IWBL: Chapter 199

Fu Zige and the monster in front of him both retreated at the same time. The monster scratched its injured ears with its short legs but it couldn’t stop the pain. It had lost all desire to eat. The monster on the ground fled in the opposite direction.

Fu Zige ran back frantically while screaming, “Help ahhhhh—”

He bumped into the corner wall in a hurry and tumbled back down to the ground. Before Xiao Li could unblock his ears and pick up the microphone, a strand of black hair stretched out from his pocket. It acted like the dexterous finger of a human and turned off the microphone. The noise stopped abruptly and quiet was finally returned to the world.

Xiao Li picked up Fu Zige. The microphone lay in his palm and the switch automatically turned on again as he said angrily, “I was scared to death.”

Fu Zige had just screamed and his voice was hoarser than before. Xiao Li had originally wanted to put it away directly but once he saw Fu Zige looking like this, he had to try and comfort him. “Good job.”

The microphone turned around in Xiao Li’s hand and pointed the microphone at Xiao Li.

…Was this telling him to praise him more?

Xiao Li thought for a while and couldn’t think of anything to say to praise him. Xiao Li raised the microphone, looked to his left and right and chose Wen Wenwen out of Wen Wenwen and Shen Chenzhi. The main reason was that this person seemed more capable of exaggerating praises than his classmate.

However, it wasn’t certain if Shen Chenzhi understood his intentions. He saw Xiao Li directly ignoring himself and his face was blank. His eyes narrowed as he watched the scene before him.

Wen Wenwen initially stared at the microphone being raised to his mouth in confusion. Then he somehow spoke from his heart. “You really helped us a lot…”

Xiao Li opposite of him mouthed silently: [He is a singer.]

“Your screams just now were very loud and pleasant. The breathing and voice were great.”

He had almost gone deaf at such a distance, let alone the ghost with extraordinary hearing. Fu Zige rolled happily and automatically floated in front of Bruce.

Xiao Li, “……”

Was this going to interview them one by one?

Bruce had Wen Wenwen’s demonstration and quickly reacted. “…Great?”

The microphone received words of praise and shook his body. He returned to the little yellow book in a satisfied manner.

“Let’s go.” Xiao Li adjusted his clothes.

After the monster had retreated, the movie theatre seemed to return to normal again. There were noisy human voices far away in the direction of the previous screening hall. The reincarnators walked quickly to the entrance. They wanted to leave this weird movie theatre first.

As he passed the corridor, Xiao Li slowed down and browsed the movie posters hanging in the corridor. Most of the advertising spaces were vacant and very few movie posters were being hung up. There were four in total and only one was being shown in a day. They were released on different days.

‘Peeping’ was the movie they had just watched and the poster was of someone looking from a distance. ‘Insomnia’ had a poster with a person lying on his side in bed with eyes open and covered in red blood. ‘Night of Fear’ showed a group of people rushing to escape from a house, their expressions full of panic. For the last movie called ‘Death’, the poster was completely black. It only contained the title written in big letters.

Xiao Li’s expression changed.

Shen Chenzhi asked from next to him, “Which one do you want to see?”

Xiao Li stopped in front of the last movie and hesitated. “I’m a bit interested in this movie but I don’t know if it will also be a bad movie.”

Wen Wenwen who had deliberately slowed down to wait for the bigshots, “……”

The word ‘also’ was very subtle.

Shen Chenzhi replied, “You will know if it is a bad movie after seeing it.”

Xiao Li heard a bit of invitation from the tone. He looked up and found that the young man’s always calm eyes were reflecting the light from above his head. It was like a small halo.

“You want to see it?” Xiao Li asked back.

Shen Chenzhi didn’t immediately respond. He naturally didn’t like watching this type of movie. He just liked the small and dark environment of the movie theatre where he could sit next to the person he liked.

During the time when the other person was concentrating on the big screen, he could openly watch this person. This gave him a sense of satisfaction. At such times, he wouldn’t exclude others for once because the noise they made reflected the intimacy between Shen Chenzhi and Xiao Li. In other words, the small pieces of contact that made Shen Chenzhi restrain the desire for destruction in his bones.

Shen Chenzhi was silent for a moment. Once he spoke again, his speech was slower than usual. “The movies here aren’t good. Next time… we can watch it in reality.”

“Okay.” Xiao Li retracted his gaze and went straight past the poster on the wall. “There is a big production that will be released soon. I have been looking forward to it since a year ago.”

Shen Chenzhi lowered his head while his lips twitched. His voice was filled with some laughter. “…Yes, I’ll look for you when it is released.”

Xiao Li responded casually before speeding up his pace and catching up with the others in front of him.

“We will reach the door soon. Why don’t we look for Xu Jiaheng?” This was Jin Handong’s suggestion. Perhaps it was her usual style of action but she was used to making the most of the introductory CG. “The plot character is still very useful.”

Wen Wenwen shook his head. “Go out first. The monster has been following us since it appeared. Xu Jiaheng should be fine. Maybe he has already gone out.”

“It is also possible that he has been killed by the monster first.” Bruce speculated in a bad direction. “However, this movie theatre is weird. I also think we should go out first.”

Now there were two votes and Jin Handong didn’t insist. “Okay.”

They went out of the ticket gate and were flanked by counters and stores selling popcorn, coke and other foods. They just needed to walk along the carpet and they would reach the front door. Then Xiao Li, who had already caught up with Wen Wenwen, suddenly stopped.

“What’s wrong?” Wen Wenwen turned his head and asked. He thought that Sherlock wanted to eat again. “We’ll go out for dinner later.”

However, Xiao Li didn’t go to the counter. He instead turned his head toward the automatic ticket machine.

This was a machine often found in movie theatres in reality. It had coin slots, ticket outlets and optional screens. There was a large billboard to the side of the screen with the slogan of this movie theatre written on it.

There was nothing special?

“What did you see?” Wen Wenwen questioned again only to be pulled back by Kesia. He followed her gestures and saw a pair of eyes.

These eyes were hidden in the hollowed-out part of the billboard. They looked like the black writing printed on the billboard. The hiding position was too clever which was why Wen Wenwen hadn’t noticed them at first. If the owner of these eyes hadn’t blinked then perhaps even Xiao Li would’ve ignored it.

Xiao Li bent down and approached the automatic ticket vending machine bit by bit. He wanted to walk over and look directly behind the billboard when there was the sound of footsteps behind the machine. Then the eyes disappeared.

Wen Wenwen ran very quickly. He rushed to the back and found that it wasn’t a wall but a staff only corridor. The door was unlocked. He opened the door and looked inside. It was quiet. Someone was already watching them when they had just come out of the movie theatre?

The original ease of being at the exit disappeared and the reincarnators frowned. This secret peeping was like a big rock pressing down on their hearts.

“Who was it? Did you notice?” Wen Wenwen wondered. “Sherlock, what about you? Do you suspect anyone?”

Xiao Li was merciless in his reply. “There were just two eyeballs. Unless they are red, orange, yellow or green, who can tell the identity through the eyeballs?”

Wen Wenwen, “……”

“Based on what I observed, the eyeballs just now had black irises.”

Wen Wenwen covered his face.

Kesia looked at the surveillance video above. “Would you like to ask the security guard here for the surveillance?”

“The staff here are also very strange. I don’t know if they are human…” Wen Wenwen was hesitant. “Moreover, the person who peeped at us came from the employee corridor. It would be bad if we acted like sheep heading into a tiger’s mouth. We should act on the safe side.”

Kesia suggested, “That’s right… let’s go out first.”

Xiao Li didn’t speak. He took one final look at the automatic ticket machine before following the group out of the cinema. At this time, the sun was brighter than the early morning. The temperature rose and the looming fog was almost invisible. This was the time in the town with the highest visibility.

They finally left the movie theatre behind them. The reincarnators might be anxious about breaking the rules but they couldn’t help feeling some joy.

Wen Wenwen’s emotions continued until he saw a familiar figure. The back belonged to a little boy. He was sitting on the steps in front of the cinema and hugging his knees, as if waiting for someone.

Wen Wenwen called out, “Xu Jiaheng?”

The little boy was shocked. He turned his head and his cheeks became red. He jumped over and almost fell. “Y-You aren’t dead! Great!”

Kesia looked him up and down and found that the boy hadn’t received any injuries. She asked, “How did you come out?”

Xu Jiaheng bit his lip. “I…I ran out. At the beginning, I thought I was in hell. A dark path suddenly appeared and there were strange noises. I was frightened and stayed where I was. I didn’t move and the sound disappeared after a few minutes. Then I was back in the movie theatre and I ran out…”

Kesia looked back and exchanged looks with her teammates. Perhaps the sound they made attracted the monster so that Xu Jiaheng was safe.

Xu Jiaheng suddenly lost control again. He pointed to the intersection in front of him. “You also violated the rule right? Then can you now… see him?”

The group looked in the direction he was pointing and saw a figure standing over there. They were familiar with this figure. They had seen him in the building behind them. The face of the figure wearing the triangular headscarf was already covered in bloody wounds. Then he did something he had never done before and raised a hand to the reincarnators. A deep wound that showed his bones appeared on his hand but this didn’t stop his movement. He raised his hand to his throat and made a ‘cutting throat’ gesture.

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