IWBL: Chapter 198

Since they couldn’t escape, they could only choose to face it. The reincarnators stood in place with tense bodies. No one ran away in an out of control manner. Everyone stared at the dark path in front of them.

A golden pyramid appeared in Wen Wenwen’s hand. The moment it appeared, there was a golden circulation that resembled the pyramid of Khufu shrunken down several times.

Xiao Li couldn’t help taking a second look and was discovered by Wen Wenwen. Wen Wenwen didn’t dare to make a sound and mouthed at Xiao Li: [I’m taking this out first just to be on the safe side.]

After all, if the ghost had appeared then, it could pick on the weakest one first before he even had time to take out his item. It was like dying before graduating and doing all that studying for nothing. It was unknown if the protective item in the shape of a pyramid had played a role but the friction sound that was getting closer stopped midway.

However, the path in front of them was still dark. Their vision couldn’t see past half a metre of the intersection. Standing still, they couldn’t see what was ahead. Just as everyone was silent, the road started to spread forward like a type of swamp. It swallowed the area where everyone was in an instant. Then after spreading, it disappeared directly.

The path in front of them changed back to the path leading to the other screening halls. The incandescent lights above their heads illuminated the corridor ahead. Everything looked normal.

“No, what’s going on?” Wen Wenwen was stunned and stared at the others with an expression like he had ‘thunder and heavy rain’ on his face. “I just used a life-saving item. Nothing happened, yet it disappeared?”

He had just spoken when the sound was heard again. This time, the friction sound became closer. It was like something was swaying on the ground and being dragged forward continuously. The place where the sound was made, was previously in the dark path. Now it seemed to be in a place not far from the reincarnators. It sounded like it was a few rooms away.

Kesia frowned. she tried her best to distinguish the direction of the sound. She thought for a while before analyzing it. “It seems that it hasn’t disappeared. That ‘thing’ was placed in the movie theatre instead.”

The source of the sound was getting closer. They hadn’t seen it yet but everyone was sure that it was a living creature and it was coming out of the room. It was because everyone could hear the door opening and closing.

“Run!” Wen Wenwen shouted as he heard the sound getting closer. He was the first to run in the opposite direction of the sound. The others didn’t hesitate and immediately followed him.

The movie theatre was very large with 20 screening halls inside. It was divided into the upper and lower floors and they were now on the lower floor.

Previously, the reincarnators had tried to run out the door but they were obstructed by the dark path and could only go back. At this moment, the obstacle was gone. They should be able to escape as long as they run out of the movie theatre before this thing could catch up with them.

However, no matter where the reincarnators ran, the friction sound behind them was always the same. In fact, based on the sound, it was actually getting closer to them.

Wen Wenwen didn’t dare to slow down but at the same time, he was being distracted listening. He found that if they continued at this speed, they would definitely be caught by the other party before they left the cinema.

During the run, Bruce also discovered this and whispered, “Why is this thing coming for us? We might’ve broken the rule but according to the instance rules, we should first follow what Xu Jiaheng has experienced…”

Wen Wenwen had often worked out so his breathing was steady as he ran. “You’re right. This thing should be aimed at the plot character but it is going for us—”

He suddenly stopped here. Wen Wenwen didn’t take the initiative to stop running. He was stopped by Xiao Li. Xiao Li didn’t have good physical fitness. He gasped several times before saying, “Wait.”

As he spoke, the friction sound got louder. In addition to the sound made when it came into contact with the smooth marble floor, there was a faint sound of a thin object hitting the ground.

Wen Wenwen was a bit anxious. “Comrade Sherlock, let’s go out before speaking—”

“Don’t talk.” Xiao Li reduced his gasps. “Shut him.”

Wen Wenwen obeyed immediately. He swallowed down the rest of his words and the entire corridor was quiet for a while. Even his breathing sound was barely audible. As everyone looked anxiously or uneasily, the friction sound suddenly stopped, leaving only the noise of the thin object hitting the ground.

Wen Wenwen posed in a running posture and mouthed a question. […Sound?]

[It is a guess.] Xiao Li cocked his head and glanced in the direction of the sound several times. [If it was aimed at the little boy but then turned its attention to us, there must be something that attracted it.]

All of them stopped in place like the pause key had been pressed. At the same time, the thing that made the friction noise didn’t move forward or retreat. It was as if it was standing in place, frozen along with them.

He Tian raised his eyebrow and he mouthed: [Then what should we do? Once we make a sound, it will chase us…]

He hadn’t finished speaking when the sound paused for a moment. Then it appeared again and this time it was moving toward the reincarnators.

[What is going on?] Wen Wenwen opened his mouth, his forehead sweating. He was slightly frowning as he was torn between running and not running.

The friction sound in the distance stopped again. Before they could discuss it any further, it approached again like it was playing with the mood of the reincarnators.

This time, it didn’t stop. Everyone was looking nervous while Xiao Li glanced around. Suddenly, he stepped to the right, reached out and pinched a corner of Jin Handong’s clothes.

Jin Handong, “……??”

Xiao Li didn’t explain much and just held this person’s clothes tightly in his hand. Strangely, the moment he grabbed the corner of the clothes, the sound stopped again.  All eyes were on the corner of Jin Handong’s clothes for a while. What was wrong with this corner of clothing?

After the initial consternation passed, Jin Handong realized something and moved her lips silently. [The friction sound?]

Xiao Li nodded.

Jin Handong was standing against the wall. She was unable to maintain a motionless posture for a long time so she shook slightly. This had caused the corner of her clothing to rub against the wall, making an inaudible sound. Once the friction sound started again, Jin Handong was focused on listening to the sound and her body was far from the wall. This made the friction sound stop again.

Thus, it went back and forth.

After knowing what happened, Jin Handong hurriedly stood on tiptoe and gently moved away from the wall.

In order to prevent the corner of her clothes from making a sound again, Xiao Li still held the piece of fabric. Before Jin Handong moved to a safe place, Shen Chenzhi stood behind Xiao Li, unhappily grasped his hand that was pulling at the corner of the clothes.

Shen Chenzhi lowered his eyes slightly. There seemed to be something wrong with his emotions. He stared at Xiao Li for a long time before mouthing to him in a serious manner: [It won’t touch anymore. You can let go.]

Xiao Li vaguely felt that Shen Chenzhi had become more familiar with him after hearing that he was suffering from insomnia because of Shen Chenzhi. However, he couldn’t figure out the specific characteristics for a while.

Shen Chenzhi saw that Xiao Li hadn’t moved and reached out to pull out this person’s clothes in Xiao Li’s hand. Xiao Li had originally intended to let go, so he followed this person’s will. He didn’t look at the young man next to him and instead turned to the monster making the sound.

A small sound like the clothes rubbing against the wall could be heard but their breathing couldn’t be heard. This might be a rule restriction. In this case, the monster should be very sensitive to sound…

Xiao Li took out the little yellow book and wrote something in it. A black microphone with a cut cord sprang out of the little yellow book and floated in the air. During the time he was doing this, the friction sound got closer and closer. It seemed that it had reached the corner and would appear in this corridor at any time.

Xiao Li said, “I told you before that you will meet those of the same kind. Now is the time.”

The KTV ghost living in the microphone might’ve just woken up because he was a bit confused. “What?”

“It is your time to shine.”

Fu Zige wondered, “Eh? What am I going to do?”

Xiao Li mused for a moment before ordering, “Scream.”

Just call out.

“Scream loudly.” Xiao Li had already plugged his ears. He added this after seeing Fu Zige’s baffled look.

The microphone trembled in mid-air. He looked left and right before finally understanding the current situation. “Wait, I don’t want—”

Fu Zige didn’t finish speaking when he was hit hard.

It was because the light ghost had become impatient after hearing their conversation. The light ghost was reminded of its own decisive and touching self-sacrifice in the exhibition hall. Now it was dissatisfied with its dull colleague so it rushed out, slamming into the microphone with its body.


It was worthy of being the KTV ghost who had dreamed of becoming a singer. His pained scream echoed and the ending even rose slightly. Wen Wenwen’s eardrums were almost broken.

Around the corner, Fu Zige saw the true face of the ghost. It was a piece of meat. Its ears were very big and were like a lop-eared rabbit. The ears were covered with countless bloodshot eyes. It covered the ground like a big drum and behind it were countless legs, crawling on the ground like a centipede.

Fu Zige shouted in a hoarse manner. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh—!!”

Was this the ghost in the so-called instance? It looked too scary, powerful and ugly! Fu Zige was very scared!

The ears of the ghost on the other side suffered a double noise attack. The damn microphone not only screamed at it but the microphone noise entered its sensitive ears. Blood burst in an instant. It couldn’t help roaring in pain as it quickly retreated, instinctively staying away from the source of the sound.

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