IWBL: Chapter 217

However, Xiao Li knew this type of love was very difficult to last for a long time. It was like a fiercely burning fire and would always be extinguished. Only ashes would be left after it burned. It was always difficult for humans to maintain eternal passion.

Zheng Yi couldn’t quite understand the words so he couldn’t help asking, “What isn’t enough?”

Xiao Li retracted his gaze, took the last sip of Coke and threw the empty cup into the trash can not far away. “Nothing.”

Zheng Yi muttered a few words in a low voice. He originally wanted to wait for Shen Chenzhi to come back to say hello. Then he looked down at his watch and found that the appointment time with his friend was approaching. He had to say to Xiao Li, “Xiao Li, I’ll go first. I’ll contact you on WeChat next time.”

Xiao Li nodded slightly, said goodbye and watched him leave.

Not long after Zheng Yi left, Shen Chenzhi came over. He was holding a cup of milk tea in his hand and he handed it over to Xiao Li.

This was the milk tea that had become popular on the Internet in recent days. Just queuing up for it took ages. Xiao Li hadn’t calculated the exact time but he knew this person had been in line for at least half an hour.

Xiao Li didn’t speak and looked at the bag in his hand. “Where is yours?”

Shen Chenzhi squeezed Xiao Li’s ear and chuckled. “I don’t like to drink sweet things.”

He had lined up for so long because Xiao Li had taken a longer look at this milk tea store brand.

Shen Chenzhi’s physical fitness was very good. He had been in line for so long but his forehead wasn’t sweating at all. He still looked like he just came from home.

Such intimacy made Xiao Li a bit uncomfortable. However, his heartbeat sped up slightly when he saw the nice smile on the other person’s face. He remained silent as he took the cup of milk tea and took a sip. The taste was mellow and the sweetness seemed to come from the bottom of his heart.

Shen Chenzhi turned to look at him. “Where do you want to go?”

Xiao Li bit the straw and replied without raising his head, “Go and see the cat I am fostering at the pet hospital.”


“Yes.” Xiao Li explained, “I picked it up the day I met with Wang Huai. Its foot was injured and it is being treated in hospital.”

Shen Chenzhi’s eyes grew darker like a layer of cold ice was quenching the beautiful, coloured glass. “After it is healed, do you want to raise it?”

He paused before continuing in a dangerous voice, “Don’t you already have a cat? Do you want to raise another one?”

His tone sounded dangerous but he took into account the young man in front of him and wrapped the scabbard around the deadly blade.

Xiao Li replied, “I have no intention of raising it. I plan for it to be adopted.”

This little white cat was different from the black cat. The black cat was a plot creature who could be taken out at any time when entering the dungeon. Meanwhile, the white cat was just an ordinary cat. It might not be good for its body if it was brought back to stay with ghosts at home all day.

—Although the kitten was really cute.

Shen Chenzhi was silent for a moment. “I’ll go with you. I also want to see the cat.”

Xiao Li couldn’t find a reason to refuse. The two of them left the mall and Shen Chenzhi drove to the pet hospital.

Xiao Li arrived at the pet hospital and found the little white cat kept in a foster cage. It was wearing an Elizabethan collar, not in line with its body and the cat’s head was bowed in a mournful manner.

Before he approached the kitten, the kitten’s sensitive ears pricked up. It seemed to know Xiao Li and it cried out in a soft voice, “Meow.”

The vet opened the cage door for him and introduced the white cat’s injuries. “The cat is recovering very well. His resilience is very strong and there is nothing wrong with him. He just needs a few more shots of the vaccines. I will show you the film that we took before.”

The little white cat’s head rested against the boy’s fingers and a pleasant purring came from his throat. Xiao Li took out the little white cat, put aside the milk tea and smoothed the hair between the ears with his hand.

Shen Chenzhi watched from the side. He found that Xiao Li really liked cats, whether it was the cat Shen Chenzhi had become in the instance, the little black cat or even the stray cat.

He asked, “Do you like it?”

His question had no context but Xiao Li still understood his meaning. “It’s furry. Why wouldn’t I like it?”

Xiao Li pinched the white cat’s ear again.

Shen Chenzhi suddenly said, “If that’s the case, don’t look for adoption. I’ll adopt it.”

He continued meaningfully as if he had figured something out. “Give the cat to me. It is more reassuring than giving him to a stranger, right?”

“…However, I am raising a cat for the first time and I don’t have enough experience. If something happens, I still need your advice. I might disturb you often in the future.” Shen Chenzhi spoke lightly. “Don’t be annoyed with me.”

It seemed to make sense. Shen Chenzhi didn’t look like he raised cats but at least he didn’t abuse cats.

Xiao Li replied, “Okay, no problem. Cats are actually very easy to raise.”

As long as you didn’t slip away every day.

Shen Chenzhi glanced at the little white cat and the cat immediately took two steps back, looking frightened.

The veterinarian came over at this time, holding a sheet in his hand. “Come with me.”

Xiao Li picked up the little white cat and followed the vet.

Shen Chenzhi didn’t catch up immediately. He looked at the milk tea that Xiao Li had put aside and suddenly reached out to grab it. He took a sip from the straw that the young man had just bitten.

…It was really sweet.


On the same day when Xiao Li returned home, the little black cat stayed at home without entering the little yellow book and he immediately jumped up from the scratching board. He circled around Xiao Li, his pink nose sniffed like he smelled another cat.

Xiao Li spread out his hands and let the cat check. After discovering that Xiao Li hadn’t brought the little white cat back secretly, the black cat sat down in a satisfied manner. He wagged his tail and swept the young man’s face with his tail.

Xiao Li grabbed the tail. “You lost fur.”

A light flick of the tail caused black fur to float around the room like dandelions. The little black cat used his small paws to reach the fur in the air. After grabbing a strand, he ran to the trash can and threw the fur in.

“Great.” Xiao Li praised him.

The little black cat became even prouder. He held his head high and continued to work, becoming a fully automatic grooming machine.

After a brief wash, Xiao Li lay in bed and played with his phone. During his washing time, a lot of messages had accumulated in WeChat. In addition to a few recharge reminders from Zhou Ying playing Honor of Kings, the first one was a cat inquiry from Shen Chenzhi.

Shen Chenzhi had bought a bunch of cat toys, a cat climbing frame, a cat litter, etc. He sent photos asking Xiao Li how to place them. He hadn’t officially brought the white cat home from the hospital. It was just some preliminary preparations.

Xiao Li casually replied, “It doesn’t matter how you place it. My family’s cat basically doesn’t sleep in his bed.”


The little black cat was currently sleeping next to Xiao Li’s pillow. He was basically on the sofa the entire time and when Xiao Li went to bed, the little black cat would also jump on the bed. Occasionally, he would sleep under the ancient painting.

Xiao Li simply took a photo and sent it to the other person.

At this moment, he suddenly raised his head and glanced at the door of the room.

The door of his room was closed. He had turned off the TV when he came in but just now, there was the sound of a TV commercial from outside the door. Listening to the sound, the TV stations were constantly being switched. Finally, it stopped on a singing variety competition called ‘I am the King of Singers.’

Then from the microphone, there was the sound of singing along with the players. Fu Zige’s singing voice was lowered as if he was afraid to disturb Xiao Li but Xiao Li could still hear it.

Xiao Li thought about it and grabbed the laptop on the table in the room. He turned it on, found the official website’s registration mailbox for this variety show and sent the original song that Fuge sang as he had recorded last time to the program.

It didn’t take long for Zheng Yi to send him another message.

[Sherlock, come here and look at this.]


Xiao Li clicked in and took a look. He had been sent a link to a forum post with the title [How is this emoticon popular? Is this a real ghost??]

The emoticon was a picture. It was from the movie theatre in Styland when Xiao Li showed his evaluation of the movie to the figure. It was a photo of that figure’s expression. It was unknown who uploaded it but it was photoshopped and three ‘???’ added. It was very vivid and was comparable to the black question marks in real emoticons.

At the bottom of this post, someone replied: [You don’t even know this? It was taken by God Wang and made by God Xia.]

[I know it is them but… is this a real ghost?? It isn’t PS?]

[Actually, I also suspect that it is photoshop. How can a real ghost’s expression be so vivid? Look at the slightly distorted eyebrows, the horribly distorted expression filled with a sense of doubt and the slightly twitching corners of the mouth. The ghost’s head is leaning forward because he wants to see Sherlock’s writing on the task book…]

[F*k, so funny. I can’t endure it anymore.]

[I have saved this emoticon and sent it to my classmates in reality. They all like to use it. I feel it is going to become hot.]

[Sherlock turns ghosts into emoticons while ghosts turn us into emoticons.]

[This emoticon is really amazing. It can be used to apply for the intangible cultural heritage of the reincarnators. It can be used to warn future generations and ghosts!]

[A ghost can also have question marks!]

[Wait, will the ghost… remember us.]

[Probably not but I’ve figured it out. If I go to the dungeon, encounter this ghost and don’t know what to do, I will show it this emoticon! I want it to respond before I die!]

[Even if you kill me, you are an emoticon.]

[I suggest you stop making movies in the future and make your debut in the emoticon.]

[Everyone, I have a bold idea. If you could take a photo of all the ghosts that Sherlock Moriarty Hercule has encountered and made them compete in an emoticon 101, who would you pick?]

[My Meiyou sister has many functions. Who can leave the phone now?]

[Oh, upstairs person, don’t pull votes. Let’s go for Tan Li. She is a model worker, full-time, inseparable doll. She loves flowers and peace. Her hair can be long or short. Vote for her.]

[As a member of a strange story, Moriarty should support other strange stories. I vote for Fujiang, the legs and the sister in red.]

[Bloody Mary? Her mouth says she won’t come but her body is very honest. Who doesn’t love a beautiful tsundere big sister?]

Xiao Li, “……”

He started to pray that the person who made this reply wouldn’t be seen by Bloody Mary or knowing her personality, she would definitely retaliate. Xiao Li quit the forum and was about to reply to Zheng Yi when he received another message. Xiao Li exited the conversation with Zheng Yi and opened the message. It was from Wang Huai.

Wang Huai: [Tonight, Shili Road, coming or not?]

Xiao Li thought for a moment before asking: [Midnight snack? Is it too far?]

Wang Huai’s dialogue box immediately displayed ‘the other party is typing’ but he didn’t send any messages after typing for a while. Finally, after typing and deleting, he only sent this sentence to Xiao Li: […It is a new supernatural event. I think it might be related to the secret of reality.]

TL Note: Just a small note because everyone is talking about how Shen Chenzhi obviously matches the criteria. Xiao Li isn’t stupid so he naturally knows that lol. Let’s just say he has his own reasons apart from this for refusing Shen Chenzhi so far and it will be revealed… eventually.

Proofreader: Tofu

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kdj fan
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