IWBL: Chapter 212

Perhaps it was because they had already violated the taboo. From the movie theatre, the reincarnators didn’t encounter any obstacles. They were still in the short safety time.

On the way back to the small house, Wen Wenwen looked at the buildings in front of him and suddenly said, “The new movie that was released just now. I feel that the protagonist behind the scenes is hinting that us outsiders are one. He Tian is dead so we will die too.”

He didn’t have too much fear when he spoke. As a senior, Wen Wenwen knew in his heart that ghosts generally frightened the victim first. It wasn’t until fear was completely squeezed out that it finally killed the victim. Therefore, fear was harmful to the living. He had become accustomed to this in his many instances. He thought first and felt fear later.

Jin Handong analyzed it carefully. “In the movie just now, the town was surrounded by high walls and there was a restriction to not leave the town. From the perspective of the whole movie, it was the protagonist called Tang who deliberately wanted to resurrect his parents. He smashed the wall outside the town and tricked his companions to go out and die. Finally, the ghosts of his companions returned after their deaths and took him away forcibly.”

“The thing I don’t quite understand is the specific method of the protagonist’s resurrection of his parents. What is the hidden way of life in Styland?”

“However, the group of eight in the movie obviously alludes to us. We haven’t experienced anything like that?” Bruce added. “I don’t quite understand. What does this have to do with ‘Peeping’?”

There was more and more information while time was getting tighter. They had to distinguish between what was useful and what was used to confuse them.

At this point, Xiao Li informed the others of what he saw in the Temple of Records. Kesia slowed down to stand shoulder to shoulder with him. “I smelled a ‘curse’ when I came but I wasn’t sure if this had anything to do with our way of living. Therefore, I didn’t say it.”

Jin Handong tried to connect everything together. She racked her brains and gave a reasonable speculation. “Will it be like this? Atlantis was coveted by a certain evil god and was cursed to become Styland. They can’t leave here and this theme was made into a movie. We will fill in the rest of this plot in the movie.”

“This is very possible. I think it is at least 70% right.” Wen Wenwen happily raised his tone. “Then we just need to find the hidden way out of this movie.”

Bruce told them, “The most important thing is what is the hidden way out? We guessed that it is the movie in the movie theatre but how do we suspend the shooting of this movie?”

“In reality, there are several ways,” Kesia spoke quickly. “Pause the money investment, find the director or lose one or two actors. However, we are in the movie now so…”

“Could it be an unconventional action?” Wen Wenwen wondered. “For example, we have been following our usual way of thinking. This is a normal reaction for a movie. Then if we eat and drink happily now or do some strange actions that aren’t in line with the common sense of a horror movie, we will stop shooting?”

He felt very good when he finished his speculation and did his usual habit of turning to Sherlock. “Sherlock, didn’t you say that you want to end it soon? What do you think about what we just said?”

Xiao Li pondered on it for a moment. Just as Wen Wenwen thought this person was going to give a long speculation, the other person only spoke one sentence. “There is reasonable evidence.”

It was polite and perfunctory just like before. Wen Wenwen’s mood suddenly fell. “Do you think that our words are wrong? What about Old Wang? In addition, Shen Chenzhi, don’t just stay silent. Our time is running out.”

Wang Huai told him, “I think it is pretty good. It makes sense. It is best for you to take the lead and run naked to see if the movie will be suspended.”

“Get lost. If someone runs then you will be the first.”

They bickered for a short time while Jin Handong approached Xiao Li and lowered her voice. “Sherlock, do you think that we aren’t in a movie?”

This time, Xiao Li gave a serious answer. “I think based on this instance, it doesn’t matter where we are.”

Jin Handong was surprised. “What do you mean?”

Xiao Li explained, “It isn’t important if we are in a movie, in a curse or even in the world that I’m thinking of. It can be said that what we want isn’t the background information but the way of life hidden underneath…”

Jin Handong couldn’t help following his thoughts. “What is the way of life?”

Xiao Li was about to answer when he heard the distant sound of running footsteps. He listened and it was the sound of only one person.

Wen Wenwen immediately prepared to leave. “Is the safety time so short? The ghost is here again?”

Wang Huai shook his head. “It is a human.”

The sound of human footsteps was obviously different from that of monsters. Monsters were stiff while humans were chaotic. Before the owner of the footsteps appeared, Wen Wenwen thought of many people. To his surprise, the one who came was the red-haired boss from before. The red-haired youth was panting heavily as he held a mobile phone in his hand. He saw them and immediately rushed up. “Everyone, everyone, Xiao Qian is dead!”

Xiao Qian? Wen Wenwen searched through his memories before figuring out who Xiao Qian was. It was the hapless young man who was hit in the stomach by the invisible creature while playing basketball.

“How did he die?”

The red-haired youth replied, “I don’t know. We sent them to the hospital together. Xiao Qian had just opened his clothes and applied the medicine that the doctor gave him when he stopped. He started convulsing and died in seconds. The doctor didn’t even have time to get the first aid equipment.”

Wen Wenwen wanted to ask in more detail but Xiao Li suddenly opened his mouth and pointed to the phone in the red-haired youth’s hand. “You came here with your phone. Did you receive a message from the person who died outside the town previously or Xiao Qian?”

“Huh?” The red-haired youth couldn’t react for a moment to the question. “Yes, how did you know?”

Xiao Li stepped forward and took the mobile phone. The screen was lit up and there was no need to unlock it. He saw a message from Xiao Qian that said: [Brother Hong, I saw Mole. He and I are waiting for you. Hurry up.]

The following was the red-haired youth’s reply. [Who are you? Xiao Qian is gone. Why are you using his phone?]

Xiao Qian: [I’m Xiao Qian. Does anyone else know that Mole died?]

[??? I think you are my son!]

Xiao Qian: [Brother Hong, you are still the same. I really am Xiao Qian. Hurry and accompany us. We are with you. Time is running out. Otherwise… we will come to you.]

The red-haired youth didn’t reply. Xiao Li exited the conversation box with him and Xiao Qian and turned on the general interface. Under Xiao Qian, there was a chat box with ‘Mole’. He clicked in.

Mole: [Brother Hong, it’s so dark down here. I’m waiting for you]

[Mole? Are you… who are you?]

Mole: [The outside world is very dark. I don’t dare go alone. You have to accompany me. I will wait forever. Don’t make me impatient.]

Red-haired youth: [Are you Ah Kang or Cui Ba? What are you doing using someone else’s phone?]

Mole: [It’s me, not them. Of course, they also have to come down.]

The chat history stopped here.

The red-haired youth placed his hands on his knees and gasped for breath. “We were all frightened. The others went back to see their parents. I… my parents are ordinary people. I think I will bring this thing back with me if I go home. I remembered the way that this Sherlock dealt with the invisible creature and I wanted to come to you.”

After reading the messages on the phone, Xiao Li handed the phone to Wen Wenwen. It was passed among the others in turn.

The red-haired youth asked again, “How did you know that I received messages from them?”

Xiao Li didn’t reply and Wen Wenwen spoke on his behalf. “You haven’t seen the new movie?”

“…What? How can I be in the mood to watch the new movie when this is happening?”

Wen Wenwen told him, “The plot of the new movie is like this.”

The plot of the new movie was explained to the red-haired youth and he was dumbfounded. “No, what’s going on? My worldview is f*king destroyed today. I haven’t seen this before…”

“Never?” Wen Wenwen pushed him. “There is the strange rule of the movie theatre and you can’t leave town. Have you ever thought about who is making these movies?”

The red-haired youth was stunned by this question and stammered after a long time, “T-This is the ancestral teachings. It is from the ancestors and everyone will go. Who will usually think about who makes the movies?”

Xiao Li wondered, “Everyone will go, is that right?”

The red-haired youth replied, “T-This, I’ve never thought about it. I…”

Wen Wenwen, “……”

He gave up on the idea of getting clues from the townspeople. The red-haired youth saw they were silent and quickly asked, “Can you help me? I’m a bit scared…”

He asked for help. He was like the second Xu Jiaheng. However, Xu Jiaheng corresponded to ‘Peeping’ and the red-haired youth corresponded to ‘Restriction’. Xu Jiaheng was a ghost so the red-haired youth had a great possibility…

“Let’s discuss it,” Jin Handong spoke as gently as possible.

They immediately pulled away from the red-haired youth and Wen Wenwen opened his mouth first. “I don’t think he should be allowed to follow. This is obviously the reality that the Restriction movie has projected into the instance, just like Xu Jiaheng. It must be a trap…”

“However, we don’t have much time…” Bruce was a bit hesitant. “I always feel that the presence of these characters is meaningful.”

“They might just be wasting our time,” Kesia spoke decisively. “I agree with Wen.”

They voted and it was Xiao Li’s turn. Xiao Li lowered his head and rubbed between his eyebrows. “You vote, I will go back first.”

Wen Wenwen wondered, “What are you going to do? Sherlock, can’t you be a bit more united?”

“I’m going to sort out my thoughts. I probably know it.”

Wen Wenwen spoke immediately. “What do you know? The way to live? Can’t you say it now?”


The drowsiness caused by the movie just now hadn’t disappeared. Instead, it had become heavier. His mind was a bit confused and he was desperate for sleep. He abstained. The remaining few people talked about it and finally decided not to let the red-haired youth follow them. They would put him in the house they previously rented for Xu Jiaheng.

Bruce offered to go with the red-haired youth while the remaining few people returned to the small house.

Wen Wenwen wanted to follow Xiao Li to see how the bigshot organized his thoughts. Perhaps it was writing logical symbols, drawing tree diagrams or a more advanced method such as compiling a program. He had to think about learning—

As a result, Xiao Li walked directly into his room, closed the door and went to bed.

Wen Wenwen had a string of question marks, “……???”

Organize his thoughts in a dream?

Proofreader: Tofu

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