IWBL: Chapter 208

After Wen Wenwen got up, he placed his hand on Bruce’s shoulder for support as he started walking.

He hadn’t taken even two steps when footsteps approached in the fog, drifting near like a ghost. The footsteps had a bit of weight but it wasn’t the weight of ordinary people. It was in the range between ordinary and abnormal. It was unclear if the thing in the fog was a human or a monster.

“Go around the side. We can take the road on the left.” Wen Wenwen retracted his hand and stared firmly in front.

They immediately turned and walked in the direction Wen Wenwen mentioned, but it wasn’t only from the previous direction. The same footsteps came from the side where they wanted to make a detour.

The difference with the other side was that a gust of wind came from nowhere to blow away the thick fog in front of them. A face emerged from it, facing the reincarnators who had stopped.

Jin Handong stared in shock as she realized that the face was very familiar. Just before, she ate and chattered with him and slept in the same small house. It was the dead He Tian. He had appeared in the fog and was gradually approaching the reincarnators.

He Tian’s eyes were open. His protruding eyes were full of dense, white insect silks. These insect silks had burrowed inside. After taking a step, they would fall out of the eye sockets and be trampled on by him.

Judging from the decree of decay of the body, he looked like he had been dead for at least half a month. Yet it was only less than two days since his death.

“Run!” Jin Handong urged while listening to the sound of footsteps coming from all directions.

Since the sounds in the fog were coming from the direction of the town centre, everyone had to run in the opposite direction. They ran for half a minute before Wen Wenwen who in front stopped.

In the clearing ahead of them, the group of young men who had walked out of the store were gathered together. The red-haired boss was smoking his last cigarette. He casually threw the cigarette butt on the ground and crushed it with his feet.

This piece of land was on the edge of Styland. It was barren and was normally an isolated land. People didn’t often pass by here so they chose to play here.

It wasn’t known where the young men had brought the clothes rails and cardboard boxes from but they used tape to erect the clothes rails and fix them on the railings. Then they hollowed out the bottom of the cardboard boxes and stuck them to the top of the railing, making a simple basketball basket.

The railing behind the clothes rail was the railing around the edge of the town, dividing the town from the outside world.

The little brother who held the red-haired boss’ cigarette case had wrapped up the cardboard box and was holding the basketball in his hand. After confirming that the ball wouldn’t get stuck, he turned around and said, “Boss, let’s start. I want to be on your team.”

The red-haired boss said, “Okay, don’t be bothersome. Start quickly. The old man wants me to go back soon.”

The remaining few people shrugged. They automatically divided into two teams. The little brother threw the basketball to the red-haired boss. He took an attack posture as he dribbled the ball. The other team started to defend. They played a few rounds before being interrupted by the footsteps of the reincarnators. The red-haired boss turned around. He couldn’t grasp the ball in his hand and it rolled straight forward to Wen Wenwen’s feet.

The little brother was very good at seeing the meaningful glance. He saw that the fog was too heavy and his boss couldn’t immediately see who was coming. The boss’ face wasn’t very good. Therefore, the little brother immediately stepped forward and walked several metres. He saw it was the group of outsiders from the store and asked loudly, “What are you outsiders doing here? Are you not used to living here and you want to go?”

The red-haired boss raised his eyebrows so high that they were almost flying out of his face. “Hurry and leave. A few batches will come every year. I’m bored to death.”

Wen Wenwen’s feet were itchy and he wanted to kick the basketball in front of him. Then he considered that it would definitely fly out of town based on the direction and decided to bear with it. He wanted to change the direction of their escape but at this time, the footsteps behind the reincarnators disappeared. The fog hadn’t dissipated.

Kesia stood up. She tucked her hair that was sweaty from running behind her ears and her eyes were like waves of water. “You said that many batches of outsiders come every year. Do you know what happened to them?”

The red-haired young man sneered. “They aren’t my parents. Am I in charge of them? You too, you should leave and don’t delay my playtime.”

Kesia, “……”

This bast**d needed a spanking. Kesia couldn’t do anything when encountering someone so difficult to talk to. If this was reality, she would’ve gone up to educate him a long time ago. She could teach him a lesson now but this was an instance world. She could bear it and she chose the same approach as Wen Wenwen.

Bruce whispered in her ear, “Now the sounds chasing us are gone. Should we go back and see?”

“We need to make sure. Did the monster in the fog disappear or is it because we arrived here?” Wen Wenwen spoke without hesitation.

They were about to turn in a different direction to try again when a young man in a cap suddenly screamed from the clearing.


He was standing behind the red-haired boss and startled him. “Xiao Qian, what’s the matter?”

Just as the red-haired boss turned his head, the basketball that was originally against Wen Wenwen’s feet rolled automatically and reached the red-haired boss’ feet despite there being no wind.

Something touched his feet. The red-haired boss lowered his head and saw that it was a basketball. He reached out and picked it up. He thought Wen Wenwen had kicked it and rudely said, “You still know how to be tactful.”

The red-haired boss wasn’t looking at the reincarnators so he didn’t see the shocked look on their faces. It was because, in the eyes of the reincarnators, the basketball had changed from an ordinary orange basketball to a human head, once it was picked up by the red-haired boss.

This head was wearing a triangular headscarf and had a mottled cut on his neck. There were obvious cuts on his neck. This was… the cut-throat figure’s head!

Everyone immediately turned and saw a figure behind them. Compared with the first time they met, the cut-throat figure was covered in cuts and bruises. His entire body was covered with cut wounds but his neck was the most severely injured. His head was missing. The cut-throat figure was facing the red-haired boss as if ‘looking’ at his head.

The young man called ‘Xiao Qian’ bent over and hugged his belly. He said with a painful expression, “Just now… something seemed to hit me. It was painful.”

The red-haired boy laughed. “Your stomach was hit? Are you afraid that you got your period?”

Xiao Qian clutched his stomach and lifted up his clothes. He found a large bruise on his stomach. “This… what’s going on? This wasn’t here before.”

The red-haired boss frowned. “You probably fell or hit a corner of the table when you went out. It’s really disappointing. Go back and apply some medicine. The rest of us will continue.”

He didn’t put the reincarnators in his eyes at all. He held the basketball and made a jumping posture toward the basket. “Come on, it’s a bit late. Whoever gets the first goal will win.”

“Wait—” Wen Wenwen’s words hadn’t finished when there was movement again.

The red-haired boss hadn’t let go of the basketball yet when the faithful little brother standing next to him cried out loudly. He clutched his left arm and rolled on the ground in pain. “It hurts, Boss, it hurts. Someone hit my arm!”

“What a mess! Get up! Are you scamming me by setting up an accident?” The red-haired boss kicked him.

The obedient little body was unable to endure it this time and curled up in a shrimp-like shape. “It hurts. Boss, it hurts!”

Xiao Li was standing in the back. This time, he walked over, pulled the red-haired boss away and crouched down to fiddle with the arm. “It is dislocated.”

The little brother exclaimed, “Hiss. Brother, do it lighter. You’re hurting me!”

The red-haired boss felt his back become cold. “No, why is it suddenly dislocated? I haven’t done my invincible dunk shot yet.”

Wen Wenwen and the others also followed. He stared at the head in the red-haired boss’ hand and said, “I don’t see anything…”

They had been observing the head but the head had his eyes closed and didn’t attack the little brother or the red-haired young man. Could there be a ghost in this clearing?

Xiao Li didn’t make a sound.

The little brother looked at Xiao Li eagerly. “Can you put it back?”


The little brother, “……”

He hadn’t spoken when Jin Handong came over. “I can do it. Bear with it.”

She grabbed the little brother’s arm hard and pulled. There was the sound of bone returning to its place. The little brother screamed loudly but his arm recovered from the dislocated state.

“Thank you, thank you.” He tried to move his arm.

Xiao Li wanted to take the head from the red-haired boss but this person didn’t let go and glared at him. “What is it?”

Xiao Li mused for a moment. “Thanks for healing him?”

The red-haired boss was confused. “…No, this wasn’t healed by you?”

“Okay.” Xiao Li asked Jin Handong, “Can I ask for this?”

Jin Handong answered in a slightly confused manner. “…Okay. Sherlock, you can do it.”

Xiao Li looked back at the red-haired boss and gestured. This actually wasn’t a valuable thing and the little brother was a good friend of the red-haired boss for many years. He reluctantly let to and let this boy take the basketball.

The red-haired boss originally wanted to say something like he would sign the basketball to make it more valuable. Then the next second, Xiao Li held the basketball with his fingertip. He swung his other hand out to make the basketball rotate against his fingertip.

The moment the basketball rotated at the fastest speed, he threw it up with his finger and threw it out with his palm. This was a common dunking posture. The premise was that he threw a real basketball.

In the eyes of the reincarnators, the head of the cut-throat person was spinning rapidly in the air and then thrown at the figure who had lost his head. If they looked closely enough, they would find that the human head’s eyes were white due to the spinning.

The body hurriedly reached out to pick up his head. It wasn’t known if Xiao Li’s shooting skills were poor or if the cut-throat figure couldn’t see the road without a head. In short, this head crashed into the middle of the road. Instead of reaching the other person, it turned twice in the middle and rolled outwards.

The cut-throat figure bent down to look for his head.

The others, “……”

Only the red-haired boss was confused. “Why are you throwing the ball over there?”

Proofreader: Tofu

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