IWBL: Chapter 201

Xu Jiaheng could hear that there weren’t any changes in his mother’s voice when she said this. She still sounded like the mother who scolded him when he didn’t study well but she still said such terrible things.

The eyes hiding in the closet suddenly appeared in his mind. They were like a ghost watching in the darkness.

Xu Jiaheng couldn’t control his hands and he madly starting hitting the screen. After the ‘hung up’ sound came from the handset, he threw his phone on the table and turned his head. He stared left and right at the window sills, door cracks and other places.

The windows and doors in the room were closed tightly. There were no gaps. Based on facts, ordinary humans couldn’t see where Xu Jiaheng is. However, if it was changed to a ghost then there were too many places for a ghost to hide.

In the flower bed, outside the window, the corner of the stairs, inside the house, the bottom of the bed and even the gap between the TV cabinet…

There might be a ghost.

“She said she was always looking at me. Did you hear it? How did my mother become like this? She wasn’t like this before.” Xu Jiaheng was like a frightened bird as he looked everywhere for his mother’s eyes. “I lied to her that I was going out to study. In fact, I would go to play games. She would always talk about it for a long time. Sometimes, she would invite my classmates to dinner and thank them. The next day, she would always give me more pocket money. How could this happen?”

As he was talking, he wanted to grab Xiao Li’s hand but was avoided. Instead, he grabbed Wen Wenwen’s shoulder.

Wen Wenwen calmly contributed his arm. “Think about it carefully. Were there any signs?”

“No… I told you everything I know.” Xu Jiaheng honestly answered the reincarnators’ questions.

Wen Wenwen felt that things were really complicated and he couldn’t figure it out. Kesia and the others worked together to thoroughly clean up the entire house, blocking all gaps such as the door cracks with cloth strips. It might not be very useful but it was better than nothing.

Xiao Li drank his coffee and placed it in the sink.


Night came. Xu Jiaheng actually wanted to sleep with Wen Wenwen and the others but he was cleverly rejected. In the end, he was left alone on the sofa with a blanket. Out of fear, he didn’t turn off the lights. The lights in the living room made it as bright as day and darkness couldn’t hide.

He didn’t dare to look at his phone or other places. Therefore, he placed a hand on his forehead and tried his best to sleep. Ot was just that sometimes the more the human body wanted to do it, the less it was possible. On the contrary, Xu Jiaheng’s mind became more clear-headed. He tossed around on the sofa and finally hid under the blanket.

Meanwhile, at the TV cabinet in front of the sofa, a pinhole-like camera was slowly working, recording everything that happened in the living room.

He Tian was in a bedroom on the second floor. He locked the door behind him and picked up his task page. On a special page in the middle, the image captured by the camera was become broadcasted simultaneously.

This was a precious item obtained by He Tian in a video instance. It could only be used once in each world. The name was ‘Killer’s Camera.’ Once placed in a place, it could shoot forever and it would block the perception of ordinary people.

The item he owned was the reason why He Tian supported bringing Xu Jiaheng with them.

It was late at night and the blanket in the living room hadn’t moved for a long time like Xu Jiaheng was asleep. Unknowingly, He Tian’s fingers loosened and the task book fell to the ground. His head tilted as he fell asleep.

It wasn’t only him. On the first floor, Xiao Li lay on the bed and looked drowsy.

He took off his cloak and wore the pyjamas that were in the house. He didn’t know who they belonged to but they were much larger than Xiao Li. They hung loosely on his body, exposing a smooth chest, muscles, skin and the collarbone.

Xiao Li wanted to sleep but the effect of the coffee made it so he couldn’t sleep. He didn’t fight the coffee in his body. After lying down for a while and discovering he couldn’t sleep, he simply got up and left the room.

Xiao Li opened the door and could instantly see the living room. A silkworm-like object protruded from the sofa. He observed for a while and found that Xu Jiaheng’s breathing was fluctuating. This person should be asleep. Then Xiao Li turned his head to the second floor.

The moment his figure disappeared on the stairs, the door next to his room opened. There were no lights on in this room. Xiao Li came to the second floor, stopped at the door of the innermost room and knocked on it.

Knock, knock, knock. The knock on the door echoed in the corridor of the second floor.

Some of the residents on the second floor were asleep and some were awake. The reincarnators who hadn’t fallen asleep were just a bit sleepy when they were shocked by the sound. Jin Handong lived next door to this room. She got up from the bed and pressed her ears against the wall, trying to hear the movements outside the door.

At first, no one responded.

Xiao Li knocked three more times. “Are you asleep?”

Then footsteps were heard from inside the room and someone opened the door from inside. Wang Huai leaned against the door frame, looking as if he didn’t get enough sleep. Even at this time, his hair was still standing upright.

Wang Huai raised his eyebrow with surprise when he saw that it was Xiao Li. “Are you here to find me?”

“I can’t sleep. I came here to find you to have fun.”

His phrase ‘I came here to find you to have fun’ could be equated to ‘have fun with you.’

Wang Huai, “……”

He bent his arm and pressed a hand against the back of his neck. Then he turned his head away. It wasn’t certain if he looked distressed or happy. “What a coincidence. I can’t sleep as well. Please come in.”

The man gave way. Xiao Li’s gaze crossed past him but he didn’t go in. Instead, he lowered his voice to a volume that the person next door couldn’t hear. “No, I just want to ask you a question.’

“You can ask but I won’t necessarily answer.”

Xiao Li wondered, “What do you want to do when you came to this instance world?”

There were some doubts in his tone.

“Or should I ask, why do you want to see me?”

Xiao Li had stayed up all night when he first came to this instance and had the idea of letting Wang Huai carry the flag. He didn’t expect this guy to be more thorough than him. Wang Huai threw the flag back and added a ton of rocks while hiding.

Wang Huai replied, “Perhaps I want to taste the feeling of being a bigshot’s [tn content=”leg pendant”]based on the saying of hugging a person’s thigh[/tn]?”

Xiao Li, “?”

“Well, it isn’t something that needs to be kept a secret. In fact, I was entrusted by Nyx. I just wanted to see what type of human is valued by the god of lies.” Wang Huai looked at Xiao Li with a smile on his face. “And… if you want, I can find you in reality.”

Nyx? If it was related to Pseudo-Logoi then it was obviously the goddess of the night. The name…

Wang Huai was a believer of Nyx? A spokesperson?

Before Xiao Li could finish his thoughts, Wang Huan smiled again. “It is about what is happening in reality.”


Xiao Li stood at Wang Huai’s door for 10 minutes before walking down the stairs.

Xu Jiaheng on the sofa was still asleep. Xiao Li only glanced at him briefly. He found that not only was this child asleep, he had also turned over and had almost fallen off the sofa. The quilt on his body was also messed up.

Xiao Li walked over slowly, poured himself a glass of water and casually covered up the little boy. Then he prepared to return to his room to continue to try and sleep. Just as he passed the room next door, a hand reached out from the ajar door, pulled him in and pushed him toward the door.

Xiao Li remembered that this room belonged to Shen Chenzhi. At this time, the man was in front of him and the height that was one head taller than him gave him great pressure.

In the room filled with endless darkness, Shen Chenzhi was like some type of beast hunting in the night. His lips that were always curved in a smile when he saw Xiao Li were now in a straight line with no arc. Shen Chenzhi’s voice was cold and sounded like he was suppressing something. “You can’t sleep. Why go to him instead of me?”

Xiao Li’s posture at this time was a bit awkward. He was facing the door and his back was to Shen Chenzhi. The other person was pressed against him and Shen Chenzhi’s breath was touching his neck.

Xiao Li tilted his head uncomfortably. “…I wanted to ask him something.”

Shen Chenzhi was still unhappy. He pressed the tip of his nose to the back of the neck in front of him and carefully took a bite.

“I’m still jealous.” Shen Chenzhi’s teeth held this piece of flesh and he refused to let go. He wanted to eat the person in front of him but he was reluctant to use force. He could only hold it as a compromise. “I don’t like you going to find someone else. You can find me. I will… accompany you.”

“I will accompany you wherever you want” Shen Chenzhi said. His night vision ability allowed him to see this person’s expression even without light. He stared at the other person’s side profile. “I want to be with you.”

In the past, the future and eternity.

His movements made Xiao Li a bit itchy and there was some imperceptible pain. He kept trying to avoid it but Shen Chenzhi seemed really angry and refused to let go. He left a tooth mark on his piece of skin.

Even in the dim moonlight, he could see that there were some traces on the bright, jade skin.

There was an unspeakable sense of satisfaction in Shen Chenzhi’s heart. Before Xiao Li really became angry, he let go. Finally, he dropped a kiss on that area and let the other person turn around.


It was getting late. The time was in the early hours of the morning.

At some point in his sleep, He Tian didn’t know what happened. He just felt a loud noise coming from outside the house like an earthquake. It completely awakened her nerves. He was startled and his body shot up. Then once he listened again, he found that the outside world was quiet and no sound was heard.

Just now… was he dreaming? Was it an illusion?

He Tian wiped the sweat on his forehead and didn’t relax at all. He took out his life-saving item and held it in his hand. It was only then that he felt at ease. He was just pulling the thin quilt covering his body up and was about to lie down when he caught a pair of eyes under the quilt.

It was like the eyes behind the ticket vending machine in the movie theatre. It stared at him intently.

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