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IWBL: Chapter 209

Xiao Li watched the cut-throat figure searching the ground in front of him and casually replied to the red-haired young man, “Practicing my posture.”

The red-haired young man took a clear look. He saw that the others weren’t short in height and his tone was no longer impatient. Instead, it was interesting. “Oh, I didn’t expect that you know how to shoot too. Did your hands become itchy after seeing me? Why don’t we play a few rounds while they go to the hospital?”

The cut-throat figure had already touched his head. He bent over and picked up his head, but didn’t fit it on his neck. Instead, he quickly faced Xiao Li and ‘looked’ at him. Xiao Li heard the red-haired young man’s invitation and turned to look in the direction of the little brother. “You should look at him first.”

“How are you?” The red-haired young man had forgotten about his little brother’s situation. He followed Xiao Li and asked as a greeting.

The little brother was holding his arm and turning it back and forth. “It is better. Boss, I think it is a bit weird here. I didn’t do anything just now but I suddenly felt that a huge force hit my arm and knocked it out of its position. It is just like a haunting!”

Xiao Qian hadn’t left yet. He was holding onto his stomach to one side and agreed after hearing it. “Yes yes, me too. It is like something invisible punched me in the stomach!”

The red-haired young man was terrified by their words. He looked around at the empty ground around him. Due to the fog, he couldn’t see the surroundings. This made the familiar buildings in front of him look strange.

The basketball rolled back and landed at the feet of the red-haired young man. The red-haired person didn’t think much of it and called out loudly, “There are still people over there? Hey, who is it?”


As he bent down to pick up the basketball, a force came from behind the red-haired youth and attacked him. It directly threw his entire body to the ground.

“F*k, what is this?!”

The red-haired youth yelled. He rolled across the open space and got up on the other side. He held his back that was hit and looked around. However, nothing could be seen in the clearing apart from the people he was familiar with.

Wen Wenwen suggested, “I can’t see what it is. Let’s leave here first.”

Was it some type of invisible creature?

Xiao Li didn’t move. He stood in the midst of the red-haired youth’s group and watched Wen Wenwen and the others heading into the town.

The cut-throat figure was standing quietly in the distance while his head was regarded as a basketball by the red-haired youth and the others. At this time, no one paid attention to him. He suddenly opened his eyes and rolled himself so he was facing upwards, peeping at them as always.

Before Wen Wenwen could take a few steps, he stood and retreated back to the open space like he saw an enemy. He stared at Xiao Li and Xiao Li turned to look at him.

Wen Wenwen asked, “Why didn’t you ask me why I came back?”

“Why did you ask me why I didn’t ask you why you came back?”

Wen Wenwen, “……”

Sherlock, was this jerk playing tongue twisters with him? He closed his eyes and swallowed down his unspoken criticism. Then he added another sentence, “The moment we go that way, there will be the previous sound of footsteps.”

“They are around there like…” Kesia described in a strange tone. “They want to block us in this clearing.”

Why block the reincarnators here? Was there an invisible creature in the clearing or something special here?

The red-haired youth saw that they wanted to leave and hurriedly asked them, “What’s the matter with you? Why did you come back?”

“We can’t bear to part with you.” Wen Wenwen replied in a bad manner.

The red-haired youth froze for a moment before jumping to the side, distancing himself from Wen Wenwen. “Brother, what are you talking about?”

“Boss, let’s go. Leave them alone.” Among the remaining people, a young man with a mole spoke. He had long eyebrows and mousy eyes as he urged the red-haired youth, “I feel that this place is weird today—”

He failed to finish the sentence because he was hit hard in the ankle. He staggered to the ground with his hands in order to avoid the fate of lying on the ground.

It was just that the palms of his hands weren’t so lucky. He lost a large layer of skin. The pain caused him to straighten and continuously blow into the palm of his hand.

“There was no one behind you! There really is a ghost! Hurry and leave.” The red-haired youth saw what happened to his companion and didn’t care anymore. He pushed to flee back to the town.

The red-haired youth had just run a certain distance. Before he could get close to the path, he felt like he was hit in the back of the head. He used his extremely fast reaction ability to dodge. Then he heard a bang and a basketball-sized pit was smashed into the ground where he had been about to walk next!

“What the hell is this?” The young man with the mole on his face shouted.

He was frightened and his mind was blank. At first, he stepped across the red-haired youth, wanting to take advantage of this to run home. Then something happened to him. The invisible creature stopped him by creating a huge hole in front of the toes of the young man with the mole. He didn’t dare continue heading toward the town. The invisible creature didn’t let him go and attacked directly from the front.

The young man with the mole could only feel a white, transparent shadow heading toward him. His entire body seemed to be immersed in ice water and his movements became slow. There was a harsh noise ringing in his ears.

The impact it brought was very strong. It scared the young man with the mole and he could only run in the opposite direction. He turned around without looking back and ran to the railing!

“No, don’t follow me! Look for the others, the others! They are all standing there! They are better than me!” The young man turned his head and spoke to the invisible creature. He felt an impact hitting his back hell. His ankle twisted and was hurt but he didn’t dare to stop.

The red-haired youth had wanted to step forward to help him but his face turned green when he heard this. “F*k, are you human?”

The young man with the mole passed by Xiao Qian and originally wanted to pull him as a shield. He reached out his hand but the invisible creature was chasing him too tightly and the distance wasn’t enough. He was forced to withdraw his hand.

He ran to the only obstacle in the clearing. He smashed the cardboard box used as a basketball hoop and placed it behind him, hoping that it would block the attack of the invisible creature. However, it was useless. The box was shattered in front of him.

He stared in astonishment. The force had passed through the box and hit his knee directly, making him soar into the air.

It wasn’t fatal but it allowed the reincarnators to notice that he was too close to the railing. The moment he was hit by the invisible creature, he directly hung from the railing. He gripped the railing tightly with both hands.

Perhaps the young man was too scared and lost his head. He chose to climb outside and fell down. In other words, he left the range of the town and fell onto the small road outside.

He broke the restriction!

Wen Wenwen’s eyes widened. He couldn’t care about guarding against the invisible creature anymore as he walked closer.

It wasn’t just the reincarnators. The red-haired youth also had wide eyes. He might be angry at the behaviour of the young man with the mole but he was pale with fright when he saw the other person. “You… you… hurry and go in. We can’t go out…”

This was the ancestral teaching. They were words passed down from their ancestors.

The young man who fell outside the railing lay on the ground and couldn’t recover at first. He only felt a pain in his leg. Then he heard the words of the red-haired youth and tried to walk back into town.

The fog outside the town wasn’t strong so as he was staggering and crawling, everyone saw it. Starting from his head, his skin started to turn black. It was as if a flame was lit inside and he was melting inch by inch.

“No…” He just had time to scream. This was the last sound he made in the world.

He melted in the true sense, from his skin to his bones.

In the blink of an eye, the young man who had been able to run and jump had disappeared. Only a pool of black water remained. It was slightly smoking but after a while, it merged with the dirt on the outside path and traces of its existence disappeared.

Was this the restriction of the rules? Was it the curse of the Atlantis people on the residents of Styland? They couldn’t leave here or they would die. If the reincarnators left the area of the town then they would melt like this young man. But…

Xiao Li thought about the information he got from the Temple of Records. Before he could figure it out, the red-haired youth yelled with shock. “No, no, no, this… is this real?”

He might’ve heard the ancestral teachings but he didn’t really think an accident would happen the moment they left the town. Now the red-haired youth who saw the end of his companion, felt cold.

To make matters worse, the invisible creature was still here.

The moment the young man with the mole fell out of the town, the people present could clearly hear the invisible creature expressing excitement. The sound was extremely harsh like the cry of a creature in the deep sea. However, they could clearly hear the emotions it wanted to express.

At this moment, Wen Wenwen understood the meaning of this invisible creature.

It wanted to follow the example of the young man with the mole and pushed them one by one out of the town, letting the rule kill them! This was why the sound of the footsteps and the cut-throat figure blocked everyone in the open space. It was as if they were watching a battle royale and were the only audience. The next target chosen by the invisible creature was Kesia. It roared loudly and disturbed the fallen leaves on the ground as it rushed over.

Kesia was much more experienced compared to the red-haired youth’s group. She first chose to jump and spin to avoid the attack of the invisible creature. One after another, deep holes appeared in the ground. However, the power and speed of the invisible creature were too high. She could no longer perceive its trajectory. After a leg injury, she took out an item.

It was a cross. She kissed it gently and a halo protected her from the attack.

Wen Wenwen asked the several bigshots around him. “What should we do?”

Wang Huai followed the same rule that he had been following since entering this world: look at Sherlock. Sherlock himself bent his fingers as he thought about possible methods.

The invisible creature was like a chicken thief. It saw that Kesia had used an item and didn’t keep aiming at her. It turned its head and changed targets. It followed Wen Wenwen’s gaze and rushed straight at Xiao Li.

Xiao Li wasn’t good at this type of avoidance game. Before the doll could wrap her hair around the opponent, Shen Chenzhi reached out and half-hugged Xiao Li, avoiding the invisible creature. Xiao Li took this opportunity to pull out the little yellow book and wrote a word on it.

A key fell from the air. It was a yellow, ordinary key. This was the key to the house of the evil spirit. Xiao Li held this key and twisted it in empty air. Then a door directly appeared in front of him. There were traces of fire near the door and some ash had solidified on the door frame. The owner of this house was the evil spirit Xiao Tu.

Xiao Tu had previously refused to respond to his call so Xiao Li had always kept this key as a souvenir. He didn’t intend to force others but now it came in handy. He was going to lock up the invisible creature. What else was there to say? Evil spirits had their own methods.

Xiao Tu wasn’t at home so Xiao Li directly used the key to open the door. The room behind the door was ordinary and unremarkable. Apart from the burn marks, everything resembled an ordinary apartment. There was a marble floor, TV set and sofa. There was even lavender patterned wallpaper on the walls which made it look girly and small paintings to be enjoyed.

The invisible creature wanted to turn its head to continue attacking when Xiao Li opened the door. It didn’t have time to stop and slammed inside.

Bang bang bang bang!

It slammed a hole into the floor of Xiao Tu’s house. The marble shattered and the interior became dented.

The invisible creature fell and looked around vigilantly. It had a bad feeling in its heart. It was just about to rush out when Xiao Li slowly closed the door. He pulled out the key and locked it. The series of actions were completed in one go.

There was a crack as it hit the door panel.

Perhaps there was pain from the bump or it was angry. The furious invisible creature hit the wall behind the door, the TV and the sofa. It crashed and crashed until it finally sat on the sofa that was split apart in the middle, panting.


On the other hand, Xiao Tu who was going to an instance world, “…???”

She sensed an accident at home and hurried back. Then she unexpectedly saw the scene in front of her.

This was… her house? What about her floor? Her couch?

Was a demolition team here?

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