IWBL: Chapter 219

“This person seeking help has a problem. Be careful.” Ye Lingshi mainly reminded the two people he had brought with him. As for the remaining two, they didn’t need his instructions.

They climbed up the stairs. The stairs of the old-fashioned residential complex were full of dust. The handrails of the stairs were rusty and there was no sound-controlled lighting. Fortunately, the light ghost automatically floated in front.

From the first floor to the fourth floor, there were three households on each floor. This place had a two-door design. The outermost side was an iron door with iron railings. The inside was a traditional wooden door. Judging the amount of dust accumulated on the door, there were still very few people living here. Most of the families had moved out and these doors hadn’t been opened for a long time.

They took every step with considerable care and soon came to the fourth floor. The house number given by the person was 401.

To everyone’s surprise, the iron door lock of the house was covered with a thick layer of dust. Ye Lingshi stood in front and wiped it with his hand. His hand was stained with dust while the door looked like it had never been touched. The doorway was the same. There were no footprints, only dust. There were even a few fallen leaves that floated in front of the window and a long-dead cockroach. Everything seemed to be sealed within a certain period of time.

Ye Lingshi glanced at the others. He didn’t say a word because he seemed afraid to disturb the help seeker. He typed on the screen of his mobile phone and showed the others: [Would you like to go in?]

[This family either hasn’t been out for a long time or… never went home at all.]

So who was the ‘reader’ who sent them the message? Did she really live here? Things went from a simple ‘seeking help’ to something more complicated.

Wang Huai naturally said: [Of course we have to go in. Otherwise, why come all the way here?]

[Did you investigate this place before coming?] Xiao Li raised his mobile phone and asked.

Ye Ziye lowered his head and started typing. He looked very young. He had a short stubble and wore a pair of glasses. After a while, he raised his phone: [I thought about asking the neighborhood committee. There is a family who lives here with an only daughter. There is no information other than this.]

[Did she mention the name of the novel or the name of the author?]

[She said to come here and she would tell us in person.]

[There is no other way. Knock on the door.] Xiao Li said.

[I agree.] Sun Jiaming also raised his mobile phone. [Compared to exploring alone, we have two bigshots here. I don’t think there is any need to change the time.]

Ye Lingshi’s mind was also inclined to this. However, instead of knocking on the door, he bowed his head and typed in the message box: [We’re at the door.]

Before the others could ask, he typed again: [After telling me to come up, she told me not to make a sound. Just send her a message or it will wake up her parents.]

The moment Ye Lingshi sent the message, the others paid attention to the movements at the door.

It was late at night and in such an old building, the sound insulation effect should be very poor. Movement inside should be able to be heard from the outside world. Ye Lingshi was the closest to the iron door but he heard nothing. He couldn’t perceive any sound of footsteps from far or near. There was just dead silence.

Then the wooden door opened. There was a slight squeak as it was suddenly opened from the inside. From beginning to end, there were no footsteps.

Ye Lingshi had a type of absurd imagination. Perhaps after receiving his message, the help seeker inside had been standing closer to the wooden door, waiting for them until she received his message again. Perhaps she had also pressed her ear to the wooden door, listening to the movements outside.

There was a girl standing inside who looked fine. She was wearing a light blue lace nightdress. Her hair was scattered and covered her dark circles. Everything was normal except for her somewhat dull complexion.

She turned and looked behind her with fear. Then she carefully closed the door. She stood in the gap between the iron door and the wooden door and whispered, “Are you the heavenly masters on the help forum?”

Due to her approach, Ye Lingshi took a step back. He followed her example and whispered, “Yes, Miss Wu.”

“My parents have gone to sleep. You can now talk in a low voice. In addition, don’t call me Miss Wu. Call me Xiao Wu.” Xiao Wu smiled slightly.

Ye Lingshi didn’t know if it was due to the iron door but he always felt that her smile was a bit too bright, unlike a help seeker troubled by a supernatural event. He gulped nervously. “Xiao Wu, can you now tell us the name of the writer you mentioned?”

“See for yourself.” Xiao Wu passed her mobile phone through the gap in the iron door.

Ye Lingshi took the phone, raised it into the centre of the group and looked at it with everyone. It showed the interface of a novel and it was the most popular website for reading webnovels. The name of the novel was called ‘He and She’ and the author was called Zui Tian. He turned to the previous chapter before the author came back. The plot of this chapter was about the male protagonist cruelly abusing the female protagonist. The last plot was:

[President Gu stood at the door of the operating room with his hands behind his back, eyes half-closed as he waited for news from his subordinates.

Soon, an elite man walked like the wind and came behind President Gu. “President Gu, Mrs Gu has been sent to the operating table. Her kidney will be taken out for Miss Bai’s use.”

President Gu’s eyes shone as he said, “Very good. She didn’t say anything?”

“No, the missus just said that she hopes the two of you will meet when she wakes up.”

“Oh, she has become pretentious this time. Does she want more money?”


The operation was successful and Mrs Gu was pushed out. However, President Gu didn’t look at her at all. He went to Miss Bai’s room, stared at the woman on the bed and reached out to rub her cheek lovingly. “Xiao Bai, don’t worry, we can finally be together.]

Xiao Li murmured, “…It is worthy of being a legendary writer. It is just a short paragraph but the entire plot of the novel has been engraved in my mind.”

Wang Huai added, “It isn’t just that. I even have the impulse to recharge money to read the next chapter.”

It was horrible.

Ye Lingshi scrolled down and the comments for the chapter were all:

[Where is the author? Has the author become an eunuch?]

[They were obviously dating very sweetly previous. How could this happen? It turns out that President Gu approached Xiao Xiao just for her kidney! I’m so angry. This dog man, I’m waiting for you to chase your wife.]

He went to open the next chapter and the style was completely different.

[Summer was coming to an end. Kou Tian had stayed at home all summer. He quit his job and moved out under the strong opposition from his family. He was prepared to fight hard and continue his writing dream. He serialized his novels on the Internet according to the current popular hot trend of running away with the baby.

Very few male writers would write such a plot. His writing didn’t express the key parts and almost no one read it. The few comments were all scolding his protagonist for having brain damage but he didn’t give up.

On this day, he promised his few readers that he would update 10,000 words. He stayed up until four in the morning and only wrote 7,000 words.

Kou Tian felt himself becoming sleepy. Finally, he couldn’t bear it and lay down in front of his computer, falling asleep.

It was difficult to fall asleep completely in this posture. In his half-awake and half-asleep state, he dimly heard the sound of another person walking around his home. Someone passed behind him and entered his bedroom. At first, he thought it was a dream. Then the man came out of the bedroom and walked in his direction, seemingly standing in front of him and looking at him.

Kou Tian had to open his eyes and wake up from his dream. After waking up, he checked the room nervously.  There were no traces of other people and the door of his room wasn’t open.

For the next few days, he became increasingly aware that someone else was in his house. The bread he hadn’t finished eating was gone and the phone on the table would suddenly disappear. There was also the strange sound of footsteps.

He was going to move but before he could move out, he was suddenly filled with creativity. He was going to write his own experience into a novel. It should be more popular than his current one?]


Compared with the emotional flow of the last chapter, the atmosphere of this horror novel was much better.

Regardless of whether it was the scene description or the psychological state of the character—it all had a very different feeling from the previous President Gu. It was like a completely different writer.

Ye Lingshi continued to read.

[Kou Tian opened a new novel and wrote out his experiences. Soon, he became popular due to the authenticity of this horror novel.

Now he didn’t care about the strange phenomenon at home. On the contrary, he hoped that he would encounter more weird things so… he would have more plots to write about.

The strange thing was that after he started to write about the things happening at home, he encountered fewer of them. He started to lack inspiration and was dissatisfied with many of the things that he wrote. He broke the update schedule more often and the readers became increasingly dissatisfied.

There was no way. He couldn’t write.

Kou Tian didn’t dare look at the comments area anymore. In order to reduce the number of times he had missed an update, he could only bite the bullet and continue to write. However, his words became uglier and he was scolded.

“Please, damn it, let me see hell. I want to go back to that time so I can write the plot…”

In the early hours of the morning, Kou Tian sat in front of his computer and prayed with his hands together. However, his prayer was useless. He still had no inspiration. Today was the fifth day with no updates. He couldn’t do it anymore. Kou Tian had to turn on his computer and prepare to forcibly write. Yet at this moment, he discovered that his novel…

It was updated by someone else. The newly updated chapter wasn’t written by him at all! The comments area was full of praise. The readers praised his recent plot as being scary and exciting. Kou Tian opened his novel in an astonished manner and read this unfamiliar chapter. He was very angry at first but more and more, he felt that this chapter was written very well.

At the end of this chapter, there was a strange and familiar symbol.]

These two short chapters told the story like peeling off a cocoon. It made everyone feel that they were actually there. As everyone was reading this novel, Xiao Wu held the iron door and looked at them expectantly. Then she asked once they finished reading, “Can you return the phone to me.”

Ye Lingshi was preparing to return it when Xiao Li suddenly grabbed it. He clicked on an interface before quickly restoring it back to the previous one. Then he handed the phone to Xiao Wu with an apology. “Sorry, there was a plot I had missed just now.”

Xiao Wu grabbed her phone and her eyes stuck like a cobweb to the face of the person in front of her. “Do you want to come in and listen to me carefully?”

“You just have to keep it down.” The girl smiled. “Don’t wake up my parents.”

Proofreader: Tofu

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