IWBL: Chapter 223

Xiao Li was in a complicated mood. He didn’t intend to lie after he coaxed Zui Tian to appear so he wrote: [Fake.]

Zui Tian, “……”

Zui Tian: [I knew that this type of good thing would never happen to me.]

It was very sad, this youngster.

His cowardly nature was similar to Fu Zige except that Fu Zige was more extroverted than Zui Tian. Fu Zige was simple and timid while Zui Tian liked staying at home. Even though he gained a strong power, he only affected the house he lived in and not the entire building.

However, thinking about it, if a ghost with a bit of resentment was aggressive then it would’ve attacked the humans in that area and attracted the attention of the reincarnators.

Xiao Li: [Do you know what happened to you?]

Zui Tian: [I… I remember. I know who you are. They call you Sherlock.]

Xiao Li: [You can also call me that.]

Zui Tian stopped talking.

Xiao Li: [Your strength came from the fragment but in that room, in the novel you updated, there was a symbol. Was this your own creation?]

He drew the strange pattern on the paper in front of him. It was exactly the same symbol that appeared in the Fu Zige incident. Zui Tian continued to remain silent. Xiao Li tried a few more times but couldn’t call this writer out. He thought for a moment before raising his hand and calling for the microphone that had inserted himself into the back of the TV.

Fu Zige asked, “What’s going on?”

Xiao Li told him, “I’ll leave one thing to you. Get it done.”

Fu Zige looked blank. “What is it?”

“…Sing to him, annoy him so much that he has to show up and reply to you.” Xiao Li folded this manuscript into a square-sized piece of paper and placed it on the microphone.

Fu Zige held the manuscript in the air, maintaining a balance to keep it from falling. In the blink of an eye, he flew to the balcony behind the glass window and told the doll, “Close the window, thank you.”

Tan Li silently closed the window with her hair. Afterwards, Xiao Li could hear a vague sound coming from the balcony. The voice was very sharp but wasn’t clear. The melody was beautiful and had been present for a few days…

Xiao Li turned to the little yellow book on the table.

Perhaps it was due to the manual writing but as Xiao Li chatted with Zui Tian, he faintly felt that he was talking to another little yellow book who had been weakened by several times. However, putting aside external factors, it was obvious that the little yellow book’s personality was much cuter than Zui Tian’s personality.

He temporarily let go of the Zui Tian matter and turned to Shen Chenzhi. “Aren’t you going? It is late.”

He had already told the other person everything.

Shen Chenzhi pretended to think about it. “Can I stay the night?”

Xiao Li didn’t speak and he continued, “I can sleep on the sofa and I won’t bother you. I’ll make you breakfast tomorrow morning.”

The young man thought of the image he described and his lips curled up in a smile. “What type of food do you like?”

Xiao Li was taken aback for a moment. It was indeed very late today. Then he looked at the sofa and compared it to Shen Chenzhi’s height. “You can’t sleep on here.”

If Shen Chenzhi wanted to sleep on the sofa then his long legs would really be wronged. However, if he let this person sleep in his bed then Xiao Li might not be able to sleep tonight. Then tomorrow—

Therefore, in the face of Xiao Li’s determination, Shen Chenzhi finally reluctantly left his home. After standing at the window and watching the car downstairs leave, Xiao Li closed the curtains and got ready for bed, leaving room for Fu Zige to act.

However, before that, the microphone outside the window tapped on the glass twice. Xiao Li opened the window and let it in. “How is it?”

The microphone floated up and down joyfully. Fu Zige was taking credit for his achievement. “I did it.”

“How did you do it?”

These two reality ghosts, one sang and one wrote. Both of them weren’t very clever. Even if Fu Zige used his singing to bother Zui Tian, it couldn’t be so fast. Fu Zige explained, “I read out the plot of the previous novel he wrote.

Then he affectionately showed Xiao Li as he repeated the sections of Zui Tian’s novel, “President Gu held the chin of the woman in front of him and declared coldly, ‘Woman, don’t try to provoke me. You can’t bear it.’”

“The woman opposite him smiled tenderly. She twisted her body and approached President Gu. ‘Why does President Gu always want to make it unbearable for me?’”

“President Gu’s heart was swayed. The person in front of him was so sweet. However, he immediately remembered the white moonlight in his heart. Xiao Bai was still waiting in the hospital for him. He immediately suppressed his impulse and became angry. ‘Look at you now, Mrs Gu.’”

“Mrs Gu refused to step back as she stared at the handsome face in front of her. ‘What am I like now?’”

“President Gu shook off her hand and called out to his assistant. ‘Send her home!’”

Fu Zige sometimes held his throat and sometimes lowered his voice as he tried his best to imagine the tone of both sides. In addition, due to the particularity of the microphone itself, his voice contained a magnetism as it echoed leisurely throughout the space.

‘Send her home.’


Xiao Li, “……”

It was a public execution. Even he couldn’t bear it and had to shut his eyes, let alone Zui Tian. At this point, the manuscript couldn’t bear it anymore and displayed: [Shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up—!]

The large font was weeping blood. If Zui Tian could move, he walked to directly crumple up into a ball of paper and fly to plug Fu Zige’s mouth.

Fu Zige paused while reading. “Hehe, Zhou Ying helped me find the novel he wrote.”

Then Zui Tian turned to Xiao Li. [Sherlock, I will answer your questions. Make him shut up.]

[That symbol, I once saw it on a certain website. I thought it could increase the fear of the novel so I added it. It’s that simple.]

[Now hurry up and keep that microphone away from me. I have to figure out how to write tomorrow’s update!]

Now the ‘He and She’ novel on the website was still being serialized but the content had changed from the overbearing president to a horror movie. After the initial anger of the readers, some people chose to leave but others found the newly written subject matter more interesting and continued to follow.

His updates no longer had the power to change reality but Zui Tian still retained the habit of writing.

“Well done.” Xiao Li grabbed the bottom of Fu Zige’s microphone and praised him. “Go in and continue watching that variety show.”

Fu Zige flew in, turned on the TV and stuffed himself into the best viewing position. After he went in, Xiao Li pulled out his pen and wrote on Zui Tian’s manuscript: [Which website?]

Zui Tian: [I don’t remember the specific website. I just remember the process.]

Xiao Li waited patiently for the reply but the other side was stuck. Thus, he had to ask: [What process?]

Zui Tian found it hard to tell the truth. […Baidu’s ‘How can authors attract readers?’. It was a pop up window on this number one post. This is how the website popped up. There was only one symbol on the website, the one I attached to the end of the article.]

Xiao Li placed the manuscript on the bookshelf in his room. He used the mobile browser to search according to the method Zui Tian mentioned. However, he clicked in and no additional website popped up. He didn’t know if it was just temporary or if Zui Tian remembered incorrectly.

However, a web page pop up, graffiti corner…

How could this symbol be spread in such a lowly manner?


In the next month or so, Xiao Li wasn’t pulled into any instances. At the same time, there were frequent occurrences of supernatural events in reality. Some didn’t require Xiao Li to go but Ye Zeqing sorted out the ones that were necessary and sent them to him.

In the third week, Xiao Li received a reply email from the I am the King of Singers program.

One of the program’s staff members loudly praised the song. He said that the hoarse voice had a different connotation and he also invited the songwriter Fu Zige for an interview. Fu Zige definitely couldn’t go. Xiao Li just sent the recording of this song for Fu Zige to get more approval.

He refused the interview with the program and passed on the compliments in the email to Fu Zige. The KTV ghost was excited on the spot. That day, Fu Zige took advantage of when Xiao Li went to school to do one thing.

In the I am the King of Singer’s recording studio, several of the staff responsible for screening songs were sitting inside with iced coffee in hand for refreshment.

After another song, a girl with the nametag Jenny on her chest said, “It isn’t bad but it doesn’t have its own characteristics. It doesn’t give people a bright-eyed feeling.”

The person next to her was Ah Le. He was a young literary and artistic youth who was less than 30 years old. He was wearing the uniform of the program and he still remembered the song he heard in the afternoon. “That song was better. The singer must be experienced and his voice is just right. It would be nice if he could be invited. If we made a gimmick like ‘I have a story, do you have wine?’, we wouldn’t have to worry about the next issue.”

“Tut, didn’t he reply that it is inconvenient?” Jenny paused the next wave of submissions. “I wasn’t here when you listened to it this afternoon. Let me hear how good it sounds.”

The tape played and the songs Fu Zige sang in the abandoned bar slowly flowed out.

Jenny also showed an appreciative look. “Yes, it isn’t bad. It is unique. It hasn’t been polished but it has gone through the vicissitudes of life and is full of emotions. It is suitable for writing a script. Still, why do I think this echo is a bit weird? The sound quality isn’t good.”

“Doesn’t this make him even more valuable? It is a pity, a pity. This type of song can easily resonate with people and it isn’t just confined to love.” Ah Le took a sip of his coffee. Then he stood up and told his companion, “I’m going to the toilet.”

“Go.” His companion pressed the play button again.

The moment Ah Le got up, he saw a face appear in the ventilation duct above the recording studio. It had been watching him for who knows how long. This face wasn’t like a living person. It was extremely pale and was in a strange posture. It held a microphone and its neck was twisted at an incredible angle. The face was turned to him and the eyes seemed to suggest that he was the target of the attack. It was motionless and even stretched its neck forward.

It was Fu Zige, who deliberately came out of the microphone and revealed his original body to show his grateful gaze.


Ah Le’s eyes rolled and he fell down to the ground.

Proofreader: Tofu

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