IWBL: Chapter 215

The big cities were always brightly lit up at night.

In reality, somewhere in an urban area, near a commercial area full of high-rise buildings, there was a small street hidden among a group of old and damaged buildings.

This street was a food street known to all the old residents nearby. It opened at 4 in the afternoon and closed in the early morning. There were various shops on the left and right sides selling grilled fish, chicken stew, crayfish, etc.

At this time, it wasn’t yet seven o’clock in the evening. The early autumn night had completely arrived. The owner of a barbecue store on his street wore a long-sleeved undershirt under his apron and stood by a charcoal grill, fanning the fire. Next to him was a takeaway boy waiting to get the order.

A young man stood at the end of the street. He casually wore a light blue denim jacket without any decorations and looked like a star in the night. Xiao Li looked up at the street sign and then double-checked the address on his phone. He found that he hadn’t gone to the wrong place.

It happened when he was in Styland. On the day he visited Wang Huai at night, they had exchanged phone numbers for reality. The day after returning to reality, Wang Huai contacted him as scheduled with a time and address.

Xiao Li just hadn’t expected to meet Wang Huai in such a place.

He walked past the street signs shoulder to shoulder with pedestrians on the street. The customers were mostly those who lived nearby. Finally, Xiao Li found the person he was looking for in front of a crayfish stall.

Wang Huai wore very simple clothes. He didn’t wear the suit from the instance to such a place. Instead, he wore a black sweater and held a menu in his hand, writing on the menu with a pencil. He looked like a graduate student.

He didn’t even choose to sit in the private room inside the store. He casually sat at an open-air table. There were several trash cans nearby while paper towels and leftover food were randomly thrown on the ground.

Xiao Li walked over and sat opposite of Wang Huai. Wang Huai looked up and smiled politely. “You’re here?”

He couldn’t be considered to have a close relationship with Xiao Li. This was the first time they had met in reality but there was no sense of awkwardness. Wang Huai placed the menu in front of Xiao Li and said, “Order whatever you want. It is my treat.”

The menu had been marked. There was already 1.5 kilograms of crayfish, some snacks and two bottles of beer.

Xiao Li wasn’t polite. He added some things and a bottle of water.

Wang Huai wondered, “You aren’t drinking.”

“I don’t drink.”

Wang Huai had a look of regret as he called over the boss and handed her the menu.

“Okay, I’ll bring it right away.” The female boss wrote down their table number and hurried into the back kitchen.

After she left, Wang Huai couldn’t hide the curiosity in his eyes, “Sherlock, you are younger than I thought. Are you in school?”

Xiao Li wasn’t willing to discuss the issue. He always felt that he was being subtly discriminated against because of his age. He got straight to the point. “You previously said that you wanted to discuss things in reality with me.”

Wang Huai laughed. “Have you always been so direct?”

Xiao Li looked at him quietly.

Wang Huai sighed. “You are really a little friend.”

Xiao Li punctured the package of the disposable tableware with chopsticks. Wang Huai swallowed back the last word and spoke calmly. “Are you sure you don’t want to talk about it after eating? I’m afraid you won’t be able to eat when you hear it.”

At this time, the boss brought out a pot of freshly cooked crayfish. It was steaming hot and the coolness of this autumn night disappeared.

Xiao Li told him, “Say it.”

Wang Huai first picked some vermicelli noodles from the pot and ate a mouthful. Then he put on gloves, peeled a crayfish and spoke slowly. “You know the recent things happening in reality?”

“The supernatural events?”

He was also eating but it was much slower than the man opposite him. Wang Huai peeled a crayfish for himself while Xiao Li didn’t do anything. He lazily broke the head of the crayfish with his chopsticks, swallowed the tail whole and spat out the shell.

Wang Huai replied, “Yes, it keeps increasing. Once it reaches the top, reality will just become another huge instance world.”

His last few words were very soft and slipped out between his teeth, but Xiao Li still heard it.

Wang Huai coughed and took the opportunity to stuff two more pieces of crayfish flesh into his mouth. “The god of lies values you and you have a relationship with the goddess of words. You should know the existence of the gods. In short, there is someone who is currently interested in our reality.”

“Where should I start? Think about it. In fact, the instances we did at the beginning were all in a small space such as a hospital or a school. The space was limited.”

“Then the instances increased, global integration happened and it gradually became medium-sized existences such as a town, a ravine, a village, etc.”

“Later, a civilization, a country, a continent.”

“I don’t know the exact secret but it is certain that the gods maintain their strength in this world. For example, the god of death. He is famous for loving experiments among the gods. He has many instance worlds.”

“Reality is a special existence. It is a world and there are certain rules restricting the gods from entering reality. However, it is obvious that these rules, or power, are gradually weakening. Once this power disappears completely, the god who covets reality will come. He will transform reality and reshape nothingness.”

Wang Huai’s tone was low and his appetite gradually disappeared due to the depth of these words. He put down his chopsticks. It wasn’t known what he was thinking but his eyes were staring at the crayfish pot in front of him in a complicated manner.

These things he said weren’t absolute secrets. There had long been rumours among the high ranking reincarnators. After all, no one was a fool. They had different opinions about the supernatural events occurring here.

He waited a bit but he didn’t get a reaction.

Xiao Li was poking at a crayfish tail with his chopsticks in a very serious manner. He heard Wang Huai stop speaking and raised his head. “I have already guessed what you told me. This isn’t important. Do you have a way to deal with it?”

Wang Huai replied, “We are tracking the huge supernatural events. There is no news at this time.”

Wang Huai was telling the truth but also covering up something. The core answer wasn’t revealed to Sherlock in front of him.

“I see.” Xiao Li nodded. He used his chopsticks to grab a piece of crayfish that he finally peeled out. The smashed flesh was soaked in the boiled water. Then he turned sideways and placed it at the foot of the table.

Wang Huai’s gaze followed without knowing it and he half stood up. Then he saw a white cat hiding at the foot of the table. It looked young. The original fur colour was white but it was stained with a lot of dirt. It was very small and hidden by the legs of the table, so he never saw it.

Xiao Li handed the crayfish flesh to the little white cat’s mouth and waved the chopsticks. The little white cat was a bit frightened at first. It bared its fangs and took a defensive posture. It was covering its right foot and this foot was bent unnaturally. Xiao Li threw the crayfish flesh at its feet. It fiddled with the meat before starting to eat it.

Then the little black cat popped out from an unknown place. On its own, the black cat didn’t look back. However, he was much rounder compared to this little white cat. In particular, Xiao Li had given canned meat to him yesterday. The fat belly was hanging down and almost mopping the floor.

The black cat looked up and called out to Xiao Li. Xiao Li picked him up and placed him on the chair. Then he grabbed some crayfish flesh and fed it to the little white cat. The white cat was fed twice and became much closer to Xiao Li. It rubbed its head against the young man’s pants.

The black cat opened his mouth in a lost manner. “Meow?”

Xiao Li tapped on the head of the little black cat and stared at the white cat at his feet in a distressed manner. Finally, he lifted the white cat by the back of its neck. It wasn’t long after that the white cat was weaned and it still had the consciousness of being held by the back of its neck by its mother.

Wang Huai recognized the black cat as Xiao Li’s pet mentioned in the forum. He watched as Xiao Li held the white cat in this pose. “Do you want to adopt this cat?”

Xiao Li didn’t answer but the little black cat called out loudly. No translation was required. Even Wang Huai could see the black cat’s opposition.

Xiao Li rubbed the increasingly round belly twice. His hands were covered with cat fur as he placed the white cat aside. Then he spoke to Wang Huai. “I will take it to the pet hospital for foster care. What else do you need to talk to me about?”

The man across from him stared at the cat. Then Wang Huai put down his chopsticks and suddenly spoke. “Sherlock, you are so direct. Then I’ll be more direct. I don’t like to take detours when it comes to people like you.”

“There are currently three types of reincarnators. One eagerly wants reality to become an instance of the gods, one is choosing to wait and see and the last one has decided to stop things from happening. Which one do you want to be?”

“The Ye family is one of my allies. He has been telling me about you. I have read those posts and decided to use the Nether Ticket to enter the instance to take a look at you.”

Most importantly, the god of lies was the enemy of the god of death. The god of death was a supporter of ‘that’ god and Sherlock had destroyed many of Death’s laboratories.

“You are very contradictory and direct but I believe what I see with my own eyes.”

Wang Huai spoke in a deep voice. His voice mixed in with the noise of the surroundings but it clearly entered Xiao Li’s ears.

“I sometimes like destruction but I prefer to save this place.” Xiao Li declared as he got up and carried the white cat.

The smell of smoke and fire lingered all around them. The boss was yelling loudly, the diners at the next table told a joke and laughed happily, the little boy across the street was being beaten by his parents for being naughty and was wiping his tears.

The world was a mixture of joy and pain.

Wang Huai told him, “Happy cooperation.”

Xiao Li hesitated for a moment. “In fact, I prefer to act alone instead of cooperating. Therefore, let’s try not to cooperate.”

Wang Huai, “……”

Sherlock was a very annoying person. The annoying thing was that every time you sank into the atmosphere, he could immediately destroy it.

Wang Huai turned back to settle the bill with the boss and Xiao Li was ready to leave directly. However, once Wang Huai turned back after paying, he found that Xiao Li was still holding the cat.

Wang Huai saw that Xiao Li was holding the back of the white cat’s neck with his right hand and supporting its ass with his left hand. He was also careful not to touch the cat’s injured leg or the white cat would cry loudly.

He stopped Xiao Li. “I drove here. Do you want me to take you to the pet hospital along the way?”

At this time, Xiao Li’s mobile phone on the table vibrated.

It was Shen Chenzhi: [Is this the movie you mentioned you wanted to see earlier? Screenshot.JPG.]

[It is coming out.]

[Did you see the trailer? Can I come and watch it with you?]

Proofreader: Tofu

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OHHH BUT WHY DOES IT FEEL LIKE A K-DRAMA SCENE, the little boyfriend is going on a date with someone then the big boyfriend text him if he wants to go see a movie 💀💀💀

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