IWBL: Chapter 204

The ‘run away!!!’ in the mirror of Ouroboros shone with an extremely eye-catching light. It entered the eyes of the rest of the people.

Xiao Li made a puzzled expression. “???”

Wasn’t he just making a peaceful transaction with the other person? Why should she run away?!

The fortuneteller who thought that she would see a shocking prophecy, “……”

The corners of her red lips were twitching. Run away? Ouroboros’ mirror was an artifact that all fortunetellers dreamed of. Now it didn’t even show a prophecy and was blatantly reminding her to run away?

The fortuneteller looked at Xiao Li again and felt that this person had become mysterious and unpredictable. Even the old man became a kind elder being caught by an evil human, risking great danger to warn her. Prophecy was the direction of divination. To some extent, they were from the same source. She might’ve never met the old man but at this moment, the fortuneteller chose to believe in him.

She swiftly put the crystal ball that was in front of her into her pocket and used an agility that wasn’t compatible with her old body to smash the edge of the chair blocking her and started fleeing outside.

However, before she could even step through the threshold, the hair that had been hovering on the ground for a long time from Xiao Li’s pocket moved. The doll was prepared in advance. The dark hair took advantage of the fortuneteller’s attention on the coffin and mirror to quietly sneak around in the darkness. Now, it directly wrapped around the fortuneteller’s ankle and made her fall.

“Ouch, ouch—!”

The fortuneteller felt that the bones in her body were being torn apart. Fortunately, she protected her face in time when she fell. She didn’t receive any damage to the face but her shoulders were miserable. She gritted her teeth and barely got up from the ground.

The escape failed. The fortuneteller ignored the pain of her body and looked back at Xiao Li in a panic.

Xiao Li told her, “…I don’t know why you would want to run away but running away is considered a default failure.”

The fortuneteller gave up and sat back on the chair. The rattan chair was usually comfortable but now, she felt that it wasn’t soft enough. She muttered in a hoarse voice, “You still need clues?”

The other person could use the mirror of prophecy yet he needed her to give clues? Xiao Li knew what she was thinking when she saw the coffin ghost and simply said, “There are limits.”

The sentence he engraved on it only formed a small connection between him and Ouroboros’ coffin. It wasn’t enough to break through the restrictions of the instance rules to predict these important clues. The instance clues could only be obtained from this world.

The fortuneteller was nervous and she didn’t intend to renege on the deal. She took out her crystal ball. The crystal ball could be considered to be of good quality. Despite the fall, there were no broken places. It was still round and shiny. The fortuneteller caressed the crystal ball with both hands. Her eyes became ethereal and entered the psychic realm.

“When the first ray of light dissipated the darkness, the sphinx’ crown fell to the ground. The shadows were dispersed to the Promised Land, which are the coordinates to the Temple of Records.”

Her somewhat ethereal voice echoed around the room. Xiao Li noted down these words and the doll retracted her hair, laying back down in his pocket. The fortuneteller saw this, took back her hand and asked in a somewhat nervous manner, “Can I go?”

Xiao Li nodded. She grabbed the crystal ball without looking back and ran out in a hurry.  Only Xiao Li’s coffin ghost was left with mixed feelings in his heart. In addition to feeling a bit comforted that the younger generation had escaped, there was more grief.

Why was Sherlock so rude to him while Sherlock just made a deal with this younger generation? He couldn’t think of the difference in treatment and didn’t intend to ask Xiao Li. He lay down in the coffin and planned to go back. Before the coffin lid closed, Xiao Li held it with one hand and his black eyes stared at the coffin ghost with a rare hesitation.

The horrified coffin ghost, “???”

He tightly held his mirror.

Xiao Li seemed to be caught up in a complicated mood. He asked softly, “Can you see eternity in the mirror of prophecy?”

The coffin ghost didn’t understand the question. He held the mirror and looked at the other person.

Xiao Li wondered, “Can you see…”

Then he paused and pressed a hand against his forehead. He laughed like he had said something ridiculous.

“It’s fine. You can go back.”

The coffin ghost cocked his head in suspicion before closing the coffin lid. Then he disappeared from the room.

Xiao Li was left standing alone in the room. He didn’t believe in prophecies but just now, he had an urge to use the mirror of Ouroboros to see eternity. If there was Shen Chenzhi then…

Well, forget it. There were no ifs.


The power of the fortuneteller was lost and the wall at the end of the street disappeared. It returned to its original appearance.

The clue she left referred to the time when the sun rose. The time had already passed and he could only wait for tomorrow. Therefore, Xiao Li wasn’t in a hurry and continued moving around the town.

However, apart from the time, what did the sphinx crown refer to? Xiao Li’s first thought was the temple in his dreams but that belonged to the sea, belonged to the dream.

He stood for a moment on the road. Then he turned and headed to the other side.


It was approaching afternoon when Xiao Li returned to the small house. The reincarnators inside had rented a house that was a quarter of an hour away and told Xu Jiaheng. Of course, they made up an excuse for it.

However, Xu Jiaheng had already developed a sense of distrust towards them and insisted on living at his deskmate’s house. Wen Wenwen tried to persuade him several times but it was useless. After several discussions, they had to agree. Therefore, by the time Xiao Li had returned, Xu Jiaheng was no longer in the house.

Shen Chenzhi leaned against the door frame. “You’re back?”


For some reason, he felt that such conversations were happening more often. It was like one half of a couple waiting for the other person to return home. He even became a bit accustomed to such an existence.

The others were around the table and Wen Wenwen waved when he saw Xiao Li. “Sherlock, come and take a look at this.”

Xiao Li walked over and found that it was a short video clip.

“Old Wang gave it.” Wen Wenwen explained. “It was from an item left behind by He Tian. Look at this.”

The video was showing the living room in the early hours of the morning. He clicked to play and the scene started to change.

…Although there were no movements in the first dozens of seconds.

In the video, Xu Jiaheng was lying on the sofa. He didn’t move for dozens of seconds. Only his chest moved up and down slightly. Then he turned over and the quilt fell to the ground.

After an unknown period of time, he suddenly frowned, clutched his stomach and stood up. It seemed that his stomach was hurting and he was going to the toilet. However, he was heading upstairs to the second floor instead of the toilet on the first floor.

He disappeared around the corner and the scene in the living room fell still again. Two minutes later, Xu Jiaheng came downstairs while rubbing his stomach. He fell back on the sofa and fell asleep again without picking up the quilt.

The recording stopped here.

Jin Handong said, “He Tian’s death time can’t be confirmed but we all think it has something to do with Xu Jiaheng.”

She added in one breath, “There is obviously a toilet on the first floor but he had to go to the second floor. Secondly, he is the only one who went upstairs. The time when he met the cut-throat figure was also very strange.”

Xiao Li stared at the screen. He reached out a hand and rewound it to watch again. Then he pointed at Xu Jiaheng’s face. “Could it be… sleepwalking?”

“Sleepwalking?” Kesia asked, “Why sleepwalking?”

“It simply feels like it. Did you dream of anything last night?”

Jin Handong replied, “Yes, I dreamed of the scene when we were in the movie theatre that day but we were engulfed in fire.”

Wen Wenwen said, “No, I slept heavily.”

“I dreamed of the cut-throat figure. He was very close to me and watching me. He moved his palms and gestured to me to cut my throat.” Kesia explained, “However, I think that is because he left too deep of an impression on me. I thought about him during the day and dreamed about him at night.


Everyone dreamed of different things. Xiao Li listened to all of them seriously and then told them his dream. Then Wen Wenwen asked, “What is the progress on your side? What did Mother Xu say?”

He rubbed his hands as he looked forward to Sherlock, whom the forum said would always have new discoveries. Xiao Li thought for a moment. “She admitted to her strangeness. She said that Xu Jiaheng broke the rule and she should watch him. In addition, she is watching us.”

Wen Wenwen was surprised. “She admitted it?!”

It was a development he hadn’t expected. He thought that Mother Xu would never admit it to outsiders.


“Then what?”

Xiao Li said, “She doesn’t seem to be very good at expressing herself. I laughed at her vocabulary and the director’s script.”

Wen Wenwen, “???”

Didn’t normal people quickly slip away after asking something? In addition… ghosts didn’t need professional expertise, did they? Did Sherlock want a ghost to go to the director’s department or Chinese department?! The ghosts would cry! They would cry at the pile of homework at the end of the term!

Xiao Li told him, “Later, I wandered around and found a fortunetelling store. I was invited to be a guest. I made a deal with her and got a clue. I will verify it tomorrow.”

Wen Wenwen knew he would regret it but he couldn’t help wanting to know the specific transaction details…

Xiao Li didn’t intend to say it at first. Then Wen Wenwen kept asking and he said it. Then he received the other person’s complicated gaze.

Wen Wenwen glanced to the people to the left and right before lowering his voice. He whispered in Xiao Li’s ear, “I will exchange information for information. During the time when you were away, we watched the entire video. In order to not miss out on anything, we watched it very seriously.”

Xiao Li wasn’t clear on what this person was saying. “So?”

Wen Wenwen looked at him with eyes full of gossip. “So we saw that you went upstairs in the middle of the night. Combined with the knocking on the door, I know that you went to see Old Wang. It is a night meeting with Old Wang.”

Xiao Li, “…”

He just went to ask Wang Huai a question. Why was such a pure matter mentioned by Wen Wenwen and with a strange meaning?

“Moreover, after you stayed for a while, you covered Xu Jiaheng with a quilt and then you were pulled into Shen Chenzhi’s room. You only came out after some time. After you came out, you covered the back of your neck while your hair and clothes were messy. It is really worthy of being a palace drama.”

“We guessed what you were doing in the room for a while and guessed everything.”

He was temporarily freed from fear and there was a bright smile on his face as he sighed. “Your circle is really messy.”

Xiao Li, “…….”

F*k your messy!

Proofreader: Tofu

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