IWBL: Chapter 210

Xiao Tu looked at the wallpaper she had put up herself with shock. Then she saw the smashed TV set and floor before her gaze finally fixed on the left side of the sofa. As an evil spirit, Xiao Tu couldn’t see the invisible creature but she could perceive with her talent.

The invisible creature sitting on the sofa was also stunned. It astutely noticed that the little girl in front of it was clenching her fist like she wanted to punch someone. It couldn’t be caught. It had to find a way to escape.

The invisible creature screamed, jumped from the and rushed to the window on the opposite side of the door. It tried to smash a crack in the window so it could get out. However, the quality of the furniture might not be good but how could the doors and windows surrounded by spiritual power be so easy to break?

It didn’t break the glass and just knocked itself back. It felt dizzier than when it had hit the door earlier. The invisible creature fell back from the window and smashed onto the table again.

“…That’s enough!”

Xiao Tu’s face was unprecedentedly gloomy. She reached out and pinched the empty air. Then there was a force that bound the invisible creature.

It was absolutely impossible for this creature to appear in her house for no reason. The only key that she gave out was the spare key she had to hand in due to the instance rules of Lingxi Mountain. The owner of the spare key was called Hercule, also known as Sherlock and Moriarty.

Xiao Tu thought of the rumors she had heard recently and her teeth were itching with hate. Damn Hercule, was he the one doing the demolition? She just didn’t want to respond. Did he have to be so vindictive?


Five minutes later, in the empty clearing.

Everyone saw that the old door was still in front of them and hadn’t disappeared. Perhaps it was because there was a good sound insulation effect. Even if the red-haired youth placed his ears to the door, he couldn’t hear any movements inside.

The red-haired youth and other young people of the town stared with wide eyes. They realized that these outsiders weren’t ordinary tourists and were watchful.

Wen Wenwen made a ‘psst’ sound. “Sherlock, Old Xia, where did you put that thing into?”

Before Xiao Li acted, Wen Wenwen had also thought about how to get through this crisis. It was the user of items followed by searching for the invisible creature. He never expected such an operation. It was just that the doll or Zhou Ying circulating on the forum didn’t have this type of function?

Xiao Li replied, “It is a ghost’s house.”

Wen Wenwen, “……”

‘You are the devil.’

He glanced sympathetically at the empty land. Before the invisible creature had appeared, it was flat and could be used for basketball. Now it was pitted and rough. There were several deep holes and a pond could even be dug. Thinking of this, Wen Wenwen couldn’t help squeezing out some bitter tears for the owner of this door.

Just then, the closed door was opened from the inside. A small palm carrying the invisible creature stretched out from the door. Xiao Tu stood inside the door. Her face was like a villain. She was clearly a little girl who looked like a doll but she gave people a vicious feeling and they didn’t dare to look directly at her.

Xiao Li saw her and Xiao Tu also saw him. She started to grind her teeth and snorted. She had made a lot of preparations in order to ignore this person.

Xiao Li saw the door open and he hurriedly took a step forward. His hands formed a basin shape to catch the invisible creature. He didn’t know how Xiao Tu had ‘educated’ this creature but it had lost its strength to struggle. It didn’t resist after seeing a human catching it. It just raised its head feebly and called out. Xiao Tu allowed him to take away the prey.

Xiao Li greeted her. “I haven’t seen you in a long time. Aren’t you going to invite me in to sit?”

Xiao Tu, “……”

She couldn’t believe that there was such a shameless person in the world. This evil spirit who liked to show off her appearance as a little girl stroked her chest twice with her palm in order to calm herself down.

“Next time, I will go to your house. Please invite me to sit down.” She emphasized the words ‘your house.’ Then she said, “I’ll be sure to entertain you.”

Xiao Tu snorted and closed the door heavily. The closed-door disappeared into the empty air.

Xiao Li bent down and held the invisible creature. He raised his head and asked the others, “Do you have any water?”

“Water? What do you want water for?” Wen Wenwen blurted out the question before regretting it the next second. He had a hunch that Sherlock would definitely answer ‘to drink.’

Before Xiao Li could reply, Wang Huai had already guessed what he was going to do. Old Wang brought out a bottle of mineral water from his task book and handed it to Xiao Li.

Xiao Li accepted it and took a look. It was a product from reality. He opened the bottle of water and looked left and right. Then he asked Wen Wenwen, “Are you afraid of getting dirty?”


Xiao Li repeated patiently, “Do you have a habit of cleanliness or something?”

Wen Wenwen had a strange feeling as he replied truthfully, “…No.”

“Have you ever played with mud?”

“……I played as a kid.”

“Then I’ll leave this to you. Mix together the bottle of water and soil and wipe it on its body to see what it looks like.” Xiao Li placed the mineral water into Wen Wenwen’s hands, patted the dust off his hands and stood up.

Wen Wenwen, “……”

He wanted to say ‘Why don’t you do it yourself?’ but Sherlock had saved him just now. He couldn’t refuse. He leaned over and poured the mineral water onto his hand before squatting down. He grabbed a handful of dirt from the clearing and started to smear the body of the invisible creature.

Soon, the outline of its body appeared. It looked like a slime and was the size of two human heads. It had two claws, a pair of wings and felt slippery.


The invisible creature raised its head and let out a long cry. It was just that compared to the previous cheers when attacking, its voice was now full of sadness and beginning for mercy. It wanted to move but the moment it moved its feet, a tingling sensation was felt.

Xiao Li used his fingers to touch the upper and lower parts of the invisible creature’s body. He drew a line across its neck as well as its two feet, wings, belly and abdomen…

The invisible creature weakly kicked twice in fear, splashing a few drops of muddy water onto the gap between Xiao Li’s sleeves and his fingers. Xiao Li remained indifferent and continued to draw.

Shen Chenzhi looked interested and asked him, “Do you want to eat it?”

Xiao Li stared at him silently.

Shen Chenzhi continued, “You can take it back and I’ll cook it for you.”

Xiao Li was moved. He recalled Shen Chenzhi’s cooking skills and found that it was really good. Just…

“Forget it.” He stood up and sighed. “It’s too cruel.”

Shen Chenzhi didn’t object and took the opportunity to hand out an invitation. “Okay, I will make something else for you next time.”

As he spoke, he took out a tissue to wipe Xiao Li’s hand. He carefully wiped along the fingers like a painter maintaining his most precious collection.

The invisible creature pretending to be dead at Xiao Li’s feet sighed with relief. Clearly, this miserable situation was caused by the person in front of him. However, once he heard that the other party did not intend to eat him, he couldn’t help feeling that he was fortunate and gratitude surged in his heart…

If Wen Wenwen knew the mood of this invisible creature then he would have definitely complained. ‘You are an invisible ghost. I didn’t expect you to have a lot of thoughts.’

However, Wen Wenwen was watching Xiao Li obediently letting Shen Chenzhi wipe his hands. Then Wen Wenwen couldn’t help looking at Old Wang.

Wang Huai was originally staring at the invisible creature. Then Xiao Li moved closer to him to study the creature’s physiological structure. Wang Huai noticed Wen Wenwen’s strange expression and he looked between Xiao Li, Wen Wenwen and Shen Chenzhi for a while.

Wen Wenwen spoke in his heart, ‘Old Wang, take a look at other people. You can also provide snacks.’


The moment the battle between the invisible creature and the reincarnators ended, the fog in the town dissipated.

It wasn’t completely gone. There was still some left behind but it was much better than the fog that had covered the sky in the morning. The shadows peeping at them in the fog disappeared and there were no footsteps as they headed into the town.

Kesia made a guess. “Perhaps we had passed the short period of death and won a blank period for rest. After this safety time passes, there will be more crises waiting for us.”

Wen Wenwen was about to speak when the red-haired youth chased after them with Xiao Qian and the others.

The red-haired youth asked hesitantly, “Who… are you? You seem to know the ancestral teachings of our town?”

The question had previously been asked by Xu Jiaheng and Wen Wenwen used the same reason to explain himself and the others. He also asked the red-haired youth if he knew the reason for restricting them from leaving town.

“Would I ask you if I knew this? This is a teaching passed down from generation to generation. My mother and my grandmother don’t even know. In any case, if you leave then you will die.”

Wen Wenwen couldn’t help feeling a bit disappointed. He spoke a few perfunctory words to the red-haired youth and convinced him to leave.

The red-haired youth and the others left while the reincarnators stood at the intersection of the town. They knew that they couldn’t waste any more time and Bruce interjected, “Who has an idea? If no one has an idea then we can split into two. One group will go to Xu Jiaheng while the other goes to the movie theatre. I think the path to living is related to the movie.”

He was watching Wang Huai as he spoke, not Sherlock. He has seen Sherlock’s efforts during this time but based on Wang Huai’s reputation, this person wouldn’t be like his current self, not saying a word or mentioning a single opinion.

Bruce took the lead and Wen Wenwen also stared at Wang Huai with dissatisfaction.

Wang Huai raised his hand. “Then let me express my opinion. I think… it is better to go to the movie theatre. The movie theatre is the centre of this place. The last time someone had spied on us was also at the movie theatre.”

He looked at Xiao Li and continued, “Xu Jiaheng might just be a cover to distract us.”

Bruce consulted Xiao Li. Xiao Li didn’t object so they left for the movie theatre.

Unexpectedly, the movie theatre today was a bit lively. It wasn’t just them who came here. There were many townspeople walking in the direction of the movie theatre. They looked excited, curious or impatient.

Wen Wenwen stopped someone midway and inquired about the situation. The man was quite talkative. “You are from the outside, right? A new movie was released today. We have to watch it within a week.”

A new movie?

The reincarnators glanced at each other. They arrived at the movie theatre and saw that the original ‘Peeping’ poster had been replaced by another poster called ‘Restriction.’

Proofreader: Tofu

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I’m guessing the movie posters are meant to be a sort of hint