relished looking at the barrage.

Previously, he had watched the barrage and visited everyone’s live broadcast room. However, it generally wasn’t popular at the time and the barrage was filled with things like ‘hurry up and die’, ‘your screams are so sweet’, ‘no one will come to rescue you when you break your throat from screaming’ and other similar things. He found it very uncomfortable to watch. Now, he experienced the fun of watching the barrage in a live broadcast room.

He wasn’t doing his job but others weren’t like him.

The moment Park Heesoon recovered, he questioned Lian Susu about what previously happened to her. Lian Susu was still in a daze. After being questioned several times by the strangers in front of her, she intermittently revealed everything that happened when she came in.

Since discovering Shui Miao’s abnormality, Lian Susu had been looking for the exit of the prison. However, she never found it. She fell asleep in her room in an exhausted manner. As soon as she opened her eyes, she found Shui Miao appearing in front of her with only half her head left. Shui Miao should obviously be dead but she still drew the smiley face on Lian Susu’s hand before stumbling to the opposite room.

Park Heesoon was disappointed. “That’s it.”

Lian Susu was afraid that they would leave her alone. She had already recalled what happened just now and her eyes became hot as she watched the people in front of her. In this haunted prison, these people were the only things that could give her some warmth.

She grabbed her hair and thought hard about it. Just as Park Heesoon felt like she didn’t know anything more and was turning over to leave, she shouted, “Yes, there is one more thing I know!”

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