IWBL: Chapter 214

Xiao Li instinctively called out. “You—”

Shen Chenzhi stopped and smiled. “You can’t bear it to let it be me?”

Xiao Li frowned and didn’t speak.

Shen Chenzhi stared at him softly and whispered, “Don’t worry, I’ll be back.”

“I trust your judgment.” His voice whispered softly. “Besides, how can I leave you alone?”


[The reincarnator Xiao Li has completed the task. You are the first to propose a way to leave and to break the parallel dream world of Styland. The rating is S and the task completion degree is 89%. You should’ve received 5,000 survival coins but due to your repeated ridicule of the dream master Hypnos, your rewards have been affected. This time, you have received 44 survival coins.]

Xiao Li who walked out of the small town behind Shen Chenzhi, “……”

Wasn’t this god too narrow-minded and picky?

[You have inspired the hidden soul of Atlantis and gained the right to have a conversation with it. The rules are being calculated…]

[Scenario conversion.]

[3, 2, 1—]

Along with the constant words in the little yellow book, Xiao Li felt the world in front of him shatter like glass. Grey fog came like the tide and there was the familiar feeling of transmission under his feet.

However, once he stood firm again, he didn’t appear at home as usual. He had appeared in a suspended space. This space was like a square Rubik’s cube hanging in the air. The walls of the square were all transparent and glowed with a metallic luster. Occasionally, a few laser-like green lights crossed and flashed quickly.

At the foot of this Rubik’s Cube was the real Styland. Xiao Li saw the people walking in the town exactly the same as it was in the dream. He stared for a while before looking again and asking the person standing in front of him, “Did you bring me in?”

The man standing in front of Xiao Li had bloodshot eyes and a handsome appearance. He wasn’t smiling but there was still an overwhelming sense of elegance. The god of lies said in an approachable manner. “Yes, it took me a lot of effort to cut off the rules for a short time.”

Xiao Li looked down and asked another question. “What’s so special about Atlantis?”

“It is a civilization.” Apart from the eyes that flashed with a hint of an evil spirit from time to time, Pseudo-Logoi resembled a patient university tutor. “It is useful for our existence. I also think it is a pity that ‘He’ acted first.”

Before Xiao Li could question him again, Pseudo-Logoi leaned down and spoke in a meaningful way. “Your world is more useful to us.”

An existence that was useful to the gods. Xiao Li remembered how Pseudo-Logoi had purposely stolen the core from the death god’s laboratory.

“Don’t worry, they won’t be able to act for a while.” Pseudo-Logoi’s voice was warm and authentic. “However, your time is running out.”

Xiao Li reflexively looked at this person but didn’t continue to ask. He instead tapped his knuckles against the wall of the Rubik’s Cube. “Why are you looking for me?”

Pseudo-Logoi laughed again and fell into his memories. “I had some questions to ask you but I want to thank you more.”

“Thank me?”

“Thank you for making Hypnos die socially.” Pseudo-Logoi wanted to control himself at first but it wasn’t possible. His lips raised slightly and he laughed with joy. “Now everyone knows that he is a trash director who has a poor imagination. He likes to make bad movies and squat in trash cans to peep at others. Hahahaha.”

Xiao Li, “……”

So this was why the other person was angry when the task was settled?

He saw Pseudo-Logoi laughing happily and couldn’t help correct it. “You should be the greatest contributor to his social death.”

The god of lies smiled happily. “It is just a small contribution. Don’t thank me.”

Xiao Li, “……”

“You know, he is usually a small tortoise, hiding and never going out. There was a hint of mystery about him.” Pseudo-Logoi spoke freely. “Now his image has collapsed. He is crying with his brother who likes to swim in a septic tank.”

By brother, did he mean Death? The god of death had such a special hobby? There was an indescribable expression on Xiao Li’s face.

“My impression of you has changed again. I admire you very much, especially when you are in a world that doesn’t belong to me.” Pseudo-Logoi told him. “There is one more thing I want to ask you. Sherlock, since when did you know your boy—”


He didn’t have a chance to finish his words. a force that was completely different from the god of lie’s divine power poured it, cutting off the connection between Pseudo-Logoi and the rules of the dungeon. In an instant, only the god was seen in the Rubik’s Cube.

“Oh, his temper is as bad as the rumours.” The man stood in the Rubik’s Cube and blocked the blow with his strength. He took a step back and after coughing, he sighed in a dissatisfied manner.


After returning from the instance world, a  bloody storm occurred in the forum. A post called ‘The Love and Hatred of the 818 Bigshots’ beat a bloody path through the thousands of posts about real supernatural events.

[818 Sherlock Moriarty Hercule’s emotional world. Taking you into the love-hate entanglement of the bigshot.]

[In fact, it is simple to say. Sherlock’s night meeting with Old Wang was caught by the real boyfriend and he became jealous.]

[Today, I am a badger in a melon field. I am looking at all the melons in front of me and letting out an excited cry.]

[Come on, hurry up.]

[A real boyfriend? I’m dumbfounded? Is it Shen Chenzhi who is always following Sherlock?]

[Who else besides him? Shen Chenzhi was jealous when he dragged Sherlock in. After the bigshot came out, his clothes were messy but he didn’t seem angry.]

[This is the important point. He didn’t seem angry.]

[Is this message reliable?]

[Goddess Park next door might’ve lost her love.]

[Who’s Old Wang? What did I miss?]

[Wang Huai, your kind king god, actually listened to Sherlock’s words in the instance world.]

[…Is Wang Huai now called Old Wang? Wait, I’m a bit stunned by this name. Still, Old Wang, it is quite smooth to call him this way.]

[Old Wang next door, please respect yourself and don’t try to interfere with my male god.]

[Instance Leaderboard: Sherlock’s harem ranking.]

[Thinking about it, in the previous posts, Shen Chenzhi seemed very real to him. There is a feeling of only looking at Sherlock.]

[What is the history of Shen Chenzhi? I don’t seem to have heard the name much. He is very low-key. Is he a bigshot?]

[Did anything else happen in the instance? Let me hear about my idol’s new operation.]

[That is a long story. Let me tell you what I was most impressed with. You have encountered an invisible ghost. It is very fast and trying to attack you. What would you do?]

[Lie down and wait to die.]

[Use my coquettish movements to kill it (no). I would probably use an item. I have a shield that can withstand attacks for a quarter of an hour.]

[Sherlock locked it into the house of an evil spirit and it demolished the house. This caused the evil spirit to catch the invisible ghost herself. She pulled it by its ears like it was a rabbit.]


[Brothers, fill the screen with ‘Sherlock awesome!’]

[I’m imagining such a scene. How miserable is the ghost hahaha? Even her own house has been demolished. Demolition team 23333.]

[In addition, we watched two movies in this instance. Sherlock kept criticizing them. He said that this horror movie was rotten and then he mocked the director for his lack of taste. It turned the horror movie into a funny movie.]

]Director ghost: cursing on the Internet.]

[Hey, why are you cursing?]

[Director Ghost: Get out of here. Don’t come to my movie theatre in the future!]

[Then when we came out of the movie theatre, we encountered a monster that is very sensitive to sound. It had ears all over its body. As long as we move, even the rubbing of our clothes against the corner will be caught by it. It chased us. Guess what happened in the end?]

[This is too hard. My suggestion would be to take off your clothes, lie on the ground and slow down your breathing.]

[Upstairs, that is the operation of a mortal. Here, we are talking about a god’s operation.]

[Come on, the god’s operation!]

[Comrade Sherlock calmly took out a microphone from his task book. I actually thought he was going to sing loudly but it turned out to be even better than I thought.]

[He wanted to throw the microphone but the microphone refused. Therefore, a strangely shaped light bulb jumped out and slammed into the microphone…]

[Light bulb: It is urgent. What are you doing?]

[Then the microphone started screaming. Strange.JPG.]

[Can you understand? It screamed like it was scared from seeing a thief. It almost made me stupid. The sound amplification was good and the entire area was full of its screams.]

[Microphone and a light bulb, strange creatures have been added again.]

[Think about my male god holding a light bulb, a microphone next to him, a doll in his pocket and a little yellow book in his other hand. Then there is a group of ducklings behind him…]

[No hat and cloak, get lost from the single person instance.]

[Sherlock, always a god!]

[The more sorrowful thing is still to come. The ghost living in the microphone was obviously screaming from fear but when he came back, he asked others to praise him.]

[Subway grandpa, looking down at his mobile phone.JPG]

[The important thing is that Sherlock actually agreed! Not only did he praise it, he also put the microphone to our mouths one by one. What could I say? In the face of the boss, I naturally praised it tremendously.]

[Hey, it sounds quite cute.]

[Taking a closer look at the ghosts and monsters around my male god, I found that he really has everything. It is a treasure team.]

[I don’t know where Sherlock got it.]

[This is Sherlock, the man who has a relationship with every instance ghost.]

[By the way, I have a classmate from a temple that I’m very close to. He told me a secret.]

[What’s the secret? Tell me. In addition, is this classmate you mentioned yourself?]

[Just listen to it as you please. It is blasphemous so I will delete it after I share it.]

[In other words, Sherlock accidentally unearthed a new hobby of the god of death in an instance. The god of death likes swimming in a septic tank.]


[No, what are you trying to do? Seriously? Anyone who believes this is a fool, right?]

[It is involving gods… I didn’t believe there were gods in the world at first but thinking about it, since there are ghosts, why can’t there be gods?]

[Getting back to the subject, they said it was the god of lies who let it spread. In an instance world where he met his followers, he publicized the matter loudly and said that the more people who know about it, the better.]

[How much does he hate Death…?]

[This hatred isn’t absolutely irreconcilable, right? Isn’t it too much?]

[I originally heard the god of lies and didn’t believe it. However, seeing that the other person is Sherlock, I don’t know why but I believe it.]

[Sherlock finally extended his hands to the gods…]

[Gods: GUNA.]

[Ghosts: Celebrate with champagne tonight!]

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7 months ago

lol ghosts aren’t enough for him, now moving onto operation destroy the god’s life, image, reputation and everything else!!!